The Quick Thanks Thread!

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The Quick Thanks Thread!

Postby Orakan on April 19th, 2019, 12:36 am

Just wanna thank Gossamer for all she does behind the scenes that so few of us see. You keep this place going, a place we love, and I am very grateful you continue to care and do all that you do for us and Miz.

I also want to thank Madeira for hopping into Sunberth and knocking out a couple grades for us. You're a pro and your efforts are genuinely and hugely appreciated - not just by other graders who might be struggling to stay on top of queues but by the players who get those well earned rewards you dole out. It means a lot so, sincerely, thank you.

I'd like to also thank the playerbase, as a whole - especially you guys in discord. I love seeing all the support everyone throws around for each other; it means a lot.

Lastly - as Antipodes, I want to thank the staff. You guys offer so much help, feedback and support and I can't truly express what it means to work with you guys. Thank you so much.

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The Quick Thanks Thread!

Postby Shiress on May 7th, 2019, 12:22 am

I wanted to thank Caspian for his abundance of patience. He has been waiting on me to write an opener for our thread since -this is embarrassing- February! Never once has he griped, complained, or threatened violence. Caspian, you have the patience of a saint and I thank you!
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