Nero Czan

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Nero Czan

Postby Nero Czan on November 28th, 2009, 5:43 pm

Physical Information
Name: Nero Czan.
Race: Mixed. (Human/Drykan)
Birthday: 86th day of Summer, 490 AV.
Gender: Male.


Physical Description: He is a relatively tall fellow at 5’ 7”, and has a slim figure, weighing only about 170 lbs. His facial features are sculpted by hardship, resulting in a very rugged and serious appearance to him. His short brown hair, which helps to bring out his deep brown eyes, is either parted into slivers in his front, or casually thrown up to avoid any hassle. He’s not particularly bulky or buff, but his slender figure is toned from physical endurance and training, and compliments his slightly tanned skin. He has a winding tattoo of spirals and curves down from his shoulder all the way onto his right hand. He wears a glove over this one in public, and is usually seen wearing a battered and dull brown cloak, as a sign of humility.

Character Concept: Nero is a man of honor and fairness, and regards others as equals, regardless of race, and occasionally gender. Nevertheless, he is not slow to despise someone, especially one in violation of his own morals. He usually comes off as being sarcastic, and is often called a smart-ass, as well as being a ladies-man. He carries a characteristic smirk with him wherever he goes, which perfectly reflects his personality. A daredevil at heart, and a knight in shining armor (at times), after years of turmoil and hard-work, he just wishes to wander the land seeing what awaits him, but easily gets distracted by matters of the heart.

Personality - Sometimes comes off as having a cocky attitude (Which is not entirely false), and is quick of wit and joke. If you’re a man and you talk to him for the first time, he’ll probably show a friendly smile and kindly introduce himself, all the while observing every aspect of your being to see if he could best you in a fight. If you’re a woman, he’ll flash his signature smirk your way, and while casually flirting, focus on a couple more “beautiful” aspects of your being. However, if you can manage to break past his wall of sarcasm and cockiness, you’ll find a caring man willing to protect those around him, or at least those he deems worthy of his protection.

Nevertheless, the scars of his childhood had penetrated him to his very core, and at times, he often will find himself arguing with an alter-ego, a mental opponent in the battles of thought that often come of real-life conflict. The death of his family imprinted a permaneant desire, almost complex, of becoming the best he can be, and to stay true to his moral compass. After a few years, the effects have lessened, and with a reignited love of Nature, Nero found himself at ease more often, and his playful attitude once again came to the forefront of his expressions. Deep down however, he's just scared to be alone, and simply wishes company. This could be the motive for his charismatic aura, but more likely it is the other way around, and the Charisma is borne, out of necessity, from his darkest fear...

Ethics - Honor is paramount. There is nothing that Nero would hate more then to be dishonorable. He strives to lead by example, and despite his eager and dare-devilish bravado, he truly just wants peace, albeit in a hypocritical fashion. However, Honor has many definitions, and more often than not, this point is used in Nero's self-persuasion, in cases when other emotions take precedent.

Likes - Droven to Martial Arts since childhood, Nero has shied away from conventional weapons, and instead devoted most of his life to learning the Arts. He feels depending on a weapon which is not attached to your being is a weakness. He hasn’t taken as much an interest into horsemanship as you may expect, but he can still handle himself on one. He’s extremely sensitive to women crying, and secretly enjoys just laying in the grass admiring nature.

Dislikes - He despises the rich and greedy, from personal experience, and does everything he can to live a relatively humble life (A few extravagences every now and then won’t hurt…). Other than that, his only other dislike is that of Yukmen. Absolutely Hates them.

Character History: Born to a Drykan father named Zechs, and a Human mother named Maria, Nero lived a socially awkward lifestyle. Growing up on the Cyphrus plains, he was outcasted by the full-bloods of his tribe, the Czanis, and left alone for a majority of his childhood. He befriended another member of the tribe who was an outcast. He was a travelling blacksmith that came upon our nomadic clan during his dangerous trek across the Grasslands. His skill preceding him, he was allowed to remain and spent most of his days alone, weeping under a façade of contentment. One day, Nero came up to this man, Sipher, and just sat next to him and talked. He would do this for days, and the two would come to be close as brothers. It would be from him that Nero would learn his first Martial Arts. A bit ironic from a blacksmith, but Sipher would teach Nero all he knew, and would make his days with the tribe actually bearable.

