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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

[Development] The Quarterly Report

Postby Alija on March 26th, 2015, 9:23 pm

Telor Riptide wrote:

Additionally, I'm not sure if there is a reason you haven't done this yet or not, but I'd like to propose the idea for a reward or perk points system as motivation. I know that other cities around Mizahar have them, like Riverfall or Ravok, and from the looks of them, they have done very well.

A perk points system would be good, and Riverfall also have a grab bag (I think it's called) where people submit things and if you post an open thread you can claim it. This also might be a good thing, especially if you want to encourage open threads!

I'd love to help you out anyway I can, I just don't know how! I don't want to develop loads of buildings or something and then realise that they weren't needed. Is there any specific thing that you would like help on, or need doing?
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[Development] The Quarterly Report

Postby Katelyn Marks on April 1st, 2015, 3:12 am

The Clapping Clam

ImageWhen the sailors abroad return home to Zeltiva many of the single men and sometimes women find themselves in need of release after being at sea for so long. While there are a handful of establishments in the city that cater to these specific needs, none of them are perhaps as readily available as the Clam. If you are willing to risk just how available the services are to everyone.

The Clam is owned and operated by the same woman responsible for the design of A Touchy Subject. Madame Lilienne realizes that not everyone can afford the finest things in life. The Clam is the second side to her ingenious coin. Anyone and anything will be done for the right coin and there doesn't need to be much of it. However, clients run the risk of walking away with more than just a good time.

For those who find their way into the open arms of the men and women of the Clam, they may be surprised to discovery the distinct variety of employees. Almost a collection of sorts, who seem to have wandered from the far corners of Mizahar. ImageMyrian men, Inartans, Vantha, and even the rare Konti or Akalak have found their way here, and each of them are skilled in a particular form of pleasure, able to cater to even the strangest needs and requests. They've heard it all, and for that matter probably done it.

While no lonely sailor or street urchin is ever turned away, every encounter does come with a price. Even those without the gold to pay often have something valuable for Madame Lilienne's right hand Edith. The hostess of the establish tends to collect secrets where monetary payments fall short, and in turn feeds information from the streets to her patroness at the Subject, therefore making the Clam an important part of Madame's budding business empire.

To some of the more reserved and private guests, the Clam may seem lie a red light, but Edith quickly developed a solution to cater toward the more discreet customers whom show an interest in the brothel's wares. Infamous throughout the city is the Blue Door. Only unlocked at night, the back entrance of the Clam can be found unassuming and oh-so-discreet in the alley behind the establishment. One only needs to knock and the threshold will open. One the door shuts behind them, everything that happens inside is kept under strict confidentiality.

NPCs :
ImageName: Edith
Job: Hostess
Race: Human
Skills: 49 Seduction, 41 Leadership, 43 Organization, 50 Tactics, 52 Rhetoric, 37 Intelligence, 28 Negotiation, 32 Persuasion, 26 Politics, 20 Hostessing

Edith has been with the Clam for several years. Longer than most in her line of work tend to stay. From the beginning she showed strong leadership skills and a keen understanding of how business worked, and more importantly, how to draw more in. Madame Lilienne quickly spotted her potential, and soon Edith was running the show. Under her management the Clam has become a lucrative business and relaxing house of pleasure for the weary and needy.

All first-time guests are matched with an appropriate companion by the Mistress herself, and few leave unsatisfied. To Edith, customer service is her top priority, and she runs a tight ship--at least for a whorehouse.

ImageName: Oliver
Job: Guard
Race: Human
Skills: 45 Shortsword, 34 Shield, 40 Brawling, 26 Intimidation, 23 Gambling, 15 Unarmed Combat

Oliver moved to Zeltiva after a failed attempt at joining the Syliras Knights. Not long after becoming a squire and beginning his training, Oliver's patron deemed him an inappropriate choice for the job. His love of the bottle, women, and gambling proved to be too much of a distraction for the young man, and ones he seemed unable to give up. After seeking a new start in Zeltiva and trying his luck as a deckhand, Oliver found himself penniless and inebriated in a younger Edith's embrace.

