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This shining population center is considered the jewel of The Sylira Region. Home of the vast majority of Mizahar's population, Syliras is nestled in a quiet, sprawling valley on the shores of the Suvan Sea. [Lore]

Postby Nureddin on March 12th, 2016, 7:00 pm

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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Poppy Blackburn on March 28th, 2016, 2:13 am

Spring 1 , 516 AV

The wait was over.

Poppy had waited a long time for to be a squire, ever since her family's relocation into the Mithryn Outpost, where the girl had first laid eyes on the knights of the Syliran order. Her family had settled into the community and found jobs to earn their keep. She announced her intent to join the order, but her parents wanted to wait until she was older before sending her over. Abiding by her parent's wishes, she continued helping her father out as a small-time hunter, supplying the local butchery with her catch. While she already had some expertise with both the blade and the bow, she was nowhere considered to be proficient like an experienced squire or warrior.

A few months after she turned nineteen, her father informed her the night before during the evening’s meal that he felt that she was ready now, and he’ll bring her to the capital when he goes into the city to sell his wares and run some errands. Needless to say, Poppy was way too excited to sleep, but she eventually dozed off into slumber with dreams of what was to come. Morning soon arrived, and with that the sun. The excited young lass woke up with more vigor that she’d ever had, and began preparations for the journey to the city.

The father and daughter pair soon left the outpost as the bell dawned upon them, heading towards the city of Syliras. The single horse-driven wagon driven by the father soon came into full view of the sparkling jewel of the Sylira region, Syliras. While her father, Rickson had been to the capital plenty of times as part of his job, Poppy had never entered the capital before and was undoubtedly blown away by the magnificent sight of the towering city gates. They joined the queue waiting to enter the city, which was filled of travellers, merchants and residents alike.

As their turn to enter came, a knight at the gates asked questioningly. “Purpose of visit?” while another made his round around the wagon, inspecting the goods for anything suspicious. Rickson replied. “We’re from the Mithryn Outpost, and I’m here to sell some wares..” He jabbed a thumb back at the sacks of preserved meat at the back of the wagon, before continuing. “This here, is my daughter, and she’s looking to join the Syliran order for she has aspirations of being a knight someday.” The knight at the gate bellowed a hearty laughter and said “Jolly well! The Order is always happy for more eager souls. Mighty good decision, if I say so myself.”

The second knight gave a thumbs up to the first, and he scribbled something on a pad before gesturing them forwards. “In you go,” and tossing a smile to Poppy, he said “Good Luck on your squireship lass!” And with that they were in. After bidding farewell to her father, Poppy began to make her way to the Dryes district, and onwards to her new life as a squire.

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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Shimoje on March 28th, 2016, 2:30 pm


Day 20 of Spring 516 A.V.

It was a gloomy day for Shimoje. He was exhausted from working on the trade ship for such a long journey from Zeltiva. The merchants on the ship were gracious at least. Land finally came into view, and Shimoje was excited. The sea wasn't his favorite thing and this being his first ride of a ship it was almost like a dream come true to see land approaching.

A large wall appeared from the distance, and he stood on the bow of the ship.


Something came out of the water and was swimming towards the starboard of the ship. The captain on the ship lowered a ladder into the sea as if it was a normal occurrence.

"Ah Theress Glyel, We had no complications! It was a good delivery, we should be docking soon. Do you have any loaders ready?"

"I will get them ready." She responded as she gracefully dived back into the water and swam up shore.


"She is nice y'know, but after a lot of bad experience with land-dwellers she isn't too accustomed to us and likes her distance." the Captain turned to Shimoje and said "Which reminds me. Once we dock I recommend that you lay low in the city for a while. Get to know the layout and the way people socialize. You are a bit weird y'know."

The ship got closer and closer to the docks. The crew was scrambling to let down the masts and to prepare slowing down the ship. A bunch of crew members stand ready with ropes attached to the ships port. They threw them down to the docking mates which tied them to the wooden shafts using their rope. They created a forward and aft springs to help secure the ship even more to the dock, and two large pieces of flat wood was slid down to the dock using the boat as its fulcrum.

As the crewmembers and the loaders worked on removing the goods Shimoje was about to head off the ship and start his new life "You know where you are going kid?" yelled the captain.

Shimoje just responded with a shrug, but then remembered everything the captain did to help him. He couldn't be rude so he walked back towards the captain. "No, sir. I don't have any idea. I am usually fairly good about figuring stuff out though."

"I realized that over our travels! Look, the guards might be suspicious of you since you didn't travel through the main gates. If you want... HEY! Mr. Valini!" the captain said.
A man dressed rather well approaches the two "Captain, how are you? Safe travels?" he started out with a smirk on his face "I thank you for your frequent deliveries."

