Open [The Midnight Gem] The New Year's Eve Costume Party

The residents of The Midnight Gem will be hosting a party to welcome in the New Year and show people in the city that Baroque Bay is slowly and surely changing. This party is open to anyone who wants to come wearing a costume and prepared to party.

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[The Midnight Gem] The New Year's Eve Costume Party

Postby Kelski on February 23rd, 2019, 8:00 pm

Kelski was pleased at the turnout. There were more people than she’d thought, though the guards had to turn several people away for a lack of costume. They had careful instructions… regardless of quality, if an effort was put into disguising one’s looks and coming in any sort of theme, then they would be let in.

A younger woman came in with a beautiful painted mask, flowing dress and dancing shoes looking truly lovely. Kelski nodded to her, admiring the bright colors of her clothing, and wondered what she was going as. It was hard for Kelski to guess, though she admired the swirls on her mask and was glad to see a musical instrument with her. Bards were always welcome. “Feel free to take a turn on the stage if you’d like!” Kelski said, seeing the instrument and the girls lovely smile. Moving on, Kelski roamed the crowd, and before long had a food tray in her hand like one of the servers handing out edibles to those people that were not otherwise eating.

The Sea Eagle liked to feed people. She knew the moment Duncan and Lia walked in. Their entrance caused quite a stir, especially with Duncan’s costume. He hadn’t tried to cover his unusual arm, giving the Isur away, but the costume was extraordinarily good. Lia’s matched Duncan’s thoroughly too and the Kelvic approached the two, smiling warmly. “You both look so good! Did you make those yourselves?!?” Kelski whispered fiercely. Then she grinned at Lia and Duncan, including them both. “Save me a dance later you two. Dancing! Can you imagine? It feels like a dream we got this off the ground and actually happening.” She said with a light voice then waved her tray of shrimp under Duncan’s nose. “Not white cave shrimp, but they are very good.” She said, seeing Lia already helping herself. Cats had good taste. She wasn’t so sure about Isur though.

And then she was off in the crowd again, her tray almost empty. She slipped over by the caterers and traded the empty one for one that was full of some sort of little hard baked breads with slices of cheese, a meat spread, and a tiny cherry tomato on them. Fancy food… she was quite certain not many people in Sunberth saw this kind of fare. She slipped around, spotted a man in rainbow gleaming glass scales and a mask talking to the lovely young girl with the blues and greens and the hand painted mask. She smiled at them with real warmth in her silver eyes and pressed treats on them from the tray. “Eat eat…. We have too much food!” She said, smiling to them both. “And go dance…. It’s a party. Celebrate the new year.” The Kelvic paused, smiled, and took a good hard look at the man. “You look delicious.” And with a laugh she headed off, excited, back to her hostessing duties. She could have sworn he looked scaled like a fish and fish were her favorite.

Back at Vasin, Kelski offered him treats off her tray and a smile. “I can’t wait. I just want to get everyone greeted and fed a little before the dancing. Don’t worry about you not being that good of a dancer, I doubt anyone here is. We have so little reason to celebrate and thus everyone suffers the same two awkward feet. I promise I won’t hold it against you if you stomp on my slippers if you don’t hold it against you when I stomp on your boots.” The Kelvis said with a happy grin. She looked really happy, animated, as if she loved throwing the party and seeing everyone arrive. There was no frustration or worry in her visage – not like other hostesses could grow if they worried no one would have fun. She wanted folks to have fun and would work hard to make sure they did.

“Thank you. I love yours as well. I wear this to honor someone who has saved me many times with the skills she brought to the world.” Kelski said, a note of reverence in her voice. “You don’t think its pretentious to dress up as someone important, do you?” She asked, suddenly double thinking her choice. Then she beamed…. Shaking her head as if shaking off the thought. “I have the best intent in mind… reverence not mockery. I’m sure its fine.” The Kelvic said, answering her own question. Vasin could tell she was high strung high energy today, nothing that a few turns on the floor or a few songs from the musicians wouldn’t cure.

