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Postby Ixzo on October 16th, 2015, 12:55 am


Titles: Ixzo of the Shorn Skulls
Race: Kelvic, Night Lion
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 76th of Summer, 510AV
Profession: Expert hunter (15 gm/day) at
The Spitfire

Human Height: 6'2 (~1.88 m)
Human Weight: ~170-180 lbs (~77.11-81.64 Kg)
Lion Length: 8' (~2.44 m)
Lion Weight: ~380-390 lbs (~172.36-176.9 Kg)

Merits: Loyal, Intense, Affectionate
Flaws: Reckless, Prideful, Easily Distracted

Languages: Myrian (Fluent), Large-Cat Communication (Fluent), Pavi/Grassland Signs (Basic), Common-Tongue (Poor)

Aesthetics from Fallon.

physical appearance:
qqqAs a human, Ixzo stands at a healthy length of six feet, two inches. Among the Myrians, she was short, but among the humans, she stands much higher than even many of the men. Despite this, her most striking feature is not the cat-like grace in which she moves, or the mute silver eyes of a nightlion, but the tattoos and scars that cover her body. As tradition from her clan, Ixzo earned her markings with her accomplishments. Her hair is done up in the traditional Shorn Skulls fashion; Never cut dreads massed into a mohawk atop her head, which can only benefit her height. Her midnight skin is kindly accented by strong cheek bones and thick lips. There always seems to be an intentional set to her brow, and when she laughs or smiles, however rare, there is a clear gap between her front teeth. Similar to her lion form, Ixzo has fairly large hands, much larger than one would expect from a human her size, although this is a direct trait from her massive paws as a lion, and one that she finds no shame in.

qqqAfter spending a year with the Drykas, growing comfortable in the Plains which she now calls home, she had gained most of her weight back after slavery. She is very much like a lion in that she had long and lean muscles rather than bulky ones, but there is no lacking of power in them as is immediately evident. No stranger to hard work, Ixzo is thickly muscled and with well calloused hands and feet, a strong number of natural scars to compliment her decorative ones. While she rarely intends to intimidate, the first reaction that many have to her is fear, or at least wariness.

qqqAs a Kelvic, and having grown up among the Myrians, Ixzo is not used to clothes. If she owns them they are a mix between the simple and rough materials of her jungle heritage, or the bright and distracting colors that she adopted a taste for as a result of her bonding with an Alvad. Usually, Ixzo keeps in mind that society requires her to wear these clothes, but occasionally, she does need to be reminded of that fact. She wears little in the way of jewelry, aside from the peircings in her ears and nose, except for a
horse amulet around her neck. While the amulet holds magic that Ixzo has yet to discover, she mostly finds the trinket quite pretty, and valuable enough to keep on her whenever possible.

qqqAs a lion, Ixzo is stunning in her own way. Among her kind, she has a pitch black pelt, missing the traditional patches of grey that marks most of her kind. The massive cat also holds a silvery stare that reflects in her human form and affords her excellent vision through both forms. Like any lion, Ixzo moves with grace on large paws and slender shoulders, but unlike her purely animal kin, she holds a knowledge in her eyes, that shows she is more than the average nightlion, if you could call the creatures as such. An excellent hunter, there is no lacking in Ixzo's weight. What isn't muscle has a healthy layer of fat and a glossy coat which, as a lion, speaks louder of her fortune than as a human.

In both forms, Ixzo has accumulated a noticable scar. A long, pale pink line runs parallel across her left forearm as a human, while her lion form has the same injury, with a substantial disruption of fur in its wake.
This scar was the result of a fight against pirates for the Drykas in Winter of 515 AV. As a lion, her tattoos cannot be seen under her fur, but one may recognize her from the distinct scars across her back and chest. Even as a lion they appear decorative, and thus making her easily identifiable to those who know her.

Growing up among Myrians, Ixzo never though herself worhty of the Goddess of hope. Yet, being terribly religious, most of the Gods were always respected by the Kelvic. It wasn't until she found herself in slaver, in the last place to find hope, that she truly turned to Priskil. Unlike her faith with Myri, and even Caiyha, Ixzo truly placed her faith in Priskil when she had no where to go. But by doing so, Ixzo also provided hope for another. She wasn't the only broken and lost child in the Paille plantation, yet Ixzo found it in her to help another through the hard times. She picked Catli up when she was down and helped her be happy, and while their time together ulitmately ended in Catli's demise, Priskil took favor on her, marking her with the first gnosis of Luminance.

Although Ixzo was taught at a young age that she was not one of Caiyha's creatures, this Kelvic still cares deeply for the Goddess. Even as an unnatural creature, Ixzo considers herself part of the wild, especially as a hunter. In taloba, there was also a deep respect for nature, and so in Endrykas. But no matter where she goes, Ixzo seeks to preserve the wilderness. Like her lion form is seperate from her human form, Ixzo beleives that Caiyha's domain should remain unharmed by the domain of the humans.

Even though she is kelvic, she was raised by Myrians, and as a result has a deep respect for Myri and her ways. Although Ixzo never truly enjoyed hte bloodthirsty war aspect of Myri's rule, Ixzo is very grateful for Myri for a different reason. Myri provides the way of life for Myrians, she holds order and keeps family as important. She is the center of life in Taloba, of which, Ixzo got to prosper and enjoy within. Becuas of this, Ixzo is very devote to her Goddess Queen Myri for that reason.

Being one who fully commits to a few dieties, Ixzo is also fairely faithful to other dieties. There are the Gods and Goddesses that she grew up learning to pray to. Those in nature, such as Makutsi, Syna and Leth, are very important to her for obvious reasons. In the rainforests, those who impacted her daily life were appreciated. And of course, the two sisters of hte life cycle, Kihala and Dira will always be revered. Even Navre, although worshipped by the Myrians as well, is important to her, simply becuase of her nature.

During her short time among the Drykas, she is learning of their reverence for Zulrav and Semele along Caiyha. Although she never learned to worship them closely, the Drykas Gods such as Avalis, Rhaus and Eyris, have all become part of her awareness, although she is still trying to learn more about the dieties in order to better learn about Drykas culture.

qqqqDuring her time in slavery Ixzo turned to Priskil for help during her hardest time. Her bond had been broken and the free spirit had been forced into slavery. But Ixzo wasn't alone for long before she met the young Myrian, Catli. During their time, Ixzo devoted her time to giving the child hope and keeping her from falling too far into despair. Unfortunately, during their escape plan, Ixzo couldn't save Catli from death. It was then that Priskil stepped forward to mark Ixzo for her efforts, and it was then that Ixzo truly began to care of the Goddess as more than just a symbol of hope.

qqqqBeing marked with the first mark of
Luminance , Ixzo is afforded with a few unique abilities. When needed, Ixzo can generate a mild glow, usually from the palms of her hands, though only for a few chimes at a time. This glow is about equivalent to a torch and may give some courage to those affected by fear and negative emotions. Ixzo can also strengthen any source of artificial light and feel the presence of any kind of light, even beyond walls and obstacles (HD).

Gnosis Story :
Perhaps she hadn't come to yet. Without the will to open her eyes, or the want to even inhale to refill her lungs, Ixzo felt as if she would simply melt into the cold, dank earth beneath her. It would be better to do so if she truly was awake. Even now she remembered the pain so fiercely, but now it was accompanied by a new feeling. Emptiness. Not the emptiness of before. The emptiness of never having known what a bond felt like, now the emptiness was it's own form of pain. The pain of having lost.

She must be awake. The throbbing in her head was nothing compared to the shattering of her soul. Slowly, the lion allowed her eyes to open, which followed by a long intake of breathe, refilling her lungs. But she couldn't exhale, her breathe caught on something. Unintentionally the Kelvic's face twisted in agony and the breathe finally escaped in the form of a shriek. It felt good, to scream. But it hardly made an impact, since there was simply nothing there for it to impact on.

When she ran out of breathe. Ixzo only paused to fill her lungs with more before she screeched again, relishing in the cracks in her voice as the sounds reached new heights. Once more, she had to breathe, but before she could start once more, something was picking her up. A yank in her shoulders and then Ixzo was standing, something was wrapped around her mouth, a gag. And Ixzo's eyes focused easily in the dark, lying on the face of a human, who looked dissatisfied with her screaming. Only a few moment passed as Ixzo put together the inevitable. She was being held. Perhaps it was because she attacked Elise. Preferably it was because she killed the woman. The sharp void throbbed when her thoughts shifted to Jodoc. Would she have killed him too, if she had gotten the chance? No, she would never.

A giggle was broken by the gag as the human finished tying it, stepping back from her. The giggle was quickly followed by a laugh, but that was cut short when Ixzo began choking on the spit that couldn't escape. Something was said in common as Ixzo returned to her bearings, and the lion merely looked towards the man. Which, now that she was standing, was much shorter than herself. She hadn't heard what he said, nor did she care. Instead Ixzo let her legs buckle beneath her, returning to the chilly dirt at her feet. Comfort was not a question. Even if her hands were not shackled behind her back, nor if there was a gag in her mouth. Hai, if she was laying on the softest bed in the world, comfort was no longer available to her. Not now that she was broken.

Jodoc, I begged. She tried to reason with the human who was nowhere near. As if there was still something holding them together where he would understand her feelings, but not her words. Instead her thoughts flowed into the void, swallowed by the misery and regurgitated as pain. She could never be whole again.


Two days passed. She didn’t eat. Not because she cared to spite her captors, but simple because the action seemed impossible. The food would sit on her tongue and then she found herself spitting it out ticks later. Or she thought it was ticks, evidentially it was bells before the food was dropped to the floor. She didn't have a choice to drink. They didn't seem to mind if she didn't eat, but she was forced to drink. Just like the food, the task was an issue, she was simply unable to swallow. But sure enough when her nose was pinched, the reaction filled for her.

"And this one?" The dynast aimed the tail of his quill towards the wild woman.

"We got her because she attacked the daughter of one of the Lynint's accountants. But she's been dead since then. Screams occasionally, but she doesn't react to anything."

"Then why is she here? Have you not hung her yet?"

"She's a Kelvic, a big cat, he said."

"You've seen her shift?"

"Well... no, but-- "

"Plantation." He dipped the quill back in the ink and scribbled something on his scroll. "She is… number twelve. Collar her, and we can ink her later." The Dynast glanced back up at the woman, who at this point had closed her eyes and was wobbling on her feet, as if they would give way if she slipped deeper into sleep. "Perhaps we brand her. Too much ink already." A sly smile ringed his lips and he threw a thumb over his shoulder. The slaver shook the wild woman's shoulder and obediently she started walking, not having understood the conversation or the reason why.


Heat hit her face and Ixzo barely shifted her gaze to see the red coals of a fire, of which there were metal sticks hanging out of. Her captor said something and the man who stood near the sticks pulled out two of them. A one, and a two. Ixzo felt the embrace of someone holding her shoulders, driving her stance into the ground as if prepared for her to lurch away. No comprehending, Ixzo watched for a few ticks as the man aligned the two numbers so that the one was first and the two second, lining them up on her upper thigh, which was just as bare as the rest of her body now. Ixzo knew she might have normally been fascinated by the bright red of the metal, but it was only a second before she started to realize what that bright red descending towards her thigh meant.

The kelvic opened her mouth just in time to let out a blood curdling scream as the heat seared into her skin. But it was only ticks before she realized she couldn't feel it. The blacksmith was already putting the metal numbers back in the fire. For the first time, Ixzo felt a little bit of shock as she looked down at the charred black numbers on her thigh. There was no mistaking the gruesome injury, but she couldn't feel it like it looked. There was a burning sensation ringing the numbers, but it seemed as if any feeling where the brands were placed had been sheared off quicker than she could notice. That or the pain didn't yet beat the emptiness. Perhaps that was it.

Finally, she ran out of breathe, and Ixzo closed her mouth, wide eyes still trying to take in her wound. Clenching her teeth, Ixzo tested her leg with a step forward. The pain increased, but it was still not what she expected. A stinging burn, one that could make a woman crazy with pain. But the Kelvic didn't seem to mind the sensation. At least it was one.

As it was evident she could walk forward the captor lead her away from the black smith, where she heard the struggles of the next slave. When she was directed to sit, she did. When she was motioned to raise her chin, she did. But as the captor hooked something tight onto her neck, Ixzo realized it was a collar. A leather collar that was being wrapped around her neck. Not so tight she couldn't breathe, but perhaps it wasn't comfortable. She couldn't tell. But the strong scent of freshly oiled leather dug into her nostrils and along with it came amusement. If she wanted to leave, leather would not have been a problem. Leather... were they serious?

