Location [Location] Tarsin's Boarding House

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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

[Location] Tarsin's Boarding House

Postby Seth on May 2nd, 2011, 5:04 pm

Tarsin stared at the man, cocking his head to the side, raising a single eyebrow in a tall arch. "Homely? I wouldn't get greedy, boy. But vacant rooms? That is indeed what this building is here for. Here is a list of the kind of rooms we have, as well as the prices. You will pay the first month up front if you decide to go for the monthly option. There is also a bit of space where you can feel out a small amount of information about yourself, for the private records I keep."

Tarsin slid a small ledger and a piece of paper toward Crismento, flipping to the front, showing him a page with all the room rates on it.

Poor (small room with a simple bed and storage chest) - 3 sm / day; 8 gm / month
Common (large room with all the standard inclusions) - 7 sm / day; 20 gm / month
Fine (same as common but with finer furnishings and a small hearth) - 2 gm / day ; 55 gm / month

The piece of paper was blank, with a quill set next to it. It was apparently where Crismento could fill in the information Tarsin had asked for.
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[Location] Tarsin's Boarding House

Postby Crismento Miren on May 12th, 2011, 11:37 pm

Crismento was already getting used to the unimpressed manner he was being greeted in Ravok. ”Well then,” he smiled at Tarsin. ”I’ll settle for a vacant one, my friend. After all, everything I need is just a place for my head to sleep and walls and roof to protect me from blustery winds and soggy rain.” Cris took the quill and hastily scribbled on the paper.

Atelius Kasami
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8 gm/month

It was already the second time he needed to give his name and purpose in Ravok, and it was only his first day. It felt very restrictive to him. Too restrictive for his comfort and taste. Cris pushed back the ledger and the note back to Tarsin. He then fished out several gold coins out if his pouch and placed them on the table, arranging the coins nicely one on top of the other. ”I shall see how the first month goes here in the city.”
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[Location] Tarsin's Boarding House

Postby Cassandra Coven on June 1st, 2011, 9:10 pm

Timestamp: 1st of Summer, 511 AV

Cassandra caught the old man napping on the front desk once again. Following the days when she had paid for her room, the long haired woman found out that he was no other than Tarsin, the owner of the building. She had paid him a "mere" sixty golden mizas that day - already a small fortune for her - but today she came to him with an even larger sum: five hundred worth of gold coins to purchase ownership of the room she had only been renting previously. She held the moneybag where the drawstrings tied it shut with one hand, her other hand supporting its weight at the bottom and also to prevent the coins from clinking together and making a racket. She didn't want to surprise him into wakefulness like she did on their first meeting.

Creeping up the table on silent steps, her soft sandals muffling her footsteps, Cassandra called at the man in a low voice, as if afraid to disturb his slumber. "Mister Tarsin... Mister Tarsin..."

The old man only mumbled something incoherent in his unconscious stupor and the young woman was forced to reach out a hand to give him a gentle shake until his senses returned to him. "Mister Tarsin? I've come to pay for the room, as promised."
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[Location] Tarsin's Boarding House

Postby Irriari on June 9th, 2011, 5:44 am

Irriari stepped into the massive building cautiously. Many humans were crowded around the doors and sides of the white building that was on the side of the canal. When she walked inside, even more humans were in the main area, staring at her. Some walked away, but most simply stayed within the big group while she walked to the desk. While her inability to read continued to be a burden she hoped the innkeeper would be patient with her.

“Hello, my name is Irriari.”

The aging man looked up from his sheet of parchment and stared at her through his wire rimmed spectacles.

“I am Tarsin, and this is my boarding house. How may I help you?”

Irriari looked at the sheet of paper fixed to the desk. While she couldn't read letters, she could read the numbers and types of mizas that accompanied each. The room cost sheet was written in a neatly lined up script and centered on the desk at a good viewing angle. She glanced at it quickly before continuing to speak.

“I wish to have a room, preferably for the next month or two. I do not mean any trouble to the others who stay at the boarding house. I simply wish to be left alone, as any other patron might.”

Irriari fished 16 gold mizas out of her quiver and placed them on the desk for Tarsin to inspect.

“What will this get me? I don't need a big room, just a place to sleep at night.”