“I’ll be back to claim my dance.” She said with true intent, as if warning him he was going to be mortally wounded in a short amount of time… then Kelski was off again, her tray empty. She traded it in and was back out into the crowd in a jiffy. The tray she took this time was loaded with mugs of spiced cider and ale. On her way back by Skylar and Kynier, she offered them drinks from her tray. Instinctively she started to offer Kynier ale because he was male, but set the mug back with a frown on the tray and offered him cider instead. “Spiced Cider.” She said, gesturing the to the other mugs on the tray. “The other is ale. Which would you like, My Lady?” Kelski asked Skylar. Kelski wasn’t sure why, but she was certain Kynier would refuse the liquor… but she didn’t know which Skylar preferred. Kelski, it seemed, completely missed the point of circulating a party she was throwing as a princess and not as a servant. She was content to keep food and drink flowing, loosening up the crowd.

When Crylon arrived, Kelski was already herding people onto the dance floor. She picked the ones that had already filled their plates from the buffet a few times and were looking around uncertainly. The Kelvic had even asked a few people their favorite songs and had went and asked the requests of the band and Maurice for them. She was working hard to make sure people were having a good time. Spotting Crylon, she grinned and admired his costume. “I have no idea what you are but that looks great!” She said, noting the color suited him. He wasn’t hard to identify either. There were two Isur that she knew of in the city and they were both at the party, their arms distinctive despite the costumes. By now she was getting the fact it was a religious thing… that hiding or disguising the arms would dishonor Izurden. And they revered the God.

“You should eat.” Kelski said to the Isur, smiling down at him. He and Duncan were about the only two people in the world she could look down on smiling that weren’t children. It was their very presence in her home that had finally turned the tide of Kelski understanding age in humans weren’t height dependent but more a mentality thing. “The fish is really good.” She parroted, though Crylon would know taking dinner at The Midnight Gem almost nightly that fish was Kelski’s favorite food and She’d probably always say that.

“Then go dance. There are a lot of women here that are looking for partners. Besides, Duncan said something about Isur can’t dance. You must prove him wrong. Your graceful with weapons… whats the difference? Save one for me?” She asked, then was off again, her tray of drinks light with only one or two remaining.

By the time she’d returned to the caterers, they had all the trays out with staff, so Kelski grabbed a plate and took a turn through the buffet. She briefly stopped by Vasin again, where Anja ran into them. She smiled at him, nibbling on what looked like sandwiches made of crab meat cooked in a thick mayonnaise sauce spiced with pepper and green herbs she didn’t recognize. The fresh bread was delicious and Kelski found herself famished. “That mask is beautiful. Is that a real skull? It can’t be can it? I don’t recognize it, Anja, but I feel like I should. I can’t imagine something actually being alive looking that wicked.” She said, gesturing with her plate to Anja’s mask. She truthfully had no idea what Anja was dressed as, but it looked fierce and the stuff he could scare children with. The beak looked glass sharp, and she couldn’t tell if the skull was that of a lizard or a bird.

The night was somewhat surreal. Everyone gleamed and glittered in their finery. It didn’t matter if it was homemade done of paint and scrounged chips of glass or was expensive elegant work done by a fine tailor. Kelski hoped everyone realized how equal they all came across in the environment, eating from the same buffet, listening to the same bards, enjoying the company of others. She couldn’t feel like she stole time a little, carving out a chunk of happiness for anyone that wanted to come enjoy it for a few moments in time… a stolen magical holiday on the cusp of a new year.

She quietly gave thanks to Akajia, Semele, and most importantly to Xhyves…. and that’s when she remembered her promise to him. What better way to make good on it than a room full of people? Kelski excused herself from Anja and Vasin, leaving them to talk, and deposited her now-empty plate in the bin the caterers had set up near the buffet for folks to leave their dirty dishware and utensils. Then she headed for the front of the stage, to spell the dancers, musicians, and give folks something to talk about.
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[The Midnight Gem] The New Year's Eve Costume Party

Postby Daedalus Dagwood on February 26th, 2019, 6:19 pm

Party Preperation

“Dae! Hey, Dae!”

The words were made to be louder than the heavy beat of the hammer that Daedalus brought down against heated iron. The hum of the anvil rang slightly from absorbing the impact. The metalsmith was in the middle of drawing out a piece of iron to length when his sister approached with a piece of parchment in her hand. His gloved hands were both busy holding a set of tongs as he turned the glowing metal onto its back. His hand raising to fell it against the opposite side. “What's wrong?” The word was more a statement of intent than a question as he brought the hammer down to flatten the piece of iron mere millimeters into itself.