"I need a favor, well this kid here needs a favor, would you mind helping him in procuring a place to stay?" the captain asked Mr. Valini.

"There are only so many places that one could stay but a spare apartment at Traveler's Inn would probably be just his thing since you are asking."
he responded as his smirk left his face. "Do you know where the apartments are, son?"

"Sadly, I do not. I can figure it out though."
Shimoje announced. He was getting sick and tired of being called a kid and son, and all that crap. He worked ever since he was younger and had to live a hard life. His small stature is probably what did it. Most of the people here seem to tower over him.

"Just tell the ladies at the desk that I sent you. Your rent won't be that cheap though. All the rent and costs here are sanctioned by the cities knights. You will learn more about that later. Good luck!" he ended.

Shimoje didn't need luck though. All he needed was his wits and some new friends.

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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Ricky Maze on April 8th, 2016, 7:53 pm

Spring 70th 516 AV, 9th Bell

Just as the day seemed to start for the city Ricky's started much earlier this morning, with a nonstop march towards the fortress that sat so distant on the horizon. Now though the walk seemed to pay off and it definitely made its physical toll known, since the aches and pains within his lower legs were unchanged from the amount of steps he'd covered. Syliras. The city beyond the walls looked to be the same, but if anything Ricky had learned not to take things at face value. Not anymore these days. History was a good lesson for that to say the least, even so he still couldn't help but wonder if he'd find such luck here. By now the peddler and his son knew the entire reason why Ricky started this daunting journey, but since Syliras seemed to be a place against magic users in general, the odds were highly against him in finding such a person who could change his past.

The caravan was greeted by the knights stationed at the entrance, a short bout of common courtesy and conversation seemed to be traded off for a chime, while Ricky remained to the side as though he were a mere traveler among the group. To everyone else he was practically, so why should the knights have need of such concern about him. Honestly he maintained expectation for a few questions, which in truth did follow up shortly before the peddler seemed ready to enter the city within. Who was all part of the caravan? What sort of business do you plan to cover here? Questions like those only halted progress, but it seemed as though it were important to the knights. Vigilance was definitely a virtue they favored if anything, either way with a bit of honest talk and even a little schmoozing from the peddler, the knights were well enlightened to the fact they'd be welcoming a good company. So they could at last enter the city with no further need to inform the knights stationed at the entrance, and soon enough the bitter stench of nostalgia crept onto Ricky.

How long had it been? Two years almost? Wow how time did fly then, and to think he came back here once more. This time however there was no intention to heal, no means to press forward in an effort to stay the hand of Dira. No this time Ricky came to Syliras so he could erase his past, to eradicate the machinations of the memories that haunted him so. He wanted an escape with a clean slate, and if he were actually lucky enough to find the help he sought, he could easily wipe away all of it just to finally start over anew. He already felt a mixed whirl of emotion about it now, pain and sadness mostly but somehow an eagerness to get it done and over with somehow. Such yearning had to be the reason why he remained hopeful yet, surely that would have to be enough to press onward. As they continued down the street from the entrance, Ricky bade the traveling peddler farewell and parted ways from the caravan.

The time where he'd be alone started here, as his journey was still far from over.
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Ianthe on April 9th, 2016, 4:42 pm

Timestamp: 1st Day of Spring, 516 AV
Location: The Main Gates of Syliras

The gates loomed.

Rather, the city loomed. Its walls seemed to span for miles - thick stone, weathered and strong. The walls spoke of safety and security and secrets. An entire population was hidden behind them - humans and konti and mysterious creatures of all shapes and sizes, if the rumours were to be believed. It looked like city with history. A city with a drive to survive.

A city not one bit like home.

Ianthe paused just off to the side of the main road, watching as the small crowd waiting outside the gates surged forward. She clutched her pack in her left hand and balanced her daughter precariously on her right hip. The wind eagle ride from Mura, while exhilarating, had also terrified them both. Cleodora’s violet eyes were still wide, her lips shaped in a surprised “O”.

“You’re okay, Ducky,” Ianthe murmured into her daughter’s pale blonde hair. “Wasn’t that fun? Wasn’t that an experience? Your aunt will be so excited when we tell her about it, won’t she?”

Cleo’s aunt. Ianthe’s twin. Eudore was still in Mura, unable - or perhaps unwilling - to leave her work and join her sister in Syliras. She had nodded knowingly when Ianthe told her of her own insatiable desire to travel to the human city, but had refused the invitation to come along. ”This is your journey,” Ianthe remembered her saying. ”You must do this yourself.”

The pull to leave had been strong - too strong. But that wasn’t to say Ianthe didn’t miss her family with every ounce of her being. That she didn’t immediately regret leaving her sister behind. That she didn’t wish she was still in Mura with every second she stood in front of the Syliran gates.

Yet here they were.

