OOC Info Summer 519 Character Registry

If you are playing in Zeltiva this season, register here.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Summer 519 Character Registry

Postby Neologism on June 10th, 2019, 4:39 am


If you are playing in Zeltiva this season, please register here. Please feel free to PM me with any questions. Happy writing!

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[center][box=630,#000000,#dedede,#dedede][size=150]Character Name[/size]
[left][b]Concept:[/b] Tell us a little about your character in 100-300 words. Be sure to include your character’s opinion on seaweed.
[b]Race, Age, Gender:[/b] Self-Explanatory.
[b]Profession:[/b] What does your PC do?
[b]Arrival/Departure:[/b] Are you coming or going this season? If so, let me know which and when.

[b]Character Goals:[/b] What does your character want to do this season? Not what you as a player wish to accomplish in-game, but what your [i]character[/i] actually wants to do, even if it is just wake up every morning or feed themselves.
[b]Player Goals:[/b] What do you as a player want to accomplish? It could be writing skills, plots, PC skills, experiences, time management, etc.
[b]Favored Threads:[/b] Tell us what really just dills your pickle.
[b]Disfavored Threads:[/b] Tell us what really just gets your goose.
[b]Matchmaker:[/b] Are you looking to thread with anyone in particular? Do you have an open thread idea, or an event you’re planning IC this season? Post any and all matchmaker details here!

[b]Other:[/b] This is for anything else you wish to add to your registration that is not already on there. I’d also like to remind ya’ll to make sure you CS maintenance is complete before registering! This means your ledger and thread list must be up-to-date, and your CS should not have a red check mark on it (if it does, you can still register, but not post).[/left][/box][/center]

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Summer 519 Character Registry

Postby Anja Nightwatcher on June 10th, 2019, 3:30 pm

Anja Nightwatcher

Concept: Anja is a Drykas Spiritist originally hailing from the Sea of Grass. After the murder of his Pavilion by a group of Nuits, he was marked by Dira and given the task to hunt Nuits and calm the souls of the restless dead. Anja has travelled from Sunberth with a group of mage friends, fleeing the horrors there. He is currently working on understanding a strange new power that has come to him, and he believes that Zeltiva's expertise in magic might be able to aid him. He tried Kelp Beer once when he was here last and was not a fan.

Race, Age, Gender: Drykas, 34, Male

Profession: He is a Spiritist and Ghost Hunter

Arrival/Departure: Arrival will be on the 1st. No departure planned.

Character Goals: Anja wants to help Kelski get established and do some research on magic.

Player Goals: I mostly just want to get caught up on past threads, get Anja's new job going, and get him started on researching magic.

Favored Threads: Social threads where the characters discover new things about each other, or stories that drive plot.

Disfavored Threads: Threads where your thread partner gives nothing back, or aimless stories that go nowhere

Matchmaker: I'm down to plan with basically anyone!

Other: Looking forward to writing here!
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Summer 519 Character Registry

Postby Vasin on June 13th, 2019, 1:19 am

Concept: Vasin was born in the far north, not even on land in the middle of a trade expedition. After a deadly storm he and his mother ended up in Sunberth. That is where Vasin suddenly found himself all alone. Vasin has spent many years looking out from Sunberth wondering what lay just over the horrizon, but never brave enough to leave this place that had harshly raised him. One day when he had decided to read a book on the docks he met someone who would finally give him the push he needed. Starting as a thug with big dreams he started acting on those dreams with encouragement. But while there were people in Sunberth he grew to care about all he could see in Sunberth was how suffocating it was, and that death only awaited him in the end. So, he took another step and ventured for Zeltiva. It is in Zeltiva he hopes to grasp his dream of becoming an epic warrior and explorer.
Race, Age, Gender: Mixed Human, 23, Male
Profession: In Sunberth he was a Mercenary/Debt Collector.
Arrival/Departure: Arrival is on the 1st. No departure planned.

Character Goals: Vasin wishes to do a few things while in Zeltiva. The first being gain employment under the Advance Mercenary Category at the Martial Society. The Second being to learn more about Magic, particularly Flux Magic and Morphing, a dangerous combo! The Third being he wishes to resume his pursuit of exploration. and Zeltiva is a perfect place for that. There are a number of skills that Vasin will want to improve to improve himself.
Player Goals: I wish to improve my writing in a mechanical way, as I have run into issues where people find my writing difficult to read as I had not been spacing things correctly.
Favored Threads: Social Threads, Exploration Threads, Learning Threads, and Combat threads. Or maybe all of those combined!
Disfavored Threads: Threads that have an interesting premise just to be dropped. No but seriously I can find interest in almost any concept with few exceptions. Just run it by me.
Matchmaker: I am thinking that I want a mercenary explorer buddy. Would love to have someone brave the horrors and wonders of the world with! Vast riches await!

Other: Zeltiva is where I plan on having Vasin really make it big. So I look really forward to writing here!
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Summer 519 Character Registry

Postby Alexander Slade on June 19th, 2019, 5:37 pm

Alexander Slade
Concept: Driven away from his family by the loss of his father, Alexander is a resident in Sunberth. However, he is soon to follow the path of thieves who stole a precious item from him and fled to Zeltiva. Alexander is a kelvic with a fire burning inside of him. The first thing someone usually notices upon meeting Alexander is not particularly the good side of him. Instead, they are unfortunately met with the more prominent bad traits. It no doubt takes some time and hard work to unravel through the negative layer the young male shields himself with, but once this is conquered, a whole new person is revealed.
Alexander is a very loyal person, however, only to the people who prove their worth to him. He, by no means, would lay his life down for someone who is simply an acquaintance. Though, for his family and friends, he would fight tooth-and-nail for their safety.

