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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

[Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Aoren on April 20th, 2014, 3:08 am

66th of Spring, 514 AV

7th Bell

Aoren gently lead the reigns of his horse toward the rise of the hill leading down to the port city of Zeltiva. For fifty days he had been traveling in the company of Leo Valini's merchant caravan. For fifty days he hadn't seen much of civilization. As he stood there gazing out over the expanse of the city he wondered if he could really go back to it all. The Wilds were untamed. They were harsh and they were a place to both respect and fear...but there was a freedom they offered that could be found nowhere else. Reaching up he gently pat the side of the stallion's head. He looked up into the saddle where sat a mother and her daughter. The mother looked positively exhausted but she held on to her sleeping daughter with tenderness born only from maternal instinct.

"We've arrived." The woman smiled down at Aoren. The two had lost their horse along the journey, it having perished in the trip. She nodded her thanks but said nothing else not wanting to wake her daughter. Aoren felt something brush up against his leg. He looked down to see Isikai, his canine companion standing silently by his side. The hound had grown considerably over the course of the journey to Zeltiva. While he had been small when Aoren had first purchased him in Syliras the dog was now as tall as Aoren's knee at the crest of his head. From what he knew his companion still had a little growing to do. Affectionately Aoren reached over running his fingers through Isikai's fur. The dog and he had formed a bond over the journey.

"Come on, boy. We're home. It's best we find a place to set up shop and I'll need to find a job good enough to feed you." A nudge and huff was the only response the Drykas man got. It made him smile.

Syna was beginning to rise on the edge of the horizon. Her brilliant radiance would illuminate the waters surrounding Zeltiva with a golden glow. From the hill overlooking the city on the edge of the Mirahil Pass leading down to the gates, it was a breathtaking thing to behold. Gently Aoren lead his horse by the reigns down the road leading up to the gates of Zeltiva.

He could hear the Caravan Master shouting down the line making certain that everything was in order for the inspection they would face. He could hear people making exclamations of happiness at seeing the walls of the city. As the light of Syna broke over the horizon people began to come to life. For the first time in a long time, Aoren felt as if he could do more with his life than what was expected of a simple man.

Here he would find the answers to questions he had yet to ask.

Here he would begin a new life.

Zeltiva. A city of possibilities to those with the mind to look for them. And Aoren aimed to look hard.
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[Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Tyrion Moontide on June 2nd, 2014, 1:52 pm

1st of Summer, 514 A.V.

"The city of learning and trade..." At last Tyrion had arrived, the city was on the horizon, and his excitement had been steadily mounting. For days he had been seeing more and more ships, fishermen, traders, various Svefra, and even patrolling guard ships. The sheer number of vessels easily surpassed the number of ships he had seen throughout his entire life. Such volume, in such a small area of the sea was beyond his, admittedly limited, experience. He was nearly giddy to see the city itself.

His expectations were, quite frankly, so far below the truth of the city that he was put into a state of awe. Zeltiva, a city that had survived the Valterion, Tyr could very well believe it. Even from here he could see the various different styles throughout, some buildings seeming ancient and strong, while those closer to the docks were quite obviously newer, some wooden, some stone... But still, even the rudest of the buildings he could see were better than what he had seen before. Here was where he would weigh anchor, at least for a time... Here was where his adventures would start.

A smile played across his lips as he maneuvered the tiller, and turned the Selkie for shore.
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[Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Jadlin Hayes on June 7th, 2014, 7:28 am


65th day of Summer, 514

There was a boisterous cheer from the deck, answered by passersby and dock workers ashore. It was understandable that most believed it to be a celebratory cheer heralding the anticipated indulgences in wine, women and song. But those aboard were cheering the Captain's masterful approach and speed to the awaiting berth. Jadlin Hayes among them.

It meant no rowing the pinnace into its slip. No hanging aloft to reef or furl the sails. No longboat offloadings of goods while they awaited the turn of the tide. No walking the length of the pier with guy lines. They only dragged the one anchor. Now, of course, this did not mean the men were NOT looking forward to their shore leave. Many a pocket would soon be saved from the hole-burning properties of long-hoarded mizas. Jadlin Hayes' among them.

