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Deviana Helena Blackwood

Postby Devi on November 30th, 2014, 6:27 pm

Deviana Helena Blackwood

Known as: Devi
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Birthday: Season of Spring, Day 36, 492AV
Birthplace: Syliras


I’ve been told that my eyes are my most discernible feature. I have a feeling that’s more to do with how often I’m glaring at people than anything else. I could be wrong though. It has been known to happen from time to time.

Height: 5ft 4in / 157cm
Weight: 120 pounds / 8 ½ stone / 55kg
Physique: Devi has a small frame, delicate and lightly curved. She has a physique well accustomed to daily, fast-paced walking and regular horseback riding but no more than that.
Skin colour: Pale cream, good complexion, a smattering of light freckles across cheeks.
Eyes: Dark green.
Hair: Long, wavy and thick, bright auburn in colour. Often tied in a loose braid when she is working or out of the city but left to flow free just as often.
Clothes: In her day to day Devi is often seen in practical clothing - shirts of varying colours which hug her curved form, dark brown/black/pale grey trousers and knee-high laced or buckled boots in brown or black. When treating patients a Ramie tunic is worn over clothes in order to catch any unpleasant fluids.

Outerwear includes a fine black or pale grey wool coat as well as fine black gloves and scarf, with fur-lined boots in dark brown or black for cold weather. Devi also owns a limited selection of fine occasional wear and silver jewellery - see the possessions section for full details.

Note for Thread PartnersFeel free to assume any combination of the clothing described here/in possessions if I don't specifically mention anything in my introductory post.


Words can be dismissed as easily as whispers on the wind. I don’t care if you vow it on your goddess’ holy knickers, it means nothing to me until you do something about it.

A desire to heal runs at the core of Devi’s persona. She is willing to explore every avenue in a bid to heal the body, mind or soul of another. Any knowledge which would assist in that goal is attacked with a passion, at the expense of all else. Devi prides herself on being level-headed and calm under pressure in all but the most trying of circumstances. However her fervour for work often leaves her somewhat isolated. Whilst she is openly friendly and boasts many acquaintances, more intimate social situations are more of a mystery to her. The closest relationship she holds is with her older brother, Ronan.

With their mother already passed and their father’s mind and heath gradually declining, Ronan took care of the both of them throughout Devi’s childhood. He remains to this day the person she trusts most in the world and the one for whom she pushes herself to be better. It is for him that she values honesty and integrity in herself and others, though Devi herself tends to be slightly more cynical and hardened than her sibling. A surface level of trust is easily gained as Devi believes in giving people chances. However a deeper level of trust would be painstakingly earned and very easily broken. She deflects with sarcasm and laughs easily but holds a metaphorical wall around herself for protection.

Likes: Devi likes to laugh and will gravitate towards people who can elicit the reaction in her. The highest priorities in her life are her brother, his family and her passion for doctoring. Her favourite season is summer and her favourite colour is cobalt blue. She likes people with integrity and, much as it might also frustrate her, likes being challenged. She loves to learn, whether it be a new facet of medicine, a person or simply something new. She has a mischievous streak in her core and whilst she is loathe to admit to it, has enjoyed the perks that come with a comfortable lifestyle. Her favourite treat is honey-roasted hazelnuts and she loves getting out of the packed corridors of Syliras to be under an open sky.

Dislikes: Devi has little time for anyone who won't fight a little for what they believe in. Dishonesty or corruption are amongst the worst qualities a person can have. She hates cold and wet weather, cannot cook (at all) and absolutely, point-blank refuses to learn to swim. She detests anyone who causes physical or mental pain just for the pleasure of it. She can't abide laziness and perhaps for that very reason, Devi doesn't especially like cats. She also likes to maintain control and so as a rule, doesn't ingest alcohol or narcotics and is by habit, fastidiously clean.


Oh sure, kill the doctor! I swear the next catastrophic event to decimate the human race will be idiocy.

Devi is essentially good in her core. Her stubborn nature means she’s willing to bend or even break established rules and laws for the right reasons but the cost will always be carefully considered. She would consider it worth the risk to break a law in the pursuit of saving a life, for example. She also has a selfless streak within her but would use her own definitions to question whether the person she is trying to aid is worth her own suffering or should instead be left to their fate.

Despite seeing death and pain quite frequently in her line of work, Devi has never intentionally killed and would not do so without substantial motivation. However she does admit the possibility to herself that she is capable of such an act - this being one of the primary reasons she has never sought the healing mark of Rak'keli upon her skin.


I come across quite a number of languages in my line of work. For the most part it’s just cursewords but even so, it keeps my day interesting.

Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Tukant (Akalak)
Poor Language: None


I didn’t think we were supposed to arrange medical corpses into poses either but that didn’t stop it from being funny.