The corners of Ixzo's lips tensed, but she didn't smile, eyeing her captor as he unshackled her wrists afterward. Automatically she brought her sore arms forward to rub the bloody rings on her wrists, which she immediately realized just re-opened the barely closed wounds. Her captor began speaking to her as if she was supposed to be listening, but all of the sudden, Ixzo was no longer in the strange state she had been in. The burning in her thigh and the stinging in her wrists. Along with the soreness all over her body, was growing stronger. The pain, finally, was beating the emptiness, but all she could think about was the leather wrapped around her neck.


She still couldn't believe out idiotic it was. If she could get her hands on anything sharp, they had just let a lion loose. Did they know she was a lion? Did they know she had nearly, but hopefully succeeded in, killing a woman? Or maybe they just thought she wouldn't do anything. She could see why, her behavior didn't exactly show any signs of struggle, except for the occasional screaming, but Ixzo had hardly noticed those episodes, only ended through a gag and a pinch of the nose, forcing her to breathe normally yet again.


It was another few days of holding before Ixzo was given a bunk among twelve other slaves. It was only chimes before she found the key to getting back to Jodoc. The cabin was made from wood, but the hinges on the door was metal. In which there was a rather large looking nail holding it to the wall.

Days past with occasional guards showing up before all the new slaves seemed to be showing no interest in struggling for freedom. It was clear there was no man escaping the tobacco fields. However, lions were perhaps not accounted for, which was what Ixzo would be counting on when she broke free.


The Kelvic would occasionally laugh in the fields as she thought about the collar. Of course she couldn’t' snap it from simply changing, it was too strong for that. But if she could weaken it, then it was very likely she would be able to. Of course, if she miss calculated she would already be paying for it with only ticks to change back, or die. But the Kelvic didn't worry too much. Death was not a fear. Not being able to return to Jodoc, and living with that, was her fear.

Surely he would take her back when she found him again.

At nights she screamed, but during the day she laughed. The entire time she was convinced she didn't feel a think and was quickly written of as insane. But she pulled her crops and was easily ignored. To Ixzo, it was days that passed, although by the change of the moons, it was a whole season before Ixzo met her hope.

"It burns! It burns!" The crying voice of a child filled her cabin when she returned for the night. She would need to grab her cloth and wash herself before sundown else she wouldn't get a chance until the night afterwards. But those particular words were only noticed because she understood them. Clearly, they were Myrian. Grabbing any energy she had, Ixzo had to force herself from her routine. It would be easy to ignore the child. Pretend she didn’t understand, pretend she spoke only common like the rest. But the screams of agony were more than just an itch on the Kelvic's conscious. She was a Myrian, which meant she was alone. Likely only to be in the fields for a moon before some dynast found her fancy and deemed her old enough to lay their bed.

When Ixzo reached her bunk, she picked up the washing clothe that she had carefully folded that morning, pawing it between her fingers for only two ticks before turning around. It didn't take the lion long to find exactly which of the new slaves was crying in Myrian. Silently the Kelvic went over to the child. "Come, water helps." She eyed the brand on the girl's thigh, just like her own.

"You… you speak Myri's language?" It was evident, even to the child, that she was not Myrian, but spoke the tongue fluently. Ixzo could only nod. She wanted to say more. She wanted to give the child comforting words, but nothing came to her tongue. She didn't even think she could properly emphasize with the girl in her state. The child followed her silence, and took Ixzo's hand when she held it out. Together they departed from the cabin, to go to the washing basins where the other slaves have gathered.

"Come with me." Ixzo tugged the girl's hand gently, departing from the line at the basins to go towards the well. Almost like a robot, Ixzo set to work lowering the bucket until she felt it sink into the water and then raising it again. She dipped her washing clothe in the water, ringing it out so it wasn't dripping but was still wet and turned to the girl. Gently putting the cloth on her face, she looked the little Myrian in the eye. A window of pain and confusion stared back and Ixzo wondered if the child read anything in her own eyes like she read in hers.

"My name is Ixzo." She offered in the same monotone tone that she had come very used to. The girl opened her mouth to speak, but nothing but a sob came out. Automatically Ixzo made a hushing sound as she remembered her mother had when she was distressed. It worked very well to calm the girl and when the girl had quieted she spoke.

"Catli." She sniffled as Ixzo finished wiping her face. The mud gave way to a bright copper tone of a healthy child.

"I'm going to wipe down your leg now. It is going to hurt. You have to be strong as Myri." Ixzo explained wetting the clothe again. "You are a warrior, and you will make it through this." The words seemed right, but they were so hollow the girl only sobbed more. She shrieked a little in anticipation when Ixzo came close to the wound with her clothe. There had to be another way to do this without scaring the child.

"Here, sit down." The child did, gently lowering herself to the ground. Ixzo crouched beside her, taking the girl's hand and placing it on her knee. "I'm going to count to three, and when I do, you only squeeze my knee if it hurts. Alright?" She looked into the Catli's eyes.

"One… Two-" Before the pause before three even started, Ixzo lightly swiped the girl's wound with the wet rag, brushing some of the fuzz from her clothing that had accumulated on it off. A ear-splitting scream echoed in the sunset and then it very quickly drifted off.

"Did that hurt?"

"Uh… no?" The girl seemed shocked when Ixzo lightly wiped it again, before dipping the cloth in more water and squeezing the liquid on the wound. The girl cringed. "That hurts." The whine echoed.

"Be strong, I know something that will soothe it." Ixzo informed her and for just a tick, she thought she caught herself thinking something. The Kelvic paused, looking up at the girl with a quick curiosity. For a moment the Kelvic was quickly hopeful as she kept looking into the little girls eyes, searching. Searching for a tendril of something that told her she could bond. Something. Anything.

But the lion could grasp nothing. That space was just as empty as it had been fore the past moon, but now there was a sort of soreness to it. And even if she couldn't bond, this child had made her feel, and that was something.

"Ixzo?" The girl asked. For the first time in what felt like years, the lion smiled.

"You are such a strong little girl." She murmured, dipping the cloth once more and wiped the last of the dirt and grime from the angry burn.

"The sun is setting, let's get back inside quickly." The Kelvic slung the clothe over her shoulder, quickly helping the child up and walking quickly towards the front of the cabin. Before stepping onto the porch however, she leaned down and pinched off a thick leave of a certain spiky plant on the cabin of the house. One of the guards gave her a stern look, but the Kelvic only tucked her head, pulling the child closer to her, as she ducked into the door.

Once inside, she lead the girl to her bed and revealed the plant. "Aloe." She explained, squeezing the broken end of the gel-like plant and swiped her finger across it. "Show me your wound." The girl pulled up her shift once more and Ixzo lightly dabbed the glop of goo on the red number seventeen. The girl cringed at first and then when Ixzo reached for the stem again to grab more, there was an audible sigh. This time she didn't have to force the smile.

"Now, tomorrow is going to be hard, let me show you your cot," Ixzo stood. The other slaves were quickly settling in for the night, instructing the newcomers to do likewise.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" The child pleaded, grabbing her arm desperately. Ixzo took a tick, but ultimately nodded, pulling the covers open for the girl. "Just for tonight." She said, suddenly worried. Would she wake the girl? Once the girl slipped under the covers, Ixzo followed suit, squeezing in as well. Oh how she wished she could curl up as a lion, but that simple wasn't possible.

And for the first night in a long time, Ixzo didn't scream


Another season passed and it was easier. Ixzo had someone who could understand her and she could understand. If she screamed, the girl comforted her. And if the girl screamed, Ixzo was always there. And during the day they laughed together. And slowly, she began to feel it.

It wasn't until they had both gotten the afternoon to be allowed to sit and shuck corn for the dynasts that Ixzo realized how the girl saw their relationship. Where the Kelvic thought she had found a sister, the girl apparently thought differently.

"You keep the peels, they will go in our mattresses." Ixzo advised the child, looking forward to a little extra cushion in the flat pallets that lined their cots, which were now beside each other.

"Wouldn't that be uncomfortable?"

"We put it under the hay so that we have more cushion." Ixzo explained, placing another of the speckled maze into the pile.

"But mom-- " The girl paused, and Ixzo froze where she had just started peeling the other corn.

"I am not your mother." The lion muttered, emotionless again.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean-- " The girl got quieter.

"You're going to go back to your ma, because I'm going to get us home." She looked up at the girl, who looked shocked.


"I'll find a way." The Kelvic shrugged and continued peeling the maze, realizing the promise was to herself as well as Catli. For once she had a reason to go on. A good one too. Perhaps this child would heal her heart where she could not. Perhaps his child was her hope after all.


It was only a fortnight before Ixzo laid by the girl in bed once more. The early spring night much chillier than either of their blankets could fight against. Doubling up with each other's warmth was the perfect solution.

"Kitten." She shook the girl awake, not worried about her losing sleep. "Kitten, I can get us out of her.

"How?" The sleepy voice of the thirteen year old whispered back and Ixzo smiled, she was attentive enough.

"If we get my collar off, we can ride away." The plan was so simple, she couldn't imagine why she hadn't thought of it before. She was sure she could handle the wild with the child well enough. Until they could get a boat and return to Taloba.

"I like it." The child murmured, rolling over to face Ixzo. In the dim light she saw the girl look up at her just as clear as if it where the day. "But how will we get your collar off?"

"We have to steal a sickle."

"Oh." The child murmured, snuggling back into the wild woman, content with the answer. How would they steal a sickle though? It wasn't time to harvest, it was time to plant. But before Ixzo could think of an answer she followed the girl into sleep.


"Catli, quick." Ixzo skidded to a halt near the girl, not caring about the fact that she was digging up countless seeds that she had just watered. Pulling a knife from her mohawk, Ixzo presented it to the girl.

"They know I took it." She glanced back, hearing the yelling. At the edge of the field, two rider's appeared in the distance. "Cut it off! Cut if off" She urged the hcild. Dumping her buckets of water on the ground, Catli grabbed the knife, bringing it to the Kelvic's neck. She could hear the crack of a whip which was likely to get other slaved out of the way as she horses passed. Catli grunted.

"It's so hard."

"Keep trying, you can do it! You are Myri's warrior!" Ixzo urged, slipping her pants off as the child worked.

"I can’t do it in time?" Ixzo reached up and grabbed the girl's wrist, slipping the knife from her fingers. Instead of sawing as the girl had, Ixzo positioned the dull blade in the slit that Calti had already created and giving it all her might, she yanked the knife outwards. With an audible pop, the leather snapped and Ixzo felt the tear of flesh on her cheek followed by the quick flow of blood. Ignoring the sting, and without hesitating Ixzo threw off her shift as she could feel the fast hoof falls. "Get on my back!"

"What?" The child shrieked, wild eyes flitting between her naked sister and the horses approaching. Without hesitating, Ixzo gave in to the sweet release of her lion form. Once she was stable, it took the girl only an instant to grab the fur on her shoulder, launching herself on. As soon as the pure black lion leapt forward, she heard the horses behind her shriek in surprise and knew she only could afford herself a few seconds to get to the swamp, and eventually the plains.

Pushing all her strength into her feet, Ixzo felt the pain in her shoulders and sides where the girl held on and hoped her grip was good as they broke through the trees. The horses were quick on her tail, and the lion leapt into the swamp, hoping she was the largest predator around for the time being.

"Ixzo!" She felt the grip of the girl release form her coat as she swam forward in the water. Panic seized the lion and her instinct was to keep running when she paddled in a circle and saw the girl flailing. She didn't know how to swim. Scared, Ixzo took the adrenaline to run herself back into her human form, in which she was a better swimmer. The thirty ticks it took were too long. It was too long. Ixzo panicked when her senses came back and the girl was not in the river. Not hesitating, Ixzo sucked in her breathe and dove, immediately seeing the still figure resting in the mud. Pulling the girl up from the bottom, she hooked her in one arm, dragging her to the other side of the bank just as the horses broke the trees to the swamp.

Thinking quick, the lion dragged the girl behind a tree, laying her down. For a tick she glanced behind the tree, unable to see the horses, at least they haven't brought hunting dogs… yet.

Ixzo turned back to the girl, pulling her shoulder up and smacking her in the back of the chest. "Catli!" She whispered urgently, glancing behind the tree once more. She could hear them, but where were they? "Catli!" She urged, shaking the girl. Had she swallowed to much water? What could she do about that. Without thinking, Ixzo stuffed two fingers down the girl's throat, nothing happened, so she wiggling her fingers in the back, which rewarded her with a spew of both their breakfast and more water than she wanted to see. "Catli!" She explained, patting the girls back once more.