But that happy lifestyle just wasn’t fitting in so well…

A rival tribe from across the plain had come to attack amidst the darkness of night. Chaos ensued as people were either scrambling to adorn their gear and jump atop their steeds, or standing in the mouth of their tent, completely awed by this obvious breech of warrior conduct. Sneak attacks and ambushes are for the weak, who cannot match their opponent in strength but still have a vicious greed for vengeance. Fire was everywhere, and the only thing that distracted one from the bodies abound the alit field was the cry of the horses, knowing their master had fallen, and going on a rampage through the camp. While the warriors donned their gear and futilely walked off to battle the intruders, the women and children who remained were scurried off, deep into the nearby forest. Some would never return…
Nero was one of those few. He, being of mixed blood, felt no underlying loyalty to his clan, which had isolated and abandoned him, and could honestly care less if he were alive. He would travel across to the east, into the land of Syrila. He would make it all the way to the Capitol, and find work as a blacksmith, having some of Sipher’s talent rubbed off on him. It would be from here that his eager to adventure and travel would blossom. Every color of skin could be found in Syrilas, as well as every kind of clothes, cuisine, and even hair. Nero grew to enjoy this diversity, and was making a well deserved home for himself. He was even adopted into a rich merchant family.

However, this wouldn’t fit so well either…

His new family were, to put it bluntly, greedy bastards. They lived a life of luxury with no regard to anyone but themselves. Nero was treated nicely, and even had more attention than in his old home, but he grew to despise this man and his wife. He would adopt a sense of justice and morality just to contradict his cynical and self-absorbed ‘parents’. He would be beaten for sneaking food to some homeless beggars outside, and punished when his parents found him giving money to a church kitchen. Despite all this, Nero kept his vengeful resolve. He would often conflict whether it was his newfound sense of chivalry that was driving him, or a deep-rooted hatred for everything his ungrateful parents stood for. One night, after he had gotten enough money from hand me downs and odd-jobs, he simply left. He bought himself a horse, and just ran off. Now all he wants is to travel the lands, searching for the new and exotic, and helping the weak against the sinful. Lust isn’t a sin though, right..?
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Re: Nero Czan

Postby Nero Czan on November 28th, 2009, 5:48 pm

***Awaiting Renovation***

Training, Skills, and Lore:

Skills :
Unarmed Combat: 37/100
One of the only true loves in Nero's love, Martial Arts have been an integral part of his life, and lifestyle. He studies primarily in an art named Marakazen, passed down to him by his truest childhood friend, Sipher. He is not someone you'd want to mess with on the street, especially if you are unarmed, as then you're already at a disadvantage.

Body Building: 5/100
Part of the life of a Martial Artist is ensuring one is in prime physical condition. While Nero may not be considered the most muscular man alive, he does enough exercise and sparring on a regular basis to keep his body carefully toned. However, he rarely exercises for the sake of muscle-building.

Persuasion: 5/100
Nero likes to believe he has a silver-tongue, and while his wiles have saved him quite a few times, luck has played it's part in his affairs. He is often too generous in his evaluations of other's prerogatives, but he can be considered mildly persuasive.

Rhetoric: 6/100
Not one to capitalize on his traits, Nero usually only entertains through chance and tales of his mishaps. However, he has been known to tell a nice joke every now and then, which people seem to take well... for the most part.

Seduction: 2/100
Never one to multi-focus while staring down the eyes of lovely women, Only recently has Nero been building on his experience as a womanizer and "refining" it.

Flirtation: 8/100
Nero always enjoys a little fun, especially with women. But sometime's the goal is just that. Fun. Once in a blue moon, usually in 'interesting' cases, his flirting ends up doing more good than harm. His genuine character often smooths over his mishaps, thankfully.

Riding: 10/100
Trained in the art of riding as a kid, Nero usually prefers to walk, often using missed scenery as an excuse for his choice. Nevertheless, he is capable of making an escape if necessary, and has done so in the past.