Skills Table :
Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Medicine 30 SP, 4XP, 3XP, 2XP, 4XP, 1XP, 3XP, 3XP, 4XP, 2XP, 3XP, 3XP, 3XP, 3XP, 3XP, 1XP 72 Expert
Observation 2XP, 2XP, 2XP, 5XP, 3XP, 5XP, 2XP, 2XP, 4XP, 2XP, 5XP, 3XP, 2XP, 4XP, 5XP, 3XP, 3XP, 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 3XP, 2XP, 4XP, 4XP 70 Expert
Socialisation 4XP, 4XP, 2XP, 3XP, 3XP, 5XP, 3XP, 3XP, 5XP, 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 4XP, 3XP, 2XP, 1XP, 1XP, 3XP, 2XP 51 Expert
Herbalism 15 RB, 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 2XP, 3XP, 2XP, 2SXP (Winter 514AV), 3XP, 3XP, 3XP, 3SXP (Spring 515AV), 4XP, 3XP, 3XP, 1XP, 1XP 51 Expert
Rhetoric 2XP, 4XP, 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 4XP, 2XP, 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 2XP 20 Novice
Leadership 1XP, 2XP, 1XP, 2XP, 3XP, 5XP, 1XP, 3XP 18 Novice
Interrogation 1XP, 1XP, 2XP, 1XP, 2XP, 2XP, 3XP, 1XP, 4XP, 1XP 18 Novice
Philtering 10 SP, 1XP, 1XP, 2XP, 2XP, 1XP 17 Novice
Poison 10 SP, 1XP,3XP, 3XP 17 Novice
Persuasion 3XP, 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 2XP, 5XP, 2XP 15 Novice
Teaching 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 2XP, 4XP, 3XP, 1XP 14 Novice
Endurance 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 3XP, 1XP, 2XP, 3XP, 2XP 14 Novice
Planning 2XP, 2XP, 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 2XP, 1XP, 1XP 12 Novice
Investigation 1XP, 2XP, 2XP, 1XP, 2XP, 4XP 12 Novice
Weapon Skills: Composite Longbow 4XP, 4XP, 4XP 12 Novice
Riding (horse) 3XP, 2XP, 5XP 10 Novice
Philosophy 2XP, 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 2XP, 1XP 9 Novice
Intimidation 3XP, 1XP, 1XP, 3XP 8 Novice
Intelligence 4XP, 3XP 7 Novice
Land Navigation 2XP, 1XP, 2XP, 1XP, 1XP 7 Novice
Tactics 2XP, 3XP, 1XP 6 Novice
Organisation 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 2XP 6 Novice
Negotiation 1XP, 2XP, 1XP, 1XP 5 Novice
Massage 3XP, 2XP 5 Novice
Writing 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 1XP 4 Novice
Drawing 1XP, 1XP, 1XP, 1XP 4 Novice
Storytelling 1XP, 2XP, 1XP 4 Novice
Horsemanship 1XP, 2XP 3 Novice
Subterfuge 1XP, 1XP, 1XP 3 Novice
Sewing 2XP, 1XP 3 Novice
Meditation 2XP, 1XP 3 Novice
Foraging 3XP 3 Novice
Body Building 1XP, 1XP 2 Novice
Research 2XP 2 Novice
Flirting 1XP, 1XP 2 Novice
Acting 2XP 2 Novice
Childcare 1XP 1 Novice
Linguistics 1XP 1 Novice
Instrument: Pot 1XP 1 Novice
Climbing 1XP 1 Novice
Prayer 1XP 1 Novice
Stealth 1XP 1 Novice
Bodybuilding 1XP 1 Novice
Carving 1XP 1 Novice
Tracking 1XP 1 Novice
Knot-Tying 1XP 1 Novice

Poison skill specialisms (novice skill) - aquatic.


The human body is an endless source of fascination for me. It elicits one complex puzzle after another. Less fascinating is the overwhelming pressure to learn all there is to know about childbirth in this city. Apparently though, I’m the only female doctor in all of Syliras who finds children inescapably annoying.

