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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] Players Guide

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Herein lies the Player Guide for all of Wind Reach's denizens. Players should familiarize themselves with this information and are recommended to keep this thread bookmarked as it may be updated on occasion. Should you find something lacking, please contact the resident Domain Storyteller (DS). In some instances, such as the NPC Library, it is a constant work in progress. As always, players are encouraged to make suggestions in the development forum and subsequent Development Thread.

❖ Introduction ❖

So you've chosen to live in Wind Reach? That is wonderful news! Wind Reach has much to offer in terms of play, from the unique caste system it utilizes to the special dire birds known as Wind Eagle and beyond. It is a city well known for its extremes, and is widely recognized throughout Mizahar as a pivotal factor in the Valterrian and the Djed Storm of 512.

A plethora of information on locations, locals, city layout and appearance, as well as the overall attitude of the citizenry in regards to the outside world. The divine connection of these passionate people is as much linked to the mountain as to the birds they share it with. So, without further ado, welcome to Wind Reach, may your story never fall.

Players are encouraged to defer to this thread when information seems confusing when compared with the Wiki-lore as the latter is somewhat out of date.

❖ Wind Reach and Mt. Skyinarta's Appearance ❖

The mountains of Kalea are known for their extreme height and size as well as for their high levels of volcanic activity. It is a land of divinity where the gods Izurdin, Ivak, Ionu, and Zintila abound, intimately tied to the domains within the treacherous region. The people of the realm are as much built for the extremes here as the beasts are and some, such as the Isur, are well known for their hardiness and instinct for survival.

ImageHowever, none in the realm stands out so greatly as the immense volcano of Mt. Skyinarta in northern Kalea, home of the Inarta and their city, Wind Reach. A towering testament of change and turmoil, the massive mountain and surrounding peaks stand out to those who visit the region. The sheer cliffs that litter the landscape and mountain itself and the dangerous chasms threaten to swallow travelers whole make it nigh inhospitable save for those with excellent mountaineering skill. The volcano of Skyinarta rises from the terrain, a large bowl where two glacier fed lakes glint in the sun, visible from the only road in all of the region. Caves and caverns can be seen along the exterior of the mountain while the road leading up to the volcano reveals a single gate, carved from the mountain itself, where an old man stands watch throughout the year.

Connecting the lakes to the valley outside the city that leads to Thunder Bay, a large waterfall descends from a sheer rock-face to create the Sanikas River. A river full of rock and rapids, it is impossible to navigate and travelers must use the neighboring road which has been known to wash out during flood season. Thunder Bay itself is several miles from the mountain, connecting to the Storm Sea which provides trade during the warmer times of the year between Wind Reach and Taldera, and occasionally other regions who brave the unconquerable landscape. Large and equally full of life, Thunder Bay is closed two thirds of the year due to the impossible to navigate ice and storms that blow in from the sea.

While the volcano is semi-active, steam, gas, and occasionally ash seen rising from its surface in some places, eruptions are infrequent and unpredictable (reflecting well the god of emotional upheaval), its rumblings are usually gentle. Seasonal landslides and avalanches still occur, however, so travel is known to be difficult. The residents, however, are well used to the sometimes unstable terrain and know the risks of falling intimately. It does not stop the Inarta from their passionate explorations, though.

In the valleys surrounding Mt. Skyinarta, trees and low shrubs and sparse grasses abound, providing plenty of cover and nourishment for fauna to thrive. Most of the forests, however, are sparse, consisting of thickly stemmed evergreens with tough needles that are difficult to eat. The ground growth is equally tough but only serves to harden the animals that live directly on the mountain further. Mostly, it is picturesque with wondrous views and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

ImageMade entirely from porous lava rock, Mt. Skyinarta has been partially transformed by its human residents. The stone has been carved into by master stone masons and earth reimancers, beautiful carvings littering the city as the former prison of Ivak was altered to make life doable on the unpredictable mountain. Old lava vents were transformed, refurbished by the Inarta masons and reimancers until citizens could walk the rough paths of the warrens in relative safety. Often, these tunnels open to the exterior of the mountain to let the citizens see the world beyond their tumultuous home. Furthermore, specialized vents have been woven into the rock to allow for air and water circulation, further improving life in this unpredictable domain. Water from hot springs deep in the mountain is funneled up to special baths the Inarta use for cleaning and relaxation while water from The Twin Lakes provides a suitable drinking source for the populace as well as a useful way of sustaining the special hydroponic gardens and underground forest that grows in the mountain.

