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Postby Irriari on May 11th, 2011, 9:07 pm



15 years old
Born on the 32nd day of Spring, 500 AV
Speaks: Zithanese (Fluent) and Common (Basic)


Irrari is tall for a Zith female at 4'11, and covered in a layer of dull gray fur that complements her red hair and deep ebony eyes. Her claws are a dark matte black and often adorned with bones or blood from her kills, whether they be human or animal. Her jet colored wings are long even for most Zith, though this odd mutation proves to be harmful in close quarters fighting and in narrow caverns. She carries a modified climbers quiver which has been altered to fit underneath her wings when spread, as to hang loosely at her lower back while in flight. She often carries little else in her travels, preferring to carry only her handcrafted short bow and a small stash of coins that she ties to the quiver. Any and all other possessions are buried under the earth until she decides to change locations or deems it necessary to relocate them. In battle, Irriari may wear armor, though she prefers to wear nothing aside from her quiver if at all possible. The majority of her muscle mass is found in her upper arms since she rarely walks outside of the underground caverns.

Irriari is known by her colony to be restless and easily provoked, especially when working on a project she deems important. Her view of the world and those in it has been shaped by the tunnels and caverns she resides in and her dark, though pragmatic views are evident in the way she speaks and acts. More often than not people, no matter how skilled are simply a means to an end unless they happen to show an interest in Irriari or can be of some help to her. Irriari does enjoy the company of her slaves and her family, however she sees nothing wrong with killing when she is bored or it suits her. Humans and the other races that populate the lands have made it abundantly clear that her race is simply monstrous and she sees no reason to deviate from this pattern, as very few show mercy to her kind.

Irriari has a passion for learning about weaponry and poisons, though all of her knowledge has come from the books her slaves have read and from her family. The breeding of culling of slaves is rewarding to those who do it well, and though Irriari once considered it a hobby, her interest in it has waned as she has grown older. While she admires those of her race who have the ability to craft weapons and other items from the bones, skin, and the hair of humans Irriari's attempts at this craft have failed horribly. Her impatience and lack of attention to detail have proved to be hindrances every time she had tried to design anything more complex than a bookmark fashioned out of dried skin.


Irriari's past is one filled with hard life lessons and memories that refuse to stay buried in the back of her mind. Her main rival, Fierce, plagued her continuously as she grew up. They competed every day for recognition and power, though Irriari quickly grew tired of Fierce's backhanded weaselly ways of winning. Knowing that he was inferior to most in the colony was enough for Irriari.

Eventually, Fierce grew to have an ego that nearly overwhelmed the colony, though the Elders nurtured this trait, hoping that he would become one of the best warriors among them. Fierce's first kill, a cerulean akalak male, was hardly one to brag about. The male had been severely hungry and had somehow lost his way back to Riverfall. Sensing an easy kill, Fierce had slain the akalak and his pride continued to swell. One the night of his second kill, though many in the colony hardly believed he had killed the akalak, Fierce attempted to mate with Irriari. When she refused, a violent fight broke out between the two. Irriari managed to win, but spent nearly a third of a season recovering from her wounds.

Irriari spent most of the remaining time in the colony trying to prove herself and her hobby to the Elders. Few zith believed in poisoncrafting, and most informed her in no uncertain terms that her new passion was a pathetic way of fighting.

One night, Irriari walked into her portion of the colony to find her slave and love, Sevrai, had been viciously killed. Irriari found out the Fierce had murdered her to exact his revenge. Irriari's attempts to avenge the girl failed, and Fierce chased her out of her home colony. Irriari has not returned since.


After a battle with Korin, Paladin of the Ebonstryfe, Irriari was tasked with deciphering a scroll in order to become an apprentice of the Ebonstryfe. After succesfully deciphering the scroll, Irriari was recruited into the Ebonstryfe as an apprentice. She constantly trains at home and at the Institute of Higher Learning and seeks ways to better herself to please Rhysol.

Ebonstryfe Faction Points Earned:2



ImageLore of Kelvics *
Identifying a Symenestra*Symenestra, a Literate Race *

ImageThe Puzzle of Sahiri *osiscly, Friendly but Mute *
Frehad the Kelvic*
Nicholas Raes, The Businessman*
Amelia Cross (basic)*
Amelia experiments on birds
Amelia studies hypnotism*
Alena Abrinzine: Poison Instructor
Ebonstryfe Contact: Korin *
Reaver the Nuit*

ImageLore of Ravokian Guard (Poor) *
Lore of Ravoks History*
Lore of Rhysol (Poor)
Kalinor:Not a Very Welcoming City **
Lore of the Ebonstryfe (Poor) *
Lore: Life in Ravok (Poor)*
Lore of Rhysols Governing of Ravok *
Lore of Sahovan animals (partial) *
Lore: Return to Ravok *
Location of Ino Vations *

