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This shining population center is considered the jewel of The Sylira Region. Home of the vast majority of Mizahar's population, Syliras is nestled in a quiet, sprawling valley on the shores of the Suvan Sea. [Lore]

[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Dovey on January 1st, 2017, 7:00 am

30 Winter, 516 AV

Dovey trailed behind the merchants' wagons as they approached the gate, arms wrapped protectively round her torso. She hated doing this without Mother, but who could help a thing like that? Mother was gone all right, and Dovey was alone.

She chased off the moment of melancholy, shook out her arms, mentally scolding herself for whining. What was she thinking, anyhow? She was plenty old enough to take care of herself. She turned her attention to the wagon in front of her, which was currently being searched by one of the gate guards while the other stood by and watched. She wondered what he was looking for - maybe unreported slaves? Back home, people had to tell the city when they were bringing slaves in with them, though she'd never bothered to find out why. The guard finished his search and turned to the man driving the wagon. "All right, go on in," she made out, and the wagon trundled forward. Now it was her turn.

Funny, how timid she'd got all of a sudden. Usually she was bold as brass when it came to talking, but now she found her legs trembling as she walked toward the gate. Those guards in their armor made her feel awfully small.

"Your business?"

The question caught her off guard. She stumbled in her haste to halt, staring up at the guard's face. He didn't look unfriendly, but that didn't help the sudden tightness in her chest.

"Your business?" the guard repeated. "That is, why is it you're here?"

She must have signaled puzzlement without realizing - not that she wasn't grateful for the clarification. She cleared her throat before she spoke. "I actually mean to live here," she said, and was pleased at the steadiness of her voice. She'd half-expected to squeak.

"That's fine, that's fine," the guard replied. "You'll need to see the Housing Authority about a residence, and then you'll want to find a job, you'll head to the Welcome Center for that..." He rattled off directions which Dovey tried desperately to keep in her head. "And if you have any problems, just come to one of us Knights - you can't miss us. Now, I'll need to search your bag. Are you carrying any fresh fruits or vegetables?"

So, the guards were the Knights Dovey's mother had told her so much about. Now she felt a bit better - Mother said the Knights were beacons of honor. Dovey only hoped she was right, given the influence they apparently had over the city. "No sir, I'm not," she said meekly.

The guard took the backpack she passed to him and felt through it with a practiced hand. "Nothing out of order," he said, handing it back. "Right then, go on in - and best of luck with your new life."

"Thank you, sir." And she walked through the gates.
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Michael Kyber on January 7th, 2017, 4:29 pm

38th Winter. 516AV

"Wake up kiddo. We're here."

The sounds of the merchants gruff voice woke Michael up from his daydreaming state. With a half-groan half-yawn, Michael pulled himself up from the sack of grain that'd been serving as his pillow and swung his body around so that his legs dangled off the back end of the wooden trading cart he'd been lying on.

It had been quite a few days now since Michael had departed from Zeltiva on his journey to Syliras. Originally he'd hitched a ride from a trader heading to the Mithryn Outpost with a cargo of timber, however once they'd reached the outskirts of the Syliran fields they'd encountered another merchant bringing grain from the outpost up to Syliras itself, and for a few miza's Michael bought himself a ride up to the gates.

The trip had been a strange one to say the least. Not because of any strange events along the way, but because despite now being well into the winter season there had yet to be any signs of snow. In fact there hadn't been much more than a slightly chilly breeze. Michael had always liked winter; cold weather felt far more pleasant to him than the stuffy summer air, and his own birthday made the season something to look forward to, so to see this strange phenomenon was quite disconcerting for him. There was a feeling of wrongness in the air, as if the plants and trees were being stretched to thin by the unnaturally long fall and ached for the cool respite of snowfall.