“All right, Ducky. Let’s give this city a chance, shall we?” Ianthe set her daughter softly on the ground and linked their hands together. Within a few short moments, they had joined the waning crowd by the gates and were soon in front of the guards.

Knights. They call them Knights here.

Two human Knights flanked the gates - one male, one female. This was where their differences ended. Both were taller than Ianthe, both wore armour, and both carried a too-serious expression on their faces.

“State your business,” the man commanded, while the woman inspected Ianthe and Cleodora carefully.

Ianthe lifted her chin and met the man’s mud brown eyes. “We’re seeking refuge and work,” she said.

“And fun!” Cleodora added, clearly having recovered from the shock of the wind eagle ride. “Do you have anything fun here?”

The male Knight’s stoic face cracked into a half-smile, and he knelt down to the young konti’s level. “Fun, eh? We’ve got some of that. Have you heard of the Bazaar?”

Cleo shook her head solemnly.

“No? Well. You’ll certainly need to visit the Bazaar. People from all over Mizahar come to the Bazaar to sell their wares. It’s got jewels the likes that you’ve never seen before, toys that tell stories from faraway lands, exotic flowers for your mother…” At this, he glanced up at Ianthe and winked. His partner rolled her eyes. “It’s the best adventure you’ll find inside Syliras!”

“Is that so?” Ianthe patted Cleodora’s head lightly and offered the Knight a small smile. “We’ll have to make sure to take a look, won’t we?”

The female Knight exhaled loudly and pulled her partner to his feet. “Ma’am, the Welcome Center is just inside the gates. You can use it to find suitable housing and work. We all work here, so do make sure you contribute.”

“Yes…” Ianthe trailed off, unsure of the proper honourism.

“Sera,” the Knight supplied.

“Yes, Sera.”

“On your way, then!”

And with that, the N’asira family took their first steps into Syliras.

Let the adventure begin…
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Aranta on April 15th, 2016, 8:00 pm


30 Spring, 516AV

The Zith paused, standing a good distance away from the line of wagons that were currently approaching the gates to the city that he'd learned was called 'Syliras'. He has received many curious and several outright hostile looks, and as such he's not drawn his wings in to form a cloak-like covering the way that he would usually do; he wants to have ready access to his hunting knife, as well as free movement should he need to defend himself.

For the moment, however, as Aranta stands, letting traffic flow past him as he studies the gates before him. The walls are tall, lined with archers and curious looking instruments that Aranta can't begin to guess the purpose of besides to make noise, and the gates themselves are imposing. If he needed to, Aranta could fly over the walls, but when he asked what he needed to do when entering the city for the first time, he'd been told he needed to speak to two 'knights' - whatever a 'knight' was - before he would be allowed entrance. He'd also been warned that the city would most likely not be very friendly towards a Zith; not that that was a surprise. Kalinor, so far, has been the only friendly city he's found; a few he was chased away from before he could even draw near, and he's earned a few extra scars from when he was too slow to flee.

After another moment's study, Aranta slips back into the line of caravans and riders, wings folded along his back so that his harness and rucksack are on display, showing that he has nothing more dangerous on him than his claws, teeth, and hunting knife. As he approaches, he notices the knights straightening, and attempts to keep his posture as nonthreatening as possible; he has no wish to cause trouble. "Halt," one of the guards calls, one hand resting upon his weapon. "What is your business here?"

Aranta stops a few steps away, keeping his hands in plain sight; he's noticed that that tends to help alleviate some races' nervousness in dealing with a Zith. "I am looking to enter the city to make my home here, at least for a season or two," he says, back straight and making steady eye contact. "May I enter?"

"Will you follow the laws?" the knight counters, and Aranta tilts his head.


"Conduct yourself well; do not attack other citizens of Syliras, and violence of any kind is prohibited within the city limits. No dangerous magic of any kind, either. If you violate these laws, you will be met with swift capital punishment."

Aranta eyes the way the knight's grip on the hilt of his sword tightens, and gets the feeling that 'capital punishment' translates to 'your death.' "I agree," he says. "I will abide by your laws."

The knight watches him for a moment before nodding. "If you are looking for lodging, try Traveler's Row first. The rooms will be small and deep in the bastion, but I'm sure that won't be a problem for a Zith." The words leave the man's mouth as though they had a bad taste, and Aranta feels his upper lip curl in a shadow of a snarl.

"I'm sure they won't be," he says stiffly before moving through the gates. Well, even if Syliras was tolerant of Zith, it was reassuring in a backhanded way to know that they seemed to still share the prejudices of the rest of Mizahar.
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Ran'Umiko on June 7th, 2016, 12:41 am

Summer 6, 516 AV

Ran'Umiko stood at the front of the city gates, and took a deep breath, trying to compose herself. She never liked walking back into the city, the guards intimidated her and without even beginning to try and reenter the city, she felt her muscles tense up.