The gates of the mountain itself begins mid-level of the mountain, connecting Wind Reach to the Sanikas Road, and thus baring the name Sanikas Gates in turn. These gates are simple, allowing for entry and exit of the rare visitor as well as an effective way of closing the city off from would-be attackers. Given the risks of barbarians and other less welcome creatures living in the Unforgiving, it is unsurprising. Just inside the gates, the Inner Warrens begin, branching off in several directions based upon where one wishes to go. However, navigating the warrens safely is a chore unless you are familiar with it; the residents are rarely inclined to assist an unfamiliar face.

Should one procure aid, however, they will most likely direct you straight to the Valintars office, the domains authority over all the city. This office leads off from the Sanikas gates, making locating it fairly simple. Further up the mountain and through the maze-like tunnels, the Avora work areas and Wind Eagle aeries branch. Most of the entertainment facilities can be found lower in the mountain with the largest, The Inclement Weather located at the very bottom of the mountain. The majority of the residencies, however, are found mid-level, known as the Darniva Common Rooms. All of these locations and more have been carved directly into the mountain and manipulated in such a way to make it habitable and ensure any proximate gases do not overwhelm the residents.

ImageBecause space is an issue, most parts of the city are stacked and connected via the special tunnels, or warrens. Some may believe the virtually impossible to navigate hive a pointless waste of space, but it has proven useful and necessary to maintain the stability of the mountain. Like an ant hill seen from above, the structures are ornate and complex, but once the stone is taken away the true beauty and order of it becomes apparent. Organization and Planning are key parts to making the system work.

Besides the complexities of the stonework, the city is filled with glass. Residencies and halls, anything looking out on the world beyond have been magnified in their appearance through the use of glass. Renowned for the glassworkers, Wind Reach has a plethora of colorful designs that help to shape the beauty of the city. It is the glass citizens often enjoy as much as the views.

All in all, Wind Reach is a place full of passion and beauty coated heavily by the ever looming chance of death as its citizens fight to survive in an unforgiving realm.

❖ Inartans and their Attitude ❖

ImageWind Reach is home to the Inarta, a race of red heads that are recognized not just for their light skin, freckles, and hair, but for their fierce personalities that are shared with their birds. Residents of Wind Reach are known for being extremely passionate about things as well as very blunt, finding holding their thoughts and emotions in check somewhat absurd. An Inartans outspoken nature can often be overbearing by those unaccustomed to such uninhibited personalities.

Where other domains may welcome individuals not like them, Wind Reach natives are best known for their somewhat racist point of view. They are usually wary of many humans and relative sub-races and somewhat untrusting or outright hostile to the majority of non-humans.

Residents often engage in dangerous sports such as cliff diving, hunting competitions, and rock climbing. The fearless race of the volcano city sees life as a thing to be embraced. Oftentimes, that leads to reckless adventures and subsequent deaths, however it has never stopped the people before. The direct approach Inarta and Wind Reachers have makes living in the treacherous region perfect. Usually, the reckless behavior combs out the weak to leave the strong, and it is these that make the people of Skyinarta who they are. Brash and outspoken, courageous and strong, Inarta are truly the children of Ivak.