In addition to the contracted goods being brought in, there were a number of private hauls, owned by enterprising crewmen who knew that kelp beer was not the standard of drink the world over. That Snarlwing fur was softer than rabbit. That Kenashi tobacco was superior to the Syliran that arrived overland. They'd risked their advance notes to invest, and now was the boon or the bust. But Jadlin Hayes was not among them.

His money would be spent in due time, but not in pursuits of carousing. He was here to find his family. One of the crew had sworn to recognize the ring Jad carried, and his words were spoken without the glint of mischief accompanying the usual jests perpetrated on those who had yet to learn the ropes. Many bells had Jad spent looking for a left-handed hawser, or a barrel spreader, or similar devices on the trip from Sylira. He knew better now, and did not begrudge the old hands from having had their fun with him.

At any rate, this old salt had advised Jad to see the Customs officer, and to have a "contribution" to the guild on hand to sway his mood. After that, Jad still needed to find a room, find a job and find his family. And all he knew, all "The Lykata" had told him, was that it started with an "M", though his name did not.
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[Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Erial on June 19th, 2014, 11:22 pm

30th of Summer, 514AV

"Home." Such a word felt foreign on his tongue. It held little meaning. He had no reason to venture back to Zeltiva as he could have gone straight for Sahova but he had been sentimental. Erial had needed to see the place that had dared to birth him with such a future in mind. While the boat and sailors happily got prepared for docking, Erial glared at the horizon. Not that there was much else he could do or see from his position on the deck. All around him pointlessly large, uncoordinated feet threatened to crush him. It took some doing to get far enough away while anchors were dropped and people were let off.

Erial himself was about to follow through the throng when a hand scooped him up. "Need any help there, little friend."

If you don't want to loose your finger, you will put me down. I do require any assistance from something like you."

"Suit yourself."

He was plopped back on the deck to seethe and scramble to get off before the plank was removed and he was stranded on the boat for any longer. As he stepped onto the dock and once more danced unwillingly to the beat of the tall ones feet, Erial cursed the city and everything in it. The first thing he would do if planned to stay in Zeltiva would be to find himself as far away from the humans as possible.

He would go find his Pyve.
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[Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Lewix on July 3rd, 2014, 2:16 am

The Morning of the Sixteenth Day of the Summer Season, Five Hundred and Fourteen Years After the Valterrian

The sight of a city without an official gate and, in turn, guards who would more than likely want to strike up a conversation, was a welcoming one to Lewix Livingstone, for not only was he in no mood to socialize, but, more importantly, he lacked the very skill needed to perform such a simple act. In the nearly forty years that the drykas had roamed the Sea of Grass and the surrounding territory, taking the time to strengthen his comprehension of the common tongue failed to strike him as a high priority. Pavi? Sure, he could speak it in his sleep, and often did. Tukant? Yes, he had been taught more than enough to enable him to successfully trade within the walls of Riverfall. But the most basic of languages, the language nearly everyone spoke either well or better? Simply put, no, not much at all. A few dozen words at best.

You will have to use your eyes and your ears, and trust your intuition, the agitated man told himself as he lumbered on through the pouring rain, taking care not to place too much weight on his swollen ankle. A healer will understand...he or she will know exactly what to do...without...without having to be told, he haltingly convinced himself as his thoughts became distracted, his attention drawn away from his injury and redirected toward his four-legged companion.

"Tla 1," he snapped at the pup as he turned the palm of his free hand - the one not gripping a brittle branch that currently served him as a makeshift walking stick - toward the ground. "Edoa eladi 2," he demanded of the excitable canine that was playfully bounding next to him, occasionally knocking into him as they made their way along the muddy path.

Still unsure if the luvanor actually understood his words, his hand gestures, or a combination of the two, Lewix was thankful just the same that the beast did indeed do as he was told. Soon enough the jostling stopped and shortly thereafter the obedient dog took up a safe position just a few feet behind the now shuffling drykas.

