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Wanda Endust

Postby Wanda Endust on May 18th, 2013, 8:19 pm

Wanda Endust


"Leave all your love and your longing behind.
You can't carry it with you,
if you want to survive."

Full Name: Wanda Helena Endust
Race: Human
Gender: Female

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 102 lbs
Age: 17 years
Birthdate: 88th Summer 496 AV
Birthplace: Syliras

Profession: Masseuse
Location: Syliras (Spring 1-15), The Wildlands (Spring 15-65), Nyka (Spring 65-91)

Theme :

Appearance *Model: Sara Mills
(Note: Not to be confused with Sara X Mills)
Waves of medium blonde hair fall to frame a delicately featured face -- a face that might either be described as unassuming or mischievous, depending on who you ask. Wanda's eyes are a light hazel-brown that seem only to enhance the general warmth of her presence. Where her expressions once glowed with the light of innocence (and, in some cases, still do), it has been somewhat replaced by a constant sense of aloof-ness or defiance. Her round, youthful face is offset by her slightly more angular features as she finds herself caught somewhere in between the stages of "girl" and "woman". Like most commoners of Syliras, her skin sports a modest tan from labor, but retains the shadow of paleness resulted from being tucked away deep in the confines of Stormhold Citadel. Wanda has no birthmarks to speak of, and whatever freckles she may find on her body are few and far between.

Though not quite imposing in the way of stature, Wanda carries herself with a kind of self-assured confidence. At 5'2" and 102 lbs, Wanda's slight build and long limbs make her appear taller than she is -- from a distance, at least. Having only begun to shed the frame of childhood, her modest curves lend a hint of femininity to her stride and posture. Having grown up in the most populated city in Mizahar, Wanda takes special care to bathe as often as she can. Hygiene is important if you want to keep from contracting disease. Wanda's ensemble generally lends her a kind of warm allure.

Wanda is consistently inconsistent. She could be the life of the party one moment, then collapse into thought the next -- or perhaps an outburst. However, if someone spends enough time with her, they may notice patterns in her behavior and be able to predict when her mood might shift. Wanda tends to favor theatrics and grand gestures, but details and subtleties are not totally lost on her.

For the most part, she exudes a kind of laid-back, whimsical charm. This trait, along with her footloose and fearless nature, most oftentimes convinces those taking her at face value that the girl is either aloof, air-headed, or both. Underneath the surface, however, lies a storm of thought, feeling, and emotion. Wanda's mind moves at a brisk pace and, while she takes no great pains to conceal her thoughts or motives, she recognizes that people are far easier to engage with when you play the fool.

With an ancestry of both wizardry and knighthood, Wanda is no exception to her prideful genes. Bold and daring at heart, she will never back down from a challenge and will sometimes even abandon reason to take tremendous risks, walking close to the edge of disaster to prove to herself that yes, she can in fact do 'it'. Besides that, she is slow to offend but moderately quick to anger. An insult to her family might invoke a revenge plot, but some detestable act (insulting a child or copping a feel) would likely result in either a sharp retort or swift -- albeit small -- fist to the face.

Despite all this, beneath her deepest layers there lies a vulnerable, confused child. Left to fend for herself and forced the grow up far sooner than she'd ever planned, Wanda doesn't know what to do with herself. On one hand, she feels slighted by the universe. It's not fair for her to give up her family at such a tender age. She is lonely. She is lost. Somewhere, deep inside, lurks a boiling passion, a burning longing for some kind of justification for her predicament, and her subconscious desire for power -- the power, any kind of power really, for reasons beyond her own scope. But that is hidden easily enough, and is a side of her persona that even she doesn't dare to tamper with.

Though not prone to being particularly flirtatious, her touchy-feely side may come off as less than platonic when paired with a cheeky smile and well-timed laugh. She is plagued by a natural curiosity that sometimes gets her into unsavory situations, but is usually saved by her hidden wit.

Interpersonal relationships tend to be either intense and passionate or comfortable and personable, but intimate friendships are rare. She tends to make a point of getting to know as many people as possible, simply for the sake of networking. However, she does have a competitive streak and will typically let someone know that she dislikes them. Of course, all such things are dictated by her mood in the moment and the person in question.

No matter what she does, her actions can usually be categorized under "well-intentioned." As a young girl suddenly thrust into the role of an adult before she was ready, all she searches for now is a purpose, some driving force behind which her passions can be set.


Upon Character Creation :
Note: This history is boring and poorly written. Bear with me.

Wanda was born to a poor wizard and an even poorer midwife.