Autumn: Patient who plays the gea'tar
A curious falcon
Aren: Fetched me when Sayana went into labour
Baelin: Crazy for swimming in winter
Chaktawe: Black eyes and from the desert
Elann: Benshira weaver from Yaheba
Elann: Story of arriving in Syliras
Florinne & Marcus: Niece & Newphew
Garland: In Need of Help for a Sick Friend
Garland: In Love with a Crazy Woman?
Garland: Squire who is good with children
Garland: Grew up in the orphanage
Garland: screams like a girl
Kalvina: Pregnant Lady
Kelvic: Watching a Kelvic shift
Lorden Ladis: A Knightly Knight
Marianne: Sister-in-Law
Marianne: Pregnant with a baby due early Fall 515AV
Orin Fenix: The cook with the head injury
Orin: Doesn’t drink because it killed his father
Orin: Many Faces, One Man.
Rhavu the Nightwalker
Rhavu: Not the Wild Beast they say he is
Rhov: Chaktawe bounty hunter
Ronan: The smart mouthed brother
Ronan's advice: Using writing and sketching as therapy
Saraphina: Kelvic patient with old shoulder injury
Sayana: Dancer and Garland's Dear Friend
Sayana: Eypharian Who Works at the Rearing Stallion
Sayana: Something Infectious
Sayana: Prescribing Sayana Rugberry Tea and Mandrake
Sayana: She makes some crazy parties.
Sayana: The Tale of Aren and Sayana
Sayana: Can beat any odds
Sayana: Beyond happy
Sylvette: Orin's Bondmate
Versin: The oil of the Bunwol plant, used as an antidote
Wynara: Mother of eight children
Medicine: Medicine: Knowledge of human anatomy
Medicine: Knowledge of herbs/plants common to Sylira
Medicine: Clean body, clean soul
Medicine: Syliras is the prefect breeding ground for Disease
Medicine: The usefulness of an assistant
Medicine: Sleep is not a thing for doctors
Medicine: Wooden splint: Secures broken bones
Medicine: Diagnosing the aches of an old injury
Medicine: Exercises to rehabilitate an arm after injury
Medicine: To be known as a good doctor
Medicine: Treating children
Medicine: Signs of head injury and concussion.
Medicine: You never know when you'll need to treat serious injury!
Medicine: Head injury: Stemming further damage.
Medicine: Head injuries are tricky
Medicine: Chamayo Tonic, helps people remember things after a concussion
Medicine: Concussion Symptoms - Look out for nausea, dizziness and check the pupils if case of head injury
Medicine: Stitching a wound
Medicine: Alcohol to cleanse a wound
Medicine: How to treat frostbite
Medicine: Hypothermia
Medicine: Life over limb
Medicine: Moisturizing an old burn
Medicine: It's different when you're treating a friend
Medicine: Stethoscope to hear a baby's heart
Medicine: Checking an unborn baby's heartbeat
Herbalism: Rugberry tea: Warms body, reduces fever chills
Herbalism: Iskyny tea: Helps patient sleep soundly
Herbalism: Krolar paste: Helps heal cuts
Herbalism: Fauxsil
Herbalism: Vyfox
Herbalism: Tolm
Herbalism: Vyfox wards against infection for wounds
Herbalism: Preparing and applying a Vyfox poultice
Herbalism: Midwife Miracle - Properties and Uses
Herbalism: Delaviv - Speeds Childbirth
Herbalism: Identifying Delaviv
Herbalism: Useful for curing mild poison
Herbalism: Brinetooth Berries
Herbalism: Belltor
Herbalism: Belltor - Identification
Herbalism: Belltor - Good for colds and coughs, reduces scarring
Herbalism: Vyfox Identification
Herbalism: Jile Berries Identification and Medicinal Properties
Herbalism: Jile Berries - Fast-acting antidote but too much can be hazardous
Herbalism: Rhinedale Ash properties
Herbalism: Aloe vera for soothing
Herbalism: Centella
Poison: Phantom's Shell - Identification in patients
Poison: Phantom's Shell - Poison that causes pain, made from seaweed ashes
Poison: Hemlock - Strong dose can cause lungs to fail
Poison: Hemlock - Identification, looks similar to Vyfox
Poison: The wrong antidote can be just as bad as the poison itself
Poison: Moonseed - A poisonous berry with crescent moon shaped seeds
Poison/Herbalism: Acson - Good for animal poisons and snakebites, induces vomiting
Poison/Herbalism: Acson - Identification, looks similar to Belltor


Acting: Faking a smile
Archery: Proper Stance
Archery: Breathing techniques
Archery: Proper elbow placement
Archery: Don’t overthink it
Archery: On horseback
Archery: Be mindful of the wind
Drawing: Practice makes perfect
Flirting: A gentle tease
Foraging: Don't deplete a source you plan to come back to
Horsemanship: Rewarding good behaviour
Horsemanship: Nightwalker Horses
Horsemanship: Bribing Your Ride
Intimidation: Quieting unruly patients
Intimidation: Under no circumstances was I flirting with you
Investigation: When a wound doesn't match the given cause
Investigation: Noticing unusual reactions
Investigation: Determining cause of a wound
Investigation: Signs of poison consumption
Leadership: Taking charge in a medical emergency
Massage: Using lavendar scented cream to soothe
Music: Keeping a beat
Persuasion: Using an authoritative tone of voice
Planning: coordinating schedules
Philosophy: When to keep quiet about a crime
Philtering: Mixing powered Vyfox and Belltor into Krolar paste
Philtering: Tolm Infusion
Rhetoric: making a wedding speech
Riding: How to confuse your horse
Riding: Mounting Your Horse
Riding: Handling the Reigns
Riding: Using Your Legs
Riding: Voice Commands
Socialisation: Socialisation with Another Person Can be Nice
Socialisation: Forcing a smile
Socialisation: Reassuring a nervous patient
Teaching: Explaining concepts to non-native speakers
Writing: Keeping a medical journal
Tukant is a difficult language
How to ask for a cat in Tukant
Event: Sayana's New Year's Party
Event: Sayana and Aren's Wedding
Event: Sayana and Aren's Wedding Reception
Location: The Bronze Woods
Location: Kalvina's Apartment
Location: The path from Syliras to Mithryn
Location: Windmount Stables
Maid of Honor to Sayana
Soothing Waters: Full of well-paid, pretentious idiots
Syliras: The Snowstorm of 514
Syliras: The Welcome Home Orphanage
Syliras: Is very cold in winter

Coping with a stillborn close to home
Hazelnuts and honey, the best distraction
Kriital: Giant vulture-like bird
Regaining confidence as a doctor after a stillborn
Sharing mother's death with someone
Syliras Knighthood - Green Company: Knights adorned in Earthy colours.
Syliras Knighthood - Nightwalkers are the Breed of Choice for the Mage-Knights
Trusting your Gut
Wearing a Dress
Winter: Not a good time to swim


The pages of my mother’s journal tell me far more about her than about the work that she undertook. Still, each time she learnt about a new plant she sketched it in great detail, with all the annotations one could wish for (even if some of those were simply how beautiful she thought they were). Every venture beyond the city walls was a dangerous undertaking – she willingly risked herself to help ease the pain of other people. All that and it was childbirth that killed her. Ironic really.