He awaited what his sister wanted to say as he turned lifted the metal with the tongs to set it into the forges coal powered flames. Gwendoline held up the flier for her brother to read. “There’s going to be a costume party! We should go.” He narrowed his eyes to examine it. “The Midnight Gem?” Daedalus questioned as he tried to think of the place. As a native of the city, he thought he new most landmarks. “It’s the new place by The Fish.” Gwen said as she set the paper down on a table covered with various smithing tools. “That’s why I’ve not seen it. You know me, I only cross the river when I need to visit the commons. Everything else I need can be found within The Gates or The Riverside.”

Gwendoline rolled the flier up then put it into the front pocket of his apron. "What are our costumes going to be?” She said with a grin as she glanced to the door to see her youngest older brother Darik looming around. Daedalus glanced over to Darik as he knew she'd told him about it first. "I might have said no." He retorted as he used the tongs to pull the metal from the flames to naturally cool on the anvil. Darik couldn't even hold back his chuckle. "True, but you'd never miss a party. Its not like you."

Daedalus set the hammer aside before pulling off his gloves. His gaze sweeping across his siblings. There was a long pause before he grinned with inspiration. "Remember when I got mad at you about that song? Well I've an idea. Gwen, grab me the longest piece of lumber by my station in the foundry that I use for pattern making. As well as a handsaw from my toolkit." She quickly moved into action as the costume making started."Once I get this done we can head to The Fence for the rest. He tends to have everything."

Gwen returned to hand her brother his supplies. Once he had the saw in hand, Daedalus set the blade to wood to cut it in half vertically. With two somewhat long piece in hand, he went to the table by the smith to grab two nails that he hammed into the wood to form a cross. The swiftly then went to the local pawnshop fence shortly after locking up shop to buy the rest of their costumes.

Ledger :
  • Three Masks: 9sm
  • Two sets of Clerical Vestments: 10gm
  • One Dress, Damasked: 2gm. 4sm
  • Two Full Capes, Damasked: 6gm
  • Three (Headwear)/broad brimmed hat prices: 12 gm
  • Rope, Silk (50 ft): 10 gm
    =42gm .3sm

Party Time

The Dagwood family arrived dressed as festively as possible given how little time they worked on their costumes.

Darik and Daedalus were dressed up like twins. They were both wearing long flowing patterned Linen capes that draped their bodies, a full faced mask, gloves, and tricorn hats. Daedalus wore his normal clothes under it, with only the hilt of his raper poking out from the front as he held the cape closed in around him. His brother Darik was only different due to the fact he was forced to carry the wooden cross with silk rope tide to each of its end.

Gwendoline wore a similarly patterned dress, with a mask that seemed to be mocked painted up like a doll. Her costume was clearly some type of marionette. Even though Darik held the wooden controls for the puppet, Daedalus held a length of the rope that wrapped around his brother's wrist holding the wooden cross.

He also used the rest of that rope to glamour up his own costume. Winding some around himself under the cape. Wrapping it around his forearms, waist, and even his torso. It gave him the look of an oddly stripped puppet master when he left the cape open. They made their way down Baroque Bay until the pavilion came into view.

Daedalus took the lead once they were faced down by a member of the security who asked what their costumes where. He leaned in to tell them it, then backed up behind his brother who held up Gwen's puppet controls. It was obvious. Then they were handed their respective tokens.

Upon entering the tent, Darik was pulled along like a pet owner that couldn't reign in their puppy. As Gwen went right over to where the Songson of Sunberth sang. It was like a chain reaction as Daedalus was a then pulled by the silk rope he held connected to his brother's wrist. Then with a solid tug, pulled the rope which yanked the two back towards him for a moment. Like sharply pulling on a horses lead. Dae then held out the rope which Darik took, before warping it around the forearm of the wrist it was tied.