The passion of the people does not just extend into more dangerous arts, though. Inarta are renowned for their skill as glass workers, and people from all across Mizahar have sought the products of these artisans, often providing them unique materials found nowhere else in Mizahar to create beautiful works. Furthermore, highly specialized stone masons are trained as these highly regarded individuals are tantamount to the volcanos stability for living in. Likewise, the children of Ivak are idolized for their skill as falconers and bowmen. There is something truly special about the way Inarta interact with their birds.

Dress in Wind Reach is simple, though the residents are prone to fashion flares of the time. Women where special tops called vinati while men typically go topless. Both sexes don billowing pants called bryda that allow free movement and breathability in the sometimes stifling corridors and heat-wrapped work spaces. The middle and upper classes will often wear special falconry gloves and archery bracers called sontav (lontav for lower caste members). During the colder seasons or when traveling, individuals will don half-cloaks called katinu that are usually fur-lined and warm.

Beyond the attitudes of Wind Reach to the outside world, personalities are often flavored within by an individuals caste. This highly specialized system puts every warm body to work under the premise that if you don't work, you don't eat. The five tiered system enables survival for all in Wind Reach, considering the difficult to live in climate and unpredictable weather. At the top of the food chain are the eagles and their riders, known as Endal. These are the main hunters as well as traders for Wind Reach. They bring in the biggest game to feed the citizenry and bring supplies from other domains to help maintain life on the volcano. These are the elite and as such are treated with utmost respect (even if that respect is not reciprocated). Following the Endal are the artisans. Within this branch, known as Avora, those with skills in crafting things such as clothing, stone work, glass work, and some hunting are placed and provide for the city as well. The next in line are the Chiet and the Dek; these two castes are predominantly mindless labor with the only difference being the Dek (or drudges) work longer hours, often harder work, and almost always have some sort of disability that prevents them from elevating themselves in the system. The fifth and final level of the system are the Yasi, or Youth of the Wind Reach. These four to fifteen year olds are Inarta in training, learning key skills to see them through to life and hopefully earn their place as a citizen of Wind Reach.

ImageRelationships in Wind Reach are open for interpretation. Marriages and family setups are rare due to the system that is in place where youth are placed into the Yasi at a certain age and no longer reared by their parents at that point. Higher level caste members often abuse their rank by taking advantage of lower caste members. An Endal or Avora may take an interest in a Chiet or Dek and force them into sexual favors or blackmail them out of their positions. On rare occasions the interest of the higher to the lower caste may develop more than just carnal desires and in such a way elevate the lower caste member to a slightly higher status. This, like an Eagle bonding with a Dek, is rare. More common is the free attitudes of courtship between the citizens. One man may see several women at a time, or vice versa.

Because of the open courtships, inbreeding is extremely common and thus heritage difficult to track. The population is relatively small to begin with so the diversity of genes is impossible to tell and results frequently in genetic deficiencies such as less than cognitive brain function or physical disabilities that force an individual into being a drudge. However, pregnancies are easy for the Inarta. Twins are common and gestation is normally an easy affair with delivery just as untroubled. Singletons are extremely rare, however.

❖ Demographics & Racial Opinions❖

Inarta 90%
Human (and all other subraces or mixed bloods) 9%
Other 1%

With a population of around 2000, the majority of which living directly in Wind Reach and rarely in other domains, the survival of the citizens depends on everybody's ability to work. A relative even mix of male and female, 1800 of the citizenry is specifically Inarta. 180 of the remaining population are human or some subrace of them. Only a tiny fraction (around twenty individuals, usually Isur) are of some non-human race. Due to this low population, and the need for all of its citizens, Wind Reach residents are extremely wary or outright hostile to certain races.

❖ Social Structure ❖

One of the most unusual features of Wind Reach society is the caste system. Goverened by a single "official", the highest riding member of the Endal class, the system is free flowing typically, allowing for even a low member of the caste to rise to that of an upper caste at any given time. Likewise, an upper caste member may fall from their position to that of a lower position. The rule-all head figure of Wind Reach is known as the Valintar (currently Kaden Avin). Acting something like the mayor of a town or steward of a castle, they know how much food are in the stores at all times, who has been bonded by a Wind Eagle and when, who has died, passes judgement for crimes, and much much more. It is up to the Tavina and Tavinar to ensure the one chosen for the position is suitable. A Valintar may govern for anywhere between ten and twenty years, or until a more suitable candidate is found.