Let the pouting commence! the dog's master of several seasons inwardly announced as he glanced back to appraise the situation. So predictable, he continued to think as he shook his head within the hood of his saturated cloak. The downwardly pointed snout, the lowered ears, and the even lower, slowly sweeping tail spoke volumes. Perhaps the pup's comprehension of Lewix's native tongue was better than he had previously thought, since the canine seemed to understand exactly how to get his point across without uttering a yip or a yap.

"Galutsv 3," the drykas now barked over the rumbling rain as he slapped the palm of his hand upon the front of his damp thigh and then motioned forward toward what appeared to be the outer edge of their destination. "Galutsv," he repeated as he quickened his pace, sensing that the storm was about to take a turn for the worse.

It is time for us to find a safe haven, among possible friends and probable foes, he thought as he scanned the City of Knowledge that slowly presented itself from behind a liquid curtain the color of iron ore. It is time for us to be a part of society once more. There will be no more running, no more hiding, for this...this will be our...

Pausing as he struggled to think of the correct word in the common tongue, knowing it to be owenvsv 4 in his own, it finally came to him in a brilliant flash, as if delivered upon a stroke of lightening within the storm.

"Home!" he proudly blurted. "Itsula uha galutsv home 5," he then firmly stated as he effortlessly blended the voice of his past with that of his potential future.


1. Tla = No
2. Edoa eladi = Stay down
3. Galutsv = Come
4. Owenvsv = Home
5. Itsula uha = We have

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[Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Lem Free on July 8th, 2014, 7:34 am


Day 30 of Summer in the Year 514 AV

Dust floated lazily through the air, the many booted and hoofed feet kicking dirt up as a large caravan trekked through Mirahil’s Pass. The sound of wooden wheels churning under the weight of heavily laden carts, the thud of the horses hooves clomping noisily as they chugged along the road; the merchants chatting loudly with one another doing their best to pass the time all combined together to make a deafening noise, drifting across the fields, echoing, blurring into one sound as it bounced off the mountain side.

Each cart dutifully followed the one in front of it, the drivers keeping as close together as possible for protection against the dangers of the wilderness, braving the long journey from Syliras to Zeltiva in an exhausting, forty day journey. Armed guards, hired by the merchants, wandered vigilantly on the outskirts of the caravan, eyes locked onto the forest edge, hands resting easily on their weapons, almost seeming to dare bandits to try their luck.

The caravan finally came to an end as the last cart bounced along the dirt road. A single voice rose above the commotion ahead of it, puberty doing its best to humiliate the adolescent it came from. The cracking of the boy’s voice didn’t seem to faze him however, as he chattered on breathlessly to the driver who sat beside him, fore-lonely, bored and seeming to do his best to ignore the boy completely.

“…so then I said to him, ‘You’re telling me that this RED apple looks blue to you? Man, you need to stop eating that grass you grow next to the corn, its doing some serious damage to your head. And he was all like, 'Maaaaan you don't know me-“

But suddenly the cart rounded a corner and the massive city finally appeared in all it's glory. The words died on his tongue, all but forgotten as the young boy gaped in astonishment. After a few ticks of gawking shamelessly, he snapped out of it and he snatched up his massive backpack that nearly dwarfed him in size. Random odds and ends poked out of the bag haphazardly. The fifteen year old boy looked over at the driver wide eyed and squirmed in his seat excitedly, his youthful face shining enthusiastically.

“Well sir, it has been lovely talking to you!”

The boy held out his hand politely to shake the driver’s but the sullen man, ignored him completely, not even bothering to look over at him. The lad shrugged, undeterred by the man’s reaction and beamed up at him, his response as genuine as they come, not an ounce of sarcasm in his puberty stricken voice.

“I have to go now but it was just wonderful talking with you! You are amazing and I hope you have a great day! But I really have to go for reals now! Good luck selling things and what not! Zeltiva calls to me so byyyyyye!”

And without waiting for a response, Lem Free leaped off the moving cart, away from the wheels so as to not get crushed with his possessions strapped to his back, stumbling forward as he landed. He managed to catch himself before he fell completely and turned towards the driver one last time, waving happily at the sour man, before speeding off towards the city gates.

His grand adventure had finally begun.

