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[Location] Lord of Council's Office

Postby Ricky Maze on April 12th, 2015, 6:18 am

Spring 55th 514 AV

Instead of having company this time he'd actually decided to come alone to the offices today, business to be found with the Seneschal once more as he usually dealt with the masses. He had to wonder what it must be like doing all that paperwork, and if the poor man Tranaris ever found it dull if not dismal sometimes. Can't believe Oi'm really doin' d'is again, an' it ain't even been d'at long! He cursed at his impeccably innate impulses that demanded he miss the fun and hardships his previous job brought on, granted recent events had definitely stirred within him a deeper sense of longing for... well guarding obviously but that wasn't it.

Now that he'd become a part of a group of people's circle he felt he'd started to make connections, and not only that but part of him had started to come to his senses finally, when in truth he should've never let it rub off on him like it did a while back. He finally came to terms with the fact his ideals of normalcy were just that, ideals that he could easily change however he wanted since that's all the really were. Normalcy? Did such a thing really exist in this world? At this point he started to give less of a damn, and at least accepted that normal is what you make of it.

So without further ado he marched along with hands tucked in the pockets of his vest, head held high with spirit intact as he wandered his way to the offices. With the doors finally in sight he strolled onward without any means of a hurry, since he'd started to feel better about taking each and every day in at a time. Plenty of things to do sure but today wasn't so busy, besides he felt pretty sure going back would lead him to doing the same things he'd done before. Getting back into routine would be the fun part of course, but Ricky felt that his peers would no doubt be glad to see him back in the old uniform once more.

With his arrival at the polished door Ricky gave the knob a turn to enter the premises, the sight of the reception area the first to remind him of the several times he'd come to this place. Now that he was here though there wouldn't be any telling as to how many more visits might come along, since he would also be playing a wicked game of politics later on down the line. And his opponent who he wouldn't dare name would not know, at least not until he fallen so close to checkmate without being caught unaware. "G'day Mr. Johnson!" He greeted as he took a seat in the red velvet cushion, an unusual boost in confidence present as he eased himself into it.

"Now Oi know Oi've been a royal t'orn in de arse but d'is time it's just business sir, Oi'm ready t' resign on as part o' de Wave Guard again." He spoke humbly now with a respectful tone, eager to be out of the way so that the Seneschal may return to his never ending duties.

oocWasn't sure if Ricky needed to refill the form out or not so I left that open for interpretation, just pm me and I'll have it added to the post if need be. :)
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[Location] Lord of Council's Office

Postby Bay'Lin La on April 15th, 2015, 8:00 pm


1st Day of Spring, 515 A.V.

Baylin was very content at that moment to simply be standing in line. He was hidden beneath a heavily dampened black cloak which had only recently been wrung clear of excess seawater. His hood was up and pulled tight to cover most of his face, he did not want to be recognized for his race. He cut a bold figure as he wore his light stiffened kelp armor beneath his cloak and boots on his feet. Baylin had come to learn quickly from off glances that Charodae were off putting to the residents of Zeltiva and he did his best to blend in. He just wanted to be alone with his thoughts.

However as he approached the desk of a mister 'Tranaris Johnson', he pulled down his hood to revel his face to the man; the tips of the long tendrils of tentacles that protruded from his head like hair wiggled and wreathed into slight curls against his chest. “Hello, I hope you are having a happy day of Remembrance. My name is Baylin and I seek employment.” When he was handed the appropriate form, he filled it out with neat and slow handwriting then turned it in.

    Job Application
    Profession: Performer/Bard/Busker
    Wage: 4gm
    Applicable Skills: Violin (Novice)
    Location of Employment: The city of Zeltiva.
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[Location] Lord of Council's Office

Postby Perplexity on April 19th, 2015, 10:18 pm



Tranaris looked over the application that Lazhuly filled out. He considered it for a moment before nodding.

Present yourself to the World’s End Grotto post haste, young lady.” The elder gentleman scrawled out a notice to the proprietor of the establishment that would announce Lazhuly’s intentions there.

I do wish you well in your endeavors. Do try to keep your head out of the clouds, hmm?

Lazhuly, Please Read! :
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Profession: Barmaid
Wage: 3 GM
Relevant Skill: Leadership (Novice)
Location of Employment: World’s End Grotto


Eldain’s slightly flustered arrival was met with a curious albeit neutral stare. As he handed Tranaris the paperwork it took the seneschal very little time to look it over. He nodded seeing as everything was in order.

I believe the Sailor’s Guild is in need of a skilled clerk.” He retrieved a missive jotting down a set of instructions on how to get to the Sailor’s Guild Hall.

Present this to the officials at the Guild Hall. They will set you in order. Good luck, young man.” Tranaris’s tone was mildly exasperated as if to imply that luck was exactly what he would need to succeed. He handed the missive to Eldain then returned to his work.