Following the Valintar is the Tavina and Tavinar (female and male respectively). These are the oldest mated pair of Endal. They oversee all of the Endal that rise into the ranks of riders as well as help see placement of newly bonded individuals. There can only ever be one of each position at any given time; should one eagle or rider of the position die, a new Tavina and Tavinar are selected.

Next in the heirarchy are the Masters. Both Endal and Avora, the Masters are typically who a new Valintar (Endal only) is chosen from should the current no longer be a suitable candidate. The masters are at the top of their respective skills and often have mastery over many related skills (such as the master Hunter having high proficiency in tracking and trapping or a weaponry). These positions are obtained only when the previous Master of their art has passed on.

Following the Masters are the Endal. The main providers for the city, Endal rule the skies with their Wind Eagle mounts. Highly proficient hunters, these individuals are the top of the line in terms of ability and are often highly specialized. There are smaller units within the Endal Caste as a whole, known as Flights, which fill different niches. The Endal also manage the bulk of the trade in Wind Reach via Wings And Things, helping to obtain some product that certain roles in the city would otherwise not be able to manage. Endal demand respect; because of their position and service to the city, it is by law that all lower caste (non master) citizens must answer to an Endal, no matter the request. Unfortunately, many a Dek have been abused because of title, forcing these grunts into stupid and often lethal action.

Immediately beneath Endal are the artisans of Wind Reach. The Avora are the go-to force of design in the city, providing all forms of art, dress, and structure. Within this class you will find the Masons and all class of proficient Reimancers, glass workers, all non-Endal hunters, and weapon-craftstmen. The major falconers are also within this class of citizenship. Other common skills of this class include clothiers, chefs, fishermen, and medicine workers (both spiritual and physical alike). The attitudes of the Avora, similar to the Endal, vary. Some are extremely arrogant and rude to all castes beneath them (Yasi excluded) and take advantage of them from the relative safety of their rank. Abuse is extremely common. Others are kinder.

ImageFollowing the Avora are the Chiet, the second main work force in Wind Reach. Chiet are individuals with the skills and physical ability to advance themselves, but have yet to either be bonded by an eagle or apprenticed by an Avora. They, like all but the Dek, work set hours each day in various parts of the city, from the Eagle Aeries to Thunder Bay. Chiet make up the highest workforce in the Bay itself, as well. They assist many of the Avora in various positions throughout the city but are not qualified to be apprentices.

At the bottom of the rung are the Dek. They are nothing more than mindless labor and are placed in such a position because they are physically or mentally incapable of being anything more, or have done something offensive enough to drop to the position, or have been unbonded/lost their Wind Eagle. Dek work until their job is finished and sleep where they finish. They eat when the can and very seldomly have time to do more. Dek are the first to be abused by the Avora and Endal, whether for sexual favors or for equally ingratiating and often dangerous tasks that commonly result in a Dek's death.

The final rung in the ladder are the Yasi. These are all of the youth in the city, any child between the ages of 4 and 15 are considered part of this caste unless they have been bonded by a Wind Eagle, apprenticed by an Avora or have done something to deserve immediate placement into Dek. During these years, individuals are trained by Chiet teachers. They are taught the nuances of Wind Reach society, the history of the city, and a handful of other things such as religion and core skills for survival in the domain. As they grow, they begin training in specialized fields of their preference until they are chosen or turn 15. Once they reach this deciding age, they see the Valintar and are placed into their caste where most remain throughout their lives.