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[Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Saraphina Skyglow on July 13th, 2014, 4:59 am


Day 25 of Summer in the Year 514 AV

T he wind whipped her fiery red hair as she gazed ahead to the port city. The loud pounding of moving feet and bellowing voices echoed across the ship deck as the crew of weathered seafarers raced to and fro, preparing the vessel to dock. Saraphina stood motionless at the starboard rail of the mid-sized ship, eyes locked with fascination at the multiple boats moored to the massive wooden platforms. Her golden eyes could pick out small details of the scene ever from the distance they were at and the young women absorbed them in marvelled awe. Nets were folded neatly along the sides of some vessels, indicating a fishing and shrimping business. Above the stationary boats, white gulls cawed obnoxiously to the ground folks as though outraged that the two legged humans dared to trespass on their territory. Saraphina could understand their frustrations. Cooped up on the merchant boat, she could all but feel her patience running out. Never had she been so long away from land and the desired to rip her clothes off and shift to her animal form was wearing on her temper. When she had fled Avanthal with Augustine and gotten aboard the ‘White Wind’ with intentions of leaving her home city, Captain Velarious, had specifically requested that she not shift to her tiger form as it would likely upset his crew. At the time she’d been so weak from near starvation that his request was easily followed. But after some well-earned rest and decent food, Saraphina’s strength had returned. And with it, the innate desire to stretch her other legs.

S he’d resisted the urge, of course. Captain Velarious and his crew had been very good to her. Polite, curtesy and generally helpful. She’d learned many things on the trip to Zeltiva……the workings of a ship’s sails, names of the locations, fishing techniques and other useful things she’d filed away. She’d lost count of how many days they’d sailed….and how many times she’d vomited over the side. Seafaring certainly wasn’t for her, the constant rocking and waving of the ship made her queasy after a large meal. Saraphina had taken care to limit her food intake to several small feeding to keep from spending her entire time aboard the merchant vessel at the rail looking at the sea. But now the trip was nearly at an end. A sharp pang shot through the Kelvic as that thought darted through her mind.‘Mother…….I’m sorry for leaving without saying goodbye….it was too risky. Augustine…..you better take care of her or Morwen herself won’t be able to save you from me.’ Shaking away the dark thoughts, the flame haired girl went back to studying the approaching docks. “Quite a sight, ain’t it Miss Saraphina….always makes me catch me breath ev’ry time I see ‘er too.” A deep male voice spoke from behind her and she turned to see the tanned, wrinkled smile of Captain Velarious. Standing an impressive 6’2 and having the muscle of a man who wasn’t afraid of some hard work, the Captain certainly had a charismatic air about him. Even as prickly at her could be, Saraphina had eventually caved to the persistence man and now found a certain comfort in his presence. The Captain walked up and stood politely beside the Kelvic, arms folded behind him and feet braced wide…..the stance of a true sailor of the high seas.

Q uirking the corner of her mouth up in amusement, Saraphina replied lightly, “It’s not like Avanthal, that is for certain. The warmth is almost stifling…..no snow or ice anywhere in sight. I miss the dancing skylight already….I miss my Mother.” Saraphina didn’t quite manage to catch herself before the last words left her mouth and she ducked her head a bit in embarrassment. Velarious looked over at her with light brown eyes filled with sympathy, “Aye….i imagine ye do…..I tell ye Miss Saraphina….I ev’ry get the chance to get me hands on that scallywag of a landlubber, I be ringing his neck with me bare hands. But don’tch be a’worrying bought your dear Ma…..August be one of de best lads I know….he’ll be taking good care of her.” Saraphina managed a small smile and a nod to the cheerful Captain. Glancing around as the ‘White Wind’ inched forward to almost brush against the wooden docks, Sapahina spotted something that made her pause and forget her sadness. Reaching out to Velarious, the young women tugged on the loose white sleeve of his shirt, “Vel….Captain….what is that over there?” Pointing towards a bare stretch of land in the distance, Velarious followed the direction of her finger before chuckling, “That there be a sand beach, Miss Saraphina. Ye won’t have seen them up in Avanthal, as it never melts and always have snow on the ground. But up here in the warmer places, sand and dirt from the seas wash up onto the land and makes for right nice little places to sit in the sun. I suggest ye take a walk along one, sand is nice and soft….best do it without yer shoes on…be an experience you won’t soon forget, Miss Saraphina.” The red head had already decided that the stretch of beach land would be one of her first stops in the city. As the ship slide into place on the dock and crewmen jumped off to secure the vessel, Velarious offered Saraphina his arm. Slipping her hand through the loop and resting her hand on his elbow, the two walked toward the lowered plank. Her belongings had already been brought out by one of the men and set neatly to the side.