The coughing was not quite and sure enough she heard the pounding footsteps reaching their poor hiding place. "You!" She understood only one of the common words and ignored the rest, struggling to pick the disoriented girl up, adrenaline aiding her as she tried to pull her onto her back. But the child was almost as big as her and not as child-like as Ixzo liked to think. But before any further action could be taken in advantage of her slowness, a bright light flowed through the swamp.

Ixzo closed her eyes, feeling the girl move in her arms. Uncertain, Ixzo opened slits in her eyes, looking for where Catli had gone, but she couldn't tell. Once the light subsided, another one of the slaves. One of the newer ones was standing before her, not a guard.

"Ixzo, let her go." The kelvic furrowed her brow, clutching Catli closer to her. The movement was of the other slave woman trying to shoulder the girl from Ixzo.

"No." She growled, and then whined. "No…" As she realized that Catli as not moving. "No.." She whispered, giving up the girl to the other slave woman who gently laid her down. "No, no!" Ixzlo felt her heart shatter once more. It was not like when her bond was broken, but it was a more inevitable sadness.

"Is there anything we can do?" She leaned down where the unnamed woman reached to close her eyes.

"Not that I can do, I wish I could, Ixzo." Tears sprouted form her throat.

"She was my hope! I was going to get her home. She didn't deserve this…" Ixzo sobbed, laying her head on Catli's chest. It was a few chimes before the woman spoke again.

"You were her hope." Ixzo could only open her eyes in reply, looking up at the slave woman for the first time.

"Seval?" She asked, recognizing the face. She had given her one of her shifts when she was not given one and in return the woman had taught her to make a delicious cornbread. Their interactions had always been short, but she would think of the woman as a friend if she had more time.

"No, I am Priskil." The woman said, and in almost an instant, Ixzo discovered she was not the fair-skinned slave that she had become friends with. She was still the same face, but her skill glowed and there was a transcendence to her voice that was impossible to mistake for mortal now that she had spoken her name. Of course she knew who Priskil was, but how could she have not noticed the Goddess walking alongside her for the past fortnight.

Hesitantly, Ixzo let go of Catli, moving to bend down to the woman. "I am so sorry. I didn't realize." She murmured, her nose to the dirt.

"No, please don't. Embrace her if that is what you wish." The woman rested a hand on Ixzo's shoulder and an almost giddy feeling took her over. It was happiness like she had never experienced before, and once the deity took her hand away, the feeling only faded slightly but remained.

"Priskil. Are you going to take Catli with you?" Ixzo asked, torn between defending the Myrian's right to go with Myri or the blessing of going to Priskil's realm, if Dira would allow it.

"No, she will go with Myri now. Even of her kind, her soul was too pure to die this young."

"It's my fault." Ixzo let her face fall to her hands, realizing that had she not taken the time to shift should could have attempted to grab her as a lion.

"And drown yourself? You would not have been able to hold your nose, and then both of you would have been dead. No, dear, it is not your fault." Priskil placed a finger under her chin, bringing her head back up. Once again the wonderful feeling of joy and hope filled her, and remained when Priskil released her once more, but her touch nearly shifted as she grabbed both of Ixzo's hands in hers.

The kelvic felt a surge of light. If it was possible to describe it that way. "Where she was your hope, you also were hers." Priskil spoke, and released Ixzo's hands. There was something different about this touch. IT was not a shot of joy that filled her up and quickly faded back to normal once Priskil stopped touching her. Instead it felt as if the Goddess had put something in her. That joy, that energy that she couldn't describe. The only other feeling she could compare was when she first bonded, and even that was not nearly as powerful as this was.

"I give you the gift of light, so you can do the same for countless others. You are the light of the dark, remember that." The deity said, and for some reason, Ixzo felt as if she was going to leave soon. As the goddess retracted her hands, Ixzo squeezed, but the quickly released, realizing what she had done. Of course she would not attempt to keep Priskil's hands with her. "Despite how you were raised, you are a good person. Continue with that, my dear Ixzo. There are some out there who need your light, for they are in the darkest of times."

"Priskil… I…"

"I will be back soon, that you have my word for."

"Priskil, thank you. So much." She murmured, remaining crouched on the ground as the Goddess departed.

"I will bring her to Myri, and you will keep her in your heart."

"Please take care of her." Ixzo's throat caught when she saw Catli's body glow just as bright as the Goddess was. And then they were gone. And the hoof beats were back. And even though the naked Kelvic knew she should be frightened, there was an exhilaration as she returned to her lion form, sliding through the underbrush and out of the sigh of the trail. She wasn't running any longer, she was forging her own way.

pre-creation history:
qqq[76th of Summer, 510AV] Ixzo was born to her Elephant Kelvic mother and Nightmare bat father. Because of her family had been among Myrians for so long, she was welcome among the Myrians and raised as such.
qqq[76th of Summer, 511AV] Once a juvenile, she was expected to learn a weapon like the rest of the Myrian children, however Ixzo showed a knack for hunting rather than weaponry.
qqq[Spring, 511AV-Spring, 514AV] Ixzo was one of Mayla's favorite hunters and picked up a bit of Malediction from her as a result, but was never officially trained in the magic.
qqq[35th of Spring, 514AV] Ixzo was curious about the famed trade ship, the Mischief. After investigating, she bonded with a human Alvad named Jodoc.
qqq[Spring-Fall, 514AV] During her travels with Jodoc, Ixzo began mimicking his personality and overall found herself more romantically invested in the relationship than he was.
qqq[28th of Fall, 514AV] Ixzo and Jodoc land in Kenash's port for trade and meet Elise.
qqq[34th of Fall, 514AV] Jodoc decides he is in love with Elise and forcibly breaks his bond with Ixzo. Ixzo attacks Elise and is enslaved.
qqq[36th of Fall, 514AV] Ixzo is sold to the Paille Dynasty as a plantation slave. Under their ownership, she was forced to pick up Pavi/Grassland Signs in order to not fall behind on her work.
qqq[41st of Fall, 514AV] Ixzo begins her work on the plantation.
qqq[61st of Fall, 514AV] Catli, a Myrian child, comes to the plantation and Ixzo takes her under her wing.
qqq[72nd of Winter, 514AV] Catli had gotten Ixzo out of her depression and Ixzo decides to escape to return Catli back to Taloba.
qqq[86th of Winter, 514AV] Ixzo finds out how she can get hold of a knife to break her collar.
qqq[12th of Spring, 515AV] Ixzo steals a knife from on of the plantation guards and cuts her collar loose. She attempts to escape with Catli in her lion form. Catli drowns in a river and Ixzo is unable to save her. Priskil comes to mark Ixzo.
qqq[34th of Spring, 515AV] After attempting to survive in the Sea of Grass as a lion, she comes across another night lion pride. Ignorant on the species social structure, she makes herself known and is quickly chased out of their territory.
qqq[87th of Spring, 515AV] Ixzo comes across a lone Drykas hunting party. Yearning for human life again, she approaches but is unable to change in time to prove herself not a predator and once more escapes with only her life.
qqq[42nd, of Summer, 515AV] Once more Ixzo comes across a different night lion pride, but does not approach in fear of how they would react.
qqq[43rd-49th of Summer, 515AV] Ixzo spends some time watching the hunting and survivng behaviors of the pride in an attempt to better her way of life.
qqq[86th of Summer, 515AV] As the Drykas move to their fall grounds, Ixzo catches whiff of the city and decides to follow the trail.
qqq[13th of Fall, 515AV] Ixzo catches up with the city, and tries to think of a way to join them.
qqq[34th of Fall, 515AV] Ixzo figures out she needs to bring something to Endrykas if she wants to integrate back into society.

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Postby Ixzo on October 30th, 2015, 12:41 am

ImageOn the ninth of Spring, 516 AV, Ixzo's life was changed yet again. Although it appeared as though Lhex had some pity on her, and for once it changed for the better. While taking the young Drykas, Iollu, to a city festival, she quite literally bumped into a woman that would change her life forever. Rufio, a Drykas had bound herself to her, becoming the new center of Ixzo's universe. As a Kelvic, especially one who had bonded before and survived the break, Ixzo took the new bond with pleasure and ease. Aside from Iollu and the occasional broken conversations with those she worked for and feared, Ixzo had been alone for too long. The lioness had been bothered, utterly changed, from her four years of upheaval, unable to adjust to the constant change. Now she has a rock.

While their relationship is new, and still being worked out, it is pure. These two are closer than any pair of sisters could be, even with no blood or physical link between them. Attached to Rufio, Ixzo has already begun to grasp her bondmate's emotions. The need to mirror and aide these powerful feelings has soothed the prideful lion. She serves not only as a sister, but a protector and a confident, an ever-living home, and the devoted companion to Rufio, and throughout it makes her happy. Both Rufio and Ixzo have grown used to the independent nature of their lives, and it has traversed to their bond as well. Past the first season of infatuation, both have grown used to each other, like Zulrav's strong winds, working with and around each other with ease. Whenever they can, they are together, but it is not uncommon for each to spend their days apart, working hard to survive in the danger of Cyphrus. This separation does not bother them like other Kelvic bonds, since both lay trust in the knowledge that by moonrise, they will be together again.

ImageName: Aco of the Shorn Skulls
Race: Kelvic, Nightmare Bat
Birthdate: Winter, 504AV
Title/Relationship: Father
Language: Myrian
Skills: Bow 20, Hutning 20, Carving 10
Concept: Aco wasn't actual born among the Myrians, but traveled to Taloba on account of his nature. Son of a Lhavitian scholar, Aco, formarly Acilo, wanted to be in the enviroment that his animal form was meant to thrive in. This meant making his way to the Falyndar jungles. Once he reached Maturity, the ambitious Kelvic slowly made his way across Falyndar. Unlike most kelvics, his driving force was not for a bond, but to reconnect with his nature, at least that is what he says. When he reached Taloba, it didn't take the bat long to find where he belonged, among the bloodthirsty Myrians.

Accepted because of his Kelvic nature, Aco found another kelvic, Tlili. Since she had already bonded, and both were kelvics, they didn't beleve they were turly in love. The two kelvics developed a very deep friendship, which Ixzo became the product of, which wasn't unlikely between kelvics living among the Myrians. As Ixzo grew, Aco hoped that his daughter experienced the same want for more than a bond as he did, but was not dissapointed when she seemed to happily bond with a foreigner. Yet, Aco is unaware of the break in Ixzo's bond and her current state.
Status: Stationary
Other: Used for flashbacks only (HD). PM me for use.

ImageName: Tlili of the Shorn Skulls
Race: Kelvic, Elephant
Birthdate: Spring, 495AV
Title/Relationship: Mother
Language: Myrian
Skills: Tracking 20, Cooking 20, Teaching 10
Concept: Tlili, unllike Aco, was born among the Myrians. She is one of the few kelvic bloodlines that inttermingle with the warrior race, getting along well becuase of their wild sides. Surprisingly long living for a Kelvic, it took Tlili nearly ten years, long past her parent's death, before she found a bond. An older Myrian woman, one of the grat warriors of the clan of the Shorn Skulls. As her bondmate, Tlili acted as a best friend and a caretaker for the Myrian, but not a romantic partner.

It wasn't until about five years later that Aco arrived to Taloba. Unlike most Kelvics, the bat yearned for something more than a bond, a connection he could not describe. Yet, the two kelvics stuck together quickly, being of the few among the Myrians. Unlike Aco, Tlili beleived there was romance between them, since she knew their relationship would never reach the magnitude of a bond. But even after Ixzo's birth and growth, Tlili and Aco stayed together. One beleived in a powerful friendship and the other beleived in romance. When Ixzo bonded with a foreigner, Tlili was estactic, unlike Aco, to find her daughter would be content for the rest of her life, secretly fearing she would turn out like her father and never be truly complete. Yet, Tlili is unaware of the break in Ixzo's bond and her current state.
Status: Stationary
Other: Used for flashbacks only (HD). PM me for use.

ImageName: Jodoc Evalence
Race: Human
Birthdate: Summer, 489AV
Title/Relationship: Ex-Bondmate
Language: Common
Skills: Subterfuge 20, Mathematics 20, Writing 10
Concept: Jodoc is a selfish man. Raised among the merchant class in Alvadas, he can't afford not to be. When he secured a job on the famed Mischief he should have been content, but was not. Where he was secure in his finance, Jodoc cycled through women with ease. On his third circute to Taloba, the erratic and needy man met Ixzo. Knowing she was a Kelvic, he took advantage of her willingness to bond. From the breif relationship, Jodoc got a willing bewarmer, but his thirst would not be quenched so easily.