But that trip was at an end now. Turning his head round to see what lay ahead of the wagon, Michael eye's were immediately drawn to the sight of the massive stone gate that served as the entrance to Syliras. It was impressive to be sure; the thickly piled stone stretched up high, and looked solid enough to repel anything short of a large army with ease. Looking at them from the inside would surely give a sense of comfort and security to the citizens of Syliras, after all what could possibly bring down such a titanic structure?

The wagon was stopped at the entrance to the gates by two guards, both dressed in full sets of well maintained armor bearing the symbol of a tree upon their breastplates. From the looks of them Michael guessed that they must both be the Syliran Knight's he'd heard so much about, and he watched them with interest as they went about inspecting the wagon. One of them went to question the merchant, whilst the other headed to the back where he was to inspect the cargo.

"Dismount from the wagon please." The knight said to Michael as he approached, politely but with an undertone of boredom that spoke of how many times he'd asked that same question before. "Well get to you once we've sent through the wagon since you're not with him."

Wordlessly Michael complied, hopping off the wagon and waiting behind as the knights continued their check. Once they were done and the wagon had been sent through the gates the two knights turned to him.

"Name?" The one who'd spoke to him earlier asked.

"Michael Kyber." Michael dutifully responded.

"Where are you from Michael? And what brings you to Syliras?" said the other knight.

"I'm from Zeltiva ser, and I'm here to become a Syliran Knight."

The two guards seemed to perk up at that. "That so?" said the first knight. "I'm glad to hear it. It's always good to find new members willing to fight for a good cause. You'll be wanting to head for the Employment Office and Welcome Center first for information about the city, and then the Housing Authority to get yourself a place to place to stay. I wouldn't bother getting to comfortable there though; if you want to become a knight you'll need to train as a squire first, and that means moving into the barracks soon enough. Head over to the recruitment office in the Dyres district when you can to sign up."

The guards proceed to search through Michael's equipment for anything dangerous, and when they found nothing searched Michael himself for any signs of disease or other dangerous signs. When he came up clean they motioned for him to continue, and Michael walked through the gates and into the city.

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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Cyrene Everwind on January 8th, 2017, 6:47 am

Date: 3rd Winter 516AV

Time: 7AM

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Quinlain stepped up to the edge of the syliran gates, the smell of the city the first thing that hit her. She’d been on the water and out in other cities for too long this was her first time back here in almost fifty years. And it was starting to show as the feeling of nostalgia washed over her like a tsunami. She just stood stock still at the edge of the gates garnering the attention of a few nearby guards.

“Excuse me miss. Business in the city?” The guard asked her sternly upon seeing the blade pinned to her back between the backpack. She just cocked her head to the side and let her eyes sweep over the steel he wore the plate links and pieces looking for lack of a better term, like some of her early work.
“Well for starters I heard you lads could use a smith worth a damn. Second off I’m back in Syliras looking for the smithy as well as a place to stay if you’d be so kind?” Her words were sharp but not biting like she didn’t have time to waste.

“Well Miss. Head towards the Ironworks for the smithy and the heralds arms for a place to stay.” He coughed clearing his throat. Clearly not used to being talked down too from below.
“Thanks lad. Now get back to ya post I coulda sworn I saw some munchkin run by with a loaf of bread in his gob.” And with a smirk at watching the knight panic a little entered the city once more. Hammers and tools in hand she was so ready to get back to work. Perhaps even a little happy to be back in a place that felt more recently familiar. Then again it may have just been the plume of smoke rising in the distance.
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Grim Ravenwood on January 17th, 2017, 11:30 am


1st of Winter 516AV

Dull thudding could be heard as a tall individual made his way towards Syliras, only to stop suddenly, several feet away from the tall walls. His eyes traced along the stone construction, a mixture of awe and excitement within them. Something like this couldn't be seen back in Sunberth.

That, and the guards.

The very term 'city guard' was foreign to him and any other resident of above mentioned city. Yet there they were, two knights, both clad in heavy pieces of steel, Both of them appeared to be somewhat dissatisfied with their post. Still who wouldn't be? Cold winds seemed to be blowing from all directions, ripping trough the Eiyon robes.

