Closed Night Flight (Kelski)

Nightstalkers take to the streets of Sunberth to hone their bodies.

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Night Flight (Kelski)

Postby Kynier on October 26th, 2018, 3:15 am



The newcomer appeared stricken which was going to be his undoing. He had been stupid to allow whatever it was distract him from the threat before him. Darvin smiled as he reached out with the blade for the stranger’s blood. But then she got in the way. The little bird stopped his attack and pulled on his already extended arm. This hand’s grip was weak, and the dagger was twisted out from it so easily. It infuriated him. But the little bird pulled him down to his knees and kicked dirt into his eyes. It was not painful, but he groaned and immediately worked to clear his vision.

There was a smile on his face though. Pleasure that the little bird still held his lessons. Fight dirty to survive. But he heard her plea and lost his fleeting moment of pleasure. He would have something this night! Even if it wasn’t what he had initially planned. As he reached for a short sword on his hip something heavy mounted him on the back. Darvin did indeed attempt to struggle against it. In his own body, he never would have been driven to his knees so easily. And would have been able to force the stranger off him. Damn it all! “Gods damn you!”

Something was tied around him, but he was too infuriated to notice what it was. Again, he went for one of the longer blades the body carried. As his hand took hold Darvin felt something unusual. It was not like before but was equally as strange. The owner of the body was fighting against him again, though it felt weaker. Darvin was able to suppress him before he felt something else. A will pressed against him and he felt his hold slipping on the body. Then he heard it. Words that were not audible but rang in his mind.

“Be… GONE!”

A heavy push ejected him from the body. The strange sash felt like a constrictor. Darvin squeezed his way out from the tight hold. Suddenly he felt very weak and his form disappeared from sight. Too tired to properly manifest, Darvin began his retreat.


Kynier was able to feel all of it. The nerves of his body revolting in pain from his failed effort. The uncomfortable torque of Kelski disarming him. And the sting of the dirt getting in his eyes. As futile as it felt, he tried to force the apparition out through sheer force of will. Darvin forced him back down.

“Have you grown so complacent that you can’t force out one ghost?”

It would seem that way. For whatever reason, Kynier just could not managed to do it on his own.

“Very well then.”

To those that employed Auristics, they would see Kynier’s aura in its may shades of purple with a dark circle at his core. A vile green and brown aura was smothering his. The two auras were struggling and emanating frustration in varying degrees. Then the dark spot at Kynier’s center expanded drastically, nearly infecting the whole of Kynier’s aura. After that, it expanded once more, and the ghost’s aura was expelled.

Kynier gasped loudly and his body fell limp to the ground. He felt as though he had been caught naked in a blizzard, it was so cold. His whole body shivered, and his breath trembled. Without Darvin’s presence violating his own, Kynier felt as though his mind was light and his thoughts were clearer. He tried to roll on to his back but felt his body roll more onto his front instead. Shyke. Overgiving. Not that he planned to be possessed again, but Kynier made a mental not to never attempt that again with Projection.

With sluggish movements Kynier used a sleeve to try and clear his eyes. The motions were desynchronized from his will, causing his arms to move seemingly randomly. Eventually, he managed to roll onto his back and looked up at the others. Inwardly, he despised appearing this way. Feeble, and in need of protection.

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Night Flight (Kelski)

Postby Kelski on November 27th, 2018, 11:28 pm

Kelski gave Anja room, trusting the Spiritist to know what to do even though she was worried about Kynier. She’d done her part, disarming him and distracting him with the dirt in the eyes so Anja could get into position. She wasn’t sure what Anja was doing, nor had she taken the time to call up any Auristics because the Kelvic didn’t link the two together. Magic and Ghosts were not the same in her mind.

Regardless, the struggle within Kynier was something Kelski was blind too. She thought whatever it was Anja was doing with the scarf worked because before long Kynier was falling to the ground and she physically saw Darvin’s ghost separate from him and fade from sight. Darvin’s expression was furious, so she knew his plan was thwarted, whatever that plan had been.

Kelski wasn’t using auristics. There was no time for magics in a fight… especially a fight this serious. Instead the Sea Eagle pocketed Kynier’s dagger and watched as Anja acted. She assumed Anja’s action worked thoroughly because after a bit Kynier gasped and his body fell limp. She caught Anja’s gaze and tried not to hope that whatever it was that Anja did with the substance from the vial and the sash that it had cured Kynier of his…. Possession? Kelski was extremely horrified that Darvin, even dead, could crawl into someone’s body and take it over. Shouldn’t there be a defense against it? She wasn’t sorry she knocked Kynier down, disarmed him and then kicked dirt in his eyes. She wanted Darvin down to give Anja time to act.