He soon became infatuated with the prostitute, and she with him. After a few years of courting the only way they really knew how--as two scoundrels only can--and Edith rose to the position of Mistress, she offered Oliver as position as the Clam's sword and shield. It turned out to be a perfect fit, and for several years now he has successfully kept the men and women of the night safe and sound, albeit usually while a little intoxicated.

ImageName: Azra
Job: Prostitute
Race: Vantha
Skills: 46 Seduction, 42 Intelligence, 39 Singing, 30 Dancing, 32 Harp, 23 Storytelling, 28 Rhetoric, 21 Hostessing
Gnosis: 1 Ice Reaving

Azra is one of the younger women who are employed at the Clam, but has quickly outshone several of her more experienced peers and become something of a gem to her Mistress Edith. Born in Sunberth under poor circumstances and passed around as a slave, she quickly learned how to use her body to get what she wanted and manipulate others.

When her last master died of rather mysterious circumstances, the saucy Vantha managed to slip away from the city and get herself to Zeltiva, where she wound up doing what she does best--manipulating people through sex and enamoring them with her skill set as a musician and storyteller. For those guests wanting a more skilled hand, or when Edith needs someone particularly good at coaxing out desirable information, she turns to her icy jewel. Some go as far as to say Edith has competition for her place as Mistress.

ImageName: Garret
Job: Prostitute
Race: Benshira
Skills: 41 Seduction, 55 Massage, 30 Intelligence, 35 Persuasion, 20 Negotiation

Among the men, Garret is indisputably the most frequently requested. Aside from his physical appeal and extremely exotic desert features, many women--and men--are a fan of his expertise in the art of sensual massage. Even the most stressed politician has turned to putty in the Benshira's capable hands, and he often jokes that his title should be changed from prostitute to masseuse, because oddly enough these sessions end less often with a "happy ending" than one would expect.

Still, Garret's appeal is almost magnetic, and he is one of the busiest at the Clam on any given day or night. The desert native is also one of the most expensive purchases to be had, running a little high compared to the other affordable options offered to guests, yet there seems to be no end to the eager offers that come in.

Moderation NoteFeel free to self-moderate general "transactions", but defer to the DM for any payments involving desirable secrets and information. It will be up to their discretion whether the payment is appropriate compensation for services provided.
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[Development] The Quarterly Report

Postby Ricky Maze on April 7th, 2015, 8:03 am

The Maze's Residence


Nestled within the Zeltiva's Old Quarter one can find a slightly large two story structure built out of stone, its outer appearance rather weathered down to give it a rather modest unassuming sort of appeal to it. While beauty lies in the eye of the beholder it falls to the individual who gazes upon it to decide for themselves, as to whether or not this place could truly serve as a cozy place to call one's home. The lot to the building itself is rather small and with only a few oak trees randomly located elsewhere, while a worn cobblestone path leads the way up to the entrance of the building. The front patio looks to be plain and empty with but a few copper made lanterns built into the wall, while the front door is plainly carved from oak with its surface dry and faded from lack of oils or paints. A small bell dangles next to the door with a makeshift string tied to ring it, so that visitors may make their presence announced to the family that lives within this home.

First Floor
Entryway (Common Area)- The first room one happens to find themselves in upon entering, the Entryway is a visitors room that looks rather empty save for two benches that are situated one another at the heart of the room. Murals that depict the sea are painted all across the top of the walls around the room, while a brass candle lantern hangs from the center of the room to illuminate the place during later hours. Merely a worn plain rug decorates the middle of the stone floor, with another oak door to lead further into the building. Four simple window panes are located within this room, two several feet from the entrance door, one on the eastern and western walls.

Dining Hall (Common Area)- Within this room a brass chandelier illuminates the area. The northern wall bears three oak doors where one can find the Kitchen area, the stairwell to the second floor, and then finally the Library. The western door leads one to the Bath room the house contains, and the eastern door takes one into the private office. The Dining Hall itself only has one table and a few chairs at its center, a couple of benches are also in here, one next to the Office door while the other next to the Bath door. A few small paintings of Zeltiva and Mathew's Bay can be found on the walls where space is open, the room itself looks practically plain just as the Entryway.