Her father, Jarvis Endust, was a Zeltivan man, taught certain magics by his father and eventually educated at the University of Zeltiva. Her mother, Alta, is a native of Syliras -- rather average, really -- and had been raised in a family of nannies, caretakers, and clerks. Wanda's father was curious and adventurous, while her mother is anything but. The circumstances surrounding their relationship were always a big puzzle to Wanda -- how could two people from completely different worlds, with completely different personalities, and most definitely not made for each other fall so madly in love? And fall in love they did, and they married. Yet their passion was only a flash in the pan, and soon fizzled out. They were prepared to divorce, when Alta discovered she was pregnant. To raise Wanda, the couple decided to stay together.

As such, Wanda was born into a strange household. Alta became wed to her work, while Jarvis entertained himself with other women.

There was little honest wizards' work available that paid enough to support a family, and Wanda's father eventually turned to more illicit avenues. Though he never discussed his work in front of his child, it was the source of many late-night arguments between the young couple.

In this household, Wanda was a constant source of boundless joy -- perhaps the only reason that Jarvis did not leave. A natural "daddy's girl", Wanda often butted heads with her mother who was significantly more strict. Though the relationship between Wanda and her mother was never a particularly close one, Alta undeniably loved her daughter. When she could spare her time, she would teach Wanda the basics of what little medical knowledge she had picked up in her career as a midwife -- and was quite pleased to discover that her daughter was had a natural affinity for it.

However, as a child, Wanda spent most of her own times with her father. As a pair of troublemakers, they always got into assorted mischief together. Or rather, Wanda got into mischief and her dad bailed her out.

Like Wanda's mother, her father passed on to Wanda one of his own skills -- Hypnotism -- after she had pestered him enough about it. He could never tell her no, despite the harmful side affects of the practice. Her mother, though not too knowledgeable in the realm of magic, warned Wanda against exercising this particular talent. But Wanda, ever the daredevil, practiced in secret.

And then, suddenly, Wanda's father was gone. It seemed that his work, whatever kind of shady employment it may have been, had finally caught up to him. His body was found on a dark street corner, robbed of everything except his clothes -- including his tongue. Authorities never caught his killer.

Somehow, Wanda managed to stay a happy child. When she was younger, every once in a while, her father had told her not to be sad when he died. Whenever he would say that she'd roll her eyes, never thinking much of it. Now, she clung to those words of his.

Ironically, the passing of Wanda's father strengthened her relationship with her mother.

While nothing could be as strong as the bond she'd had with her father, Wanda and her mother no longer argued and, instead, were there to support one another.

Unfortunately, Jarvis's illegitimate job had been the family's primary source of income. Wanda -- aged 14 -- and her mother were forced to take up residence in a far more interior section of the Maiden district, and Wanda was put to work doing odd jobs and running errands for neighbors in order to earn some extra mizas. And she continued to practice her hypnotism, though by now her mother knew that she did so, and Wanda knew that her mother knew. It was simply never discussed. It is a way for Wanda to stay connected to her father.

A couple seasons after their move, at almost 15 years of age, Wanda found her calling: Massage. Long story short, she wanted to take up a job at the Soothing Water Bath and Massage but her mother -- aware of what kinds of activities are often expected of their employees -- would have none of it.

Spring 513 AV :
Spring of 513 AV, Wanda's mother fell ill. With her unable to work, Wanda was is now looking for proper employment to support the both of them.

Summer 513 AV :
Wanda finally finds employment at the Soothing Waters, but is disappointed to find that the work is not all that she imagined it to be. The routine of work is tedious, and Wanda finds herself longing for a more exciting job. She would travel to another city, but cannot imagine living anywhere besides Syliras. Besides, she can't simply leave her ill mother on a whim.

Fall 513 AV :
Things start looking brighter for Wanda -- she finds new ways to entertain herself at work, making her generally more contented. A few minor things occur to challenge her mind and morals, though they're nothing she can't handle.

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Wanda Endust

Postby Wanda Endust on May 18th, 2013, 9:58 pm


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Massage 15SP, 15RB, 6XP 36 Competent
Hypnotism 15SP, 3XP 18 Novice
Medicine 10SP, 1XP 11 Novice
Storytelling 5SP, 4XP 9 Novice
Meditation 5SP, 2XP 7 Novice
Observation 25XP 25 Novice
Socialization 22XP 22 Novice
Rhetoric 11XP 11 Novice
Organization 2XP 2 Novice
Persuasion 1XP 1 Novice
Negotiation 1XP 1 Novice
Acrobatics 1XP 1 Novice
Teaching 1XP 1 Novice
Dancing 1XP 1 Novice
Stealth 1XP 1 Novice
Philosophy 1XP 1 Novice
Flirting 1XP 1 Novice
Investigation 1XP 1 Novice
Subterfuge 1XP 1 Novice

