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Postby Dust on October 21st, 2012, 10:48 pm

female Kelvic white raven
9 years old
born Spring 31, 507 AV

hair: pale blonde
eyes: grayish blue

height: 5' 4" (human)
build: wiry
appears mid-20s as human

What's the use of worrying
If we'll be here tomorrow
All we need to be is here today
Don't care if you're rich
Or if you have to beg and borrow
You can always find a way
Dive and breakaway

Fall free
Freedom's in the air
It's calling you
Your heart is there
Fall free

"Fall Free" - Alan Parsons Project


In bird form, Dust stands a bit over two feet high and weighs around three pounds, with a wingspan of nearly 4 feet. She has the heavy beak, wedge-shaped tail, and general build of a raven -- but where most ravens are ink-black, Dust's feathers are the strikingly unexpected hues of ivory and bone. Her beak and feet are a muted pink, and the irises of her eyes a grayish shade of blue, the single certain sign that this raven is not a true albino.

In her human form, Dust's short-cropped hair is a light blonde which hearkens back to the raven's plumage. Her eyes are also the same dark gray-blue. The rest of her features, inevitably, are entirely different. Her features are strong and angular, with pointed nose, narrow chin, and pronounced cheekbones; laugh lines crease the corners of her eyes and lips, her amiable nature shining through. Standing about 5' 4", she is neither tall nor short as humans go; her build is wiry and fit, toned by the demands of her travels.


ImageDust was born to a pair of Kelvics residing in The Spires, her mother a squirrel and her father a black-tailed deer. She remained there for her first year, and part of her second, until becoming fascinated with a particular merchant caravan. She attached herself to it and travelled on to Syliras. Alternating between city life and caravan travel, Dust has seen a good portion of eastern Mizahar; she now explores the west.

Despite being Kelvic, Dust has a pronounced love of words to go with her sense of humor. She likes to listen, and she likes to talk; she's also perceptive enough to know sometimes silence is necessary. She is quite gregarious, enjoying the company of people, whatever race they may be. Dust has a mischievous streak which shows through at times, but one without malice or cruelty. In general, she doesn't take offense readily; even when ired, she is usually susceptible to bribes of stories or "interesting" trinkets.
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Postby Dust on October 23rd, 2012, 10:35 pm


Avian (Racial)
Common (Fluent)
Pavi (Poor)


advantages of a common language
Antiquities Society building: Dull on the inside
Antiquities Society courtyard statue
archaeology: basic techniques of excavation
archaeology: basic tools of excavation
archaeology: identifying pockets of air
a barrier of tongues can be rather daunting
the basics of Truth or Dare
birdkeeping: potentially dangerous
cartography: drawing between points of reference
cartography: judging distances visually
cartography: maintaining consistent scale
cartography: mapping the Surya Plaza
cartography: page size limits mapping space
the colors of winter
Coon: kevat
drawing: detail takes time
eagles: common breeds
eating a beetle in human form: yuck!
Elem Bree: of Zeltiva
falling for a decoy
finding walnuts
firing a sling (basics)
first snow of the season
the first time Vanator saw the shift
flight of faith
gravel, gravel, rock: looking for gemstones
greeting a kevat
having a good time in the snow
how to identify a Cerulean
identification by height
Inarta: basic appearance
Inarta: birdkeepers
Isur: general appearance
Kahno: grateful but direct
Kelvic bond vs. love
Kit: Nadeja's baby
Konti: the Call
Konti: from Mura
language: the best thing since ravens
lining up a building
locations: Mura
location: Surya Plaza
maps are representations
maps vs. actual view
Nadeja: vendor
naming animals in the local tongue
no flowers in winter
people are made of water, too
observation: reading a crowd
orienting oneself on a map
oysters: one good crack is all it takes
poem: Observe This Tiny Rock
poetry: iambic pentameter
raccoons: set food down, then back off
race: Otani
race: Pycon
revealing a new form
Rinya: getting offers from Rhys
Rinya: naked as the day she was born
Rinya: new arrival in Riverfall
Rinya: osprey Kelvic
Riverfall: hidden temple?
Riverfall layout
sifting through water and rocks
sling firing: accurate stance
snow as a weapon - not just in balls
starting a snowball fight
stay away from Ceruleans
stealth: avoid twigs and leaves to maintain silence
stealth: how to make noise with every step
the story of Vanator meeting Mao
swimming: move water to move self
swimming: staying afloat
swimming technique: back float
takes a Kelvic to know one
taking advantage of a fall
tracking: footprints in mud to find quarry
tracking: signs of a deer trail
trade routes of eastern Mizahar (partial)
troublesome oysters taste the best
trying to direct prey
a unique space, but a tranquil place
Vanator: Drykas and brother of Kavala
Vanator: father of Kelvic
Vanator: first bonding experience
the waking day
what Otani feel like
when lost, just keep wandering
a whole sky to explore
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Postby Dust on October 23rd, 2012, 10:36 pm