Eldain, Please Read! :
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Profession: Clerk
Wage: 3 GM
Relevant Skill: Bookkeeping (Novice)
Location of Employment: Sailor’s Guild, Zeltiva


The old secretary looked up from his never ending mountain of form and paperwork to regard Ricky Maze. He sat back in his chair eyeing the man sternly for several long ticks. With a sigh the older gentleman set down his quill and rubbed his face.

You’ve served with honor for a good while, Master Maze. The city respects that, I respect that. If you choose to go back into service as a protector of this city that’s your choice and it will be honored. You went through a great deal of suffering this past winter.” The Seneschal reached into his desk retrieving an official missive from the desk of his station. He began writing a letter of return to active service.

I will send a missive to the Headquarters Office. If you are sure about returning to the Wave Guard, present yourself there in two days’ time. If you change your mind, merely return here to this office and we will find another respectable post for you in the city equally worthy of the service you’ve done Zeltiva.

Ricky, Please Read! :
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Profession: Sergeant Wave Guard
Wage: 10 GM
Relevant Skill: Leadership
Location of Employment: City of Zeltiva, Wave Guard


Some people would have been taken aback by the appearance of a Charoda. Tranaris, was not one of those people. Quite the contrary, he found them a curiously interesting people that while frightening upon first glance were actually quite intelligent and peaceful. He gave Baylin a smile as he looked over the form.

The city will indeed learn to love the music you play, Master Baylin. Welcome to Zeltiva.” The seneschal retrieved a sheet of parchment jotting down a notice declaring that Baylin was given permission to perform throughout the city.

Baylin, Please Read! :
Your storyteller secrets thread has been updated. For your information…

Profession: Performer
Wage: 4 GM
Relevant Skill: Violin (Novice)
Location of Employment: City of Zeltiva

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[Location] Lord of Council's Office

Postby Iblette on June 17th, 2015, 2:49 pm

4th of Summer, 515 AV

Iblette walked with very dainty footsteps up to the desk of applications. She had gone there earlier yesterday to take a form back to the inn. Luckily, the inn's owner helped her fill in the questions, and answered any that she had. He was more than confident she would be allowed to work there, but he wanted the approval on paper.
He encouraged her to go turn in her work, and she nervously clung to the paper as she lightly stepped up to the receptionist. She made a small noise to get their attention, and after no words formed, she bowed her head respectfully, quickly holding the application out in front of her person. It read:

Profession: Laborer - entry level job
Wage: 1-2 GM
Applicable Skills: organization, bodybuilding (OOC: will be added to skills upon grading of job threads)
Location of Employment: World's End Grotto
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[Location] Lord of Council's Office

Postby Ripp on June 20th, 2015, 2:40 pm


1st of Summer

After the fairly agreeable welcome he’d gotten to the city (Agreeable meaning he wasn’t killed or threatened by anyone), Ripp now faced his second tribulation: Finding employment and making some money. It had been a while since he needed some but he had to support himself and he’d no idea how long he’d be in Zeltiva. He’d been instructed to fill out a forum, which he was reading now. He was quite fond of the idea of resuming his work. It was something he was good at, and it reminded him of the woman who’d been his grandmother, and his boss. What he wasn’t fond of was trying to befriend and work with a new set of coworkers and a new boss. In fact he was down right anxious about it all. That’s if he was given a job at all of course.

With his paperwork in hand the half-blood made his way to the old man in charge of applications. “Hello, uh, sir. I’m looking for a job, here is my forum” He said sliding it over the desk to him.

Profession: Tailor
Wage: 4GM/day
Applicable Skills: Novice Sewing, Novice Embroidering
Location of Employment: The Saville or Yvette's Dresses For All Occasions

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[Location] Lord of Council's Office

Postby Retired on June 21st, 2015, 9:19 pm


20th of Summer, 515 AV

"Welcome to the Lord of Council's office. How may we help you today?"

The massive office doors slammed shut behind Ravi, blasting her with a gust of cool wind as she stepped forward with caution. A rotund man, balding and wrinkled, sat behind a grand wooden desk, his hand stilled over a rather large load of paperwork.

Ravi approached him, her steps unhurried as she gazed upon the cavernous room. She had seldom seen such grandeur, what with her time being spent either in the shambles of the orphanage or the more sordid locales of Zeltiva. The dim light emanating from the brass lamps was soaked in by the floor-to-ceiling hardwood and Ravi had to wonder how Mister Johnson could get any work done in such sparse lighting.

"I've come to inquire about employment," she stated, setting her completed application on his desk. She clasped her hands nervously behind her back and awaited his response.