Lore of...
  1. Human Anatomy
  2. Layout of Syliras
  3. Roaming The Fortress City
  4. A very intellgent wolf in Syliras
  5. Sera Mona Reeves: Syliran Knight
  6. Solin Valhir: Wolf kelvic
  7. Location: Soothing Waters Bath and Massage
  8. Employed At The Soothing Waters
  9. Sickly Mother
  10. Laura: Favik's Mother
  11. Party At The Bathhouse
  12. Favik: Acquaintance
  13. Zadok: Acquainance
  14. Witnessing Reckless Use Of Fire Reimancy
  15. Matthew: Harlot At The Herald's Arms
  16. Anatomy: Sacrum
  17. The Dangers of Perfumed Incense
  18. Social Nuance: Bubbly, Happy, Cheerful Greeting
  19. Organization: Keeping A Tidy Workspace
  20. Rhetoric: Playful Banter
  21. Massage: The Benefits of Almond Oil
  22. Dancing: It’s All In The Hips
  23. Bolivar: Flirt
  24. Solin: Wolf-Boy from the past
  25. An Unfamiliar Familiar Voice: Mom
  26. Mrs. Endust is Dying
  27. Alta is at Peace with Death
  28. Hypnotism: A Suggestion of Reassurance
  29. Mother's Request: Live Your Life
  30. Moving on after death: A difficult path
  31. Using Calming Words and Imagery to Suppress Emotion
  32. Nothing Left in Syliras
  33. The Rogue Knight: A Mysterious Troublemaker
  34. Charoda: Amphibious Water-Dwelling Race
  35. Rumor: A Pirate Ship Moored At The Docks
  36. Story: Bloodeye Black The Pirate And Hendry Jimmix The Lute Player
  37. Tourmal: Acquaintance
  38. Tourmal: Weaponsmith At The Ironworks
  39. Hypnotism: Used To Get Out Of Sticky Social Situations
  40. Self: Journey Of Self-Discovery
  41. Foreign City: Nyka
  42. Eterous Page: Caravan Leader
  43. Travelling: Essential Items
  44. Nightwalkers: Hair Black as Pitch and Deep Grunts
  45. Yarvis: Glow in the dark horse
  46. Location: Windmount Stables
  47. Serena Windmount: Employee at Windmount Stables
  48. Yarvis: not Jarvis, her dad.
  49. Story: Mad Ragmar the Red
  50. Aldus: convincing storyteller
  51. Sunberth: unfriendly place
  52. The heart of a bard
  53. Dealing with unpleasant clients
  54. Strategies to evade work
  55. Location: Great Bazaar
  56. Weapon: Created To Maim And Kill
  57. Sharp Weapon: Steel Dagger
  58. Blunt Weapon: Wooden Tonfa

Having never left Syliras in all her life, the only language Wanda knows is Common. Although she's been exposed to various foreign languages -- mostly from travelers on the streets -- she never memorized any phrases. Additionally, having never had a formal education, her vocabulary is limited to simpler words and her writing skills are a bit lacking.

Wanda is a modestly devout worshiper of Syna, the goddess of sun, sight, joy, and energy. (More to be expanded upon later, including gnosis whenever acquired.)

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Wanda Endust

Postby Wanda Endust on May 18th, 2013, 10:38 pm


  • Simple Dress (1)
  • Simple Shirt (1)
  • Simple Pants (1)
  • Simple Cloak (1)
  • White Chemise, cotton (1)
  • Simple Undergarments (1)
  • Slippers (1 pair)
  • Sandals (1 pair)
  • Silver Earrings
  • Gold Ring (heirloom)
  • Waterskin
  • Backpack and Rucksack
    - Comb and Brush, wooden
    - Razor
    - Skin Cream (12 oz)
    - Toothpowder (12 oz)
    - Soap
    - Food for a week
    - Eating Knife
    - Flint & Steel
    - Insect Repellent
    - Masseuse's Toolkit
    - Journal
    - Quill (1)
    - Ink (5 oz.)
    - Map, Sylira Region (w/ case)
    - Bedroll
    - Tent, four-person
  • Saddle
  • Saddle pad
  • Saddlebags
    - Dried Apples (10 lbs)
    - Dried Elderberries (16 oz, or 1 lb)
    - Dried Apricots (2 lbs)
    - Dried Peaches (2 lbs)
    - Chestnuts (5 lbs)
    - Salted Pork (5 lbs)
    - Cheese (5 lbs)
  • Blanket & Hood (Horse)
  • Bit & Bridle (Horse)
  • Halter & Lead (Horse)
  • Dagger
  • Wooden Tonfa (1)

Image A simple gold ring, gifted to Wanda by her father on her tenth birthday. She keeps it with her always.