skill .................... points rating bonus experience
archaeology 2 novice 2
cartography 13 novice 2, 4, 5, 2
construction 1 novice 1
drawing 6 novice 4, 2
foraging 3 novice 3
geology 2 novice 2
hunting 18 novice +10 RB, +5 SP 1, 2
interrogation 5 novice 3, 2
intimidation 1 novice 1
investigation 4 novice 1, 2, 1
land navigation 7 novice 4, 3
negotiation 1 novice 1
observation 61 expert +15 SP 3, 5, 2, 2, 4, 3, 1, 5, 1, 3, 4, 4, 4, 1, 1, 3
poetry 1 novice 1
rhetoric 13 novice +10 SP 2, 1
socialization 29 competent 3, 3, 2, 1, 1, 5, 3, 1, 2, 2, 3, 1, 2
stealth 11 novice +7 SP 1, 3
swimming 2 novice 2
tactics 3 novice 2, 1
tracking 1 novice 1
vocal mimicry 14 novice +13 SP 1
weapon: sling 12 novice 4, 5, 3
weapon: snowball 4 novice 4
wilderness survival* 2 novice 2

* survival environments: forest (primary)
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Dust - Inventory

Postby Dust on October 23rd, 2012, 10:38 pm

A small bungalow in Syka, rented at 180 gm/season (Fall 516 - present)

description :
Each building is built on raised platform creating shade and additional living space beneath. The bungalows are divided up into two main rooms, a living area and a sleeping area. The sleeping area is completely enclosed on three sides and open to the living area on one side. The living area is open to the wilds and allows fresh air to circulate beneath thatched or tin roofing. The bungalows come with furnishings and linens which Randal expects to be kept clean.

an asterisk indicates more details provided below

item description provenance
book of maps* a leather-bound book with maps of Mizahar F 513
belt, leather, natural braided leather belt, ties in front Su 516
charcoal (x10) for writing with Sp 513
cloak, cotton, brown a simple brown cloak sp
dress, ramie/wool, blue/white strapless blue ramie bodice, off-white fine wool skirt with blue flowers trailing down F 513
flint and steel fire-making tools sp
food, travel one week's worth of traveling fare sp
hat, broad-brim a gift, rather the worse for wear heirloom
headband, copper, beaded covered in white cloth and blue beaded flowers F 513
ink sticks (x8) for writing with Su 513
knife, eating a simple, short knife sp
pants, linen, gray simple wolf-gray trousers Su 516
pebble, red, lucky a near-round bit of jasper with personal significance F 508
pouch to hold sling stones Su 516
sandals, off-white nice, off-white leather sandals F 513
sandals, plain strap-on footwear sp
shirt, cotton a man's button-up shirt F 512
shirt, linen, blue a medium-blue woman's shirt Su 516
sling simple ranged weapon Sp 513
sling bullets (x30) small round lead ammunition Su 516
toiletry set brush, comb, razor, and soap sp
toolkit, mapmaker's all the necessary equipment for cartography S 516

book of maps :
A sturdy, leather-bound book with maps of all the regions of Mizahar; the cities of Kenash, Riverfall, and Syliras; and an approximation of Endrykas' Run through the Sea of Grass. Region maps include locations for cities reached by Sylira traders and explorers up through the 500s, though in many cases city positions are approximate. Maps are most detailed and accurate essentially from east to southwest: existing annotations on general terrain and landmarks are fairly detailed for Cyphrus and Sylira, modest for Taldera, minimal for Eyktol and Kalea beyond the immediate vicinities of cities, and effectively nonexistent for the interior of Falyndar. Obtained as prize from the Fall 513 Beautyfest in Riverfall.

notable prior possessions
item description provenance disposition
backpack a simple backpack sp Garland, W 516
book, working for recording maps and things Sp 513 Garland, W 516
ink sticks (x2) for writing with Su 513 Garland, W 516
shirt, cotton, white a simple white shirt sp Garland, W 516
pants, cotton, brown simple brown trousers sp Garland, W 516


credit debit balance reason
100 100 starting package (gm)
500 600 housing cash-in
-11 589 11 nights at Atri's Place
-135 454 Fall 512 living expenses
-135 319 Winter 512 living expenses
-3.05 315.97 book and charcoal
-0.41 315.54 bread, meat, cheese
-0.15 315.39 sling
-135 180.39 Spring 513 living expenses
637 817.39 Spring wage from Kavala (Mewsmistress, 7/day)
-2 815.39 gem panning fee
-135 680.39 Summer 513 living expenses
-3 677.39 ink sticks
-22.6 654.79 outfit for Beautyfest
-135 519.79 Fall 513 living expenses
0 0 519.79 balance for W 513 - Su 514 (no threads)
519.79 conversion to kina
-135 384.79 Fall 514 living expenses
-9 375.79 Fall 514 rent (Solar Winds, 3 kina/month)
-0.7 375.09 lunch from Fast Food Fox
-135 240.09 Winter 514 living expenses
-9 231.09 Winter 514 rent (Solar Winds, 3 kina/month)
0 0 231.09 balance for Sp 515 - Sp 516 (no threads)
-25.05 206.04 map toolkit and impulse buys
-135 71.04 Summer 516 living expenses
-3 68.04 Summer 516 rent (Solar Winds, 3 kina/month)
68.04 conversion to mizas
Fall 516 wages pending
-45 23.04 Fall 516 living expenses
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Postby Dust on October 23rd, 2012, 10:41 pm