"You two have fun. Meet up at The Fish tent when the party is over.... and keep an eye on her." Daedalus spoke to his siblings as if he were their parent. Then shooed them away from him. The smell within the tent caused him to glance up to the braziers along the ceilings. That was a good idea, one he decided to try in the foundry later to change up its normal smell of smoke and steel.
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[The Midnight Gem] The New Year's Eve Costume Party

Postby Orakan on February 28th, 2019, 3:18 pm

The flyers and placards that had littered the city had not gone unnoticed to the Daggerhand and a fair number found their interest piqued by the prospect. The Midnight Gem might have been a relatively new business but it was a lucrative one and money was always something the Daggerhand could have more of. Money helped with influence, helped cover bribes and blackmail, kept people in pockets and supported the never ending gang wars. Like the rest of the major players, they sought any opportunity to get a finger in a profitable pie, and some of the more influential members had long since had the Gem in their sights... and this party seemed like the perfect opportunity to begin digging their claws in.

The majority of the members - disposable brutes and thugs that they were - remained unaware of the scheming and plotting, too focused on recovering from the clashes from earlier in the season. A collection were in their cups, starting the New Year festivities early, and Orakan found himself amongst them.

He had seen a flyer and a matching sign a few days prior yet hadn't thought anything of it. A simple man with simple needs, wearing a costume and being pressed into crowds of people he didn't know were not things that particularly appealed to him and he was content enough to bring the new season in from the comforts of the familiar Daggerhand tavern he was in, surrounded by familiar cohorts. Unlike some, he was till had his wits about him and this seemed to draw undue attention in his direction.

"He'll work."

The words were feminine and mostly drowned out by the din of the tavern. Orakan ignored them until the voice sharpened and cracked like a whip at him.

"How drunk are you."

It was a demand, not a question, and the words pulled him out of whatever reverie he had been in. With a lift of his head, he sent his good eye in the direction he believed it to have originated from, spotting a tall, dark-haired and pale eyed woman.

Still unsure if that was truly directed at him, he cocked his head and shrugged - more with his face than his shoulders. Big, warm hands found his shoulders and he made a move to jerk away but they held firm, giving him a squeeze.

"Answer her."

This voice was masculine and smooth and Orakan quickly shot a look over his shoulder to see who it belonged to. The face was familiar. His answer came sluggishly, words dripping slow like molasses from his chapped lips, "Not.. very." His mismatched eyes returned to the woman. "Whyssat?"

She smiled and ignored him, favouring the man - Sebastian - that stood behind him. "Is he the one from the Clinic?"

Orakan didn't see the nod the man gave. He didn't need to.

"Very well, come."

And, with that, the hands on his shoulders left as the woman beckoned him to follow. Orakan sniffed and rolled his shoulders, trying to rid himself of the feel of Sebastian's touch, and glanced down into his mug. He really hadn't wanted to work this evening, much preferring to have spent it in his cups. With that, he drained what was left and ran the back of his hand across his mouth before reluctantly rising to do as he was asked.


Somehow he found himself an unwitting attendee to this party. He was grateful he was given some say in his 'costume' and that both Ashara and Sebastian had liked the idea. He wasn't, however, pleased to find himself coated in a layer of blue paint. Ever since his run in with an Akalak years ago, he had admired the race - or moreso their size since he truly knew next to nothing outside of their appearance. Hardly a creative individual, it was the only thing he could think of when given the chance to voice his opinion and it had left both Sebastian and Ashara grinning. Sebastian was also painted but his colour was a deeper shade of indigo, and both donned black leather armor.

Orakan had opted to only wear his pauldrons and gauntlets - leaving his cuirass with the rest of his belongings - and had paired them with a new weapon harness, black wool pants and an eye patch that was proving to be more trouble than it was worth. He fiddled and scratched at it while getting ready, slipping his kopis and dagger into place before adding a training kopis to the collection to give the illusion that he was bristling with weapons since it looked real enough when sheathed in a scabbard.

To complete the look the trio were going for, he fixed his manacles and a roll of rope to his belt and tied a black linen scarf around the lower portion of his face.

Sebastian cut a more menacing figure, sporting similar implements of the slave hunting trade, yet his face was concealed by a black leather helmet complete with thick bull horns protruding from either side.

Ashara, on the other hand, sported a black silk body suit with matching gloves and black boots. A long bit of rope hung from her lower back - this, too, dyed black - and a black leather mask covered her face. Shaped in the head of a cat, it was complete with pointed ears and silvery whiskers that sprouted out from the round cheeks. Her bright blue eyes could still be seen and looked all the more sly. A decorative slave collar adorned her neck to complete the ensemble.