Although, as a non-Kelvic, Jodoc did feel the bond, it was much easier for him to make up his mind to break it. Upon reaching Kenash three seasons later, Jodoc found his new obsessiont to be a rich and dainty freeborn by the name of Elise. Since Ixzo was bonded to him, she dellused herself into the obsession as well, and in the short time it took him to find his kelvic annoying, Ixzo didn't notice the change. When he opted to cut the bond in favor of Elise, the human let Ixzo be captured into slavery, although instead of going back to Alvadas with the Mischief, he stayed in Kenash. Little did Ixzo know, he tried to buy her back once his relationship with Elise didn't work out. The human remains in Kenash, thinking that if he ever needed a backup lay, his exotic kelvic would only be a transaction away.
Status: Stationary
Other: Used for flashbacks only (HD). PM me for use.

ImageName: Catli of the Shining Scales
Race: Myrian
Birthdate: Spring, 503AV
Deathdate: Spring, 515AV (Exact date TBD in thread)
Title/Relationship: Friend, companion
Language: Myrian
Skills: Singing 15, Endurance 15, Weapon: Knife 10
Concept: Catli was born among Myrians, but did not grow up there. As a young child, she was abducted by pirates, and brought to Ahnatep as a slave. Even though she was myrian, Catli didn't get a chance to fully integrate into her own culture, making her a non-threat to the jewelers that she worked for. But by the age of ten, her owners were loosing money and so they sold her off to a Kenash trader. Once reaching Kenash, Catli worked as a house slave for two years before misbahavior landed her in the feilds where she met Ixzo.

The young girl was as fiery as any Myrian. Defiant and confident in herself, four years in slavery didn't seem to do much to break her. But despite her strenght, Catli was as vunerable as any lone child can be and relied havily on her relationship with Ixzo once they met. But even though her life was seperated from her Myrian roots, Ixzo likes to beleive that Catli was taken to Myri after her death just like all of her ancestors.
Status: Stationary
Other: Used for flashbacks only (HD). PM me for use.

ImageName: Firstsong
Clan: Topaz
Approximate Size: 5 adults (2 pregnant), 1 juvenile, 2 children
Ankal: Rahle Firstsong
Specialty: Cultural preservation of songs and stories through the weaving of rugs, tapestries and blankets.
Accepts PC Members?: Yes (married in or hired only)
Current PC Members: No
History: One of the topaz, this family is naturally one of the most trusted in Endrykas. Although fairly new, having only seen two Ankals before Rahle, the Firstsong Pavilion specializes in the preservation of storytelling. Expert weavers and even better listeners, the Firstsong Pavilion takes it upon themselves to preserve the stories and songs of their fellow Drykas. Pavilions from all the Clans come to them in search of a custom tapestry, blanket, or rug to preserve their tales. The Ankal leads this trade alongside his wife and daughter, while his twin brother, is a valued member of the watch. After the pirate attacks in the winter of 515AV, their size has significantly decreased. Rahle's aunt, first wife and oldest two daughters perished in the fight, Rabard's son was also lost. Now, the Pavilion words to recover the status they once had as well as preserve the memories of their people.
Link to member list.

ImageCharacter Sheet
Relationship: Becuase of the vast differences between their cultures, Waisana and Ixzo got off to a rocky start. In the Spring of 516AV, Waisana volunteered to help the Kelvic take care of a sick Iollu, for which Ixzo was grateful. She met Waisana again, on a quest to find the cause of an escaped slave. Sharing this danger had brought them closer, and while the boundaries in their communication remain, a friendship has formed between the two.
Meeting: Fog Blindness

ImageCharacter Sheet
Relationship: Ixzo met Jasmine in the Spring of 516AV. Having both worked as hunters, they decided to brave a storm in pursuit of prey, even as strangers. From then on, the two hunter's paths have intertwined frequently, and Jasmine is one of the few Drykas who accepts Ixzo as an outsider, and thus is considered a close friend of hers, and an excellent hunting partner.
Meeting: Bow Women

ImageCharacter Sheet
Relationship: The first them she met Azmere, it was unremarkable. New to Endrykas and curious, she had a short conversation with him, showing the stranger first hand how distracted and rude she may be. After the Autumn of 516AV, they spoke little until Ixzo was put on trial for a crime she did not commit. It was then that Azmere showed her kindness, even opposed to his job. Learning her lesson, she quickly found the man afterwards, asking to join his Pavilion for protection in exchange for fresh meat.
Meeting: The Archer and The Bowyer


ImageIxzo's and Rufio's tent stands in the plain canvas of those who belong to no clan. Although a bit cramped, the four-person shelter holds the essentials for the duo with ease. The plain canvas is tightly secured to large lumber lining the bottom, to ensure the violent fingers of Zulrav do not rip their home up, carrying it along with him. Scuffed iron hooks dig the wood further into the ground, and also serve to attach a hefty leather rug to the floor of the tent, securing their things away from the wet and dirt of the Cyphrus ground. Although not used by Ixzo, two thin hide lamps illuminate the interior, a recent addition as a courtesy to her companions not capable of night vision, nor of the gift of Priskil. Still, at the far end of the dwelling there is a large bedroll with many blankets and hides laid hazardously across to ensure warmth, more used during the chilly Winters and cast aside as Summers draw nearer.

Actually, most of the tent is scattered with pelts. Small prized from successful kills are set to view from the huntress' den, albeit all find a use in one way or another. Two chests hold both Ixzo's and Rufio's items, separately. Between them a large basket, in which things to be cleaned are placed, usually procrastinated by Ixzo. Aside from this, the tent boasts a small collection of weapons, cleaned and neatly stacked when not in use, that lay beside a small table. Furniture is sparse among Drykas, and this den holds no exception, although the table is used more for temporarily storing messes, and giving lamps a place to rest, rather than eating or working upon.

Hung under the plain canvas are tapestries and more hides. One small tapestry as a gift from the Topaz clan, another bought from the Emerald clan. Between them hangs an intact wolf's hide, with two more accompanying it on the outer-sides of the tapestry. Should a visitor question them, they will undoubtedly hear Ixzo boast of taking on the three wolves by herself.

The living space is frequented by both Ixzo and Rufio, albeit with their odd schedules. Ixzo has usually departed from the tent by midnight in order to hunt, not returning until sunrise, when Rufio wakes. Both go about their day, until noon, when Ixzo returned for her afternoon slumber, not waking again until when most Drykas come to settle down for the night. After only a few bells of waiting for the sun to go down, both women are asleep again by nightfall, with the odd schedule to begin again the next day.

ImageSpecies: Equestrian, Seme
Gender: Mare
Age: 5
Height: 17.3 hh
Description: Nalli is treasured in that she is a steadfast and strong horse. Still docile by most standards, she is actually considered mischevious for a Seme, and it takes a little longer to get her to work, but once she starts she'll go all day! She gets along with other horses and strangers well enough, but tends to prefer to stay with those she knows. As a result, Nalli stays close to Tocs when at all possible.
Acquisition: Gift Giving (Jasmine).

ImageSpecies: Equestrian, Seme
Gender: Mare
Age: 8
Height: 18 hh
Description: A gentle giant, Tocs is by far the easiest to handle of the Stormblood's driving sisters. She is well trained in driving, although she has no experience being ridden, and is easy mannered around both other horses and humans. She doesn't tolerate small pets very well, but is otherwise a very good all-around horse. She likes a rare apple the most and is not above raiding pockets for treats when you aren't looking.
Acquisition: Gift Giving (Jasmine).

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Postby Ixzo on October 30th, 2015, 12:41 am

Observation 100 XP 100/100 MASTERED
Socialization 89 XP 89/100 Master
Hunting 10 SP, 10 RB, 3 SXP, 41 XP 65/100 Expert
Weapon: Longbow 38 XP 38/100 Competent
Stealth 10 SP, 27 XP 37/100 Competent
Endurance 35 XP 35/100 Competent
Logic 30 XP 30/100 Competent
Tracking 15 SP, 13 XP 28/100 Competent
Planning 28 XP 28/100 Competent
Wilderness Survival: Jungle, Plains 10 SP, 16 XP 26/100 Competent
Rhetoric 16 XP 16/100 Novice
Running 15 XP 15/100 Novice
Bodybuilding 14 XP 14/100 Novice
Intimidation 14 XP 14/100 Novice
Cooking 13 XP 13/100 Novice
Malediction 12 SP 12/100 Novice
Organization 12 XP 12/100 Novice
Intelligence 11 XP 11/100 Novice
Investigation 10 XP 10/100 Novice
Childcare 7 XP 7/100 Novice
Skinning 7 SP 7/100 Novice
Land Navigation 7 XP 7/100 Novice
Weapon: Tomahawk 6 XP 6/100 Novice
Cleaning 6 XP 6/100 Novice
Drawing 5 XP 5/100 Novice
Negotiation 5 XP 5/100 Novice
Animal Husbandry 5 XP 5/100 Novice
Persuasion 5 XP 5/100 Novice
Philosophy 5 XP 5/100 Novice
Wrestling 4 XP 4/100 Novice
Medicine 4 XP 4/100 Novice
Tactics 4 XP 4/100 Novice
Unarmed Combat 3 XP 3/100 Novice
Painting 3 XP 3/100 Novice
Carving 3 XP 3/100 Novice
Herbalism 3 XP 3/100 Novice
Brewing 3 XP 3/100 Novice
Camoflague 2 XP 2/100 Novice
Storytelling 2 XP 2/100 Novice
Mathematics 2 XP 2/100 Novice
Horsemanship 2 XP 2/100 Novice
Interrogation 2 XP 2/100 Novice
Weapon: Cutlass 2 XP 2/100 Novice
Singing 2 XP 2/100 Novice
Climbing 2 XP 2/100 Novice
Butchery 2 XP 2/100 Novice
Flirting 2 XP 2/100 Novice
Weapon: Knife 2 XP 2/100 Novice
Brawling 2 XP 2/100 Novice
Astronomy 1 XP 1/100 Novice
Acrobatics 1 XP 1/100 Novice
Acting 1 XP 1/100 Novice
Scavenging 1 XP 1/100 Novice
Weapon: Wooden Stake 1 XP 1/100 Novice
Cosmetology 1 XP 1/100 Novice
Swimming 1 XP 1/100 Novice
Bribery 1 XP 1/100 Novice
Teaching 1 XP 1/100 Novice
Deduction 1 XP 1/100 Novice
Leadership 1 XP 1/100 Novice
Meditation 1 XP 1/100 Novice