Elysse’s Journal (Family Heirloom) - A large, soft-leather bound book. Half is already filled in with journal entries and annotated sketches of herbs and plants local to Sylira, particularly those common in the area surrounding Syliras. The other half is blank, ready to be filled.

6 white, fitted, cotton shirts
6 dyed, fitted, cotton shirts in forest green, pale grey, cobalt blue, sky blue, dark red and black

3 pairs of sturdy cotton, fitted trousers in black, pale grey and dark brown

Simple blue shoes
Brown leather, laced high boots
Black leather, laced high boots

Medical Over-Tunic, made of Ramie
Simple blue cotton dress
2 leather belts with simple buckles in dark brown and black

Outer/Cold Weather Wear:

2 fitted llama-wool, 3/4 length coats in black and pale grey
Llama wool scarf and gloves in black.
2 pairs of buckled (simple), fur-lined (unusual), leather boots in black and dark brown


2 silk dresses in forest green and cobalt blue
2 pairs of fine silk shoes in pale gold and black
Long black velvet gloves, lined with pale gold satin and embroidered in the same colour (think celtic-style, from the trim leading down to the middle finger)
Full length black, hooded, velvet cloak lined with pale gold satin and embroidered in the same colour (think celtic-style, around the trim and hood). Fastened with a fine gold catch.


Various silver including:
3 x pairs of earrings
2 x necklaces
2 x rings

Medical Items
Healer's Kit (full of herbs, salves, bandages and other useful materials)

Surgeon's Kit (Consisting of a scalpel, scissors, small mirror and other tools, the surgeon’s kit is useful for inspecting a corpse, dissecting a creature or otherwise performing minute examinations of a living or dead creature.)

Leather-bound journal - Patient Record & Medical Journal
Leather-bound journal - Philtering Journal (Devi's personal record of techniques/recipes, known medicines, known poisons/antidotes)
Leather bound journal - Record of Illnesses & Conditions (Devi's notations on any illnesses/diseases she comes across as well as particular wounds and symptoms)

From Foraging:
Vyfox: 3 oz
Jile berries: 5oz
Composite Longbow
Bow Case
Leather Quiver
19x Longbow Arrows
Archer's Glove
Leather Arm Guard
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel

1 bottle of Moonshine (from Moonshine and Moonseeds thread)

Charcoal (20 sticks)
Ink Sticks (10 sticks)

Nightwalker Mount - Rhavu
Riding Saddle
Saddle Pad
Bit & Bridle
Large Saddlebags
Medium Size Blanket & Hood


Home sweet, closely-packed, home...

Location: Syliras - Maiden District


(Updated Fall 10th 515AV) Most of the furniture listed in the plan is made of good quality wood with fabrics and decorations scattered here and there in shades of blue and green. The bed stands out as the most extravagant item, covered in cream and teal pillows and bedspread (a veritable mountain of comfy) and fine cream fabric hangs to form curtains around the four posts.

Decorative, polished stone carvings and little knick-knacks are scattered on the shelves and desk, as well as a large red, glass vase on the dining table and a smaller blue vase on the bookshelf. A few leather-bound books are stacked on the shelves, leaving room for more, and jars/containers of medicinal substances are dotted around the bookshelf and the desk. A few tapestries adorn the walls, all depicting some kind of landscape involving green forests and bright blue rivers.

Note that the lock on the front door of the apartment has been upgraded to Good quality, meaning it would take expert level Larceny skill to pick.


Don’t look so surprised. Last I checked I am female. It follows that I should have the spending habits of one.

Employment: Local Doctor, 24GM/day (8GM base - expert level medicine)

514 Ledger :
- - -
Starting +100GM 100GM
- - -
Leather Corset -6SM 99GM 4SM
Ramie Tunic -8SM 8CM 98GM 5SM 2CM
Blue Cotton Dress -2GM 2SM 96GM 3SM 2CM
Blue Shoes -5SM 5CM 95GM 7SM 7CM
Spare Undergarments -1SM 95GM 6SM 7CM
Spare Brown Trousers -8SM 94GM 8SM 7CM
Spare White Shirt -1SM 94GM 7SM 7CM
Coarse Wool Scarf -1SM 94GM 6SM 7CM
Coarse Wool Gloves -5SM 94GM 1SM 7CM
- - -
Wash Basin, Average -2GM 92GM 1SM 7CM
Chair, Average -7SM 91GM 4SM 7CM
Couch, Average -3GM 88GM 4SM 7CM
Shelf Set, Average -5SM 87GM 9SM 7CM
Wardrobe, Average -2GM 85GM 9SM 7CM
- - -
Charcoal Sticks (x 20) -1SM 85GM 8SM 7CM
Ink Sticks (X 10) -3GM 82GM 8SM 7CM
- - -
Healer's Kit -50GM 32GM 8SM 7CM
- - -
Blank book x 3 -9GM 23GM 8SM 7CM
- - -
Wages (Doctor - Winter 514) +1104GM 1127GM 8SM 7CM
Living expenses - Winter 414 (common) -135GM 992GM 8SM 7CM
- - -