“That will get you two months in a small room or four gold mizas shy of the same stay in a slightly larger room.”

Irriari considered her options for a moment and then decided that for now, the small room would be best. All of her possessions would be kept close, and would be kept with her during the times she was not at the boarding house. She planned to sleep during most of the day hours, which would keep many of the clientele away from her. After a few more questions from Tarsin about her profession and other various details he handed her a small key and directed her to her room. It was down the hall to the left, four rooms back. Irriari smiled and thanked the man, happy to be rid of the humans, before their staring provoked her anger. If they continued muttering during her whole stay, she knew the walls could potentially be painted a brighter color of red by the end of her time in Ravok.

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[Location] Tarsin's Boarding House

Postby Clyde Sullins on June 25th, 2011, 5:49 am

511 AV, Summer 2

Having just arrived at Ravok, Clyde went ahead to get a room. Arriving at a boarding house, it seemed okay, and so he went in. There he was quickly met be the owner. "Hello, i would like a room, i can go ahead and pay for the rest of the season. i will just take the cheapest one. how much would that be?"

The owner's eyes flashed, as he quickly took notice. It was always nice to get payed in advance. "Yes, that would come up to 24 GM for the rest of the season." Passing over the gold, Clyde followed the owner to his new room, and set his stuff down.

Looking around, it seemed a bit poor, but it would do for what he needed. After all, he was just a poor student, he needed to save up his money the best he could. "This will do, i suppose i will see you later"

Sitting down on his bed, he rested for a bit, to test out his new sleeping arrangements.
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[Location] Tarsin's Boarding House

Postby Aeron Darkhair on April 23rd, 2012, 12:37 am

Spring 11th 512 AV

"By the gods it's cold," Aeron mumbled under his breath. It was drizzling, as it had been since the Djed storm, and the wind that blew off the lake came maliciously. It whipped his cloak around his legs, doing its damnedest to get under his clothes and stop his heart. He shrugged the cloak tighter around his shoulders and made his way to the boarding house. He threw the door open and stepped in.

The foyer was filled with other humans, all milling aimlessly about and talking in low tones. He could smell something cooking in the air. His stomach rumbled. Perhaps he'd have a bite of whatever it was after he got settled in. He ran his hands through his hair and stepped up to the counter. The owner raised his glance and nodded toward the price list. Aeron examined it for a moment, deciding on a common room for the season and digging into his cloak for his mizas.

He laid fifty-five gold mizas on the counter. The man, who Aeron came to realize was Tarsin, asked him a few questions about his employment and his reasons for staying in Ravok. He told the man he was a scribe, and that he was in Ravok on business. He was lucky that his father had always kept him out of the way during his many social events. All of the servants had been treated like that. They were meant to be invisible; to move in the shadows and take care of the guests without ever being obtrusive. Tarsin examined the pile of coins and handed Aeron a key. He nodded his thanks to the innkeeper and made his way up the stairs.

He found the door that the innkeeper had mumbled to him and slid the key in the lock. He turned it slowly and pushed the door open, examining his surroundings carefully before making himself comfortable. Ravok was a dangerous city at times, and Aeron knew that there were people out there who'd love to see his throat opened up. He tossed his cloak on the writing desk and left the room, heading down to the common room for a bite to eat. Perhaps he'd be lucky and find someone to share his bed for the night.

Anything could happen.
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[Location] Tarsin's Boarding House

Postby Inoadar on July 11th, 2012, 3:25 am

35th day of Summer, 512

It was late when Inoadar arrived at the desk. He swung his backpack off and dropped it at his feet, beside his rucksack. He bent and rifled through it, rising with the muffled sound of coins in hand.

"Good evening, Mr...Tarsin? is it? I apologize for the lateness of my arrival. I am in need of a room. I understand I can prepay for the remainder of the season." He did a quick count, coming to a sum of 16 gold mizas, 8 silver. He handed over 20 gold mizas, telling the man he could keep the change for the courtesy of informing him of any inquiries regarding his residence.