S tepping out onto the dock and gathering her things, Saraphina stood awkwardly in front of the Captain, trying to put into words her gratitude for his efforts in spiriting her away and for nursing her back to health. A wry grin danced across Velarious’s face and he extended out his hand for a shake, “Been a pleasure, Miss Saraphina….you e’ver be needed a ride back home….ye only need ask.” Saraphina gave the sailor a rare, brilliant smile, one that lit her face and caused several of the crewmen moving about to pause and gawk for a moment. Shaking the Captains hand in a firm grip, Saraphina nodded to him, blinking back moisture from her eyes. She stepped back and turned on the balls of her feet in a fluid motion and began walking up the dock way towards the city. The urge to shift to her animal form was still strong, but the fascination of seeing the sights of this new place overwhelmed that urge for the time……it was time to start over.

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[Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Shoshana Re Menehat on July 15th, 2014, 2:02 pm

26 Summer, 514 AV

Her heart had soared at the call of 'Land!', just as her stomach flopped, again. Smelling fish did little to help the situation. The hairs of her arms (only two, unfortunately), raised to try and trap the heat close to her body. What had happened to their sun? Though graceful on land, the dancer was still rather less than that aboard the rolling decks, she stumbled forward and found that she rather missed the tinkling of her elaborate chains and gems. But even she had known it would be better not to dress too richly going out into the world. And she was glad to have reached her destination rather close to incident free. Shoshana tightened her grip on her emerald cloak in an attempt to keep the breeze away from her.

Finally she was off the pitching deathtrap The Sandsnake. A fact of which her stomach remained unconvinced. The tallish, shapely figure heard muffled laughter as she intended to walk straight down the dock, but ended up veering to port instead, she cast a withering look over her shoulder which, unfortunately, did little to silence the mirth of the Eypharian sailors. Her heart pounded as she felt her anger well up, but it was more important at the moment to get to dry land than shout at the sailors. Their heads were as weak as this sun.

"What now, oh God of my people?" she muttered, rather angrily. For the umpteenth time, she questioned her decision to leave. Just because a dream told her to. She once had a dream that she was performing in front of an audience with *gasp* no paint on her face, but that did not mean she would ever have been caught dead in such a state. Her confusion preoccupied her until she was further down the dock, within sight of other beings.

Shoshana was stricken. There were so many here with....only two arms. Yes, she knew that the country to which she traveled was not full of Eypharians, but she had always felt so...different. But she was like these people and...her nose wrinkled as she noted the rather blatant lack of perfume and beautification through use of paints...she was not like them. There seemed to be no sign forthcoming and the dancer felt steady enough now to walk in a less embarrassing manner. She set off with little idea of what her destination was to be, following a randomly selected denizen of the port.
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[Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Ricky Maze on July 18th, 2014, 6:57 am

Summer 80th 514 AV, 11th Bell
Location: Mirahil Pass

Clot clot clot clot clot clot clot did the sounds of the yokel horse's hooves go as they trekked on the path that led them further into the mountainside, they had started early this morning with hopes to make it closer within the range of Mirahil Pass in an effort to cover more ground within the day. Their journey to cover many miles had nearly reached the end and it couldn't have come sooner for the group, as the parents that departed from this place longed to finally be reunited with the son they had to leave behind.

Yes... that time was finally about to come. This was the moment that the two looked forward to the most, both Telion and Ricky had gotten antsy to where they couldn't even engage in a full nights rest. Sure they may have felt tired once more after an exhausting trip made from Syliras, but no matter how worn out they felt the thought of being able to hold their baby in their arms at last somehow uplifted them once more.

