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Epifanio Snowsong

Postby Epifanio Snowsong on May 28th, 2016, 12:44 am

E P I F A N I O hihi S N O W S O N G

Nicknames: Epi, Fani

Race: Vantha
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 155 lbs

Age: Twenty Three
DOB: 21st Spring, 492 AV
Birthplace: Avanthal, Snowsong Hall
Haircolor: Black
Hairlength: Medium/Long to Shoulders

Religion: Follower of Rhaus
Profession: Bard

Fluent - Vani
Basic - Common
Poor - None

Physical Description

helloA full blooded, whimsical, Vantha, Epifanio stands at about 5’8” tall. He has a natural flowing deep black hair that often he would color with a chalk at times to make his stories between characters a bit better. His skin is rich and attractive, prevalently smooth and moderately tanned. His eyes change to the emotions that he might reenact in his stories, but when himself they mostly remain a deep blue with an outer gold rim around the iris.

hello Epifanio has rather strong facial features, and every now and then might be seen with a bit of scruff on his face, but it would always be neatly groomed. His lips are dominant, soft, and moist. Due to his obsession of taking care of his body he almost always looks clean, and a pleasant sight to look at.

helloWith a body chiseled from the work surviving through the harsh landscapes and bitter cold, Epifanio has a broad chest and arms proportional to his body. His hands are smooth but bare marks of callous from playing a variety of instruments. Tall for a Vanthian, Epifanio takes his body seriously and enjoys keeping it in shape and groomed up.



On his chest on his left pectoral a single double clef musical note the size of his hand.

Born as a Vantha, and of age, Epifanio bears the gnosis power of Morwen – the Goddess of Winter. He obtained this mark at his coming of age ceremony.

A help desk ticket was put in to RP the Gnosis of Audius (Rhaus)

Able: Amber eyes
Absent-minded: Dark grey
Active: Green
Adventurous: Bright Green
Affable: Amber with Yellow
Affected: Yellow-green
Affectionate: Amber with Geen rim
Afraid: Black
Aggressive: Red
Alert: Green with red streaks
Ambitious: gray
Amiable: Yellow
Angry: Red
Animated: Green with Amber Rim
Annoyed : Amber with Red Rim

Committed: pink
Communicative: brown
compassionate: Amber with pink hues
Competent: yellow with green hue
Complacent: grey with yellow hue
Conceited: white with black rim
Concerned: yellow with red rim
Confident: Gray with Amber Hue
Confused: Red with amber hue
Conscientious: Dark Green

helloThanks to Soren for help in layout*
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Epifanio Snowsong

Postby Epifanio Snowsong on May 28th, 2016, 12:45 am


Likes: Learning, Reading, Storytelling, Mysteries, Dancing, Music, Adventures, Sex.

Dislikes: Being Ignored, Being Left Out, Being Alone, Bad Jokes, Poor taste, People who judge him.

Merits: Charismatic, Artistic, Charming, Diligent, Spiritual, Conscientious, Philosophical, and Humorous.

Flaws: Sensitive, Satryomaniac (addicted to sex), Overly-determined

Fears: Not being loved, being thrown out of the tribe, Leading others.

Personality Type: As a bard, he can be quite whimsical, funny, and sarcastic. He looks to charm others with his personality, quality, and stories or poetry. When the time needs of a more serious nature he can be quite observant of others and their emotions. As an actor he will study the way people interact with each other and in doing so also has learned to hide his own true emotions.

helloEpifanio often enjoys and relies on interactions with others. With females he can be flirtatious, and often try to swoon them with his tales, deep many voice, and physique. Epifanio always looks for a way to make money; be it entertainment, quests or adventure, or simply helping someone out. He can be very assertive at times, but genuinely enjoys life.

Character History
As his parent's only son, Epifanio Snowsong, was spoiled with love and devotion. He was raised with stories and song, which greatly affected the way in which he viewed life. Everything was a wonder and possibility for adventure. His parent's taught him to play musical instruments, sing, tell stories, hunt, and survive. He led mostly a normal life of a Vantha, until his parents grew old and were desperate to continue on the family.