❖ The basics of a Malediction circle (SP)
❖ Stealth: Using the direction of the wind to stay undetected (SP)
❖ Sea of Grass: Bountiful
❖ Observation: The smell of blood
❖ Endrykas waterways aren't safe
❖ Hunting: Gazelle
❖ Hunting: Singling out the weak
❖ Observation: Upwind vs downwind
❖ Herbivores vs Carnivores
❖ Hunting: Ibex
❖ Hunting: Making a kill
❖ Location: Endrykas
❖ Clay: Camouflage
❖ Stealth: Moving slowly
❖ Stealth: A waiting game
❖ Tlili: A good teacher
❖ Hunting: Teamwork
❖ Dhani: Snake people
❖ Snakes: Muscles spasm after death
❖ Medicine: Basics of slowing bleeding
❖ Jungle Ixam: Fit for riding
❖ Myri: Goddess of War
❖ Longbow: Basic stance, standing
❖ Kelvics grow up fast
❖ Fletching and aiming
❖ Longbow: A balanced arrow, head, shaft, fletching
❖ Longbow: Keep elbow loose
❖ Longbow: Hold stance until the arrow strikes
❖ Ixzo: Kitten, nickname
❖ Longbow: Firing an arrow
❖ Logic: Autumn means death
❖ Location: Wind Skins
❖ Drykas: Grassland Sign
❖ Ixzo: A new job
❖ Humans: Reasons for eye contact
❖ Injal: Run off his feet
❖ Drawing: Working with ink
❖ Drawing: Working with charcoal
❖ Tattooing: Basic Drykas designs
❖ Drawing: Copying
❖ Drawing: Sketching
❖ Drawing: Lines
❖ Drawing: Shading techniques
❖ Charcoal breaks easily
❖ Drawing: Shapes
❖ Charcoal: Work from one side of the page to the other
❖ Charcoal: Smudges easily
❖ Drawing: Composition
❖ Tattooing: Holding the skin taut for the artist
❖ Tattooing over scars
❖ Drawing: Ink needs time to dry
❖ Sea of Grass: Predators rule the night
❖ Killing for pay rather than prey
❖ Tracking via scent
❖ Observation: The smell of a boar
❖ Tactics: A plan of attack
❖ Philosophy: Animals shouldn't suffer
❖ Location: The Spit Fire
❖ Endrykas: Autumn temperatures
❖ Tattooing: Popular in the afternoon
❖ Wilderness Survival: Walking to keep warm
❖ Endurance: Cold weather without warm clothing
❖ Endrykas: The Watch
❖ Makutsi: The Rainbringer
❖ Makutsi: Goddess of Water
❖ Wilderness Survival: Basic survival items
❖ Location: Garthos' Supply
❖ Wilderness Survival: Putting up a tent
❖ Wilderness Survival: Building a fire
❖ Endrykas: Seasonal storms, thunder and rain
❖ Zulrav: Father of Storms
❖ Tracking: Basics of how to avoid leaving tracks
❖ Stealth: Moving with the wind
❖ Stealth: Lower eyes to avoid detection via reflection
❖ Buffalo: Don't turn your back on the herd
❖ Fauna: Herd animals work together to overpower predators
❖ Intimidation: Bared teeth and a mighty roar
❖ Land Navigation: Using the stars
❖ Astronomy: Moon and stars
❖ Medicine: Assessing the seriousness of a wound
❖ Medicine: Using salt water to clean a wound
❖ Philosophy: Myri's children don't cry
❖ Jesello: The seamstress
❖ Drykas: Basic trade systems
❖ The basics of butchering a boar
❖ Drykas: Generous people
❖ Drykas fashion
❖ Location: Endrykas Marketplace
❖ Observation: The smell of death
❖ Kelvic: Patrolling your territory
❖ Evalin wrecks of death
❖ Evalin: Cold to the touch
❖ Common: Asking rhetorical questions
❖ Evalin: The fake god
❖ An intimidating roar
❖ Evalin's strange blue necklace
❖ Logic: The voice of reason
❖ Striders: Calm around Kelvics
❖ Erikal: Drykas
❖ Socialization: The important of making eye-contact when speaking
❖ Erikal: Native to Endrykas
❖ Endrykas: Less rain, more wind
❖ Endrykas: The moving city
❖ Why Endrykas moves
❖ Endrykas: The Run
❖ Turkeys: Smarter than they look
❖ Hunting: Ground birds
❖ The difficulties of tracking birds
❖ Stealth: Distributing weight evenly across four limbs
❖ Cyphrus: Dry in summer and fall
❖ Turkey nesting habits
❖ Plucking a bird
❖ Lions hunt in a pride
❖ Myrian Tigers: Solitary creatures
❖ Drykas: Comfortable with nudity
❖ A Father's Logic: Practice makes perfect
❖ Bow: Going through the steps of use
❖ Bow: Take your time
❖ Bow: Instinctive shooting
❖ Father: Kinder than mother
❖ Bow: The importance of steady aim
❖ Bow: Watching your strike
❖ Shorn Skulls: Up early to hunt and patrol
❖ Bow: Elbow up and strong
❖ Bow: Shoot with relaxed shoulders
❖ Bow: The concept of an anchor
❖ Bow: Experimenting with stances for the perfect shot
❖ Observation: Keeping track of flying arrows
❖ Bow: Keeping hands even
❖ Ixzo: Knowing what pride feels like
❖ Bow: Challenges with increasing shot range
❖ Mathematics: Keeping count
❖ Ixzo: Surpassing a parent in skill
❖ Observation: Checking weapons for quality
❖ Endrykas: A home away from home
❖ Iollu: The Trickster
❖ Childcare: Keeping warm, fed, and safe
❖ The look of a starving horse
❖ Cyphrus Striders: Hardy and highly intelligent
❖ Likleu: Weary
❖ Horsemanship: Working with a wild stallion
❖ Animal Husbandry: Mud Fever
❖ Iollu: The Orphan
❖ Longbow: Excitement doesn’t help accuracy
❖ Dravite: Skilled Hunter, Sick Man
❖ Longbow: More powerful than shortbow
❖ Location: Warstorm Pavilion
❖ Laughter is contagious
❖ Dravite: Good sport
❖ Myrian Tigers & Striders: similar but not the same
❖ Grassland Sign: Buying and Selling
❖ Azmere: Bower and Fletcher
❖ Azmere: Like's His Personal Space
❖ Tomahawk: Drop Test
❖ Tomahawk: Proper Grip
❖ Tomahawk: How to Aim and Throw
❖ Weapons Training: A Matter of Patience and Perseverance
❖ The Importance of a Balanced Weapon
❖ You can’t knock on a tent.
❖ Hunters don’t use swords
❖ Kelvic: Human shape comes with emotions
❖ Ixzo: Faith in the Drykas
❖ Honoring the dead
❖ Scorched meat is no good
❖ Cutlass: Getting good grip
❖ Ixzo: Always a Myrian
❖ Kelvic: Sudden Change
❖ There's nothing like a hunt
❖ Horses: Able to Sense a Large Cat, Even in Human Form
❖ Understanding Where an Arrow Will Land Requires Repetition and Patience
❖ Arcing the Trajectory of a Shot
❖ Achieving a Bullseye
❖ Handling a Tomahawk Correctly
❖ Iollu: tasked to clean dishes
❖ Meat cooks slower than onions
❖ Childcare: giving Iollu the greater portion
❖ Song: the man in the moon
❖ Iollu: cries at night
❖ Dilemma: Can't keep Iollu, can't give her up
❖ Humans are more modest creatures
❖ Reptiles not as active in winter
❖ Kelvic stomachs are much stronger than human stomachs
❖ Suffocating is the slowest way to kill
❖ Miza is more common than Bikka
❖ Dry grass is hard to run on
❖ Ibex:females do not have near as big horns
❖ Longbow: an arrow through the shoulders makes the front legs nearly useless
❖ Ibex: do not eat from the middle of a berry bush
❖ Ibex: has a smaller feces trail than most of the larger herbivores
❖ Ixzo: new to skinning barehanded
❖ Ixzo: skins for meat not pelt
❖ Zethar: a funny man
❖ Skinning: doesn't need too much force
❖ Skinning: doesn't always require a knife
❖ Rabbit bone is easy to break
❖ Banana is not well known in Endrykas
❖ Snow: frozen water
❖ Socialization: reassuring a new friend
❖ Kelvics: cousins
❖ Common: known more than spoken
❖ Ixzo: determined
❖ Olidosapux: massive and dangerous
❖ Olidosapux: not as slow as they appear
❖ Ixzo: believes that females are superior
❖ Observation: Nameless, Unspoken Concern
❖ Elise: Beautiful and Cruel
❖ Kelvic Bonds: Agony to Break, of Soul and Flesh
❖ Lore: Malediction: Gather the bones
❖ Cleaning: Soak the tough messes
❖ Wilderness Survival: Dried dung makes good fires
❖ Cooking: Chicken soup for the soul
❖ Malediction: Make the object
❖ Carving: Bone requires multiple passes
❖ Childcare: Tickling required
❖ Malediction: Blood makes the magic go ‘round
❖ Ixzo: snarls when angry
❖ Angle Knife: blade points to the side
❖ Archery: aim for wing or head of birds
❖ Dogs are protective of their masters
❖ Using language barriers to cover insults
❖ Free bones: sometimes useless
❖ Drykas men: disrespectful
❖ Drykas women: they hold their liquor
❖ The breathing of one sleeping
❖ Butchery: taking meat from where there's the most
❖ Cooking: stew, low heat and long time
❖ Cosmetology: simple braids in hair
❖ Medicine: hair quality as a sign of health
❖ Organization: designating places for things
❖ Persuasion: a motivational threat
❖ Planning: supplies first, then the task
❖ Skinning: easing out lower limbs
❖ Skinning: rabbit skin peels readily
❖ Ixzo: Courage for loved ones
❖ Ixzo: The curious cat
❖ Sea of Grass: Riddled with Tunnels
❖ Underwatch: The Man with No Tongue
❖ Endurance: Marching underground takes a toll
❖ Logic: Always bring a healer
❖ Ixzo: Always thinking
❖ Swimming: Gear is heavier in the water
❖ Ixzo: Not accustomed to fast speeds
❖ Sparrow: Watchman
❖ Zoot: Pycon
❖ Taggert: Watchman & Jerk
❖ Evain: Scared black eyes
❖ Deathspark: Tunnel Guardian
❖ It’s hard to track time underground
❖ Herbalism: Flowers require sunlight
❖ Ixzo: Instinctual
❖ Aris: Good at not giving answers
❖ Tactics: Relaxing with a weapon
❖ Rozacapotl: Colorful cloud of death
❖ Logic: Don’t attack something you can’t kill
❖ Malediction: goes wrong when nothing happens
❖ Malediction: effects depend on source and experience
❖ Malediction: intended results not guaranteed
❖ Knot Tying: Hook Knot
❖ Painting is not the same as drawing
❖ Hunting: Importance of Communication
❖ Rufio: Bondmate
❖ Ixzo: nervous since the pirate raids
❖ Lollu: can be rude
❖ Olidosapux: travel in small herds
❖ Olidosapux: more likely to leave a male
❖ Planning: aim for the back
❖ Hunting: never take on larger prey head first
❖ Ixzo: Cares deeply for Iollu
❖ Herbalism: Ginger tea is a mild remedy
❖ Waisana: Pitiful & foolish, yet likeable
❖ Waisana: An unexpected guest
❖ Drykas Of The Opal Clan: Healers
❖ Waisana: Medicine Woman
❖ Ixzo: Fierce & predatory by nature
❖ Ixzo: Reigning in her ferocity so as not to scare others
❖ Mending insult with heartfelt apology
❖ Herbalism: Onion & garlic poultice for chest coughs
❖ Herbalism: Tolm tea eases pain
❖ Herbalism: Bon'mur root chewed to cool fever
❖ Airag: fermented mare's milk
❖ Airag: used as a laxative
❖ Brewing: strain the fat from the milk
❖ Brewing: all the milk to sit for a few days to ferment
❖ Cooking: let the fat curdle for a few days to make cheese
❖ Ixzo: surprised to be called Dotra
❖ Naomi Cutgrass: willing to teach and outsider
❖ Pails are smaller than barrels
❖ Tracking: Trails are Faint in the Grasslands
❖ Teaching: Harder with the Language Barrier
❖ Killing a Baby Animal is Unfortunate
❖ Jasmine: Strong with a Shortbow
❖ Tactics: Team Ambush
❖ No One Wants to Hunt in the Rain
❖ Horses Provide a Better Vantage Point
❖ Benefits of Hunting in a Storm, Zulrav's Sounds Hide Mistakes
❖ Trapping elicits better pelts than hunting
❖ Hyena pelts are not as popular as rabbit or coyote
❖ Ixzo: Likes to flaunt
❖ Drykas Culture: Patriarchal
❖ Ixzo & Jasmine: Bow women
❖ Location, Endrykas: The Wind-Knotted Gates
❖ Ixzo: Wishes for a Pride
❖ Ixzo: Celebrates her sixth birthday with a feast!
❖ Wilderness Survival: Dung-fires are less smokey
❖ Drykas eat pretty bland food
❖ Playing a chilli pepper trick on Asher
❖ Cooking: Sweet-vinegar marinade
❖ Drykas children have no grudge for foreigners
❖ Stormbloods: Her protection
❖ Azmere: Her Ankal
❖ Cooking: Cabbage and Bok Choy
❖ xzo: Eats meat raw
❖ Taloban chilli peppers are Ixzo's favourite
❖ Dusk bewilders Ixzo's Nightlion vision
❖ Quzon: Myrian-raised Isur
❖ Isur: Pale-blue skin & stone-like arms
❖ Ixzo: Shame of not bearing Myri's Mark
❖ Medicine: Being wet for too long encourages illness
❖ Tlii and Tetez: Regard Ixzo like mother
❖ Braiding collars for Tlii and Tetez
❖ Ixzo's Trial: Accused of poisoning a water source using Malediction
❖ Location, Endrykas: The Conclave
❖ Shane & Oaken Starrun: Liars
❖ Rufio: Ixzo's anchor to Endrykas
❖ Ixzo's Trial: Found innocent!
❖ Ixzo: Petitions Azmere for protection
❖ Location Endrykas: Anchor Of Gold And Earth
❖ Ixzo's Trial: A silent prayer to Priskil