She continued walking, and asked one of the guards on duty, trying her best to ignore the archers standing at attention, "hello, may I please re-enter the city," desperately hoping that her voice didn't convey any of the nervousness that she was feeling.

He looked her over and, seeing as she was carrying nothing, and it was rather obvious she had nothing concealed, he said "very well. Have a nice day, Miss."

She sighed a breathe of relief. She really, really hated doing this!
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Tvarrick Snowsong on June 30th, 2016, 10:26 pm

3rd Day of Summer, 516 AV

Tvarrick leaned idly against the trunk of a tree situated just at the edge of the Bronze Wood. Across the way lay the Eastern wall of Sylaris, and in which was located the gate through which a steady stream of persons entering the great city. Watching the gate, Tvarrick absentmindedly flipped a knife in one, long fingered hand. The small blade would drift lazily upward, rotate once, and descend to slap into Tvarrick’s waiting palm. A habit picked up from his childhood, Tvarrick tended to unconsciously fiddle with his restless hands whenever deep in thought. The thought so occupying his attention his mind was the impressive city castle before him. Though it was not his first time coming to Sylaris, he had not visited the city since his mother was killed seven years ago, and even then only with his mother to guide him. On his own, with no friends or family awaiting him, Tvarrick found the gate and the city it led to far more daunting than he had remembered.

A sharp pain in his palm elicited a gasp from Tvarrick. Glancing away from the gates and down at his hand Tvarrick found a thin stream of blood seeping from a small gash in his palm, where the knife had over-rotated and sliced him before tumbling to the grass. From where he was idly grazing a few feet away Drixts, Tvarrick’s dun Gildling gelding, snorted in amusement at his master. Tvarrick sighed, “I know, I know,” he muttered, “standing here won’t change anything.”

Squatting, Tvarrick wiped his bloody hand on the grass before reclaiming his fallen blade, his nimble fingers making it disappear up his sleeve to the scabbard sewn there. Hoisting himself into Drixt’s saddle, Tvarrick turned the gelding toward the gate at a slow plod.

“Hold son,” the squat knight guarding the left side of the gate hailed Tvarrick as he made to enter the city. “I’m going to need your name and what you intend to be doing in our city ‘fore you can pass through.” The knight made to grab Drixts’ bridle, and Tvarrick quickly placed a warning hand upon the gelding’s neck to forestall any thought the stubborn horse might have had of nipping at the knight. Assaulting a member of the Sylarian Knights would not be a good start to Tvarrick’s new life.

“Well sir,” Tvarrick answered the knight’s questioning stare, “my name’s Tvarrick, Tvarrick…Snowsong. I’m looking to start my life, do you know where I could inquire as to anyone needing work? I’m awfully good with my hands.”

“Why would I know something like that?” grunted the guard. “A tavernkeep would know that better than I. But keep in mind son, we don’t tolerate lay-abouts here in Sylaris, if you can’t be finding work than the knights will find something for you to do with those awfully good hands. Be on your way now.”

“Thank you sir,” Tvarrick replied, tipping his hat to the guard and nudging Drixts through the gates and into the city beyond.

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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Aladari Coolwater on December 5th, 2016, 7:29 pm


3rd of Winter, 516 AV

Aladari stumbled toward the front gate clumsily. Her wobbling legs were partially due to the awe of the massive archway, and partially due to the adjustment from riding the Wind Eagle all day. Although Aladari hadn't much cared for the strange bird, she did wish that she at least had one of the bold Inarta to support her.

As it was, she held only her overstuffed backpack, the materials tied to her belt, and her old, mangy dog on a makeshift rope leash. She felt bare, vulnerable. Anyone could mug her immediately and take all of her things, leaving her completely broke and out of contact. Who would help her, if she had nothing to give in return?


The command startled Aladari out of her spiraling thoughts. She blinked rapidly to clear her head, then focused in on the man in armor who had spoken.

"Step closer." Upon seeing her uneasiness, the armored man softened. "I only need to inspect the dog for disease. You'll get him back, as long as he's clear."

Aladari let out a low sigh of relief and eased Tar forward. "Go on. Is okay." She prompted. The dog eventually approached the guard, beginning to enjoy the soft petting of his fur.

The guard smiled up at her, then gestured for her to go on in. "Everything looks good, as long as there's no produce in your bag?"

"Nossir." She drawled.

"Good. Welcome to Syliras. Welcome Center is just past the gate to get you situated in the city."

And just like that, she was in. It felt strange, and though she couldn't quite pinpoint the feeling, she knew something was different. It was all new; this was her new start.

Morwen, guide me.
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Davis Glover on December 6th, 2016, 9:38 pm

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