ImageBeing reminded of the unconditional hate for humans *
Trying to learn patience *
Reactions to a Monster *
Punishing one for the loss of another *
Meeting with a Half-Blood *
Plotting Revenge *
Lore: Being suckered into hesitation *
Watching a Striptease *
Talking to Birds *
Talking with Birds *
Meeting a Fellow Poisoner *
Accepting an Apprentice *
Physical Pain to Chase Away Mental Pain *
Simple Beauty of a Foreign Song *
Protecting a Kind Soul from the Enemy *
The Need to Connect *
Painful Rejection *
Being watched *
Held at the mercy of the Ebonstryfe *
Negotiating with a Human *

ImageBasics of Zithian Anatomy *
Preying on the Lust of Male Ziths *
Sevrai's Story - Irriari and Alanna *
The antithesis of trust *
Worse than death *
Lore of being abducted in Sahova *
Lore of being a test subject *
Temporarily Flightless*
Quest: Becoming Ebonstryfe *
The Pain of a Debt Owed *
Ambushed and Poisoned *

ImageThinking outside of the box..er cave *
Feeling lucky *
Refusing to be weeded out like a plant *
Stance Is Everything *
Animals Talk *
Murdering A Deer *
Everything's Easier With Slaves *
Cookin' 'Shrooms *
Only One Way To Test Toxicity *
The Realization that You are Weak*
Defeated by a Human*
Tunnels, Caves, and Human Insufficiencies *
The Importance of Inner Peace *
Let the blood fall *
Lore of "Marks"*
Slave Stories Might be Worth Money*
Lore of lucid dreams *
Lore: Reminders can hurt *
The Danger of the Unknown *
Examining a Lily *
A Revenge Not Harsh Enough*
Remember the Successes to Drown out the Failures *
Claws to Harm and Protect *
The Trials and Tribulations of an up and coming Poison Crafter *

Skills And Techniques
ImageZith slave management (Knowledge of slave harvesting, keeping and breeding in a single family colony) (SP)
Zith crafting (Knowledge of the use of bones, skin, hair and other human remains to make a variety of items, including weaponry and art pieces) (SP)
Haste makes waste *
Fighting wolves and winning *
The Malleability of Bones for Crafting *
Sketching with Claws *
Practice Makes Perfect *
Irriari's Plant Code *
Codification and Its Uses *

ImageEuphoria of Battle *
How to tell the Sheep from the Wolves *
Poison Application: Claws (Basic)
A Different Kind of Hunt *
Predator or Prey? *
Ambushed by an Ugly Slaver *

Being Toyed With *
Giving in to the Blood Sight *
Botany and Philtering
ImageWhat is an Alembic (Basic) *
The sections of a plant *
Philtering Concepts (Basic) *
Philtering Alcohol from Wine *
Examining a Lily *
The Parts of Plants *
Mushroom Anatomy *
Finding yourself within a plant *
Hasale'ith'savanht – it’s harder to find it than to spell it *
Trying to understand Hasale'ith'savanht fully *

ImageLore of Lost Tongue *
Airless vials *
Lore of Isurian Hammer *
Lore of Hag's Mask *
Lore of Rutlye *
Poison: The four Methods of Delivery*
Experiencing Hasale'ith'savanht poisoning and It was all worth it! *
Usefulness of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms *
Craft: Makari Poison *
Lore of Intellect Mist *

Fear and Intimidation
ImageRevelry of Creating Fear *
Illicting Fear *
Haggling through intimidation *
Intimidation Tactic: Taking to the Air *

ImageTorture: Don't Kill a Messenger *
Always Remember to Announce Your Presence*
Backstory: Inoadar [http://www.mizahar.com/forums/post324373.html#p324373]*[/url]
Lesson One: Fear *
Lesson Two: Forget Everything *
Less Three: Know Yourself *
Interrogation Techniques *
Lesson Four: Be prepared *
Lesson Five: The Nuances of Interrogation *
Lesson Six: Use Authority *
Lesson Seven: Talk or Die *
Lesson Eight: Be Silent *
Lesson Nine: No One Care *
Lesson Ten: Extreme Tactics*

Hypnotism (general knowledge) *
Magic: What is it? *
Djed: Amelia *

Combat Skills
ImageObservation:52 points (10RB+XP)151231131411251111142
Poison: 33 points (SP (26)+XP) 3121
Unarmed Combat: 30 points (SP(10) + XP) 2111223314
Intimidation: 21 points 23111111112132
Short bow: 20 points (SP (14)+XP) 1221
Tactics: 3 points 21
Tracking: 3 point 12
Wrestling:2 points 2
Brawling: 1 point 1
Other Skills
ImageBotany: 15 points (XP) 212311113
Interrogation: 8 points 111221
Wilderness Survival: 5 points 1112
Rhetoric: 5 points 1211
Cryptography: 4 points 22
Drawing: 4 points 31
Philtering: 4 points (XP) 22
Writing: 4 points 22
Detection: 4 points 1111
Seduction: 3 points 3
Leadership: 2 points 11
Manipulation: 2 points 2
Organization: 2 points 2
Socialization: 3 points 11 1
Running: 2 points 11
Flying: 2 points 11
Hunting: 2 points 11
Stealth: 2 points 12
Meditation: 2 points 11
Body Building: 1 point 1
Copying: 1 point 1
Debate: 1 point 1
Herbalism: 1 point 1
Lovemaking: 1 points 1
Planning: 1 point 1
Intelligence: 1 point 1
Medicine: 1 point 1
Negotiation: 1 point 1
Subterfuge: 1 point 1
Sulking: 1 point 1