Pushing him to get involved with others, Epifanio Snowsong, refused to marry knowing that often marriage wasn't so much a thing for love as it was for status. He would hear rumors of often people cheating on their spouses, and didn't want the same fate to befall him. In his practice of finding a partner he found out that he enjoyed aspects of lovemaking, and quickly fell into the habit of swooning and being a satyromaniac (sex-a-holic).

After a while of doing his part in the hold, and to aid in the survival of his family, his parents took off one morning when he was sharing bed with another. He came back to the awful news of his parent's death and fell into a state of mourning. During his mourning, Epifanio embraced the darker sides of humor and stories to try and make himself feel better. After seeing the reaction of others he noticed that his stories were well received and hated at times in both situations, and fell into a depression.

A few years later he got over his parent's death but always kept his ears open of tales of some sort of murderous animals roaming around. He heard news of it possibly being a polarbear, and was shocked. Often the watch would use polarbears as guardians and pets. Due to this, he began to dislike polarbears and saw them as nothing else but his parent's murderers.


Lucy Snowsong

ImageRelationship: Friend, Neighbor
Race: Human, Vantha
Age: Twenty-three
First met in:Snowsong Hall

Over the years sharing a room next to Lucy Snowsong, Epifanio would often bring home girls and might annoy Lucy in some way. Although Epifanio never thought of Lucy in the same way he had his companions, the two have always been on at least a friendly term. After Epifanio's parents died it caused him to be a bit desolate. During this time he would often play sad melodies, which attracted his neighbors attention where the two would learn more about each other.

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Epifanio Snowsong

Postby Epifanio Snowsong on May 28th, 2016, 12:49 am


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Busking 1+4 5 Novice
Observation 1 +3+1+4 9 Novice
Flirting 2 +5+3+2+5 17 Novice
Improvisation +2 2 novice
Meditation +1 1 novice
Investigation +3 3 novice
Singing 3 +2+2+2+1 10 Novice
Seduction +1 +1 2 Novice
Acting +3+1+1 5 Novice
Brawling +1 1 Novice
Socialization 4 +5 +3+4+5 21 Novice
Rhetoric 10 SP 10 Novice
Chivalry +2 2 novice
Weapon: Bow 5 SP 5 Novice
Wilderness Survival: Tundra/Iceland 5 SP+1 6 Novice
Hunting 5 SP 5 Novice
Composition 1+1 2 Novice
Music Composition 5SP + 2 +1+1 9 Novice
Running +1 1 Novice
Tactics +1 1 Novice
Body Building 10SP +1 11 Novice
Unarmed combat +1 1 novice
Storytelling 10RB + 2 +1+1 14 Novice
Play Musical Instrument: Gamba 10SP + 3 +1+3+4+1 22 Novice
Play Musical Instrument: Flute +1+2+14 Novice

"Let me hear those words,
write them down with care,
I'll read them in thirds,
to make my heart flare,
may it flounder like a rose,
and travel like a myth,
don't worry about where to begin,
it is a piece of art with no end.

For you to compose,
just think about the rose,
you can sing it like a song,
even make a sonnet,
I suppose even haiku,
and if the lines aren't full try prose,
it is all at your finger-tips,
to which you hold"

Total counter : 85

Lore of Fairy Tales: Various Tales passed down through history, and some with unknown origins.

Lore of Rhaus: Knowledge on the God of Music and Bards


Location: Avanthal; Snowsong Hall
Housing: In a room within the Hall with wonderful acoustics. Epifanio could normally be heard playing his Gamba at night before going to sleep, and possibly singing some melody to go with the song. Often he would invite in others to share the experience. The room has a Desk, chair, simple bed, chest, and a hearth.




