Closed Chasing History [Midnight Gem Crew]

Mosa appears and demands The Midnight Gem folks do her just a tiny itty bitty favor.

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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Chasing History [Midnight Gem Crew]

Postby Kynier on November 26th, 2018, 7:52 pm


It had been a question burning in Kynier’s mind from the beginning of the conversation. Kelski had undoubtedly sensed that from him, and he could feel that her curiosity to what types of books they would be retrieving equaled his own. She too was aware that not all the books found might be welcomed at the Library with Remmy. It would be something that he’d suggest on their way back up, looking through all the books briefly to filter out the selection, even only he and Kelski shifting through them. Listening to Mosa describe the various topics, she mentioned how the mages had taken those ancient tomes to other places in the world. There was a bit of disappointment that settled in his heart when hearing, also a deeply settled twinge of amusement. Not all mages that came to Sunberth deliberately were insane enough to stay… like him.

Anja’s suggestion was a good one, though it got Kynier thinking. The Midnight Gem was not a small structure compared to most within Sunberth, yet several of the people living in the sentient structure had modest collections of material possessions. What could they place in the magical packs to test their capacity? Kynier imagined that they could throw everything in the Midnight Gem into one of the packs and most likely still would not match the number of books Mosa and her people had stored down in the mines. Still… “That is a good idea, Anja. To help save on time, while Duncan is procuring additional supplies and equipment, I’ll be testing the pack to see what its limit might be.”

The lines of the copy he was making were light as he was trying to use the magic ink sparingly. Which was fortunate considering how the details were changing. The first time Mosa gave his hand a helpful smack he smiled at her with as mirth as there was surprise. “Hey!” he softly exclaimed before continuing. Each additional detail she mentioned he carefully drew. And when Mosa took her quill to hasten his copy along, he chuckled softly to himself before he traced over the lines the old Denvalian made with the magic ink. It would not do to have an incomplete copy of the map placed with their memories.

Her warning about keeping the packs’ abilities secret gave him an instant’s pause. It was the irony of the possibility. Kynier had intentionally suffered many injuries that he could have avoided, just to keep his abilities secret. The idea that using a magical item could the harbinger of his demise was something he had not considered. The Sunberthian attitude on mages was well known, but now he was wondering about the city’s opinion on magic items. Certain individuals of authority had no qualms about them, but it was more likely that the general masses would be the ones that gave him trouble.

Kelski’s mention of climbing and repelling gear had stolen his attention for an instant. Her nervousness was well noticed by him, though the revelation was more enlightening than anything else. The Sea Eagle would be gone for a full day, sometimes a little longer, periodically. Now, he at least had an idea of where she was during that time. Kynier did not suppress the bond but attempted to stifle his intrigue to where she had been going as well as why. Sometimes he had to remind himself, no matter how close they were, they were still two separate people. She would tell him when she was ready, and he wouldn’t push the subject.

Through the bond, Kynier could sense Kelski’s feelings towards the old woman. The strongest forms were reverence and strong affection. It had led his suggestion to having Mosa stay the night encompassed by Gem’s comfort, rather than walk back. Social niceties and nuances were not the mage’s strong suit, so slight affection of Mosa’s appreciation to his offer reverberated deep within him. Were all the elders like this, or was it just Mosa? Very few humans ever reached the woman’s age, and the mage had never known any.

Kynier stopped his copying to give his full attention to Mosa when she described Denval even more. It sounded like the absolute opposite of Sunberth. They had order, education, and a well-established form of government. The only similarity he heard was the extensive training for war. While she described it as both wonderous and terrible, Kynier could not admit that it sounded terrible at all. He would’ve liked to have seen some of Denval’s characteristics spread throughout the world. The empires before the Valterrian had lasted thousands of years. Was it so wrong to cling to those old ways?

Kynier glanced back and forth between the original map and his copy. Ignoring the additions that had been made, it looked as though he was done. Carefully, he examined each of the lines that had been drawn on his copy to ensure that his magic ink had been applied to it. The map itself had not used too much of his supply. But the function behind it made it more than worthwhile. Kynier set his copy of the map down and closed his eyes. He thought about the map and recalled the details of it from his memory. It was like it had been branded into his memory. Every path and corridor that had been drawn was there in his mind. Kynier opened his eyes and looked down at the map again. Everything on it was magically etched into his memory. He smirked as he lifted the copy from the table and heard Lia and Duncan’s brief conversation about her involvement.

“Everyone that intends to come on this adventure needs to look at this map thoroughly,” he said as he passed it first to Anja. “Make sure you examine every line of the map before passing it along. The ink I used in drawing it is magic. Everyone that looks over this map will have it magically imbued into their permanent memory. I want everyone coming to look at it, so that everyone has the map with them. This way we’re not so reliant on one or two sheets of parchment guiding us safely. And if by chance, any of us get separated from the rest of the group, they are not completely lost below ground.”

As the map was being passed around, he spoke on the plan. “Leaving late tomorrow morning works well for me. It will give me more than enough time to let my employer know I’ll be gone, as well as testing the capacity of the pack.” Packing. Kynier gave some more thought to the supplies they would need. “Mosa, how lo…” but he cut himself off seeing the old woman sleeping under the blanket. The woman had said it only took her people a single trip to get the contents of their library down into the mines, but she had not mentioned how long the trip had been. Kynier turned his attention to everyone else, “We should pack enough food to last for several days,” he said with a quieter tone. “Unless I missed it, Mosa did not mention how long it took her people to go down and come back. From the looks of the map, it might take us a few days.”

Kelski yawned and Kynier suppressed his urge to mirror it. He was not ready to retire for the night. This concept of using the air to lighten the crates, as well as slow a person’s decent, was something he intended to test tonight.

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