"Do you plan on passing?" A gruff voice asked, pulling Grim back from his thoughts.

"...Uhh, I do?" The man answered after a brief pause.

"Where do you hail from?" The knight asked, somewhat suspicious of the rather odd looking individual.

"From Sunberth..." Grim answered, his tone cautious, as if one word would make all the trouble he went to arrive there a waste. Following his answer, the knight stood silent for a couple of moments, before continuing.

"What's with the scythe?" The knight began another onslaught of questions. Oddly, to Grim it seemed like all the other travelers exchanged not more than a few words before setting on their way. Do they think less of him because he is from Sunberth?

"What with it?" The Eiyon answered with a question.

"What's your business in the city?" The guard asked, decieding not to press on the matter.

Truth be told, Grim couldn't stand a moment longer in Sunberth. Before the events that unfolded in Dust Bed's ridge, the city, although not without its more than fair share of violence, seemed somewhat tranquil. But as he gained his powers, he could smell death everywhere. Ironically, that very smell was less present on the graveyard, one where he now preferred sleeping, than on the streets. And smell wasn't the only thing, he could sense and see ghosts too. Some of them were silent, some of them screamed. He needed to move, to somewhere a bit more quiet, just until he gets used to all of this.

"I'm just seeking my fortune." Grim answered flatly.

"That so?" The knight asked, raising an eyebrow. "Well, you can make a decent living as long as you work hard and obey the laws."

"Cause no trouble." The knight said, dismissing Grim with a motion of his gauntlet. Deciding not to linger, the robed man stepped into the shadowy pass of the gatehouse, eager to see what awaits on the other side.

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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Vaerin on January 19th, 2017, 4:00 am

62nd of Fall, 516 AV (Approximately 6 Bells)

How long had it been since he emerged from the mouth of the passage that officially separated him from the cavernous Kalinor? He had nearly travelled the breadth of the world as he knew it now. This moment was surrealistic in a way. So large was the gate that stood in front of him. It was nothing like anything he had ever imagined or seen before. Whatever was waiting behind that wall for him was beyond the realms of comprehension for someone that had spent so long in conditions so unlike his home. "...How...how many live here? Such a large expanse..." He trailed off, not that there was anyone on the road to listen to him anyway. His mouth was left agape as his eyes trailed up and down the city scape that loomed over him. Of course not for too long, he was not wishing to draw attention to his mouth. With that Dra-Vaerin pushed the hood of his silken cloak further down his face, and adjusted the drapery of his tunic that much higher over his mouth and nose. He couldn't get used to the sheer vastness of his surroundings. It left him uncomfortable, yet tentatively curious. Everything on the surface was alien.

The trip here had not been easy for Dra-Vaerin. No, not in the least. From the dangers of the road, to the inhospitality he had received from those that he crossed paths with. He was not shocked by this. "After all, are you not used to this, Dra?" But the thing that was the hardest for him to cognitively reconcile himself with was the concept of the weather, and especially the sun. It beat down upon with such fury upon his ghostly pale skin. Like the cruelest lick of the Symenestran lash. It wasn't that he had never heard of the sun, but since he had never once left the relative safety of Kalinor: no words or texts could have prepared him for this. So too had the conditions been so different from the dampness or the cold that forever permeated the cavernous city he belonged to.


Dra-Vaerin was snapped from his reverie. The booming voice that shocked him so belonged to one of three guards that were approaching him. It looked as if this was the gatekeeper.

"I said are you deaf, man?"

Taken aback, the young man found himself floundering to respond. He quickly wrapped his hands into the folds of his clothing, then wrapping his cloak closer to his slender frame in a bid to disguise his racial heritage a little longer before he was inevitably asked from where he hailed. There was no avoiding or lying about the answer to that question. He was also not aware of it, but at the present moment he looked more like a Lapis hued cocoon with two bulging eyes peeking through it than a man.
"I...er. Sorry. Sorry... My deepest apologies. I was j-just rather taken aback for a moment there. You wanted to ask me something?"