Shielding: 1 point 1



Climbers Quiver
Riding Boots
Night Leather Armor
20 Armor Piercing Arrows
Zith Crafted and Decorated Short Bow (heirloom)
1 Set of Clothing (coat & footwear included)
1 Waterskin
Portable Poisoncrafting Kit
1 vial of mushroom juice *
A Backpack
1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
1 eating knife
Flint & Steel
2 Hasale'ith'savanht plants
Philtering Kit
Book: The Wonderous World of Philtering
Blissbane Leaves (minus a half)
3/4 Makari Plant
Zarent Herb Oil (tiny vial, a quarter remaining)
1 Roughwood Mushroom
Mystery Mushrooms
Ravok Citizenship Papers
1 vial of roughwood poison (1 dose remaining): Effect3 Small Doses. Effects: A nausea-inducing mixture that shrouds the senses with mists - making it hard to hear, see, smell. The tongue will swell. How long it lasts depends on how much poison was ingested and which way it was ingested - if swallowed, it is more effective than if applied through scratches/cuts. Lasts up to an hour, weakens for three days if swallowed - leaving them fatigued with vertigo.
Deed to House (Ravok)
Two daggers *
10 Arrows *
One Longbow *
One vial of Intellect Mist (3 doses remaining)


A small home containing two small bedrooms (200 sq.ft. each), a kitchen, and a small common area. The bedrooms each have a simple straw bed, a chest of drawers, and a simple mirror, as well as a rough bench and small table. The two bedrooms share a small privy. The common area contains a few benches, and there is some artwork left on the walls by the previous owners. The kitchen has a stone floor with a stove in the center. It comes with a small pantry, along with some pots and pans left by the previous owners. There is a small scullery, and a basin for washing. The home is located in the Docks district, in the south-eastern quadrant. There is minor wear and tear on the home, and some basic repairs may be needed.
Contains: 2 daggers, philtering kit, philtering book, longbow.

DimensionsBedroom (Simple)* 400sq
Kitchen (Simple) 400sq
Common Area (Simple) 400sq.ft.



Starting Mizas: 100gm
Cashed in housing: +500gm (total 600gm)
Climbers Quiver: -50 gm (total 550 gm)
Riding Boots : -1gm (total: 549 gm)
Night Leather Armor: -60gm (total: 489 gm)
Armor Piercing Arrow (20): -20gm (total: 469 gm)
Portable Poisoncrafting Kit: -150gm (total: 319 gm)
Spring 511 living expenses (poor) -45gm (total: 274gm)
2 months rent for Tarsin's Boarding House in Ravok. (Poor room)
Shopping in Ravok (-217 gm) (total: 41gm)
Sold lavender flatcaps x9, sunburst roundcaps x5, 7 silken lilly mushrooms (+42 gm) (total: 83gm)
Summer 511 Living Expenses (poor): -45gm (total: 38gm)
Spring Income [Poisoncrafter] (+910gm) (total: 948 gm)
Spring 513 Living Expenses [Common] (-135gm) (total: 812gm)
House in Ravok (-787.5gm) (total: 24.5gm)
Sold small vial of Makari-Zarent poison (+155gm) (total: 179.5gm)
Summer 513 Living Expenses (poor): -45gm (total: 134.5gm)
Loot from killing slavers (+23gm) (total: 157.5gm)


Note: ~ means the thread is a placeholder and not started or unfinished.

+ means that the thread is in a communal area, like a shop or inn with multiple posts from many people.
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Travel Timeline:

509 AV
Fall 4, 509 AV – Leaves colony
Fall 22, 509 AV – Sea of Grass

510 AV
Fall 20, 510 AV – Sea of Grass
Spring 4, 510 AV – Wildlands (Everstone Forest, North Wildlands)
Spring 84, 510 AV – Sea of Grass
Summer 10, 510 AV- Sea of Grass
Summer 10- Fall 30 510AV : Traveling from Sea of Grass to Kalinor
Fall 30 – Fall 60, 510 AV: Kalinor
Fall 61 – Winter 91 510 AV : Travelling from Kalinor back to Sea of Grass

511 AV
Spring 1, 511 AV- Sea of Grass
Spring 35, 511 AV- Sahova
Late Spring 511 AV – Sahova
Summer 3 – 67 511 AV: Ravok

512 AV
512 AV- OOC Hiatus, Location TBA

513 AV
Spring 75, 513 AV- Ravok
Spring 78 - 81 513 AV Travel to Wildlands
Spring 81 – 87 513 AV Wildlands, Travel back to Ravok
Spring 88, 89 513 AV Training in Ravok
Summer 6: Purchases House in the Docks area of Ravok
Summer 9 - 22: Wild Lands south of Ravok

Art credit goes to: Rinthcog

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