Bath- In this room one finds a wooden bench at the southern wall, to their left when they enter, and directly to their front they'll see a wash basin that had been moved in here recently. Several feet away from the basin the chamber pot resides there, while the wooden tub resides at the northern end of the Bath room. Several brass lanterns reside on the eastern wall of the room, starting from the door from the Dining Hall they enter from. Only one window panes remains on the Western wall at the center.

Office- This small study is where one can find time to do research or plan projects, though its not the ideal place to find comfort in doing so. Brass lanterns decorate the western wall as a window allows in light from the center of the eastern wall, at this window resides a simple wooden oak desk with a wooden oak chair that might look a tad uncomfortable. Next to the desk a oak shelf is placed against the wall, to be used for whatever kind of storage the owner deems necessary. To the north of the room resides a small closet that contains any materials needed for writing, other than that the room appears ordinary if not simple.

Kitchen- Upon entry one will find this room is almost the second brightest on the first floor, as several window panes actually decorate the eastern and northern wall altogether. For nighttime however only candles and one single brass lantern which hangs from the ceiling is what lights up the room, at the heart of the room one finds a hearth for heating and cooking, with a pantry located at the western wall stored with several cooking utensils, and a water basin placed near plywood counters painted teal with a cream colored finish to their surface. At the northwestern is a stairwell that heads down into part of the basement level of the building, while a scullery can be found at the northeastern for storage.

The Stairwell- Simply constructed out of carved stone this staircase allows one to make their way up to the second floor of the building. There are a few brass lanterns found on the walls as one takes the stairs, and a window allows to shed light into middle of the room from the northern wall midway up the staircase.

Library- Upon entering one can notice this as the brightest room of the first floor, with several window panes found on both the northern and eastern side of the wall. Brass lanterns are found on the western and southern wall, with but only a couple on the northern and eastern to illuminate the rest of the room during nightly bells. At the western wall plain wooden bookshelves carved from oak reside here, a lectern conveniently situated between them, with the shelves rather barren as the library appears empty. At the center of the library room an red velvet arm chair resides with an end table next to it, while a stairwell is situated at the northeastern corner of the room. This stairwell leads down into another part of the basement level located underneath the building.

Below First Floor

Storage (Pantry)- Found underneath the kitchen, the pantry room is where several barrels and crates are found and used for storage, as well as a few cupboards located at the northern and eastern wall. This and the other storage room are the darkest rooms one can find within the house as there are no light sources were implemented here, and a damaged grate to the sewers can be found at the southern wall if one looked hard enough.

Storage- Found underneath the library this room contains several crates and barrels, with but two chests found at the northern wall to add into the storage capacity this room might hold. Compared to the pantry storage this room is a bit more open in terms of space, so that other things such as furniture might be stored here if necessary.

Second Floor
Family Room (Common Area)- The first room one enters when they travel up to the second story of the building, only two windows are here to feed light into the room and they're located on the western and eastern wall. A brass chandelier hangs at the heart of the room, with a few lanterns placed near several of the doors found in this room. The room itself appears to be rather spacious and empty, with only two benches located on each side of the southern door leading to the Master Bedroom. There are a total of five doors on the northern wall, including the door that leads to the stairwell, each door leading into a bedroom found within the building.

Bedroom (Western)- These two smaller rooms have rough straw beds in the event several guests stay for a night, with a small rough wooden table and bench located near the door, and a chest of drawers for clothing storage while a mirror hangs above these drawers. Windows permit light from the northern wall to enter, as brass lanterns decorate the other walls to keep the dark at bay.

Bedroom (Eastern)- These two smaller rooms but only one has the same contents as the western Bedroom, while the bedroom closer to the stairwell has a small but comfortable crib placed near the doorway, and a chest near the crib for the storage of toys for the young one that sleeps within the room. Like the western side bedrooms there is only a single window pane at the northern wall, while brass lanterns decorate the walls to illuminate the room at nighttime.

Master Bedroom- Upon entry from the northern wall one finds the room to look modestly spacious, with a comfortable bed situated at the middle of the western wall and chest located at the foot of the bed. Another chest is located next to the door as is a rough wooden bench, while a drawer is located at the southern wall next to the door to the patio outside, along with a secondary rough wooden bench next to the door as well. The room has a couple brass lantern posted on each wall for decent lighting, while the western and eastern walls have window panes to allow in light during the daytime bells.