515 Ledger :
Entry Expenditure/Income Total
- - -
Carryover - 992GM 8SM 7CM
- - -
Composite Longbow -100GM 892GM 8SM 7CM
Bow Case -20GM 872GM 8SM 7CM
Leather Quiver -20GM 852GM 8SM 7CM
Leather Archery Glove -1GM 851GM 8SM 7CM
Leather Arm Guard -1GM 850GM 8SM 7CM
Longbow Arrows x20 -1GM 849GM 8SM 7CM
- - -
Surgeon's Kit -200GM 649GM 8SM 7CM
- - -
Archery Target -18GM 649GM 8SM 7CM
5 sq yrds Canvas -5SM 649GM 3SM 7CM
- - -
50oz Midwife Miracle -2GM 5SM 646GM 8SM 7CM
- - -
Kiv Perfume, (rare) 15GM -15GM 631GM 8SM 7CM
Silk Dress, dyed forest green -30GM 601GM 8SM 7CM
- - -
Living expenses - Spring 515 (common) -135GM 466GM 8SM 7CM
Wages (Doctor, Spring 515AV) +2184GM 2650GM 8SM 7CM
- - -
Silver Pendant -4GM 5SM 2645GM 8SM 7CM
- - -
Silk Dress, dyed cobalt blue -30GM 2615GM 8SM 7CM
- - -
Living expenses - Summer 515AV (common) -135GM 2480GM 8SM 7CM
Wages (Doctor, Summer 515AV) +2184GM 4664GM 8SM 7CM
- - -
Nightwalker Horse (Rhavu) -500GM 4164GM 8SM 7CM
Riding Saddle -10GM 4154GM 8SM 7CM
Saddle Pad -1GM 4153GM 8SM 7CM
Bit & Bridle -2GM 4151GM 8SM 7CM
Large Saddlebags -8GM 4143GM 8SM 7CM
Medium Size Blanket & Hood -4GM 4139GM 8SM 7CM
- - -
Couch (Good) x2 -12GM 4127GM 8SM 7CM
Bed (Fine) -40GM 4087GM 8SM 7CM
Bookcase (Good) -20GM 4067GM 8SM 7CM
Table (Good) -3GM 4064GM 8SM 7CM
Chair (Good) x7 -7GM 4057GM 8SM 7CM
Desk (Good) -5GM 4052GM 8SM 7CM
Wardrobe (Good) -5GM 4047GM 8SM 7CM
Wash Basin (Good) -5GM 4042GM 8SM 7CM
End Table (Fine) x2 -4GM 4038GM 8SM 7CM
Rugs & Tapestries (Unusual - 60lbs worth) -40GM 3998GM 8SM 7CM
Blue Glass Vase -10GM 3988GM 8SM 7CM
Red Glass Vase -50GM 3938GM 8SM 7CM
Large Map of Sylira -10GM 3928GM 8SM 7CM
A few unusual sculptures/decorative knick-knacks -10GM 3918GM 8SM 7CM
Hire of six labourers for a day -15GM 3903GM 8SM 7CM
- - -
2oz Dalmis -12GM 3891GM 8SM 7CM
4oz Rosemary -1GM 6SM 3890GM 2SM 7CM
- - -
Living expenses - Fall 515AV (common) -135GM 3755GM 2SM 7CM
Rhavu Stabling/Feed - Fall 515AV -50GM 3705GM 2SM 7CM
Clothing Upgrade (see note at end of 515 ledger) -295GM 9SM 3459GM 3SM 7CM
Wages (Doctor, Fall 515AV) - -
- - -
Living expenses - Winter 515AV (common) N/A - No Threads -
Wages (Doctor, Winter 515AV) N/A - No Threads -
- - -
Clothing Upgrade SpecificsBoots/shoes:
High boots 5sm x 2 for leather, laced, natural brown = 1GM
High boots 5sm x 3.5 for leather, laced, dyed black = 1GM 7SM 5CM
High boots 5sm x 32 for leather, buckled (simple metals), fur-lined (unusual) = 16GM
High boots 5sm x 33.5 for leather, buckled (simple metals), fur-lined (unusual), dyed black = 16GM 7SM 5CM
Shoes 3SM x 25.5 for silk shoes dyed pale gold = 7GM 6SM 5CM
Shoes 3SM x 25.5 for silk shoes dyed black = 7GM 6SM 5CM

=52GM 5SM 5CM (52.55)

Cloak 5sm x 45.5 for black velvet cloak, hooded and lined with pale gold satin (dyed), embroidered along the trim in pale gold and fastened with a fine gold catch = 22GM 7SM 5CM
Coat 6sm x 11.5 for fitted black (dyed), llama wool coat, ¾ length = 6GM 9SM
Coat 6sm x 11.5 for fitted light grey (dyed), llama wool coat, ¾ length = 6GM 9SM

=36GM 5SM 5CM (36.55)

Gloves 5SM x 26.5 for long, black velvet gloves lined with pale gold satin and embroidered to match cloak = 13GM 2SM 5CM
Gloves 5SM x 11.5 for llama wool gloves dyed black = 5GM 7SM 5CM
Scarf 1SM x 11.5 for llama wool scarf dyed black = 1GM 1SM 5CM
Belt 2SM x 13.5 for black, leather belt with simple buckle = 2GM 7SM
Belt 2SM x 12 for natural leather belt with simple buckle = 2GM 4SM