❖ Priskil: Goddess of Hope
❖ The tale of Aquiras and Priskil

❖ Pavi: Using signs for emphasis
❖ Pavi: Interchanging Speech and Signs
❖ Pavi: Communicating with a child
❖ Pavi: Signs for animal parts
❖ Pavi: Signs for decade numbers
❖ Pavi: Signs for currency
❖ Pavi: Basic hunting signs
❖ Pavi: Basic greetings and questions
❖ Pavi: Recollection under Stress
❖ Drykas: Pavi
❖ Pavi: Hard to sign when shoulder is injured
❖ Pavi: Hard to remember without constant practice
❖ Ixzo: pavi slowly returning
❖ Pavi: broken
❖ Pavi: used to help explain weak common
❖ Pavi: more natural
❖ Pavi: becoming more clear
❖ Pavi: much easier when surrounded by it
❖ Pavi sign: promise, assurance
❖ Grass-Sign: Accidently insulting a stranger
❖ Pavi: Interpreting a signed joke
❖ Pavi: Sign supplementing lack of vocabulary
❖ Pavi: Signing time

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Postby Ixzo on January 24th, 2016, 6:27 pm

≻ One-person Tent
≻ Bedroll
≻ 2x Winter Blankets
≻ Small Bison Pelt
≻ Small Wolf Pelt
≻ Medium Wolf Pelt
≻ 2x Coyote Pelts
≻ Rabbit Pelt
≻ Average Quality Great Chest
≻ Common Medium Beech Wood Basket
≻ 4-Gal Cask
≻ 70 lb. Common Hide Rug
≻ Small Topaz Clan Tapestry
≻ 2x Lanterns
≻ 2x 1-Pint Flask of Oil
≻ Poor Quality End Table
≻ Pillow
≻ 2x 1-Gal Pail
≻ Waterpack
≻ Brick Press

≻ Iron 2-Quart Cooking Pot
≻ 16" Iron Cooking Pan
≻ Iron 28 oz. Crock
≻ Tin Ladle
≻ Wooden Spatula
≻ Large Wooden Spoon
≻ Cutting Board (0.5) + 2x 8" Clay Bowl
≻ 2x 8" Clay Dish
≻ 2x 10 oz. Clay Mug
≻ 2x Eating Knife
≻ 2x Soup Spoon
≻ Iron Kettle
≻ Waterskin
≻ Chef's Kit

≻ 1 lb. Soap
≻ Razor
≻ Black 2 oz. Face Paint
≻ White 2 oz. Face Paint
≻ Red 2 oz. Face Paint
≻ Orange 2 oz. Face Paint
≻ Yellow 2 oz. Face Paint
≻ 10 oz. Cold Cream

≻ Washboard
≻ 2x Cotton Undergarments
≻ 2x Fine Wool Undergarments
≻ Common Fur-Line Cloak
≻ Leather Sandals
≻ Low Leather Boots

qqqqHunting Wear
≻ Plain Linen Shirt
≻ Leather Trousers
≻ Crimson Cotton Scarf
≻ Crimson Linen Turban

qqqqCasual #1
≻ Green Linen Breastwrap
≻ Common Fur-Lined Vest
≻ White Cotton Turban
≻ Leather Breeches

qqqqCasual #2
≻ Orange/Pink Damasked Medium Wool Scarf
≻ Crimson Linen Trousers
≻ White Linen Shirt

qqqqCasual #3
≻ Multicolored Yellow/Teal Breastwrap
≻ Leather Loincloth
≻ Linen Breeches

≻ Orange Linen Skirt
≻ Warm, multicolored Damasked Linen Turban
≻ White Linen Breastwrap

≻ Longbow
≻ Quiver
≻ 20x Longbow Arrows
≻ 20x Game Arrows
≻ 20x Fishing Arrows
≻ Cold Steel Angle Knife
≻ Scabbard
≻ Dagger Scabbard
≻ Whetstone
≻ Rustproofing Oil
≻ 2x Steel Tomahawks
≻ 2x Tomahawk Scabbard

Travel and Animals
≻ Adult Ox
≻ Storage Cart
≻ Cart Harness
≻ Single Ox Yoke
≻ Halter
≻ Deep Wood Stake

≻ Game Knife
≻ Flint & Steel
≻ Waterskin
≻ Hatchet
≻ Leather Backback
≻ Canvas Rucksack
≻ 2x Empty Sacks
≻ 50 ft. Hemp Rope
≻ Preservation Kit
≻ Waterproofing Oil

Wolf Teeth Bracelet: The wearer will be less noticeable to predators when there are other people around. If the wearer is alone when confronted, the amount of fear he/she feels will be reduced by a moderate amount (Given to Iollu).
Horse Necklace: A necklace with a carved horse figure. It's magic and can allow her to befriend and ride a Gilding. She'll have to figure this out ICly and there is no way to for her to change the magic so that she could ever bond with a strider. Once she meets this Gilding, the figure will become entwined with the horse. If it dies, the figure crumbles; a one-time deal.

ledger:Summer, 516AV
Item Link Price Balance
Airag -2 Mizas 1,253.05 Mizas
2x Caracals -80 Mizas 1,173.05 Mizas
2x Leather Collars -10 Mizas 1,163.05 Mizas
Trained Mare Seme -350 Mizas 813.05 Mizas
Well-Trained Mare Seme -400 Mizas 413.05 Mizas
2x Halters -0.4 Mizas 412.65 Mizas
Two-Horse Wagon Harness -4 Mizas 408.65 Mizas
Stormblood NPC Living Expenses -54 Mizas 354.65 Mizas
Common Living Expense (92) -138 Mizas 216.65 Mizas
Hunter Wages (92) Placeholder 216.65 Mizas

Autumn 515AV :
Item Link Price Balance
130 lbs Male Wild Boar +21.6.4 Mizas 21.6.4 Mizas
Boar Tusks +4 Mizas 25.6.4 Mizas
Linen Breast Wrap -0.3.8 Mizas 25.2.6 Mizas
Leather Trousers -1.6 Mizas 23.6.6 Mizas
Leather Sandals -0.4 Mizas 23.2.6 Mizas
Common Fur-lined vest -3 Mizas 20.2.6 Mizas
Crimson Linen Turban -0.3 Mizas 19.9.6 Mizas
One-Person Tent -2 Mizas 17.9.6 Mizas
Bedroll -0.1 Mizas 17.8.6 Mizas
Winter Blanket -0.5 Mizas 17.3.6 Mizas
1-Gal Pail -0.2 Mizas 17.1.6 Mizas
Game Knife -0.0.3 Mizas 17.1.3 Mizas
Flint & Steel -1 Mizas 16.1.3 Mizas
Waterskin -1 Mizas 15.1.3 Mizas
Canvas Rucksack -1 Mizas 14.1.3 Mizas
Hatchet -0.6 Mizas 13.5.3 Mizas
1 lb Soap -0.5 Mizas 13.0.3 Mizas
Linen Breast Wrap +0.38 Mizas 13.41 Mizas
Leather Trousers +1.6 Mizas 15.01 Mizas
Leather Sandals +0.4 Mizas 15.41 Mizas
Common Fur-lined vest +3 Mizas 18.41 Mizas
Crimson Linen Turban +0.3 Mizas 18.71 Mizas
One-Person Tent +2 Mizas 20.71 Mizas
Bedroll +0.1 Mizas 20.81 Mizas
Winter Blanket +0.5 Mizas 21.31 Mizas
1-Gal Pail +0.2 Mizas 21.51 Mizas
Game Knife +0.03 Mizas 21.54 Mizas
Flint & Steel +1 Mizas 22.54 Mizas
Waterskin +1 Mizas 23.54 Mizas
Canvas Rucksack +1 Mizas 24.54 Mizas
Hatchet +0.6 Mizas 25.14 Mizas
1 lb Soap +0.5 Mizas 25.64 Mizas
Tattoo Artist Wages (40 days) +160 Mizas Placeholder
Poor Seasonal Expense (40 days) -20 Mizas 5.64 Mizas
Winter 515AV :
Item Link Price Balance
Hunter's Wages (92 days) +690 Mizas 695.64 Mizas
One-person Tent -2 Mizas 693.64 Mizas
Bedroll -0.1 Mizas 693.54 Mizas
2x Winter Blanket -1 Mizas 692.54 Mizas
Small Bison Pelt -30 Mizas 662.54 Mizas
Small Wolf Pelt -15 Mizas 647.54 Mizas
Medium Wolf Pelt -20 Mizas 627.54 Mizas
2x Coyote Pelts -6 Mizas 621.54 Mizas
Average Quality Great Chest -4 Mizas 617.54 Mizas
Common Medium Beech Wood Basket -0.1 Mizas 617.44 Mizas
4-Gal Cask -0.7 Mizas 616.74 Mizas
70 lb. Common Hide Rug -14 Mizas 602.74 Mizas
Small Topaz Clan Tapestry -25 Mizas 577.74 Mizas
2x Lanterns -0.2 Mizas 577.54 Mizas
2x 1-Pint Flask of Oil -0.2 Mizas 577.34 Mizas
Poor Quality End Table -0.08 Mizas 577.26 Mizas
Pillow -0.5 Mizas 576.76 Mizas
2x 1-Gal Pail -0.4 Mizas 576.36 Mizas
Waterpack -10 Mizas 566.36 Mizas
Brick Press -10 Mizas 556.36 Mizas
Iron 2-Quart Cooking Pot -0.4 Mizas 555.96 Mizas
16" Iron Cooking Pan -0.08 Mizas 555.88 Mizas
Iron 28 oz. Crock -0.16 Mizas 555.72 Mizas
Tin Ladle -0.2 Mizas 555.52 Mizas
Wooden Spatula -0.2 Mizas 555.32 Mizas
Large Wooden Spoon -0.2 Mizas 555.12 Mizas
Cutting Board -0.5 Mizas 554.62 Mizas
2x 8" Clay Bowl -0.08 Mizas 554.54 Mizas
2x 8" Clay Dish -0.08 Mizas 554.46 Mizas
2x 10 oz. Clay Mug -0.12 Mizas 554.34 Mizas
2x Eating Knife -0.02 Mizas 554.32 Mizas
2x Soup Spoon -0.02 Mizas 554.3 Mizas
Iron Kettle -0.8 Mizas 553.5 Mizas
Waterskin -1 Mizas 552.5 Mizas
Chef's Kit -10 Mizas 542.5 Mizas
1 lb. Soap -0.5 Mizas 542 Mizas
Razor -0.5 Mizas 541.5 Mizas
Black 2 oz. Face Paint -0.8 Mizas 540.7 Mizas
White 2 oz. Face Paint -0.6 Mizas 540.1 Mizas
Red 2 oz. Face Paint -2 Mizas 538.1 Mizas
Orange 2 oz. Face Paint -1 Mizas 537.1 Mizas
Yellow 2 oz. Face Paint -0.2 Mizas 536.9 Mizas
10 oz. Cold Cream -1 Mizas 535.9 Mizas
Game Knife -0.03 Mizas 535.87 Mizas
Flint & Steel -1 Mizas 534.87 Mizas
Hatchet -0.6 Mizas 534.27 Mizas
Leather Backback -2 Mizas 532.27 Mizas
Canvas Rucksack -1 Mizas 531.27 Mizas
2x Empty Sacks -0.2 Mizas 531.07 Mizas
50 ft. Hemp Rope -1 Mizas 530.07 Mizas
Preservation Kit -5 Mizas 525.07 Mizas
Waterproofing Oil -5 Mizas 520.07 Mizas
Adult Ox -125 Mizas 395.07 Mizas
Storage Cart -15 Mizas 380.07 Mizas
Cart Harness -2 Mizas 378.07 Mizas
Single Ox Yoke -2.5 Mizas 375.57 Mizas
Halter -0.1 Mizas 375.47 Mizas
Deep Wood Stake -1 Mizas 374.47 Mizas
Washboard -0.12 Mizas 374.35 Mizas
2x Cotton Undergarments -0.25 Mizas 374.1 Mizas
2x Fine Wool Undergarments -0.6 Mizas 373.5 Mizas
Common Fur-Line Cloak -5 Mizas 368.5 Mizas
Leather Sandals -0.4 Mizas 368.1 Mizas
Low Leather Boots -0.6 Mizas 366.9 Mizas
Plain Linen Shirt -0.1 Mizas 366.8 Mizas
Leather Trousers -1.6 Mizas 365.2 Mizas
Crimson Cotton Scarf -0.28 Mizas 364.92 Mizas
Crimson Linen Turban -0.3 Mizas 364.62 Mizas
Green Linen Breastwrap -0.45 Mizas 364.17 Mizas
Common Fur-Lined Vest -3 Mizas 361.17 Mizas
White Cotton Turban -0.55 Mizas 360.62 Mizas
Leather Breeches -1.6 Mizas 359.02 Mizas
Orange/Pink Damasked Medium Wool Scarf -0.6 Mizas 358.42 Mizas
Crimson Linen Trousers -1.2 Mizas 357.22 Mizas
White Linen Shirt -0.15 Mizas 357.07 Mizas
Multicolored Yellow/Teal Breastwrap -0.45 Mizas 356.62 Mizas
Leather Loincloth -0.06 Mizas 356.56 Mizas
Linen Breeches - 0.8 Mizas 355.76 Mizas
Orange Linen Skirt -0.6 Mizas 355.16 Mizas
Warm, multicolored Damasked Linen Turban -0.9 Mizas 354.26 Mizas
White Linen Breastwrap -0.45 Mizas 353.81 Mizas
Longbow -75 Mizas 278.81 Mizas
Quiver -20 Mizas 258.81 Mizas
20x Longbow Arrows -1 Mizas 257.81 Mizas
20x Game Arrows -4 Mizas 253.81 Mizas
20x Fishing Arrows -4 Mizas 249.81 Mizas
Cold Steel Angle Knife -30 Mizas 219.81 Mizas
Scabbard -4 Mizas 215.81 Mizas
Dagger Scabbard -2 Mizas 213.81 Mizas
Whetstone -0.02 Mizas 213.79 Mizas
Rustproofing Oil -10 Mizas 203.79 Mizas
2x Steel Tomahawks -16 Mizas 187.79 Mizas
2x Tomahawk Scabbard -8 Mizas 179.79 Mizas
Common Small Beech Wood Basket -0.05 Mizas 179.74 Mizas
Game Knife -0.03 Mizas 179.71 Mizas
1 lb. Soap -0.5 Mizas 179.21 Mizas
Comb -1 Mizas 178.21 Mizas
Loom -5 Mizas 173.21 Mizas
Ball of Blue Yarn -1 Mizas 172.21 Mizas
Ball of Red Yarn -5 Mizas 167.21 Mizas
Ball of Green Yarn -0.38 Mizas 166.83 Mizas
Ball of Pink Yarn -0.63 Mizas 166.2 Mizas
Ball of Violet Yarn -1.5 Mizas 164.7 Mizas
Ball of Brown Yarn -0.5 Mizas 164.2 Mizas
Ball of Yellow Yarn -0.5 Mizas 163.7 Mizas
Ball of Undyed Yarn -0.5 Mizas 163.2 Mizas
Leather Backpack -2 Mizas 161.2 Mizas
Children's Low Leather Boots -0.3 Mizas 160.9 Mizas
Children's Green Linen Tunic -0.38 Mizas 160.52 Mizas
Children's Blue Linen Tunic -0.38 Mizas 160.14 Mizas
Children's Grey Fine Wool Stockings -0.9 Mizas 159.24 Mizas
Children's Yellow Cotton Tunic -0.69 Mizas 158.55 Mizas
Children's Linen Stockings -0.2 Mizas 158.35 Mizas
Children's Orange Cotton Shirt -0.14 Mizas 158.21 Mizas
Children's Leather Trousers -0.8 Mizas 157.41 Mizas
Children's Common Fur Vest -1.5 Mizas 155.91 Mizas
Children's Medium Wool Cloak -0.38 Mizas 155.53 Mizas
2x Children's Cotton Undergarments -0.13 Mizas 155.4 Mizas
Children's Fine Wool Undergarments -0.15 Mizas 155.25 Mizas
Children's Common Fur Cap -1 Mizas 154.25 Mizas
Children's Straw Broad-Brimmed Hat -0.2 Mizas 154.05 Mizas
Common Living Expense (92 days) -138 16.05 Mizas
Spring 516AV :
Item Link Price Balance
Carry-over +16.05 Mizas 16.05 Mizas
1 lb. Rabbit Meat +1 Miza 17.05 Mizas
Medicine for Iollu -4 Mizas 13.05
Hunter Wages (92 days) +1,380 Mizas 1,393.05 Mizas
Living Expense (Common) -138 Mizas 1,255.05 Mizas

