Closed Night Flight (Kelski)

Nightstalkers take to the streets of Sunberth to hone their bodies.

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Night Flight (Kelski)

Postby Kynier on October 26th, 2018, 3:15 am



The newcomer appeared stricken which was going to be his undoing. He had been stupid to allow whatever it was distract him from the threat before him. Darvin smiled as he reached out with the blade for the stranger’s blood. But then she got in the way. The little bird stopped his attack and pulled on his already extended arm. This hand’s grip was weak, and the dagger was twisted out from it so easily. It infuriated him. But the little bird pulled him down to his knees and kicked dirt into his eyes. It was not painful, but he groaned and immediately worked to clear his vision.

There was a smile on his face though. Pleasure that the little bird still held his lessons. Fight dirty to survive. But he heard her plea and lost his fleeting moment of pleasure. He would have something this night! Even if it wasn’t what he had initially planned. As he reached for a short sword on his hip something heavy mounted him on the back. Darvin did indeed attempt to struggle against it. In his own body, he never would have been driven to his knees so easily. And would have been able to force the stranger off him. Damn it all! “Gods damn you!”

Something was tied around him, but he was too infuriated to notice what it was. Again, he went for one of the longer blades the body carried. As his hand took hold Darvin felt something unusual. It was not like before but was equally as strange. The owner of the body was fighting against him again, though it felt weaker. Darvin was able to suppress him before he felt something else. A will pressed against him and he felt his hold slipping on the body. Then he heard it. Words that were not audible but rang in his mind.

“Be… GONE!”

A heavy push ejected him from the body. The strange sash felt like a constrictor. Darvin squeezed his way out from the tight hold. Suddenly he felt very weak and his form disappeared from sight. Too tired to properly manifest, Darvin began his retreat.


Kynier was able to feel all of it. The nerves of his body revolting in pain from his failed effort. The uncomfortable torque of Kelski disarming him. And the sting of the dirt getting in his eyes. As futile as it felt, he tried to force the apparition out through sheer force of will. Darvin forced him back down.

“Have you grown so complacent that you can’t force out one ghost?”

It would seem that way. For whatever reason, Kynier just could not managed to do it on his own.

“Very well then.”

To those that employed Auristics, they would see Kynier’s aura in its may shades of purple with a dark circle at his core. A vile green and brown aura was smothering his. The two auras were struggling and emanating frustration in varying degrees. Then the dark spot at Kynier’s center expanded drastically, nearly infecting the whole of Kynier’s aura. After that, it expanded once more, and the ghost’s aura was expelled.

Kynier gasped loudly and his body fell limp to the ground. He felt as though he had been caught naked in a blizzard, it was so cold. His whole body shivered, and his breath trembled. Without Darvin’s presence violating his own, Kynier felt as though his mind was light and his thoughts were clearer. He tried to roll on to his back but felt his body roll more onto his front instead. Shyke. Overgiving. Not that he planned to be possessed again, but Kynier made a mental not to never attempt that again with Projection.

With sluggish movements Kynier used a sleeve to try and clear his eyes. The motions were desynchronized from his will, causing his arms to move seemingly randomly. Eventually, he managed to roll onto his back and looked up at the others. Inwardly, he despised appearing this way. Feeble, and in need of protection.

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