Patio- Built just outside the master bedroom the stone patio can be found with a worn stone carved fence to avoid any injury, although several spots can be seen with cracks from so much weathering. Only a couple of stone benches are found out here, both placed at the center of the patio as they face south into the city. The patio itself serves as a observation deck if one so chooses, as it is more or less for decoration.
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[Development] The Quarterly Report

Postby Perplexity on April 7th, 2015, 10:33 pm

Perk Points

I am not overly fond of such a thing. I hold a firm belief that if you as a player want to get a hold of something spectacular such as a magecrafted artifact, a mansion, large sums of money, or stronger armor and weapons, you should ask.

It’s that simple. Devise a plot of your own making, strive for it and coordinate with a Storyteller to see what is feasible as a potential reward. If you want your character to have influence, get it. Work for it in multiple threads accruing contacts, gaining skills, building networks, using politics and all that stuff. If you want to start advertising that you’re going to reward people for doing certain things, announce it in the Common Room. That’s what the OOC chat thread exists for: to broadcast out of character information.

The Clapping Clam looks fantastic! I will add it to the linkmap!

Ricky, your house looks great! I’ll add your residence to the linkmap too.


Here’s the deal about a Certificate of Completion, it can be comprised of whatever courses you feel are pertinent to the coursework you are taking. So you want to be a blacksmith that eventually moves into learning detailed engraving and armorsmithing? Form it based on the courses you personally believe might benefit you in learning such things. There’s no definitive Certificate to follow, merely a guide that players should base their studies off of.

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[Development] The Quarterly Report

Postby Matthew on April 7th, 2015, 10:38 pm

Behrtio's Bambard Ball
If your head can survive a rock, your head can probably survive a Bambard.

A highly-customized Saique can be often found docked in Mathew's Bay, a hand-written sign promoting an affordable and exciting game of Bambard Ball. A small crew helps run the ship, but the faces of the company are an icy Isurian named Behrtio, and a large Human called Giant Martin. While no one had ever heard of the game before Spring of 515 AV, it wasn't long at all before the rules were well-known around the city.

Bambard Ball is a sport that is played by two even teams of five or less. At the beginning, both teams must agree on what Bambard is to be used, the number of Bambards to be put in play, and what Arena will be played in. Each arena has a center line that splits the playing area into two sections, with one team in each section. The players are not allowed to cross the center line. At the beginning of the game, the number of Bambards that were chosen are evenly distributed between teams. With each team starting at the far end of their section, a whistle is blown and the game officially starts. The goal of the game is to hit the body of one of your opponents with a thrown Bambard. If they do not catch it, they are out. If they successfully catch it, the thrower is out. What makes the game extra unique is the Bambards themselves, the unique Arenas, and the fact that the ship is actually sailing while the entire game is being played.

Available Bambards
Wet BambardA Wet Bambard is just a large sponge ball soaked with water, popular among children and namby-pambies alike. The crew is often available to resoak the sponge balls, and while some may mock this style of Bambard, they actually pack quite the sting.
Soft BambardA Soft Bambard is a fist-sized wooden core with a large amount of padding surrounding it and leather covering it, formed in the shape of a ball. It can't be thrown as hard or far, nor does it really have a solid impact.
Classic BambardA Classic Bambard is a larger wooden core with a smaller amount of padding, wrapped in leather and shaped like a ball. It is the same size as a Soft Bambard but can go farther and hit harder. Bruises are extremely likely.
Bloody BambardA Bloody Bambard is a large sphere of wood with a layer of leather wrapping as the only padding. This Bambard is a bit heavy to use, but hits extremely hard. Concussions possible. A release form must be signed to play with a Bloody Bambard.