=25GM 2SM 5CM (25.25)

Shirt 1SM x 1.25 for white, fitted cotton shirt, x6 for multiple shirts = 7SM 5CM
Shirt 1SM x 2.75 for dyed, fitted cotton shirt, x6 for multiple shirts (in forest green, pale grey, cobalt blue, sky blue, dark red, black) = 1GM 6SM 5CM
Trousers/Pants 8SM x 2.75 for sturdy, dyed and fitted trousers, x3 for multiple pairs (in black, pale grey and dark brown) = 6GM 6SM

=9GM (9)

Chemise 1SM x30.5 for dyed, lace-trimmed, silk chemise, x3 for multiple colours (pale blue, forest green and pale gold with black trim) = 9GM 1SM 5CM
Undergarments 1SM x2.75 for dyed cotton, x10 for multiple pairs/colours = 2GM 7SM 5CM
Undergarments 1SM x30.5 for dyed, lace-trimmed, silk undergarments, x3 for multiple colours (pale blue, forest green and pale gold with black trim) = 9GM 1SM 5CM
High Quality Jewellery Box = 2GM x 1.5 = 3GM 5SM
Various Silver Jewellery (3x pairs of earrings, bracelet, 2x necklaces, 2x rings, circlet) = 28GM
Apartment lock upgrade, Good Lock and Key (+80GM, +40GM) = 120GM

=172GM 5SM 5CM (172.55)

=295GM 9SM Total

516 Ledger :
Entry Expenditure/Income Total
- - -
Carryover - PENDING
- - -
Living expenses - Spring 516AV (common) - -
Wages (Doctor, Spring 516AV) - -
- - -

Character History

I became apprentice to the doctor who lived in our neighbourhood, Versin. He had about as much bedside manner as a teaspoon but to my younger self he seemed to know everything.

I’ll start where everyone always seems to start. My mother died giving birth to me and after 13 long years of grieving my father killed himself. My brother, Ronan, and I needed to grow up quickly. We became accustomed to the stigma of a suicide hanging over our family. In a city where everyone is productive and nothing is wasted, the thought of ending one’s own life is practically abhorrent. Still, my childhood wasn’t as terrible as everyone seems to assume. Ronan helped me do more than just survive. He took care of me, chasing away bad dreams and telling wild stories of the lands beyond the city wall.

Before he passed I saw echoes of the man than Taran used to be, echoes of a loving father and an honourable man. He came alive when he spoke about my mother. She was an herbalist, travelling outside the city whenever she could find an escort, to gather from the forest and add new entries to her journal. She used everything she could find to help people. It’s how she met my father and, so he told me, how they fell in love.

Still, the older I got the more I came to realise that I must have her look about me. After his brief foray into his memories my father would look at me and the happiness would just seep out of him. His world became bleak and grey, his body simply performing the actions required of it and no more. I would run away each time this happened into a new hiding spot but Ronan would always find me. He used to say that it just went to prove what a wonderful mother we must have had, for our father to miss her so.

Ronan has always known the right thing to say. He doesn’t need to shout or flourish, people just naturally warm to him, trust him. I never had his way with words but I always admired how he strengthened the people around him. I suppose my learning medicine was my way of imitating him, strengthening people in a way that I found natural.

I became apprentice to the doctor who lived in our neighbourhood, Versin. He had about as much bedside manner as a teaspoon but to my younger self he seemed to know everything. I soaked up all the knowledge he had to offer and questioned him at every turn. I became fascinated by anatomy and in turn I think he was relieved to finally have an apprentice not disgusted by the gory sides of healing and who didn’t become skittish around non-Syliran or even non-human patients.

I learnt all I could about diagnosing illnesses and treating wounds, always jumping at the chance to treat someone out of the ordinary or to assist Versin with his more challenging patients. He even taught me a little about diagnosing the dead, explaining all we could learn from patients that had died and how dangerous it could sometimes be to do so.

Of course, to neighbourhood gossips my fascination was naturally the result of my ‘unbalanced character’ and ‘traumatic childhood’. Thus was born my winning sense of humour. I found that with I could slice as deeply with words as with a scalpel. It’s funny how much one learns tending to the day to day ills of a community however. I’m not sure if people grew accustomed to me, learnt to trust me or learnt not to get on my bad side but eventually I had a small piece of what I’d been seeking.

My only problem now is that I want more. I want to do more, to learn more, to accomplish more than I have to date. As always in this city though, everything comes down to money.
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Postby Devi on November 30th, 2014, 6:36 pm

Thread List

You wouldn't believe me if I told you...

Flashbacks :
Scorched - With Clyde Sullins, Spring 3rd, 504AV. IN PROGRESS
A young Devi and her mentor Versin come across Clyde, a boy requiring treatment for burns.

Season of Winter - 514 AV :
Honey-Roasted Hazlenuts - Solo, Winter 1st, 514 AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Devi persuades Ronan into indulging a Winter tradition and in the process seeks his advice. As a result she begins her own set of medical journals both to record the information she's learnt and to help her process particularly difficult cases.