date.......... title cast status
Fall 28, 508 The Other Use for Walnuts solo graded
Fall 31, 508 An Early-Morning Adventure solo graded

fall 512

date......... title cast status
Fall 40 Dust arrives in Riverfall --- ---
Fall 48 At Home in the Woods Kahno graded
Fall 51 Sea Glass Kavala stalled
Fall 55 Briskly Serrif von Chatlyn graded
Fall 56 Building a Better Birdhouse Vanator graded
Fall 58 Orientation Elem Bree graded

winter 512

date......... title cast status
Winter 5 Snow Telling What Will Happen Vanator graded
Winter 30 To Speak Tia'aria graded
Winter 74 Counting the Days Malkaren graded

spring 513

date....... title cast status
Spring 3 Dust checks out books
Spring 6 Not Just Letters Loken, Tia'aria stalled
Spring 11 Rainbirds solo ongoing
Spring 16 For Want of Direction Vanator graded
Spring 28 A Campout on the Sea of Grass Kavala, Riaris Dovukalis, Tia'aria, Vanator stalled
Spring 30 White Bird, Red Bird Uopa graded
Spring 31 Dust turns 6 years old
Spring 47 Crafty-ness solo ongoing
Spring 52 With Figurative Blocks solo placeholdered

summer 513

date......... title cast status
Summer 13 Sticks and Stones Vanator graded
Summer 16 Antique Society's Dig: Excavation Daekos, Myya, Nailah graded
Summer 25 A Different Kind of Fishing Rinya graded
Summer 42 Familiar Ground solo drafting
Summer 50 Routine Practice solo placeholdered
Summer 57 For Love of the Art Jorin Ertihan, Rinya graded
Summer 64 How to Befriend a Monster Sybel, Uleru graded
Summer 66 A Few Fables solo placeholdered
Summer 75 From the Rough Jorin Ertihan, Rinya graded
Summer 86 Feathers, Feathers, Feathers solo placeholdered

fall 513

date......... title cast status
Fall 12 Dead and Restless Tobias ongoing
Fall 21 City Plotting Jorin Ertihan, Noha graded
Fall 28 Pearl Repairs various stalled
Fall 43 Jumping Bugs and Birds solo completed
Fall 51 A Walk in the Park M'ki graded
Fall 60 Morning Exercise solo completed
Fall 68 Beautyfest
Fall 68 [Beautyfest] Hair Salon various stalled
Fall 68 [Beautyfest] Party on the Pier various stalled
Fall 72 A Visit to the Library M'ki placeholdered
Fall 73 An Eve on the Bay Jorin Ertihan stalled
Fall 85 Leaf Litter open stalled
Fall 87 A Stroll Through the Market solo placeholdered

winter 513 to summer 514

date event
Spring 31, 514 Dust turns 7 years old

fall 514

date......... title cast status
Fall 1 Summer's Fading Grace Asha, Brandon ongoing
Fall 5 The Anatomy of a Map solo ongoing

deleted :
date......... title cast status
Fall 26 A Study in Scale solo placeholdered
Fall 53 An Expedition of One solo placeholdered
Fall 77 A Study in Stars solo placeholdered

These three placeholders were apparently deleted at some point, and not by me. Links retained in case future reference is wanted.

winter 514

date......... title cast status
Winter 11 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Nadeja graded

spring 515 to spring 516

date......... event
Spring 31, 515 Dust turns 8 years old
Spring 31, 516 Dust turns 9 years old

summer 516

date......... title cast status
Summer 1 Shapes Under the Sky I solo completed
Summer 4 Shapes Under the Sky II solo completed
Summer 9 One Door Closes, Another Opens Titus Galesong ongoing
Summer 11 Shapes Under the Sea solo placeholdered
Summer 17 Shapes Under the Sky III solo placeholdered
Summer ??? Summer Travel Titus Galesong placeholdered
Summer ??? Summer Travel 2 Titus Galesong placeholdered
Summer 73 New Bearings solo placeholdered
Summer 86 Not a Normal Forest solo placeholdered

fall 516

date......... title cast status
Fall 3 Practical Matters solo placeholdered
Fall 10 Unexpected Developments Izuyanai ongoing
Fall 28 Practical Matters II solo placeholdered
Fall 39 Less than Friendly solo placeholdered
Fall 56 Practical Matters III solo placeholdered
Fall 69 The Perfect Spot solo placeholdered
Fall 76 The Perfect Style solo placeholdered
Fall 83 The Quest for Materials solo placeholdered

winter 516

date......... title cast status
Winter ?? Time Waits for No One Aerius, Clyde Sullins, Garland completed
Winter 11 Timber solo placeholdered
Winter 15 Shaping solo placeholdered
Winter 27 Foundation solo placeholdered
Winter 31 Steps solo placeholdered
Winter 35 Flooring solo placeholdered
Winter 48 Roofing solo placeholdered
Winter 63 Experimental Methods solo placeholdered
Winter 75 Waterlines solo placeholdered
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