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Postby Ixzo on June 8th, 2016, 2:34 am

Goat Rescue Squad (Rufio)
The Trickster's Pride (Rufio)
Feels Like Fever (Rufio)

Gone Fishin' (Open)
Cat Care (Jasmine)
Gift Giving (Jasmine)
Lost One (Naiya)
Building Bridges (Quzon, Azmere)

Summer 516AV
Truth or Lies?: Cooking (1), Intimidation (3), Intelligence (4), Meditation (1), Persuasion (2), Tactics (1), Rhetoric (1), Philosophy (1), Planning (1), Brawling (1), Running (1), Endurance (2), Ixzo's Trial: Accused of poisoning a water source using Malediction, Location, Endrykas: The Conclave, Shane & Oaken Starrun: Liars, Rufio: Ixzo's anchor to Endrykas, Ixzo's Trial: Found innocent!, Ixzo: Petitions Azmere for protection, Location Endrykas: Anchor Of Gold And Earth, Ixzo's Trial: A silent prayer to Priskil
The Twins: Animal Husbandry (3), Medicine (1), Bodybuilding (1), Tactics (1), Weapon, Knife (1)
Planning (1), Medicine: Being wet for too long encourages illness, Tlii and Tetez: Regard Ixzo like mother, Braiding collars for Tlii and Tetez
Era of Airag: Socialization (5), Brewing (3), Cooking (1), Airag: fermented mare's milk, Airag: used as a laxative, Brewing: strain the fat from the milk, Brewing: all the milk to sit for a few days to ferment, Cooking: let the fat curdle for a few days to make cheese, Ixzo: surprised to be called Dotra, Naomi Cutgrass: willing to teach and outsider, Pails are smaller than barrels
Well Don't Overdo It: Organization (2), Bodybuilding (1), Wilderness Survival: Plains (1), Socialization (2), Planning (2), Cooking (5), Logic (2), Cleaning (1), Endurance (1), Ixzo: Wishes for a Pride, Ixzo: Celebrates her sixth birthday with a feast!, Wilderness Survival: Dung-fires are less smokey, Drykas eat pretty bland food, Playing a chilli pepper trick on Asher, Cooking: Sweet-vinegar marinade, Drykas children have no grudge for foreigners, Stormbloods: Her protection, Azmere: Her Ankal, Cooking: Cabbage and Bok Choy, Ixzo: Eats meat raw, Taloban chilli peppers are Ixzo's favourite, Dusk bewilders Ixzo's Nightlion vision
It's The Thought That Counts: Awaiting Grades.

Spring 516AV
New Year, New Worries: Carving (1), Socialization (2), Using language barriers to cover insults, Free bones: sometimes useless, Drykas men: disrespectful, Drykas women: they hold their liquor
The Olidosapux pt.1: Hunting (4 XP), Observation (3 XP), Land Navigation (2 XP), Endurance (2 XP), Tracking (1 XP), Running (1 XP), Climbing (1), Ixzo: determined, Olidosapux: massive and dangerous, Olidosapux: not as slow as they appear
Taking Time: Butchery (1), Cooking (1), Cosmetology (1), Medicine (1), Organization (1), Persuasion (1), Planning (1), Skinning (2), The breathing of one sleeping, Butchery: taking meat from where there's the most, Cooking: stew, low heat and long time, Cosmetology: simple braids in hair, Medicine: hair quality as a sign of health, Organization: designating places for things, Pavi sign: promise, assurance, Persuasion: a motivational threat, Planning: supplies first, then the task, Skinning: easing out lower limbs, Skinning: rabbit skin peels readily
Rabbits, Run!: Malediction (5), Painting (3), Cleaning (2), Organization (1), Planning (2), Carving (1), Knot Tying (1), Malediction: goes wrong when nothing happens, Malediction: effects depend on source and experience, Malediction: intended results not guaranteed, Knot Tying: Hook Knot, Painting is not the same as drawing, Carving: a small hole for blood
The Olidosapux Pt.2: Hunting (5), Planning (2), Endurance (2), Wrestling (2), Tracking (2), Stealth (1), Olidosapux: travel in small herds, Olidosapux: more likely to leave a male, Planning: aim for the back, Hunting: never take on larger prey head first
The Beginning: Socialization (4), Observation (2), Investigation (1), Rufio: Bondmate, Ixzo: nervous since the pirate raids, Iollu: can be rude
Making A... Legacy?: Planning (2), Cleaning: (1), Wilderness Survival (1), Cooking (2), Malediction (2), Carving (1), Childcare (1), Socialization (2), Lore: Malediction: Gather the bones, Cleaning: Soak the tough messes, Wilderness Survival: Dried dung makes good fires, Cooking: Chicken soup for the soul, Malediction: Make the object, Carving: Bone requires multiple passes, Childcare: Tickling required, Malediction: Blood makes the magic go ‘round
Fog Blindness: Observation (4), Intelligence (3), Socialization (3), Rhetoric (1), Intimidation (3), Bribery (1), Cooking (2), Herbalism (2), Ixzo: Cares deeply for Iollu, Herbalism: Ginger tea is a mild remedy, Waisana: Pitiful & foolish, yet likeable, Waisana: An unexpected guest, Grass-Sign: Accidently insulting a stranger, Drykas Of The Opal Clan: Healers, Waisana: Medicine Woman, Ixzo: Fierce & predatory by nature, Ixzo: Reigning in her ferocity so as not to scare others, Mending insult with heartfelt apology, Herbalism: Onion & garlic poultice for chest coughs, Herbalism: Tolm tea eases pain, Herbalism: Bon'mur root chewed to cool fever
A Familiar Stranger: Cleaning (1), Socialization (2), Flirting (1), Investigation (1), Intelligence (1), Quzon: Myrian-raised Isur, Isur: Pale-blue skin & stone-like arms, Ixzo: Shame of not bearing Myri's Mark
Bow Women: Persuasion (1), Rhetoric (2), Investigation (1), Deduction (1), Endurance (1), Leadership (1), Planning (1), Pavi: Interpreting a signed joke, Pavi: Sign supplementing lack of vocabulary, Pavi: Signing time, Trapping elicits better pelts than hunting, Hyena pelts are not as popular as rabbit or coyote, Ixzo: Likes to flaunt, Drykas Culture: Patriarchal, Ixzo & Jasmine: Bow women, Location, Endrykas: The Wind-Knotted Gates
Hunting In The Rain: Tracking (1), Teaching (1), Stealth (1), Weapon: Longbow (1), Land Navigation (1), Hunting (3), Tracking: Trails are Faint in the Grasslands, Teaching: Harder with the Language Barrier, Killing a Baby Animal is Unfortunate, Jasmine: Strong with a Shortbow, Tactics: Team Ambush, No One Wants to Hunt in the Rain, Horses Provide a Better Vantage Point, Benefits of Hunting in a Storm, Zulrav's Sounds Hide Mistakes
The World That You Know...: Socialization (2), Planning (1), Endurance (5), Logic (4), Swimming (1), Organization (2), Investigation (2), Herbalism (1), Tactics (1), Weapon: Longbow (1), Ixzo: Courage for loved ones, Ixzo: The curious cat, Sea of Grass: Riddled with Tunnels, Underwatch: The Man with No Tongue, Endurance: Marching underground takes a toll, Logic: Always bring a healer, Ixzo: Always thinking, Swimming: Gear is heavier in the water, Ixzo: Not accustomed to fast speeds, Sparrow: Watchman, Zoot: Pycon, Taggert: Watchman & Jerk, Evain: Scared black eyes, Deathspark: Tunnel Guardian, It’s hard to track time underground, Herbalism: Flowers require sunlight, Ixzo: Instinctual, Aris: Good at not giving answers, Tactics: Relaxing with a weapon, Rozacapotl: Colorful cloud of death, Logic: Don’t attack something you can’t kill
Mine! All Mine!: Awaiting Grades.