Ailing, Tiny and Tireless - With Garland, Winter 11th, 514 AV. COMPLETE - GRADED

Fever - With Garland and Sayana, Winter 18th, 514 AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Devi is called by the Knighthood to assist in healing the sick children at the Syliras Orphanage. There she meets Garland, an unusual squire and a former resident of the orphanage.

A Helping Hand - With Autumn Wilde, Winter 22nd, 514 AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Devi meets Autumn, a beautiful young woman and musician, after she falls ill and injures herself in the street. After administering some much needed medical care, the doctor finds herself striking up an unexpected friendship with her patient.

A Healer's Warmth - With Baelin Holt, Winter 24th, 514 AV. RETIRED - GRADED

Unusual Therapy - With Saraphina Skyglow, Winter 26th, 514 AV. RETIRED - GRADED
Devi meets Saraphina, a fiery Kelvic, and utilises some unusual methods of healing to assist her.

New Year's Party! - Open, Winter 92nd, 514 AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Devi attends Sayana's New Year's Party and meets many a new face.

Season of Spring - 515 AV :
New Year's Party! (Part 3) - Open, Spring 1st, 515 AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Sayana's New Year's Party finished on a rather dramatic note and Devi's medical skills are tested.

Next time? Invitation Only. - With Lorden Ladis and Orin Fenix, Spring 1st, 515 AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Lorden and Devi transport an unconscious Orin to Soothing Waters for assistance with his head wound.

Not just a Doctor - Solo, Spring 3rd, 515 AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Devi ventures just outside of the city walls to begin practising a new skill quite outside of her comfort zone - archery.

A Matter of Perspective - Solo, Spring 5th-6th, 515AV. COMPLETE - GRADED.
Devi treats a serious stab-wound but finds herself questioning if the cause of it was truly accidental.

Just a Flesh Wound - With Rhov, Spring 12th, 515AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Rhov's injury needs treatment, and Devi is the only doctor stubborn enough to put a needle through him.

Herbs for a Mother - With Sayana, Spring 22nd, 515AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Sayana goes to Stormhold Salves and comes across Devi who is also looking for herbs to help with pregnancies.

Poison 101 - With Orin Fenix and Sylvette, Spring 41st, 515 AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Devi revisits Soothing Waters to learn more about herbs and poisons where she meets with Orin again and a new face, Sylvette.

Symptoms- With Kalvina Skyglow, Spring 49th, 515 AV. RETIRED - GRADED.
Devi comes across Kalvina, an unusual girl who experiences strange symptoms only a doctor could help with.

The Edge of Perception - With Jeremy Casing, Spring 50th, 515AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Devi heads into the woods for another bout of target practice, unaware that she is being watched with uncommonly keen eyes.

Surprising Sayana - With Various, Spring 55th, 515AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Sayana's friends host a surprise birthday party for her at The Rearing Stallion.

Just What the Doctor Ordered - With Orin, Spring 74th, 515AV - IN PROGRESS
Orin seeks out Devi for some lessons and cooks her a meal.

Season of Summer - 515 AV :
Travelling Doctor - With Elann, Summer 30th, 515AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Devi is called to heal Elann, a young Benshira with a nasty burn.

Treble in Paradise - With Autumn, Summer 35th, 515AV. IN PROGRESS
Devi meets a familiar face and joins in a singalong.

Moonshine and Moonseeds - With Jeremy Casing, Summer 45th, 515AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Devi travels to the Mithryn Outpost to aid in the healing of its residents.

Wedding: Joining of Hearts and Souls - With Various, Summer 55th, 515AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
The ceremony in which Sayana and Aren get married.

Celebrations - With Various, Summer 55th, 515AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Sayana and Aren's Wedding Reception.

Premature - With Sayana and Aren, Summer 66th, 515AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Devi receives an urgent call to Sayana's side when her pregnancy takes a turn for the worst.

Family Time - Solo, with family NPCs, Summer 70th 515AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Devi checks on her pregnant sister-in-law, trying in vain not to let recent events colour her words.

Practice Makes Perfect - Solo, Summer 80th 515AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
On her way back from the Mithryn Outpost Devi sneaks in a little archery practice before she needs to return her horse to the stables.

Season of Fall - 515 AV :
The Flutter of Wings - With Noah Amuel, Fall 6th 515AV. COMPLETE - SUBMITTED FOR GRADING
Devi and Noah meet under somewhat stressful circumstances.

A Clean Slate - With Kai, Fall 10th 515AV. COMPLETED - SUBMITTED FOR GRADING
Devi redecorates her apartment and hires Kai to transport the many, many pieces of furniture involved in her fresh start back to her home.

Rhavu - Solo, Fall 15th 515AV. COMPLETE - GRADED
Devi makes a trip to the stables to acquaint herself with a Nightwalker.

A Different Kind of Harvest - Solo, Fall 16th 515AV. COMPLETE - SUBMITTED FOR GRADING
Devi enjoys the Harvest Festival with her family but the frivolity is interrupted when her sister-in-law goes into labour.

The Other Half - Solo, Fall 40th 515AV. COMPLETE - SUBMITTED FOR GRADING
Devi finishes making a large batch of the medicinal and expensive Hista Balm, for some of her more financially comfortable clients.