Available Arenas
Tight-Quarters Cabin (2-4 Players)This arena is a small cabin that is in the shape of a perfect square. It is accurately-named, being an arena specialized for small groups and close combat. There are often different sorts of barriers to hide behind, strategically-placed so that each team has a number of options. All of the barriers are things you would find in a normal cabin; beds, tables, and so on.
Tactical Topside (4-10 Players)This arena can obviously be found on the topside of the ship. This is an arena for larger teams, with multiple sizes of empty wooden cargo boxes placed around the arena to be used as both cover and vantage points.
Strategic Stowage(4-10 Players)This arena is found in the large storage area of the ship and is very similar to Tactical Topside, but within a slightly smaller area. There are multiple types of strapped-down cargo that provide cover and vantage points. Small windows can be found evenly dispersed near the top of each wall, providing a mixture of darkness and light to play in.
Bloody Bilge (4-10 Players)This arena is a replica of Tactical Topside, but with the cargo unstrapped. This makes for a potentially-deadly game, as cargo can often slip, slide, and topple over while the ship is sailing. A release form must be signed to play in the Bloody Bilge.

A section of netting is attached from specific masts to a section of the side railings of the ship so that most thrown Bambards will be snared and tumble back into play. Since the ship is sailing, the footing is constantly rocking and pitching, turning what seems like a simple game into a test of balance and endurance. Small groups of the Wave Guard have actually started playing on a regular basis, seeing it as excellent training for both training their bodies and their sea legs. The more dangerous variations of the game are popular among sailors that want to settle disputes.

10 GM for half a bell.
20 GM for a single bell.

Birthday packages are available at request.

Behrtio Terras
ImageTitle: Creator of Bambard Ball
Skills: Weapon: Bambard Ball - 78, Acrobatics - 65, Bodybuilding - 49, Sailing - 40, Woodworking - 15, Leathercrafting - 15, Blacksmithing - 13

Cold, quiet and withdrawn, Behrtio is rarely seen outside of his beloved ship. He has been spotted around town whenever he has to go out to purchase supplies, but mostly seems to keep to himself and the business he has created. Many people have tried to start casual conversation with him, only to be turned away by a cold and silent stare. When he speaks, it is almost always about his beloved creation. Behrtio is the original creator of Bambard Ball and the best there is.

Giant Martin
ImageTitle: Official Referee of Bambard Ball
Skills: Wrestling - 69, Weapon: Bambard Ball - 49, Acrobatics - 25, Bodybuilding - 19, Sailing - 35

Equally as quiet as his boss, Behrtio, Giant Martin is never seen off of the ship and rarely speaks a word. It is obvious that he is loyal to Behrtio and enjoys his job, perhaps by the way he seems to light up when watching a game of Bambard Ball being played. Normally stoic and reserved, Giant Martin becomes loud and outgoing when refereeing a game. He takes his role seriously, not hesitating to toss rule-breakers over the edge of the ship.

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[Development] The Quarterly Report

Postby Kailey on August 23rd, 2015, 5:18 am

For your consideration:

[Very open to name changes, since I stink with those].

Big Foot


Not far off the coast of Zeltiva, resting within the bay is a rock formation which looks curiously like an adult elephant curling up and preparing to take a nap. The dark colored rock with its rough, craggy textures display the multi-faceted contours and depth of the peaceful giants; the far from smooth nature of their skin. While the eye sockets and the trunk are the most visible, if one looks closely, they can pick out the tail, legs, and other small details as well. The ability to do so has made it a bit of a hotspot among Zeltivan youth, who often use it as a place to hang out and play, as well as a rite of passage- making new kids point out all of the parts before they are allowed to stay there.

During the course of almost any given day, several children can be seen climbing aboard its massive, mossy head, or sliding down its trunk, if not jumping off of one part or another. Laughter ringing out over the water, as the waves crash into the rock's sides. Year after year the kids come to play, cultivating innumerable fond memories as a group, which during the year 495 AV, led to the birth of the rock's affectionate nickname "Big Foot," which for one reason or another, has stuck through the ages and into the present day.

Credit for this location goes to Kailey.

Also, I don't know how to stick things in the miz gallery if anyone wants to help with that/lmk.


<3 Kailey
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[Development] The Quarterly Report

Postby Net on September 16th, 2016, 12:42 am

I am bringing this back to life! OKay Zeltivans!

Here's a few amendments to Perp's rules:

1. Nothing new about the University
2. No Magics being taught. Period
3. Look to the Sea or Trade... Something that makes the city pulse. Let's here some ideas =D
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[Development] The Quarterly Report

Postby Edsehl Kauthiel on April 22nd, 2017, 1:06 pm

I'd like some sort of place for new immigrants to go to, a registration system of sorts.
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