Winter 515AV
Get A Kick Out Of This: Bodybuilding (1), Socialization (2), Ixzo: wishes to know more Drykas, Dogs are protective of their masters
E-What?: Observation (4), Stealth (3), Hunting (5), Endurance (3), Running (2), Tracking (2), Planning (1), Reptiles not as active in winter, Kelvic stomachs are much stronger than human stomachs, Suffocating is the slowest way to kill
A Dark Morning Pt.1: Running (3), Observation (5), Socialization (2), Stealth (2), Logic (2), Endurance (2), You can’t knock on a tent, Pavi: Using signs for emphasis, Hunters don’t use swords, Kelvic: Human shape comes with emotions, Ixzo: Faith in the Drykas
A Dark Morning Pt.2: Socialization (3 XP), Observation (2), Running (1), Planning (1), Unarmed combat (1), Weapon: Wooden Stake (1), Endurance (1), Common: more natural, Pavi: becoming more clear, Ixzo: believes that females are superior
Where The Sea Bleeds Fire: Unarmed Combat (1), Endurance (1), Socialization (1), Observation (1), Pavi: Recollection under Stress, Kelvic: Sudden Change, There's nothing like a hunt
Whatever You Find: Observation (), Philosophy (1), Scavenging (1), Endurance (1), Weapon: Cutlass (2), Priskil: Goddess of Hope, Honoring the dead, Scorched meat is no good, Cutlass: Getting good grip, Ixzo: Always a Myrian
The Acceptance: Childcare (3), Planning (1), Stealth (1), Observation (3), Animal Husbandry (2), Horsemanship (2), Socialisation (1), Endrykas: A home away from home, Iollu: The Trickster, Childcare: Keeping warm, fed, and safe, The look of a starving horse, Cyphrus Striders: Hardy and highly intelligent, Likleu: Weary
Horsemanship: Working with a wild stallion, Animal Husbandry: Mud Fever
Iollu: The Orphan, Pavi: Communicating with a child
Man In The Moon: Cooking (1), Singing (2), Childcare (3), Socialisation (3), Observation (2), Iollu: tasked to clean dishes, Meat cooks slower than onions, Childcare: giving Iollu the greater portion, Song: the man in the moon, Iollu: cries at night, Dilemma: Can't keep Iollu, can't give her up
Cute And Fluffy: Socialization (5), Skinning (5), Negotiation (1), Ixzo: new to skinning barehanded, Ixzo: skins for meat not pelt, Zethar: a funny man, Pavi: broken, Skinning: doesn't need too much force, Skinning: doesn't always require a knife, Rabbit bone is easy to break, Banana is not well known in Endrykas
No Place Like Home: Socialization (4), Weapon: Longbow (4), Observation (2),
Ixzo: snarls when angry, Angle Knife: blade points to the side, Archery: aim for wing or head of birds, Pavi: much easier when surrounded by it
A Different Way of Tracking: Observation (4), Tracking (3), Hunting (5), Stealth (2), Weapon: Longbow (1), Weapon: Knife (1), Dry grass is hard to run on, Ibex: Females do not have near as big horns, Longbow: An arrow through the shoulders makes the front legs nearly useless, Ibex: Do not eat from the middle of a berry bush, Ibex: Has a smaller feces trail than most of the larger herbivores

Autumn 515AV
The Hunt of Necessity: Logic (3), Observation (5), Stealth (3), Hunting (5), Running (2), Wilderness Survival: Plains (2), Land Navigation (1), Endurance (3), Bodybuilding (3), Sea of Grass: Bountiful, Observation: The smell of blood, Endrykas waterways aren't safe, Hunting: Gazelle, Hunting: Singling out the weak, Observation: Upwind vs downwind, Herbivores vs. Carnivores, Hunting: Ibex, Hunting: Making a kill, Location: Endrykas
The Key To Endrykas: Socialization (3), Observation (1), Negotiation (2),
Pavi:hard to remember without constant practice, Ixzo: pavi slowly returning, Miza is more common than Bikka
Hogging It (Pt.1): Logic (3), Hunting (4), Observation (3), Tracking (1), Stealth (1), Planning (1), Running (1), Bodybuilding (3), Tactics (1), Wrestling (1), Endurance (3), Philosophy (1), Wilderness Survival, Plains (1), Socialisation (2), Sea of Grass: Predators rule the night, Killing for pay rather than prey, Tracking via scent, Observation: The smell of a boar, Tactics: A plan of attack, Philosophy: Animals shouldn't suffer, Pavi: Basic hunting signs, Location: The Spit Fire
Hogging It (Pt.2): Socialisation (5), Rhetoric (2), Negotiation (1), Observation (3), Butchery (1), Logic (1), Intimidation (1), Stealth (1), Investigation (2), Jesello: The seamstress, Drykas: Basic trade systems, The basics of butchering a boar, Drykas: Generous people, Pavi: Signs for animal parts, Pavi: Signs for decade numbers, Pavi: Signs for currency, Drykas fashion, Location: Endrykas Marketplace
A Request: Logic (1), Socialisation (1), Observation (1), Logic: Autumn means death, Location: Wind Skins, Drykas: Pavi, Drykas: Grassland Sign, Ixzo: A new job
Fables For The People(Erikal): Investigation (1), Observation (3), Rhetoric (4), Socialisation (4), Logic (2), Storytelling (2), Flirting (1), Acting (1), Striders: Calm around Kelvics, The tale of Aquiras and Priskil, Erikal: Drykas, Socialization: The important of making eye-contact when speaking, Pavi: Basic greetings and questions, Erikal: Native to Endrykas, Endrykas: Less rain, more wind
Endrykas: The moving city, Why Endrykas moves, Endrykas: The Run
Charcoal and Ink: Observation (3), Drawing (5), Logic (1), Socialization (2), Stealth (1), Humans: Reasons for eye contact, Injal: Run off his feet, Drawing: Working with ink, Drawing: Working with charcoal, Tattooing: Basic Drykas designs, Drawing: Copying, Drawing: Sketching, Drawing: Lines, Drawing: Shading techniques, Charcoal breaks easily, Drawing: Shapes, Charcoal: Work from one side of the page to the other, Charcoal: Smudges easily, Drawing: Composition, Tattooing: Holding the skin taut for the artist, Tattooing over scars, Drawing: Ink needs time to dry
Turkey Time: Hunting (5), Tracking (2), Planning (2), Observation (5), Stealth (3), Logic (3), Bodybuilding (1), Wilderness Survival, Plains (2), Endurance (1), Land Navigation (1), Socialisation (1), Turkeys: Smarter than they look, Hunting: Ground birds, The difficulties of tracking birds, Stealth: Distributing weight evenly across four limbs, Cyphrus: Dry in summer and fall, Turkey nesting habits
Plucking a bird, Lions hunt in a pride, Myrian Tigers: Solitary creatures, Drykas: Comfortable with nudity
The Archer and The Bowyer: Socialization (4), Observation (5), Negotiation (1), Grassland Sign: Buying and Selling, Azmere: Bower and Fletcher, Azmere: Like's His Personal Space
Winter Is Coming: Socialization (5), Observation (5), Endurance (1), Pavi: used to help explain weak common, Pavi: more natural, Snow: frozen water, Socialization: reassuring a new friend, Kelvics: cousins, Common: known more than spoken
Thunder? No Thanks!: Wilderness Survival, Plains (5), Endurance (2), Logic (2), Stealth (1), Intelligence (2), Observation (4), Running (1), Planning (3), Organization (3), Bodybuilding (1), Endrykas: Autumn temperatures, Tattooing: Popular in the afternoon, Wilderness Survival: Walking to keep warm, Endurance: Cold weather without warm clothing, Endrykas: The Watch, Makutsi: The Rainbringer, Makutsi: Goddess of Water, Wilderness Survival: Basic survival items, Location: Garthos' Supply, Wilderness Survival: Putting up a tent, Wilderness Survival: Building a fire, Endrykas: Seasonal storms, thunder and rain, Zulrav: Father of Storms
Contest For Curiosity: Observation (5), Socialization (5), Weapon: Longbow (5), Longbow: Excitement doesn’t help accuracy, Dravite: Skilled Hunter, Sick Man, Pavi: Interchanging Speech and Signs, Longbow: More powerful than shortbow, Location: Warstorm Pavilion, Laughter is contagious, Dravite: Good sport, Myrian Tigers & Striders: similar but not the same
Night and Day(Evalin): Observation (4), Land Navigation (1), Investigation (2), Stealth (2), Rhetoric (2), Acrobatics (1), Logic (3), Socialisation (1), Intimidation (1), Interrogation (1), Observation: The smell of death, Kelvic: Patrolling your territory, Evalin wrecks of death, Evalin: Cold to the touch, Common: Asking rhetorical questions, Evalin: The fake god, An intimidating roar, Evalin's strange blue necklace, Logic: The voice of reason
What A Waste: Tracking (1), Planning (2), Observation (4), Hunting (3), Camouflage (1), Stealth (2), Intelligence (1), Running (2), Bodybuilding (2), Intimidation (2), Endurance (3), Wrestling (1), Climbing (1), Wilderness Survival, Plains (2), Logic (1), Land Navigation (1), Astronomy (1), Medicine (1), Philosophy (1), Tracking: Basics of how to avoid leaving tracks, Stealth: Moving with the wind, Stealth: Lower eyes to avoid detection via reflection, Buffalo: Don't turn your back on the herd, Fauna: Herd animals work together to overpower predators, Intimidation: Bared teeth and a mighty roar, Land Navigation: Using the stars, Astronomy: Moon and stars, Medicine: Assessing the seriousness of a wound, Medicine: Using salt water to clean a wound, Philosophy: Myri's children don't cry
Paying for it: Socialization (2), Endurance (1), Pavi: hard to sign when shoulder is injured, Humans are more modest creatures

Killing With Friends: Stealth (1), Observation (1), Hunting: Importance of Communication
Know Your Bow: Observation (2), Weapon: Longbow (5), Rhetoric (1), Organization (1), Bodybuilding (1), Endurance (1), Longbow: Basic stance, standing, Kelvics grow up fast, Fletching and aiming, Longbow: A balanced arrow, head, shaft, fletching, Longbow: Keep elbow loose, Longbow: Hold stance until the arrow strikes, Ixzo: Kitten, nickname, Longbow: Firing an arrow
Aiming For It: Organization (2), Observation (2), Weapon: Longbow (5), Socialisation (2), Rhetoric (2), A Father's Logic: Practice makes perfect, Bow: Going through the steps of use, Bow: Take your time, Bow: Instinctive shooting, Father: Kinder than mother, Bow: The importance of steady aim, Bow: Watching your strike
Seeking an Anchor: Weapon: Longbow (5), Logic (2), Philosophy (1), Investigation (1), Mathematics (1), Observation (1), Shorn Skulls: Up early to hunt and patrol, Bow: Elbow up and strong, Bow: Shoot with relaxed shoulders, Bow: The concept of an anchor, Bow: Experimenting with stances for the perfect shot
Lame Aim: Weapon, Longbow (5), Observation (2), (1), Planning (1), Observation: Keeping track of flying arrows, Bow: Keeping hands even, Ixzo: Knowing what pride feels like, Bow: Challenges with increasing shot range, Mathematics: Keeping count, Ixzo: Surpassing a parent in skill, Observation: Checking weapons for quality
Tomahawk Teachings: Weapon: Throwing Axe (5), Observation (4), Socialization (3), Intimidation (2), Interrogation (1), Running (2), Persuasion (1), Tomahawk: Drop Test, Tomahawk: Proper Grip, Tomahawk: How to Aim and Throw, Weapons Training: A Matter of Patience and Perseverance, The Importance of a Balanced Weapon
Mind the Grind: Longbow (5), Observation (2), Planning (3), Socialization (1), Tomahawk (1), Horses: Able to Sense a Large Cat, Even in Human Form, Understanding Where an Arrow Will Land Requires Repetition and Patience, Arcing the Trajectory of a Shot, Achieving a Bullseye, Handling a Tomahawk Correctly
The Water Snake: Stealth (2), Camouflage (1), Hunting (2), Observation (3), Socialisation (2), Rhetoric (1), Wilderness Survival: Jungle (2), Weapon: Longbow (1), Unarmed Combat (1), Intimidation (1), Cleaning (1), Medicine (1), Clay: Camouflage, Stealth: Moving slowly, Stealth: A waiting game, Tlili: A good teacher, Hunting: Teamwork, Dhani: Snake people, Snakes: Muscles spasm after death, Medicine: Basics of slowing bleeding, Jungle Ixam: Fit for riding, Myri: Goddess of War
The Break: Socialization (2), Intimidation (1), Brawling (1), Observation: Nameless, Unspoken Concern, Elise: Beautiful and Cruel, Kelvic Bonds: Agony to Break, of Soul and Flesh

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