Job Application :
Profession: Metalsmith (Novice)

Wage: 7

Applicable Skills:
Drawing - 15XP
Metalsmithing - 5XP

Location of Employment: The Armed Scholar
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[Location] Lord of Council's Office

Postby Firenze on June 22nd, 2015, 1:17 am

1 Summer, 515 AV

Fingers fiddled with the hem of her shirt while she glanced around the offices. Waiting her turn to apply for the position that the Madame and Matthew had told her about. Madame informed her that if she were to be employed by them that she would need to register it with the Council's Office. After one of the fellow escorts had given her directions as to where to find the office, she'd set herself to get it done as quickly as possible.

Lip between her teeth, she worried if they would make her write. She'd never learned to write or read, feeling as though she'd not really needed a use for it until now. Her feet moved a few steps forward as she followed the person in front of her, that person following the one in front of them, making their way closer to register.

Finally, it was her turn, “I don’t have a paper but I was hoping to apply for a job…” Shifting from foot to foot, her hands clasped in front of her, “..I can’t write or read, but I could tell you what I would like to do?”

Ringing her hands together, she glance down at the desk, “I’d.. like to apply for.. a prostitution job at The Touchy Subject. If I could request 1 to 4 gold mizas per day for the work. I have some skill with that particular field... and... I’m pretty good at talking to people! If you need me to, I can tell you what I’ve practiced?” A bright red blush fanned across her cheeks and she continued to avert her eyes hoping that he would request for her to tell him about those particular moments to determine her skills required for the job. Sighing she determined that if he needed to know that she would find a way to work through giving him the information that he required.

Job Application :
Profession: Escort/Prostitute

Wage: 1-4 GM

Applicable Skills: Socialization - Competent, Acrobatics - Novice, Endurance - Novice, Flirting - Novice, Seduction - Novice, Love-Making - Novice

Location of Employment: The Touchy Subject

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[Location] Lord of Council's Office

Postby Morth on July 23rd, 2015, 7:31 pm

8 Summer 515 AV
Morth walked down the road amongst a myriad of unfamiliar faces, knowing each had there own goals and endeavours to pursue, just as he did himself. He continued on his path noting the significant change in architecture as he passed into what appeared to be a much older part of Zeltiva. His eyes darted from structure to structure, he had heard numerous stories from his elders of the many human cities but he could have never imagined how truly breathtaking they would be to see in person. As he turned his head repeatedly to take in the many vistas surrounding him, he attempted to keep his enthusiasm subdued, being keenly aware of the unwavering glares he was the subject of. A Jamoura is a suprising enough sight in Zeltiva, let alone one gawking and excitedly flailing his head about.

As Morth arrived at what he could only assume was his destination, he stopped for a moment further taking in his surroundings, appreciating the grandeur of the massive and ancient granite structure before him. Morth quickly ascended the steps up to the main entrance of the building, in what he could only imagine was half the strides that it would take anyone else in the city. He placed his hand on the door gently pushing it open, a sensation still foreign to him, being accustom to the open doorways of The Spires. Morth entered the Lord of Council's Office staring into its extravagant cavernous interior, all the while making great strides towards the ornately carved wooden desk attended by what cold only be described as a portly older man. Morth felt the chill of the stone floor on his bare feet, and heard the soft echoing thud of his gentle yet heavy steps. Even the echoes of his own steps seemed alien to him, sounding far more hollow than the echoes of his home. However even amidst all this strangeness Morth could not contain his enthusiasm for all the new things he was encountering, an almost childlike joy bubbled up from the center of his being, causing a wide grin to stretch across his face.

After what seemed to be ages, Morth finally reached the desk. He gathered from the name plate situated in front of him that the man was none other than Tranaris Johnson. As Morth looked up from the nameplate Tranaris simultaneously glanced away from his papers, their gaze meeting. "Welcome to the Lord of Council's Office, how may I be of service to you today" Tranaris asked in a rehearsed manner. "I'm here to inquire about work opportunities at the university." Morth replied, his deep voice echoing through the chamber, attracting the attention of all those not already fixated on his unusual presence. Tranaris slid a small sheet of paper towards Morth, and silently gestured towards a quill and ink. It was at this moment any semblance of a smile left Morth with supernatural haste. Such a short amount of time in Zeltiva and he had already found a way in which to embarass himself. He knew there was no way to use such as small writing tool without looking like a clumsy oaf, but was also aware tha- "Would you like some assistance?" Tranaris asked, interrupting Morth's train of thought. "Yes that would be very much appreciated" Morth replied timorously. The two individuals then engaged in a lengthy conversation, Tranaris probing Morth for any qualifications or experience he may possess in an almost surgical fashion. Following the discussion Tranaris indifferently slid the paper across the desk to Morth who gingerly picked it up between his over sized index finger and thumb, and after a moment of struggling to lift it off the smooth surface proceeded to study it thoroughly.
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[Location] Lord of Council's Office