Horsemanship: 5/100
Although able to care for his own Strider, there is little knowledge beyond that. Nero is definitely not qualified for horse care, and thankfully his steed is a resilient companion.

Land Navigation: 1/100
A natural adventurer at heart, and an avid lover of Nature, Nero is most comfortable in familiar and well-traversed territory. But where's the fun in knowing where you're going?

Observation: 3/100
A keen eye to match a keen mind, Nero is usually able to pick out details at a distance, if he ever can keep his attention placed...

Stealth: 2/100
Never one for sneaking about, Nero prefers up-front confrontations, but is capable of pulling off a sneaky bout or two, but only if there is a capable decoy around to play bait.

Interrogation: 4/100
Nero has recently found out that there are better ways of finding the answers he's seeking, but still prefers the usual methods of complete politeness, or a nice, friendly brawl.

Drinking: 5/100
Being one of his most favorite past-times, Nero is seemingly made for the luscious nectar that is distilled liquor. His body may have a high-tolerance due to his active lifestyle, but he can still overdo it without an attraction, or distraction (As he often does).

Storytelling: 7/100
Nero has plenty of adventures worth sharing, and although his charismatic expression may help, he isn't exactly "well-versed" in the ways of manipulating the truth for entertainment. Nevertheless, Nero is always looking for new ways to amuse, and he doesn't plan to run out of material anytime soon.

Teaching: 3/100
An interesting hobby that Nero strove to undertake at every opportunity, teaching usually concerns combat of some sorts, as most of Nero's knowledge in other subjects was mostly hear-say or simply from observation, as opposed to the intricate formal study of his main two interests.

Falling: 1/100
Something that Nero prefers to avoid instead of learn how to do it effectively, even he has his moments. Whether it is a skilled opponent, or a disability on his part, Nero has begun to understand how to lessen the impact felt from a direct fall, as opposed to the rolling and swinging recoveries that his Martial Art taught him.

Swimming: 2/100
Nero has not had the need to cross water very often, but if he ever comes across a nice lake in a grove, he's more than happy to go for a nice swim. That being said, you will not see him leaping at the chance to cross the sea.

Philosophy: 1/100
A subject that Nero often has trouble externalizing, philosophy is an interesting conversation piece to this nomad. His inner reflections and spiritual revelations could possibly impress quite a few scholars, if he ever found a way to express them without sounding like a raving lunatic.