Image Obtained Description
Image 6 Spring 514 A simple steel dagger, with brown leather handle and a disk-like pommel. Wanda is uneasy with it and around it.
Image 6 Spring 514 A simple wooden tonfa in semicircle style. Wanda is more comfortable using it than she is with her dagger, but the handle is a bit too wide for her smaller hands. It slides around against her palm too much.

Along with her mother, Wanda lives in a cheap, 20-square-foot apartment situated deep within the interior of Stormhold Citadel. With no windows, the only source of fresh air is a ventilation shaft. Sparsely furnished, it contains only a hearth, small table, a single chair, a storage chest, and two small bunks in poor condition.


Spring 514AV
Purchase Cost Total
Season Start -- 949gm 4sm 9cm
Horse (Gildling) -100gm 849gm 4sm 9cm
Blanket & Hood –8gm 841gm 4sm 9cm
Saddle –10gm 831gm 4sm 9cm
Bit & Bridle –2gm 829gm 4sm 9cm
Saddlebags -5gm 824gm 4sm 9cm
Halter & Lead –1sm 824gm 3sm 9cm
Stabling (11 days) -5gm 5sm 818gm 8sm 9cm
Dagger -2gm 816gm 8sm 9cm
Tonfa, Wooden -3gm 813gm 8sm 9cm
Dried Apples (10 lbs) -10gm 803gm 8sm 9cm
Dried Elderberries (16 oz) -1gm 6sm 802gm 2sm 9cm
Dried Apricots (2 lbs) -30gm 772gm 2sm 9cm
Dried Peaches (2 lbs) -30gm 742gm 2sm 9cm
Chestnuts (5 lbs) -5gm 737gm 2sm 9cm
Pork, Salted (5 lbs) -15gm 722gm 2sm 9cm
Cheese (common source) (5 lbs) -1gm 721gm 2sm 9cm
Skin Cream (12 oz) -3gm 718gm 2sm 9cm
Toothpowder (12 oz) -0gm 9sm 717gm 3sm 9cm
Map, Sylira -10gm 707gm 3sm 9cm
Case, Map -1gm 706gm 3sm 9cm
Saddle Pad -1gm 705gm 3sm 9cm
Rucksack -1gm 704gm 3sm 9cm
Blanket, Winter -0gm 5sm 703gm 8sm 9cm
Insect Repellent -1gm 693gm 8sm 9cm
Bedroll -0gm 1sm 693gm 7sm 9cm
Tent, four-person -10gm 683gm 7sm 9cm

513 AV :
Purchase Cost Total
Starting Package +100gm 100gm
Bed, poor (1) -1gm 99gm
Chemise, white cotton, small -6cm 98gm 9sm 4cm
Sandals -2sm 98gm 7sm 4cm
Toolkit, Masseuse -20gm 78gm 7sm 4cm
Earrings, silver (1 pair) -2gm 76gm 7sm 4cm
Ink (5 oz) -5gm 71gm 7sm 4cm
Quill -5cm 71gm 6sm 9cm
Spring 513 AV
Bath -2sm 71gm 4sm 9cm
Book, Blank -3gm 68gm 4sm 9cm
Seasonal Expenses, Poor -45gm 23gm 4sm 9cm
Summer 513 AV
Seasonal Wages +455gm 478gm 4sm 9cm
Seasonal Expenses, Common x2 -270gm 208gm 4sm 9cm
Fall 513 AV
Seasonal Wages +637gm 845gm 4sm 9cm
Seasonal Expenses, Common x2 -270gm 575gm 4sm 9cm
Winter 513 AV
Seasonal Wages +644gm 1219gm 4sm 9cm
Seasonal Expenses, Common x2 -270gm 949gm 4sm 9cm

Current Balance | 683gm 7sm 9cm

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Wanda Endust

Postby Wanda Endust on May 18th, 2013, 10:48 pm


For PC Relationships, see here.


Species: Horse, Gildling
Gender, Age: Male, 4 years
Met: 4 Spring 514AV (Say Neigh)
Place of Birth: Syliras
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Donec quam felis, ultricies nec, pellentesque eu, pretium quis, sem. Nulla consequat massa quis enim. Donec pede justo, fringilla vel, aliquet nec, vulputate eget, arcu. In enim justo, rhoncus ut, imperdiet a, venenatis vitae, justo. Nullam dictum felis eu pede mollis pretium. Integer tincidunt. Cras dapibus. Vivamus elementum semper nisi. Aenean vulputate eleifend tellus. Aenean leo ligula, porttitor eu, consequat vitae, eleifend ac, enim. Aliquam lorem ante, dapibus in, viverra quis, feugiat a, tellus. Phasellus viverra nulla ut metus varius laoreet. Quisque rutrum.