Postby Octavius Holvs on September 25th, 2016, 6:06 pm

Octavius would enter the granite structure curiously. Having finally found the time he decided to make his round into it to file some necessary paperwork for his livings. He would be fascinated at the architecture, his eyes scanning over the inner room, his head and body soon to follow along in this scan, they moving in a large and drawn out roundabout as he looked the room down from ceiling to floor. A wide grin having pierced to be the most prominent of his expressions. He eventually oriented himself correctly towards the front desk and made his way to one 'Tranaris Johnson'. He would arrive, steadily and with a solid stop at the very edge of the desk before speaking, "Why hello there! I am looking to register for employment!" His tone was ecstatic and eager. Honest, in what his intentions were, even though this was more for tax purposes than anything else, perhaps it was more a showing of good will as a member of the city. He would hope in this, to find the old Tranaris to provide him with a sensible place to work and utilize his talents, or at least provide a modicum of direction, as otherwise the man is doomed to roam the entire city and play. The man at the desk would hand him his application, of which he would accept.

He would take this paper and sit down on one of the available velvet cushioned chairs. Taking a pen and quickly scribbling away his relevant credentials. He paused, halfway through the application to take note of the level of comfort he was in, in his new seat. He looked at it briefly, laughing a small bit to himself and laying back in it some. He determined that once he had set aside enough Miza that he would purchase one of these kinds of chairs for his own place, wherever that place may one day be. Nonetheless, he would continue his business of finishing off the application's second half, having finished his business of admiring the handiwork of the seat which he found himself astutely upon. "Is that Silk or Velvet?" he'd murmur to himself. He shook his head and tried again at the paperwork. As he finished it off he would get back up and hand it swiftly to the man at the desk. He waited patiently at the front of the desk as he was processed, admiring the room once more as the time drained on.

The pertinent information on the Application read out as such :
Profession: Bard - Competent
Wage: 4/Gm Base, 6/Gm with relevant skills
Applicable Skills: 30 (Competent) in Musical Instrument (Lute)
Location of Employment: Wherever one believes I'm best suited

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[Location] Lord of Council's Office

Postby Rhorin Gale on October 18th, 2016, 2:18 am

47th of Fall, 516

Damn, Gale mentally cursed. The season had passed far quicker than he had desired. The first season out of his parent's home and he had squandered half of it on nothing! He walked with a swift stride down the streets, taking in a deep breath of the sea-scented breeze coming in from the docks. It helped calm him only slightly.

Today was the day he would finally apply for a job. No more paying for lodge with his parents, Gale was ready to get out on his own and to do that, he needed steady money. Bartering was fun, but it would only get him so far.

The massive stone building was more than a little intimidating, all the well educated people within seemed to look down on those they deemed simple... or maybe that was just his imagination. Whatever it was, of all the places in Zeltiva, he disliked this district most.

Gale was sure he would get the job, however. His father had been a happily employed hunter for going on thirty years now, until his string fingers finally caught the crippling ache.

He had his bow with him, though he knew better than to keep it in hand; it worried the guards. Instead it was strung around his chest, his quiver capped and not easily accessible. Though bringing a declaration of his skill in the form of a bundle of freshly strung rabbits had crossed his mind, he thought better of it. Blood on the marble floors might only hamper his chances at any respectable work.

Shirt, check... Pants, check... Comb... Gale took a moment to carefully comb back his silver locks, hoping to make himself look a bit more presentable. He had even shaved for this! Not that he could grow much facial hair anyway. A number of passersby watched the hunter primp in front of the stone building, a few even giggled at his nervousness. He did not think it was funny.

With one last deep breath and sighed exhale, he pushes past the doors and enters the massive Counsel's Office. "Welcome to the Lord of Council's office. How may we help you today?" The man that had spoke sat behind a very regal looking desk. He was well aged, but not properly seasoned... His neck had an extra chin or two and his gut was well rounded. Most likely, Gale assumed, from being bound to that desk for too long.

"Job application?" The bulbous man glanced him over but said nothing more. Gale could not tell if the man was looking down on him or just looking him over. The well-dressed man handed Gale a blank application.

Paperwork for a job as a hunter? Silly as it may be, he requested to borrow a quill and a bit of ink. He proceeded to write with the paper propped on a raised leg, his foot resting on his opposite shin. The odd position was not the most easy to maintain, leaving his handwriting a little worse than its already poor state, but it would work. The paper was handed off to the secretary, for what Gale hoped would be a kind assessment.

Application :
Profession: Hunter
Wage: 7 gp day
Applicable Skills: Competent Hunter, Novice Tracker, Competent Bowman
Location of Employment:

Poor writingMy apologies, I haven't written in a while, and I'm still trying to get back into the hang of it.
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