Two of the guards exchanged a look behind their captain. They both had seen their share of backdoorsy yokels and oddities, but the swath of blueish purple fabric staring dumbfounded at a wall for longer than two minutes really was in a realm of its own. They had definitely just found a story to share down at the pub and roar with laughter at when they finished their shift at the gate this evening.

Unfazed, the gatekeeper spoke his instructions to the strange pallid man plainly and evenly. He just wanted to either turn this man away or let him in. Anything to get this moon-eyed idiot out of the way so he could go back to doing something more productive than yell at an unresponsive stranger.

"I am Dra-Vaerin. I hail from Kalinor. I seek to, he had to think of what exactly he wanted to gain in terms that this man would understand, "make a career for myself, show your kind the traditional dances of my people, and better establish ties between my people and Syliras." He spoke with such an impassioned tone the two accompanying guards were willing to overlook the fact that he was of the Widows in order to better stop themselves from cackling at his words.

The gatekeeper seemed less amused. There was no reason to turn him away that he could see. The man barely had anything on his person other than yards of fabric. But it felt almost cruel to let someone that had made such a strange impression in. It was his job to assess the risks that a person seeking entry could bring to Syliras. This Symestra seemed more a hazard to himself than anyone else. "Ah, right then lad...Well. If that be your prerogative I would recommend you talk to the Symenestran member of the People's Council...they will better equip you with information about the city."

The young man nodded gratefully as the guardsmen led him to the now opening gate, while giving him very prescriptive directions. However, he could not help by internally cringing at the man's use of the word "Symenestran". While it was grammatically correct within the common tongue, it just showed the lack of understanding about his mother-tongue. Dra-Vaerin felt that it reflected poorly on this man's worldly view, and was thus in some ways pitiable. However it was not entirely this man's fault. Perhaps, Dra-Vaerin pondered internally, this man had barely seen or met one of his people before?

As soon as he passed out of earshot and started to meld into the bustling and loud cityscape, the two guards could not retain their laughter any longer. The more serious one of the three turned to look at the silhouette of the cloaked man, "I give him exactly less than a week before he is tossed out, or worse."
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Priscilla Barr on February 14th, 2017, 4:25 pm

12th of Winter, 516 AV

Priscilla walked back up to the gates, still more than a bit nervous after her walk outside. It hadn't been out of the sight of the walls as she was more than aware of her limitation in that regard. She wanted to get out of the city, not die because she went a bit too far out of the city.

Deciding that she had enough, she walked back up to the gate.
"Purpose" the guard asked, and she resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She had been outside and in the view of the gates for less thqn an hour, and was obviously a citizen of Syliras. Still, they were just doing their job and not taking any shortcuts, and she respected that.

"Returning citizen" she replied respectfully, and the guard nodded and allowed her back inside.
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Farren on February 15th, 2017, 5:52 pm

10th Winter 516 AV


Farren was relieved to finally be at the gates of Syliras. He had travelled from his birth village, just east of Kenash, and followed the Suvan Sea North and then East until he had crossed the border into Sylira. From there he had followed the South Kabrin Road into the Syliras Domain. He had heard tales of the Syliran Knights, not all pleasant, but this was the first time he’d encountered them. He’d kept his head down, nervous about doing anything to attract their attention, as he followed the road through the Syliran Fields until he had reached the gates to the city.

The Kelvic took a moment to gawk at the city, overwhelmed by the towering presence of such a huge structure. It was like nothing he’d ever seen and set his heart racing. Moving to the city was an unusual choice for a Kelvic to make, he knew, but that ever present urge to search for someone was only growing stronger as he got older. At three years old he could feel the absence of a bond with someone. He wanted to increase his chances of finding that connection, and what better way to do that than go to where there were thousands of people.