Vantha Dressed In Black
Lady dressed in black,
I can feel your pain
Your pain is mine to bare
To bare…
((Chorus: No, I have no despair
No despair. I just hope you have the heart.
Else you won’t be spared
Won’t be spared.))
Lady dressed in black
Grieving for yourself,
I don’t know what for
All so many times
I have seen your pain.
We find ourselves under,
Pain and hunger…
You traveled the world
Training on bow.
You’ll never be the same
Ever be the same.
Though I think you’ll find
Happiness somewhere
Somewhere in this world
Yeah, somewhere in this world.
((Where, oh Where?
Where, Oh where? ))
Bleeding from our wrists
Pain struck from bow.
We are not so different
No not so different at all
At all…
Heart to find our worth
Morwen only knows
Oh, Morwen only knows…
((Ohhhh Oooooh
I took to the cold
Ohhhh Oooooh
Nobody knows,
Nobody knows,
But meeee.
Ill speak not a word
Else I’ll freeze.
Ohh… I will freeze.))
Your heart is like an arrow
Quivers to the soul,
Quivers to the soul,
But when you struck that chord,
You took me for a stroll
Running round like fool,
Oh, don’t you feel the same?
Your black dress while I train,
Your black dress while I train.

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Epifanio Snowsong

Postby Epifanio Snowsong on May 28th, 2016, 12:56 am


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 0 SM 0 CM 100 GM
Instrument Case, Simple (Gamba) - 11 GM 7 SM 5 CM 87 GM 3 SM 5 CM
Music Book - 4 GM 0 SM 0 CM 84 GM 3 SM 5 CM
Wood Pipe -14 GM 0 SM 0 CM 70 GM 3 SM 5 CM
Cyphrian TabaccoEach use is 1 oz (10 oz)/7oz -1GM 0 SM 0 CM 69 GM 3 SM 5 CM
Shortbow -30 GM 0 SM 0 CM 39 GM 3 SM 5 CM
Shortbow Arrows (60) -3 GM 0 SM 0 CM 36 GM 3 SM 5 CM
Quiver -20GM 0 AM 0 CM 16 GM 3 SM 5 CM
Isurian Flute -15GM 0 SM 0 CM 1 GM 3 SM 5 CM
Wages summer 516av +364 GM 0 SM 0 CM 365 GM 3 SM 5 CM
Living expenses common SUMMER 516 A.V - 135 GM 0 SM 0 CM 230 GM 3 SM 5 CM
Living expenses common Fall 516 A.V. -135 GM 0 SM 0 CM 95 GM 3 SM 5 CM
Busking +1GM 6 SM 3 CM 96GM 9 SM 7 CM

Thread List

Flashback Threads :
Mizahar Date Thread Company Thread Type Type Grade
Day, Season Year AV [url]Title[/url] Names Closed/Open/Solo/Etc Flashback ✐/✗/✓

✐ - Incomplete/ Still Writing
✗ - Submitted for Grading
✓ - Completed and Graded

Summer 516
Mizahar Date Thread Company Thread Type Type Grade
Day, Summer 516 AV [url]Title[/url] Names Closed/Open/Solo/Etc Present ✐/✗/✓
5th of Summer 516 AV Need anything from the market Various Event
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8th-10th The Vantha Dressed in Black Junco PM to Join Job Thread
11 Summer 516 AV Just getting Comfortable Infilia Job
13th Summer 516 AV Coolwater Hunt Various Quest
15th Summer 516 AV Striking a Chord Aliana Job Completed
19th Summer 516 AV Tales from the Northern Wastes Junco, Nemori Quest
21st Summer 516 AV A Morning Accident Aliana Social Action
22nd Summer 516 Av The Morning After Aliana Social Action
24 Summer 516 AV Tuning at the Right Time Infilia Job
26th Way to a Man's Heart Alekxandra Winterflame Closed Social/Musical
51st-55th Closed Quarters Junco Frostfawn, Lucy Snowsong Closed Social/Musical

Fall 516
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Day, Fall 516 AV [url]Title[/url] Names Closed/Open/Solo/Etc Present ✐/✗/✓
1st Fall 516 AV Fall has arrived various Event Event

Winter 516
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