Lore :
Cyphrus GrasslandsA childhood of wilderness training, a sharp mind, and recurring visits have honed Nero's senses, and he is well versed in most of what there is to know about his nomadic homeland, concerning geography, anthropology, and ecology.
Syrilan AlleywaysSpending the rest of childhood and adolescent life running from his arrogant foster parents, he practically lived in the back streets and alleys of the grand city. Shortcuts abound, Nero can find his way through the nooks and crannies of the city.
GarmHis tamed beast that he stumbled upon in the wilderness around Syrilas, he immediately befriended him, and constantly was sneaking out in order to care for him. A unique breed of wolf, it was very docile after Nero had fended for himself, as a puppy may be. Unfortunately, like all good things, it had to come to an end, and before a month had passed, Garm went back to his free wilderness, and Nero hoped there was room in his memory for himself...
Letting GoNero had grown accepting loss as an inevitability, and as such, was always striving to make the best of any situation, before it vanished into oblivion. He knew the feelings that hindered most, and knew how to control them. Sometimes it was necessary to let someone, or something, go, before they get pulled into harm's way. Nero didn't exactly have the safest hobbies.
What Nature Gives and TakesIn accordance with hours of relentless study of Nature, in almost all it's forms, Nero was well-versed in how the cyclic nature of, well, Nature, played out. He had come to know what to expect, and when to expect it. Whatever Nature chose to give him was not his to decide, and he chose to be optimistic about his ventures, and act accordingly.
Awkward First ImpressionsAlways one to stray from the norm, Nero has a history of making the most interesting impressions possible. Granted, not all of them lead to success, but they do all create a fun story, Guaranteed.
Lore of Pranks (Minor)Nero is almost always striving to either be the perfect gentleman, or the charismatic idol. It depends on a situation-to-situation basis. However, when boredom strikes, and circumstances allow, Nero is sometimes enticed by the playful Pranks of his youth, albeit with a more mature twist usually.
A Fair ExchangeAn excellent judge of character, Nero is just as well when it comes to judging material items, even services. Years of travelling and performing Odd Jobs has given him a taste of many fields, and he is usually able to grasp what a fair trade would truly mean, despite what some merchants may say.
Saturating Friendship with DrinkNero thought it only obvious to mix two of his talents, his playful demeanor only amplified by the cheerful drink. It was always easier on a new acquaintance to bond with him when there was a mug or two on the table. No harm done, and plenty of fun ensuing, It was a time-proven plan.
Having Fun with TeachingNero was not your typical professor, in any subject, and to make things interesting on both sides, he often improvised in how to get his messages across. Granted, it usually was more fun for him than from his (unfortunate) student, but it's effectiveness made up for it. At least, that's what Nero told himself.
Storytelling for PleasureNero enjoyed his past, and he equally enjoys sharing it. His tales of adventure always rivet an audience 'till their bursting at the seams, and his sorrowful past usually attracts waves of unwarranted apologies and tears. This man knows how to tell a story, but mostly because he knows how to live one.
Konti Culture (Minor)Basic Knowledge about the Konti people and their ways, learned from Nero's dear friend Ora Sa'vina. From the respectful and isolated childhood, to the very close, if obscurely stand-offish, family groups of the Isle, Nero at least knows how to make her blush. Regardless, if the time comes, he has the knowledge, and hopefully, he can put it to good use.
Feeling Guilty for Tears ShedThere's nothing worse for Nero than seeing a woman cry. Double his strife if it was his doing. His chivalric complex demands that he strive to make his companions happy and cheerful, and going so far into sorrow as to bring tears into one's eyes is not something Nero enjoys. Whether or not it was his fault, He'll spring into action, his mind seeking some way to cheer up the tear-stricken woman.
Taking Care of Hangover VictimsGiven Nero's penchant for taverns and the ale that comes with them, he has spent his fair share of time around those of "lesser fortitude." Once again his kind nature comes to bear whenever a companion of his has a hangover, and he knows a few tricks to combat the wicked consequence of wicked merriment.
Watery GamesNero may not swim often, but if there is one thing he knows, it is how to have Fun. Entertaining himself, and to a lesser extent others, is something Nero prides himself on, although sometimes his jokes can go a bit too far.

  • Slightly Torn Martial Artist Suit (Referred to as a Keikogi, or simply Gi )
  • Battered and Dull Brown Cloak
  • Brown Sandals.
  • Waterskin.
  • Backpack containing:
    • Toiletries.
    • Wilderness Kit.
    • Rations. (Bread, Dried Meat, Wild Berries)
    • A Carving Knife.
  • A Book with a smeared title on it, handed down from Sipher, the Blacksmith.
  • A large tent, a Tarp, and 100 ft. of rope.
  • Flint & steel, a lantern, and a couple torches.
  • Bedroll and blankets.
  • Fishing tackle and hooks, as well as a full set of tacks.
  • Brantz, a Cyphrus Strider, and saddlebags.
  • One Studded Gauntlet, and One Teethed Gauntlet. (Here)
  • Tome about Flux. (Here)
DateOriginal BalanceEnding BalanceLocation/Reason
Fall 89, 509100 Gold Mizas85 Gold MizasThe Ironworks
Fall 90, 50985 Gold Mizas 84 Gold Mizas, 97 Silver Mizas Tavern
Winter 15, 50984 GM, 97 SM 54 GM 47 SMInformation/Book
Spring Season54 GM 47 SM 44 GM 47 SM Wilderness Expenses
Spring 15, 51044 GM 47 SM 42 GM 22 SM Soothing the Soul
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Re: Nero Czan

Postby Nero Czan on November 28th, 2009, 5:51 pm

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