Farren slowed as he approached the gates, noticing they were flanked by two Knights. He took a deep breath, then immediately wrinkled his nose. The scents of the city were leaking through, and he could pinpoint the nearby Knights by the scent of sweat lined metal.

“Halt,” one of the Knights stepped forward as he got close to the gate, “What business brings you to our city?” Farren’s eyes widened and he resisted the urge to whimper nervously. He wasn’t ashamed of his species, but he didn’t want to risk standing out by acting different from the humans.

“I’m looking for a new life,” he told them, the answer not far from the truth but not revealing him as a Kelvic searching for a bondmate, “I have combat skills, and know about the wilderness…and even draw a little. I’ll find a way to contribute to the city once I’ve settled in. I’ve got enough money to purchase a home for now.”

The Knight seemed to accept the response, allowing him to pass. Farren grinned as he passed the ironoak doors, coming into a tiny courtyard. He looked around and up, taking everything in, a little nervous about the line of spikes above him. He passed on quickly, pushing through the ironwood doors ahead.

By the end of the day Farren had purchased a small apartment on the Third Tier of the Maiden District. It wasn’t anything like he knew, and would take a lot of work to feel comfortable in, but it would eventually be home.

|| Farren || 3 years old || Kelvic || Bondmate – None ||
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Ascen on February 15th, 2017, 8:03 pm

Timestamp: Winter 7th, 516 AV

Seeing the familiar gates of Syliras was actually a welcoming sight to young Ascen. The chilling daggers continue to claw at the fabrics of his clothing as the crunching sound of rocks under his boot was the only sound he's heard since Ascen left Sunberth. Winter was already coming, and it was here that the day would honestly feel rather nice. However with Ascen walking to the point where his feet hurt upon each step his body is producing enough heat to keep him warm. 'Perhaps I should try to find a coat while I'm here... Otherwise I don't think I'll be able to function normally around here.'

Ascen thought to himself as he approached the gates where he sees two Syliran knights guarding the gates. Both of them held up their hand to signal the stop for Ascen, and he gladly complied by stopping in his tracks. Though it is to of no surprise since Ascen has one nasty looking gauntlet that has a set of razor blades made out of cold iron on his right arm. As it is considered as a weapon even to the local folk as the knights remained wary of it. They have the reach from their swords and the bowmen up at the ramparts have the range to shoot Ascen down if he was to ever try something. "State your business in Syliras." One of the knights ordered as Ascen took a much needed deep breath. "Just trying to find myself I suppose. I just came from Sunberth and hoped to at least reach Syliras before Winter took a nasty turn. Judging by the winds however this winter is going to be quite a nasty one, so I probably will temporary stay here until the bad part of Winter blows by."

The knights looked at each other for a moment as they simply shrugged their shoulders. "Mind if we search your belongings? I've never been to Sunberth myself, but I've heard that it's a hotspot for smugglers and the lot." Ascen would dip his head before shouldering off his bag and handing it to the knights. Though paranoia screams that they're going to take his things as Ascen is already reluctant to even let them look into his bag. However he does not want to either rot in Syliras' dungeon or trying his luck in the wilderness. A few bells would pass of the two guards rummaging through the contents in Ascen's bag before they both agreed on something that was inaudible to hear. "You're clear to go in. From the sounds of it you would want to head for Traveler's Row. It is cheap and it is simple. However it'll at least keep you warm during the Winter nights." One of the knights informed Ascen as they handed the owner his bag before they began giving directions to Traveler's Row.
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Varrolan on March 5th, 2017, 2:30 pm

===1st of Spring, 517 AV===

Hurry up! Varrolan wanted to yell at the four merchants in front of him lounging against the sides of their wagon in an infuriatingly leisurely fashion as they made no attempt to assist the two Knights searching through their wares for any contraband. Ash shifted restlessly underneath him and Varrolan patted the young Zavian's side absentmindedly as he glared at the party ahead. By the Gods, he needed to piss. It had been the best part of a day's ride to the city from Mithryn Outpost and though he'd left as early as his parents had allowed, he'd still managed to run afoul of the local rush hour as everyone returned to the city before the sun set.