Race, Age, Gender: Kelvic, 3-years-old, Male

Profession: Alexander doesn't currently have a career but he hopes to be involved in something to do with nature. Most preferred; a hunter.

Arrival/Departure: 62nd day of Summer

Character Goals: Alexander will soon have a goal to find the thieves who took his item. However, simply getting through the day is his number 1 goal.

Player Goals: To develop my character through interesting and challenging plots.

Favored Threads: Anything action-filled to keep everyone on their toes and excited to see what happens next.

Disfavored Threads: Slow-paced, boring threads.
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Summer 519 Character Registry

Postby Calla Davin on June 26th, 2019, 11:29 pm

Calla Davin
Concept: Calla is a bratty teen who has lived in Zeltiva her whole life. Her mother is a gambler and her father is a sailor, so she doesn't see either of them much despite the fact that they're local. She's a busy-body, which she uses as an excuse for not talking to anyone. In reality, she doesn't know how to sit down and relax.

Race, Age, Gender: Human, 19, Female

Profession: Technically unemployed, going to apply to be a courier.

Arrival/Departure: Coming?

Character Goals: She has no ambition, so Calla wants to just do her job, get paid, and gets some more tattoos.

Player Goals: I want to bulk up Calla's sailing skills in particular. I want to buy her a ship to live on at some point.

Favored Threads: Socialization threads, job threads.

Disfavored Threads: Not a big fan of fighting threads.

Matchmaker: Not looking for anyone in particular. If you need a courier or are good at sailing, then by all means drop me a PM.
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Summer 519 Character Registry

Postby Crylon Stonecraft on June 27th, 2019, 2:19 am

Crylon Stonecraft

Concept: Crylon is an Isur from Sultros, out among human lands to learn of what he may. Customs, skills, techniques, and other such knowledge to bring back home one day. He is a fervent follower of Izurdin and Priskil, and likes working with his hands as well as his mind. In Isur terms he is still young, and has much to learn, but has in his own eyes endless potential. He has yet to experience seaweed in character, but will likely not like it.

Race, Age, Gender: Isur, 60 years (30 years human equivalent), Male.

Profession: Build, make, craft, he has various skills for making and building things and places, and tends to use one of them for his livelihood.

Arrival/Departure: Arrives by boat in Zeltiva late on the 40th.

Character Goals: Get a job, gain admittance to the University, take some classes, learn some things.

Player Goals: Much of the same as Crylon IC, along with making new friends/thread partners, learning some new skills, and developing Crylon's magic a bit more.

Favored Threads: I tend to enjoy more action oriented threads, though if the discourse is interesting enough talking threads can be just as exciting.

Disfavored Threads: I don't think I have a particular thread type I dislike, besides unfinished/stalled threads that never get anywhere.

Matchmaker: I tend to avoid open threads, and prefer one on one and at most one on two threads. I'd rather do a bunch of 1 on 1 threads and get a deep connection to the other pc, than throwing a bunch of people into one thread. Otherwise I'm pretty open for those threads, if you've got an idea or plot/thing we could do together.

Other: I tend to respond faster to DM's on discord, otherwise if you want to talk and plot pm me here.
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Summer 519 Character Registry

Postby Wa'Djinnabi on August 1st, 2019, 9:29 am

Concept: Please take a look at my CS for a overview of my character's concept. For the most part, he is just a very self confident fellow whose wanderlust has taken him far from his home.
Race, Age, Gender: Eypharian, 27, Male
Profession: Alchemist, minor in gardening
Arrival/Departure: Arriving on the 62nd, leaving again on the 70th
Character Goals: Just a visit picking up some eccentric items before heading back into the wilderness. He also intends on visiting the library.
Player Goals: What do you as a player want to accomplish? It could be writing skills, plots, PC skills, experiences, time management, etc.
Favored Threads: I enjoy most threads types, anything with magic or making things are great.
Disfavored Threads: Not a super big fan of explicit sexual contact, not opposed to romance but I'd rather skip or fade to black the naughty bits.
Matchmaker: I may do an open thread regarding the library

Other: Heyo! PM me if you are interested in threading! Even if my character might not like yours, it would be fun to work out some character development with others. :D
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Summer 519 Character Registry

Postby Akorcho on August 29th, 2019, 11:44 am

Concept: Investigator. Escaping into the paranormal. Insular. Finding a balance between present and past. The now and the shadow of the future, or shadow of the past. Like many Chaktawe lacking a sense of stability, so he looks for it externally.
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Race, Age, Gender: Chaktawe, 25, Male
Profession: An Investigator into odd occurrences and a store assistant to a bookshop.
Arrival/Departure: My character has lived here for years.
Character Goals: Find a paying job. Engage in the start of a good mystery. Evade any social engagements.
Player Goals: Get used to the character and into his muse.
Favored Threads: Action - Suspense - Emotional Threads of importance with characters that gel together. GIVE AND TAKE. Learning and knowing your writing partner over time.
Disfavored Threads: ME ME ME Ego threads. Untouchable characters. More than 4 writers in a thread.
Matchmaker: I'll write with anyone.
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