ImageAlta Endust (née Burns)
Race: Human, female
Relationship: Mother (deceased as of 82 Winter 513AV)
DoB: 51 Spring 473AV
Place of Birth: Syliras
Occupation: Midwife
Skills: Medicine 25 | Cooking 10 | Teaching 10 | Negotiation 5

Though her temper has cooled over the course of her illness, Wanda's mother was a force to be reckoned with. It's highly likely that she has a Knight's blood in her veins -- a natural enforcer, Alta had always been strict. However, her headstrong attitude does not extend to authority figures, and she's always been a tad too compliant towards superiors. Even so, Alta made sure to keep a quiet leash on her family, permitting her husband's jaunts only to keep from causing a scene. Even in her later years, Alta was a great beauty -- perhaps the only reason Jarvis managed to put up with her disagreeable temperament. Wanda most likely inherited her looks and persistence.

ImageJarvis Endust
Race: Human, male
Relationship: Father (deceased)
DoB: 43 Spring 470AV
Place of Birth: Zeltiva
Occupation: Con Artist
Skills: Hypnotism 26 | Intelligence 18 | Teaching 6

Wanda wouldn't admit that she favored her father. Rather, she loves each of her parents for separate reasons. However, Jarvis and his daughter always seemed to share a special connection. Whenever he wasn't working, he was playing with his little girl or teaching her a new trick. He was an incredibly quick-witted fellow, but always had patience for his daughter's antics. Not one to stay tied down, Jarvis made sure to push his boundaries whenever possible. He was always a hit with the ladies, even after his marriage, though he was something of a jerk. Forever bold, his breezy disposition never quite seemed to mesh with his wife's ornery one. Wanda seems to have inherited his charm and carefree nature.

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Wanda Endust

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Spring 514AV
3rd Weighing Options solo - Finished, graded
4th Say Neigh solo - Finished, graded
5th More Than Wasted Time w/ Sigrun Dominic - Ongoing
6th Battle Ready? solo - Finished, grade pending
10th [Soothing Waters] A Stretch in Time w/ Letixia Raigner - Abandoned, graded
28th Yuk, Yuk, Yuk. solo (pm to join) - U/C
64th (dream) A Cavern of Chaos w/ Vinn - Ongoing
80th First is the Worst solo (pm to join) - U/C
79 Winter 506AV Rising Action (part I) solo - Ongoing (important)
9 Spring 507AV One in the Hand w/ Venser Rush - Ongoing
60 Summer 508AV Memories: Lost and Confused w/ Solin - Finished, graded
30 Winter 510AV Pain and Gain solo - Ongoing

513AV :
86th Unexpected Faces in Unfamiliar Places w/ Isalie - Ongoing
75th [Soothing Waters] I'mma Big Girl Now w/ Favik and Zadok - Abandoned, graded
6th [Undeniable Interests] The Power of Persuasion w/ Sigrun - U/C
2nd [Soothing Waters] Job at Hand solo - Finished, graded
65th Not in the Job Description w/ Viper - Ongoing
5th Hypnotizing Hands w/ Matthew - Abandoned, graded
12th Old Friend, New Tricks w/ Solin - Abandoned, graded
20th [Soothing Waters] Isn't This Lovely solo - Finished, graded
51st [Soothing Waters] Night Shift -- It Happens. w/ Fallon, Bolivar - Finished, graded
75th [Soothing Waters] Should'a Stayed Home w/ M'wanii - Finished, graded
5th [Soothing Waters] Can I Help You? w/ Orion Michaels - Ongoing
10th [Soothing Waters] Soap and Steam w/ Hadyn Skellig - Ongoing
11th Strange Strays w/ Ildiko - Ongoing
12th Winter Wardrobe solo - Ongoing
20th [Soothing Waters] Bubble Trouble w/ Oriah, Alasdair - Ongoing
22nd Night on the Town w/ Aldus - Abandoned, graded
27th A Filly at the Stallion w/ Tourmal - Finished, graded
50th (dream) End of the World w/ Annalisa Marin - Ongoing
52nd [Soothing Waters] Touch and Chill w/ Ethan Ironhorse - Ongoing
82nd The Calm ... solo - Finished, graded
83rd ... Before the Storm solo - Finished, graded

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