Seeking to distract himself, he again cast his eye around is surroundings. The huge Fortress towered above them, glowing in the light of the setting sun and Varrolan couldn't help but notice that his mouth was hanging slightly open, as it had before on the rare occasions he and his family had ventured here from the outpost. The scale of the fortress wasn't the only thing that impressed Varrolan about this place. There were just so many people! His head swam, not just at the sight of all the faces and sounds of people around him, but of the thought of the thousands he knew lived inside the Fortress' walls. The feeling of awe had worn off slightly since arriving, such had been the time he had spent waiting, but he could feel his excitement returning as he told himself yet again why he was here.

Today is the day! Today I join the noble Order of the Knights of Syliras! He smiled and dreamed, yet again of the sight of himself in the full plate of a Knight, of the adoring looks he would receive from the people from Syliras, of the flushed faces of beautiful women, perhaps one whom he had rescued in a daring-


Varrolan snapped back to reality and urged Ash forward to where a Knight was waiting for him. Now that he was at the front of the queue, the wait didn't seem so bad. Even his full bladder was infinitely more bearable now that he knew he had arrived. "Good afternoon, Ser." Varrolan said, beaming down at the Knight as he stepped up to take the reins.

"Off your horse, please," The Knight intoned in the flat, uncaring manner of a man who used the same sentence for the umpteenth time that week.

"Absolutely! I'll just - ahhh!" Varrolan grimaced as his stiff legs bent and touched the ground. His numb foot caught in the stirrup and he hopped on the spot trying to untangle himself as the Knight walked around Ash and gave the horse a quick inspection, finishing by checking his teeth before turning to the contents of the saddlebags. "I've just come from Mithryn Outpost, actually. It was quite a-"

"What have you got in the bags?" The Knight interrupted.

Varrolan blinked. "Oh, well everything I could fit, really." He gestured expansively and paused for effect. "I've come to join the Knights of Syliras."

"Great. Open your bags."

Not quite the response Varrolan had hoped from a man who would surely soon be one of his brothers in arms but he opened the bags all the same. "Of course, of course. Anything I can do to make your job easier." Varrolan forced a smile he hoped didn't look as awkward as he felt. "Who knows? Maybe I'll be out here checking people with you soon?"

The Knight snorted balefully. "What's that on your back there?"

Varrolan brightened, "My bow. My mother made it. She's-"

The Knight raised an eyebrow. "And what are you planning on doing with that in Syliras?"

Varrolan frowned. He'd only just told the Knight - had he not heard? He decided to speak slowly. "Well, as I was saying, I have come to join the Order of-"

"Yeah, that's nice, kid. Leave you arrows." He pointed sharply at Varrolan's quiver. "Then you're free to go."


"I said, leave your arrows." The Knight waived carelessly in the direction of a wooden barrel. "If you make it into the Order, you can have them back." For the first time, the Knight sounded slightly amused and Varrolan's eyes narrowed suspiciously. There had been far too much emphasis on the word 'if' for his liking. Still, an order was an order and Varrolan reluctantly removed his arrows from his quiver and placed them in the barrel.

With as much dignity as he could muster, he hauled himself back up into Ash's saddle, "Well, good to meet-"


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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Kara Vanis on March 6th, 2017, 3:48 am

Kara was never a fan of traveling on a good day and not all of her trip had been on a good day. It was not Lhavit but then what was? None the less she was required to settle affairs for the family and so travel was required.

She had been stopped briefly by the guards, which was just another annoyance. But, Kara had bit her tongue and allowed them to question her. On some level she was happy they had done so. It did mean that not everyone who wished to get in the gates would. Something that gave her a bit of comfort. Not much of one but a small amount.

After speaking with them and proving that she was who she said she was Kara was waved into the gates.
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