[Lhavit Linkmap] For your convenience!

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

[Lhavit Linkmap] For your convenience!

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Lhavit is a world shrouded in magic and light. It glows through the compact earth on the streets, the magnificent buildings that shift colors depending on the locations of Syna and Leth and glow under the light of Zintila's stars. Life here is peaceful under the guidance of the Alvina and the Anchorite, and many travelers tend to find that indeed, there are many places and people to see and to meet, they just need to go to the right location to look for it. Be sure you are not afraid of heights, for there are plenty of open locales for a breathtaking view!

City Entrance
All PCs entering Lhavit, please post here first!

Information and IC Help
Looking for a job? Want some information on the city? Stop by here!
  • The Cosmos Center - Where a foreigner and visitor may go to to acquire a home, a job, or to learn everything they can about Lhavit and it's people.

Food & Lodging
Feel free to use these locations in your threads.
  • The Shooting Star Inn - An upscale Inn for those wanting delicious food and a good night's rest.
  • The Fleeting Comet - An expensive and elaborately decorated restaurant for those who wish to have a breathtaking view while enjoying a savory meal.
  • Solar Wind Apartments - Lodging for permanent or long-term residents and visitors.
  • Mhakula Tea House - The hot spot to get the finest tea in the city, as well as a training center for those who wish to train in the Dao sword.
  • Towers' Respite - A cheap place for students of the three Towers to stay during their studies.
  • Celestial Commons - The partner building to the Respite, this is where the students come for their meals and important meetings.

Government Facilities
These locations are open to all.

Shops & Business
Feel free to self-moderate.
  • The Shining Diamond - An expensive jewelry store for the more wealthier folks of Lhavit.
  • The Silk Palace - More than just a silk shop, a palace of weaves.
  • All Things Wild - Renovated by a pair of creative and amazing individuals, All Things Wild is the place to go to quell ones desires for spices, herbs perfumes and tinkering goods.
  • Piramba's Pet Shop - First stop to acquire your very own animal companion.
  • Touch of Fire - A smithy shop for all you metal lovers out there.
  • The Red Lantern - Sit down, take a seat, and let these special workers do the rest.
  • The Perch - The only place in Lhavit to see and purchase domesticated birds, from falcons to finches. (Note: This location cannot be self-moderated)
  • Elana's Cats - If you want a cute little mountain cat, this is the place to go! (No self-modding)
  • Tain's Studio - An open studio for painters, sculptors and anything art!

Entertainment Locations
Feel free to use these locations in your threads.
  • Surya Plaza - The grand center for all festivites, shops and entertainment, Syna always shines down the brightest here.
  • The Basilika - Connected to the Bharani Library, the Basilika is a place for people to share their opinions, have debates and give readings.

Religious Locations
Feel free to use these locations, PM a DS if you wish something further.
  • Temple of Time - Sacred grounds to honor and respect the Goddess Tanroa.
  • Temple of the Moon - The prime location to acknowledge, give thanks, and pray to Leth.
  • Temple of the Sun - The Sanctum of Syna, where worshipers of every race come to give thanks to the Goddess of the Sun.
  • The Twuele

Parks and Exotic Locations
Feel free to use these locations.
  • Okomo Villa -Home of the Okomos, the large goat-antelope mounts of Lhavitians.

Learning Facilities
These areas require moderation except on special circumstances.
  • The Bharani Library - The famous library of the Seekers, nearly anything and everything about Mizahar and it's denizens may be found here.
  • Iraltu's Observatory - The stars never looked so close.
  • Sakana's Alchemy Lab - Home of Sakana Dai, master Alchemist and ethaefal extraordinaire. Attempting to get lessons from him is like attempting to wrestle a crocodile. Good luck.
  • Maeki Cho's Animation Studio - Care to learn how to breathe life into the inanimate? Stop by Maeki's Studio and meet the talented and beautiful wizard who owns it.
  • Altuale Planetarium

Private Residences
PM the DS to add your residence here.
  • The Dawn Tower - One of the three original Lhavitian families who have opened their homes to tourists and the teaching of Reimancy.
  • The Dusk Tower - One of the three original Lhavitian families who have opened their homes to tourists and the teaching of Auristics.
  • The Twilight Tower - One of the three original Lhavitian families who have opened their homes for tourists and the teaching of Morphing.
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