The trio were on there way out when a hand took hold of his wrist.

"Wait, there's something missing."

The words were playful yet the Daggerhand still yanked his wrist free and turned to regard to woman who had tugged at him. She seemed unbothered, obviously under the influence of drink, and smiled broadly.

"You two should be Cerulean!"

Orakan had no idea what that meant but he was not in the dark for long and he found himself seated, scarf down around his neck with a pot of black ink in hand as the woman painted designs over his face. Apparently 'Cerulean' were the more menacing and dark of the Akalak. Orakan took some small pleasure in this, in portraying such a thing, and found himself feeling almost.. excited.. about heading out.

With scarf drawn up around the lower half of his face once more, the trio finally departed.

He had not really known to expect and he was quite taken aback by the grandeur of the set up. For whatever reason - most likely his inattentiveness - he had assumed it would be in the shop. Instead, a large pavilion beckoned, its innards glowing and gleaming, light dancing along with the many bodies, voices and music within. Orakan braced himself and then followed, Sebastian in the lead.

costume and face paint

receipt :
eye patch 1cm
blue paint (1lb) 3gm
weapon harness 5gm
practice kopis, metal core 2gm
vial of ink (1oz) 1gm
coarse wool pants (dyed) 1gm 2sm
linen scarf (dyed) 1sm 5cm
total 12gm 3sm 6cm
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[The Midnight Gem] The New Year's Eve Costume Party

Postby Kynier on March 2nd, 2019, 6:33 pm


Kynier stared in hard thought about the clue that she had given him. He tried to think of something that matched her description and the physical manifestation that she had made. Wracking his brain, he had no solid ideas that he would guess on. Natural elegance, pompous nature, and something to strive for. Kynier bit into a small square of cheese as he looked her outfit over once again. “I must say, it is interesting because it is not so obviously apparent.” Kynier scanned the crowd around them and pointed at a short stout man with a sapphire left arm and fur covering his upper body and face. “Not like that gentleman over there,” he said with a gesture of his hand.

“Mmm!” he quickly swallowed his bite when she asked about his outfit. Held posed with his hands out to the side as though she hadn’t already gotten a clear look at him. “I am ethereal and beautiful. However, I am more dangerous than I am colorful,” he said with a smile. It was then that their hostess set herself upon them, bestowing snacks into their hands. “Thank you,” Kynier said with a big smile before he looked up at the silver-maned beauty. “Wow,” he said softly with a smitten expression. Once he saw the eyes, he knew who it was.

Dancing, that sounded most enjoyable and was on his agenda for the night. But when Kelski gave him a thorough examination and stated that he looked delicious, his cheeks flushed beneath the mask to half the shade of the red glass plates. When she went off, he chuckled a bit and turned back to Skyler. “Well, I’m not aware of anything ever managing to eat me,” he said in jest while giving the woman another clue. Kynier took a bite into the snacks that Kelski had pawned off on them and moaned pleasantly at the taste of it. Then he looked back to Skyler.

“Would you care to dance at some point tonight?” he asked. Social gatherings were not an environment he generally was comfortable in. There was no certainty as to whether he should invite her to dance now or offer one later. Kynier’s eyes caught the arrival of several other people to the pavilion. A strange trio of people, two of which were dressed nearly identical. The third was a girl with ropes attached to her that connected to a wooden cross that one of the men carried. Kynier stared for a moment as he pondered over their outfits.

Their hostess returned again, this time bearing a tray of beverages. She offered one to Kynier first, only to pull it away before he could take it. She traded it for a different cup on her tray and told him what the second drink was. He smiled brightly from beneath the mask and took the cup from her. “Definitely my preference,” he said to her. “Thank you again.” He saw the happiness the Sea Eagle had from running around and handing off food and beverages. Silently he watched her roam off into the crowd again with a sense of longing.

Breaking himself away from the trance that sought to ensnare him, Kynier turned his attention back to Skyler. “So, do you live in Baroque Bay?” he asked as a means of starting a conversation. His eyes caught sight of another trio joining the festivities, and the woman of that group caught his attention, and a glare from beneath the mask.

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