She was unaware of the blackness, the whole internal battle with the unknown voice, or Kynier’s role in the ejection of the spirit. Instead, she leaned back against the horse’s flank and breathed deeply, keeping her hands on her weapon. If she had to, she’d dash forward and give Kynier an expert well placed blow to the head to knock him out. She couldn’t tell, even by the lack of facial expression, if the man rolling around was Kynier, Darvin, or both. So, she gripped her weapon, watched him with her eagle eyes, and kept her distance. He said nothing, just flopped like a slowly drowning fish suddenly thrust into the air out of the water. There was no sign of something leaving Kynier… no visual clue so she had no way to know if he was suddenly clean of the ghost or not.

Scanning around, Kelski took note then that they were not alone. There were other ghosts, some slowly emerging from the shadows, others slowly assuming forms, looking onward as if a curious crowd of the dead were gathering. Kelski had seen similar things happen in the streets of Sunberth when people dueled or fought. A crowed would gather to see what was going on. To her left, an old woman seemed to whisper to a younger man – both transparent – and equally transparent coins changed hands as they placed bets. Her eyes widened and she threw her gaze back at Anja, hoping he could tell if Kynier was okay or not.

More and more she wanted to leave, to get home, to be someplace more familiar safer. This was an alien landscape, an aspect to life she knew nothing about. The arrival of more ghosts, ghosts of all sorts, set the hair on the back of her neck to standing straight up. She had goosebumps on her arms, shoulders, and her concern for Kynier and her fear at what he might be… infused with Darvin… was spiraling up and out of control in her. She was afraid… truly afraid… and the subject of her fear was indeed the man she loved.

Kelski’s eyes showed white as her pupils dilated. She concentrated on Maisa’s warm body behind her and dragged in deep breaths. She wasn’t going to run… she truly wasn’t. But it took all her willpower to lock her legs and stand there as the reality of the fact Darvin was still here hit her. Death wasn’t the end. Kynier could be compromised. Anyone could be compromised. Spirits were real… the ghosts Anja had told her about. His explanation had been scary enough. But faced with the reality of what was happening before her, it was almost too much for the Kelvic to process. Still, she stood her ground, drew daggers for each hand, and watched Kynier’s attempts to wipe out his eyes.

“Anja… whats going on? Did your sash work? Is he okay?” She whispered, barely audible. Fear was laced in her voice, giving it a tremble.

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Night Flight (Kelski)

Postby Anja Nightwatcher on December 19th, 2018, 12:05 am

Anja felt the ghost burst from Kynier's body; an anthem of hatred radiating from it's core, growing fainter and fainter as it fled and vanished into the night. There had been something strange about this exorcism in particular, but Anja had no time to dwell on it. He was mostly simply relieved it had worked. Anja lifted himself off of Kynier and watched as the man rolled to his stomach and pushed himself wearily to his feet. The Spiritist unwound the sash from around Kynier, then offered the man first a hand to help pull him to his feet, then an arm to lean against. “There we are,” Anja said, patting Kynier on his back. “It was a bit of a rough one but we got through it.”

Anja glanced to Kelski, her back to Maisa as his strider provided a reassuring presence for the ashen faced woman. Anja could all but feel the fear radiating from the woman like heat from a stove. “He's okay,” Anja told Kelski. Maisa added a nicker of reassurance, gently nosing the woman's shoulder. Anja glanced at the small crowd of ghosts who had gathered around the group, whispers rising up among the tombs. A look of annoyance crossed the Spiritist's face. Even in death, people often stayed the same. This crowd was no different than a group of breathing Berthers gawking at the scene of a murder. “Nothing to see here,” Anja called out to the ghosts, both annoyance and a hint of command carried in his voice. “Don't you lot have better things to do?”

Irritable grumbles rose from the crowd of spirits, but the action was over and there wasn't really much to see now. One by one the ghosts shambled away or dissipated, heading off to do whatever it was that they occupied themselves with in their unlifes. Anja sighed and whispered a soft prayer of thanks to Dira, before turning back to his friends. “Are the both of you well?” Anja asked. “That experience was---” he wanted to say traumatizing, but he did not. “---upsetting. Come, let us sit down. I can take you to my tent if you'd like.” If the offer was accepted, Maisa would lead the way out of the catacombs and towards the more open section of the Dust Bed where Anja's tent and his circle of ghostbeads waited. Otherwise, Anja would insist that the sit down somewhere nearby.
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