❖ Defense ❖

Excluding the fact that it is a city in a volcano, Wind Reach has a history of being somewhat impregnable. In combination with the extremely dangerous terrain surrounding the city, the Wind Eagles themselves are a natural deterrent to unsavory characters. Labyrinthine tunnels and lava vents and caves that end in bottomless pits fill the mountain and neighboring peaks while fiercely trained warriors fill key niches in the ranks of the Endal. The sheer heights of the city between balconies and open venues looking out on the world make trying to climb into the city nigh impossible. The only navigable entrance, the Sanikas Gates, are guarded well and are sealed during the winter but for a single gate to admit the hunters through.

However, there are various undiscovered routes into the city, but one would need to travel these dangerous subterranean routes long in order to find your way in, and if the need arises, find your way back out.

❖ Fashion ❖

ImageIn a city with a race prone to ever changing whims and desires, the Inarta fashion can be unpredictable. More common among the higher caste, trends can range from subtle to extreme and include everything from hairstyle to clothing and even to tattoos. However, one common theme involves the use of glass and feathers. Beautiful headdresses are commonly worn among the more wealthy cast members as well as piercings in various parts of the body. Lovers of bright color, Wind Reach natives are drawn to many a thing that stands out in a sometimes stagnant setting.

Dek may attempt to join in the fashion, but often their limited funds prohibit them greatly. Instead, they will use the swept feathers and refuse glass as their designs.

Occasionally, an outsider may influence the sense of fashion. Inarta are particularly fond of Drykas weaves and braids and the rare horse-folk visitor may find themselves overwhelmed by the fashionistas of Wind Reach.

Common dress, however, are the billowy bryda of various shades, simple vinati (mostly seen on women and children), katinu in the cooler parts of the year, and sandals. Clothes are made to breath in the oft stifling heat of the volcanic interior.


❖ Employment and Professions ❖

Employment is determined not only by ones position in society but also by their skills.

Endal fill the most important niches of defender and provider for the city. Primarily hunters and traders, the riders serve in the Lookout and travel to the other regions to provide trade where able. They are masters in their affiliated profession and often enjoy other key strengths in their respective fields.

Avora are the sole craftsmen of Wind Reach. These artisans provide not only clothing for citizens, but art and beauty. Many Avora are also hunters, working many times alongside the Endal to help fill the stores. They also take on many apprentices from the Yasi Quarter, training the youth in the ways of their skills. Clothiers, glass workers, falconers and bowyers, even metalsmiths fill this niche.

Chiet and Dek reserve the title as Laborer most often. Occasionally, individuals will be assigned positions that are specialized to their particular skill but given that Dek are known for their physical or mental disability, it is rare that they are provided a true job title and simply go where they are told to do the job bequeathed of them.

Yasi are the children of Wind Reach and spend half their time in school learning about Wind Reach or practicing their skills. However half their time is spent helping out the citizens of Wind Reach in less manual labors than Chiet or Dek, but equally as important endeavors.


Income: 100 pinions a season
Tax: 50 pinions a season
Profit Kept: 50 pinions a season
Expectations: Daily work at least ten hours a day. One day off in every ten.

The Dek have no formal living space. Their jobs vary according to who rounds them up and actually works them. Sometimes they have standard duties and will spend years cleaning up housing or peeling potatoes in the kitchens. Other times they can volunteer for dangerous work such as clearing new tunnels or shoring up old ones, and will be paid extra for their trouble. This extra payment might come in the form of coin, but more often than not its better food, and sanctioned time off. A Dek eats a standard meal three times a day of soup and bread.

Income: 80 pinions a season
Tax: None
Profit Kept: 80 pinions a season
Expectations: In every 10 days; five days of half class half work and four days off.

The children of Wind Reach are treated very differently than adults. Though their work is as valuable as a Dek’s, they are not held to the same standards as an adults. Therefore they are given standard meals with a variety of foods including meats and vegetables. These meals also include sweets of some kind with each meal. The day usually consists of classes for one half and work for the other. Work usually involves running messages, working around various craftsmen or Chiet, and occasionally even allowed to play or attend extra classes in subjects of special interest to them. The Yasi are paid almost nothing, since the food is given to them, but depending on their studies and duties some are given a few pinions for toys, tools, or food.