"Just imagine how he'll react!" Telion cheered with a skip in her step as she pulled Ricky along, an exchange of light chuckles between the two as Ricky picked up his pace just a little.

"We'll never let 'im go again Oi'm sure."

"Don't be so keen to make promises yet! I demand a day with my Godson when we get there, and there's also something big going to be put together for you two. After we get there of course!" Hannah cut in as she guided the horse along to follow them, the trail finally in a slight descent as they started to see the building tops and landmarks slowly come into view.

"We'll see 'annah, we'll see!" Ricky chuckled with a look over his shoulder, Telion twisted around to respond in turn as they continued onward.

"We make no promises in surrendering him so soon!" A giggle followed from her as they were closer to the city now, the same smell that once greeted Ricky before when he originally returned with his dog Odis. He could never forget how amazing it was to finally catch wind of that smell, to finally be greeted with the scent of the sea as the breeze blanketed the city and swept through the pass. They were home.

Zeltiva. It was before them now and they were only able to watch as it grew bigger and bigger, landmarks like Priskil's Tower and The University were almost completely visible now. It wouldn't be long until the would finally be within the city limits, their destination reached as they would make the plans on what to do for the rest of the day.
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[Entrance] The Rolling Waves

Postby Yair on July 24th, 2014, 2:46 am

40th of Summer 514 AV

Yair was laying dormant on his cot far in the corner of the belly of the ship. Dark shadows cast over the moist wooden framework of the lower rungs of the transporter ship and made the corner an ideal nook. And so having wrapped himself in his blanket, Yair plopped down in the cot, laying on his back, and letting his eyelids fall down and shut like two balls of lead sinking heavily to the bottom of the sea.

It was a terrifying image - the sinking of a ship - one that he hoped would not come true, but he could not help but wonder as the unstable fluids in his queasy stomach careened back and forth along with the rocking of the waves. He could sense the motion of the waters tugging in jagged ups and downs, and this did not surprise him, as word had said that rough rains had passed through the bay in the past few days.

'We are near the end now,' he thought silently to himself in an ever repeating mantra, 'It is almost passed.'

For a brief moment, his mantra was broken by the image of a sea with which he was far more familiar - the sea of sand, a vast and endless rise and fall of tawny dunes who made no sound like the rolling of the watery waves. No, the sand made only echoes, echoes of footsteps, horses plodding along in a muted trot, the rustling of silky clods of sand as the horse kicked up its hooves to gain speed.

He had hoped Rustam and Sohrab had made it safely to the port. Though reluctant, he had arranged for his horse and his hawk and his other belongings to arrive in Zeltiva by land rather than by sea. As hard as he tried, the captain of the ship was insistent - his belongings would simply not fit all at once on the ship. So rather than have it come to him piecemeal after he arrived, he made sure that it come to him when he arrived. A good friend to him who was traveling by caravan had promised to deliver his belongings, to include Rustam and Sohrab in their covered wagon, to the very port at which he expected to dock. The timing was very nearly perfect - his friend had promised delivery the day of the 30th, and the ship was set to dock no later than midday.

'Almost there...Only a few hours more then until--'


It was with great relief that he departed the ship, without even a glance back at the various crew members who helped him along. He had decided the moment he stepped on firm land - never again, never again travel by sea! After walking along the dusty streets running roughly parallel to the docks, Yair came upon a cluster of caravans, coming and going, and there he found, with much relief, that at least some of his possessions had made it across.

After giving his thanks and his blessings, he made no delay in boarding his horse-drawn wagon, though he was not sure where he would go next. As the sun rose overhead and stretched a long lean shadow behind, Yair bit his bottom lip with a narrow squint of his eyes, leering at the wide world before him. It was a city buzzing with the clamor of life, and try as he might, he could not quite decipher where next he should go. He saw a cobbled pathway leading out of the dockyards and into the city, and with one firm tap of his heel against the wooden plank of the carriage, he made a commanding clucking noise with his tongue, recognized instantly by his horse, who perked up his ears with a buck of his head.

"Get!" Yair yelled out in Shiber and the horse trotted on toward the city, pulling along the wagon, wherein lie all his earthly possessions.
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