Season of Winter - 515 AV: No Threads

Season of Spring - 516 AV :
Phantom's Shell - with Sayana, Spring 70th 516AV. IN PROGRESS
Devi embarks on a search for her patient's cure and unexpectedly meets a much-changed Sayana on a search of her own.

Bottom of the Barrel - with Collin, Spring 75th 516AV. IN PROGRESS
To be edited.

Poking Holes in Pycons - with Ball, Spring 80th 516AV. IN PROGRESS
Ball escorts Devi into the Bronze Woods to search for some medicinal herbs to help the Knighthood. The trip isn't as quiet as planned and Devi gets a crash-course in healing Pycons.
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Postby Devi on May 14th, 2016, 6:38 pm


Ronan's wiser than he looks. I mean, he annoys the sanity out of me sometimes - he is still my brother. Still, he sees the world very clearly. I trust him more than anyone.

Note - see this plotnotes post for details of NPC and PC personal relationships.

Mother: Elysse - deceased

Born Season of Winter, Day 76, 466AV
Married Taran, Season of Spring, Day 15, 484AV
Died Season of Spring, Day 36, 492AV, at the age of 25.
Auburn hair, pale skin, dark green eyes, 4ft 8in, delicate frame. In life Elysse was a herbalist, often accompanying local patrols or guarded caravans in order to pursue her work. She died whilst giving birth to Devi.

Father: Taran - deceased

Born Season of Fall, Day 41, 463AV
Married Elysse, Season of Spring, Day 15, 484AV
Died Summer, Day 62, 505AV, at the age of 41.
Dark brown hair, lightly tanned skin, dark brown eyes, 5ft 10in, stout frame. In life Taran was a blacksmith, offering a lot of strength to his frame, though this faded greatly following Elysse’s death. Committed suicide when Devi was 13 and Ronan was 19.

Brother: Ronan - living

Born Season of Summer, Day 10, 486AV (is 6 years older than Devi)
Married Marianne Season of Fall, Day 16, 508AV
Dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, lightly tanned skin, 5ft 6in, strong physical frame. Ronan works as a blacksmith, following in the trade he learned from his father before he passed. He played a key part in Devi's childhood and upbringing where their father was otherwise lacking. Despite needing to mature much quicker than most Ronan is outwardly a very calm and balanced individual. Devi trusts her brother more than anyone and will always seek him out if she is troubled. He has a warm voice and a warm heart, treasuring his family above all else.

Occupation: Blacksmith

Skill Total Proficiency
Blacksmithing 30 Competent
Weaponsmithing 10 Novice
Armorer 10 Novice

Sister-in-law: Marianne - living

Born Season of Summer, Day 87, 489AV
Married Ronan Season of Fall, Day 16, 508AV
Light blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin, 5ft 0in, soft physique. Marianne works as a tailor. She and Devi haven't traditionally had the closest relationship, Marianne finding fault in her sister-in-law's lack of normal routine, lack of a husband, corrupting influence on Ronan and children, her choice of clothing... However in more recent years the two have grown closer, thanks in no small part to Devi's aid in safely delivering all three of Mari's children.

Occupation: Tailor
Skill Total Proficiency
Sewing 30 Competent
Weaving 10 Novice
Cooking 10 Novice

Niece: Florinne (Flo for short) – living

Born Season of Spring, Day 27, 509AV
6 years old, dark brown hair, green eyes, tireless energy. Mischievous to her core, loves games and finding out details about what Devi does in her day to day. Wears a delicate silver chain with a pendant shaped like a little hammer that Devi bought for her.

Skill Total Proficiency
Running 10 Novice

Nephew: Marcus - living

Born Season of Fall, Day 65, 512AV
3 years old, dark brown hair & eyes. Much quieter than his older sibling, preferring instead to drift off into his own little dream-world.

Skill Total Proficiency
Drawing 5 Novice

Niece: Serina - living

Born Season of Fall, Day 15, 515AV
Less than one year old, blonde hair & blue eyes.
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Deviana Helena Blackwood

Postby Devi on May 15th, 2016, 11:51 am

Other NPCs


Note - see this plotnotes post for details of NPC and PC personal relationships.

Name: Nathaniel “Nate” Thorne

Height: 5ft 10
Weight: 182 lbs
Nate has a muscular build, his strong arms and broad shoulders the result of years working a forge and hammer. His skin is tanned, smooth but for the burns and calluses on his arms and hands. His hair is kept short, a middling shade of brown which trickles down across his angular jaw where the hair is perpetually somewhere between stubble and a full grown beard. His eyes are a deep chocolate brown, large and almost soft when set against such otherwise harsh features.

Concept: With a personality spurred to action much more often than contemplation, Nate will always choose to be active and to get straight to the heart of a task rather than stepping back to consider all angles of it. He enjoys his work, finding a deal of peace in the simple yet time-consuming processes. In his heart he has a flourishing sense of humour, though that was been tempered a great deal by the death of his wife Rhea in the Summer of 512AV. In the years since her passing Nate has distanced himself from the people in his life, lacking the close family or friends that might draw him back into social circles. He focuses instead on the simple pleasures in his life, finding himself satisfied with an honest day’s work and a roof over his head.

Occupation: Weaponsmith
Skill Total Proficiency
Weaponsmithing 30 Competent
Blacksmithing 10 Novice
Metalsmiting 10 Novice

Name: Versin (deceased)

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