The man at the counter looked askance at the extra 3 gold, 2 silver, the way a cat looks at old food in its dish. Inoadar slipped five more gold mizas across the counter. The man smiled, nodded and slid them off his edge of the counter into some unseen receptacle. "And what name will these inquiries be connected too?" the man asked, apparently wanting to know nothing more about him.

"Torrel." responded Inoadar, who had never gone by the name in his life.

"Very good, Mr. Torrel" said the innkeeper, accenting the first syllable, as Inoadar had done. He handed him a key.

"Just 'Torrel" Inoadar corrected, taking the key, and turning towards the stairs.

"Is that your first name, or your last name?" the innkeeper asked.

Inoadar stopped, turned back with a wink, "Yes." he said, heading up the stairs to his room.
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[Location] Tarsin's Boarding House

Postby Raylan Ramsey on July 16th, 2012, 6:27 am

Timestamp: Summer 20th, 512AV

    Before he entered the city while playing music for a crowd waiting to be let onto the ferry he had asked many people where he could rest his head when he entered. The majority of people had given Tarsin's Boarding House good praise enough for Raylan to head there after stepping onto the docks. Entering Tarsin’s he found it suitable to stay, it held a quaint homey feeling. Walking up to the Inn keeper he greeted the man with a smile. “I am looking for a place to rest for the season.” Once presented with the boarding prices Raylan went with: A Common (large room with all the standard inclusions) Paying 55gm for the summer Season.
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[Location] Tarsin's Boarding House

Postby Kyodaija on June 16th, 2013, 5:39 am

75th Day of Spring 513 A.V

Kyodaija decided his first order of business in the city was to find himself a place to board up for his stay in Ravok.

After asking around the area he caught wind of a place known as Tarsin's Boarding House. Not one to shop around and scope places out beforehand, he decided to simply go and see the place and get himself a room.

He found the building without to much trouble with the aid of a boatman, he took his leave from him tossing the man a Gold Miza for his trouble. Tipping his hat the boatman rowed off back to find himself some more folks to ferry.

Kyodaija entered the place and spied several patrons whom seemed rather haggard from there varied days. Many eyes also peered at him as he was a rather intimidating and out of the ordinary looking fellow. Standing Tall and muscular. Sporting clear as day his large Tetsubo.

He went up to the Innkeeper and asked how much a seasons rent would be for a common room. The innkeeper (presumably Tarsin) indicated it would be 55GM for a seasons rent.

He placed his 55GM down on the bar and took the key from the innkeeper, then making his way to the stairs he cast one more glance at the partons in the room.

He had yet to see a worthy meal among the men of this city...

These patrons appeared no less the same.
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[Location] Tarsin's Boarding House

Postby Daegron on March 14th, 2014, 1:43 pm


Spring 3rd,514AV

A sudden wave of memories assaulted his waking mind as he entered the boarding house. He was sure he'd left his belongings here. He remembered tender and wonderful moments spent in the finest room with her for a few days. He remembered that he chose to wear a different face when not locked in their room; why would he need to stay hidden ?

He walked casually across the main hall, eyeing the people that walked in and out of that busy place. Before he could form a plan on how to inquire about his stuff, he was approached by a short and fat fellow with a sweaty freckled face. He'd met him before, but he could not recall. The man's eyes were opened wide as he moved closer, and his stare was vacant.

"I have something for you" he said with a flat tone, as if repeating something he'd memorized. Then all of a sudden he pulled a backpack from inside a sack he was carrying. Daegron's backpack.

He greedily grabbed what was rightfully his own and his questioning tone was more like a growl:
"Where did you get this ?"

But instead of an answer, the man seemed to instantly snap out of whatever made him act like that. He angrily walked away sneering:
"Get out of my way outsider.." And just like that, he disappeared into the crowd.

Having nothing else to do, Daegron hastily checked his backpack to see if anything was missing. Satisfied, he walked to the counter and talked to the Innkeeper:
"I need a common room for the spring season. I also need my privacy." He pulled out 70 gold mizas hoping that they would be enough to silence any questions.

The Innkeeper did not speak but barely scrawled something incomprehensible on his guest list. He pulled out a numbered key from below the counter and pointed at the staircase leading to the rooms.

He walked upstairs and finding his room, he locked himself inside and crashed on the bed. It was a long dreamless sleep...


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