Income: 300 pinions a season
Tax: 160 pinons a season
Profit Kept: 140 pinions a season
Expectations: Daily work at least eight hours a day and two days off in every ten.

The Chiet are healthy males and females of the population that are skilled and smart enough to be left to their own devices. They are given a similar work schedule as the dek, though the labor is repetitive and often tough, the labor is not dangerous. Some of the common jobs of Chiet are polishing mirrors that allow sunlight throughout Wind Reach's caverns. Some are farmers during the spring and summer, commonly working in the hydroponic gardens or underground forest, often working as fishermen in the Bay, or cleaning work areas, placing tools and supplies back where they belong. Chiet can be considered scholars and scribes, though the writing of knowledge and history is important, Wind Reach is much more concerned about where they will find their next meal. Chiet meals are hearty affairs that are considered plain but very filling. They eat stews, soups, roasts, and have a wide variety of vegetables fruits and nuts available as well.

Income: 750 pinions a season
Tax: 450 pinons a season
Profit Kept: 300 pinions a season
Expectations: Daily work at least eight hours a day and three days off during every 10.

Avora caste is a very large and diverse caste, from blacksmiths to reimancers. Each craft enjoys the basic Avora salary. Independent and above expected duties can result in special compensation and must be arranged with a storyteller. An Avora is expected to fulfill city orders for at least half of their time working. Whether it is crafting stone, making blankets, growing plants, or blacksmith chisels, the Avora must provide goods for city orders first, then their time is their own. They are then allowed to craft their own wares for personal monetary gain. The Avora are also given the opportunity to have varied and eloquent meals that may include multiple courses or food cooked more for the delight of the palate rather than nutrition. These meals aren't large, but they are often amazing, displaying the talent of the chefs of Wind Reach. Many of the better chefs of Wind Reach are considered Avora.

Income: 1000 pinions a season
Tax: 500 pinons a season
Profit Kept: 500 pinions a season
Expectations: Daily work hunting and transporting. Schedules for Endal change depending on their Flights duties though they commonly have more free time than any other Caste.

The Endal have the same meal choices as the Avora, and can dine with them or separately. However, since they are in charge of gathering food and protection, they are paid a great deal more than most Inarta. Arrows are given freely to them, so they can hunt. However, they are expected to bring a total of 45 stags or seals worth of meat in a season, except for the winter. Most Endal are very successful at fishing the bay and ocean, huge tuna swim in the north waters allowing the eagles to dive and catch one or two fish in a couple of days. The fish is brought back to Wind Reach from the bay while the rider camps on the ground. Some riders have their eagles set them several days out in the wilderness to hunt, while their eagles fish tuna. After a week of fishing the eagle will come back for the rider and carry their food stores back to Wind Reach. A rider can expect to spend at least sixty five days on duty (40 hunting/fishing, 25 on watch/guard duty) while spending roughly 26 days off duty a season. Riders also have very little living expense. They can request items from lower castes who will hand them over without hesitation not accepting payment.

To gain employment one must apply for a job at the Valintar's Office.

❖ Trade ❖

  1. Lhavit - Trading Okomo Product (milk, wool, aged cheese & meat), Fish, Tea Leaves, Paints & Dyes, Handcrafted Paper & Books, Gems
  2. Alvadas - Painting, Sculpture, Jewelry
  3. Kalinor - Silk, Clothing, Gems, Some Metal Materials*Only males permitted to go on this route
  4. Kenash - Gemstones, Fruit, Wine, Cheese
  5. Riverfall - Tobacco, Cotton, Grains, Whiskey, Wine
  6. Avanthal - Exotic Furs, Art, Paintings, Protection
  7. The Spires - Knowledge/Information, Books, Woodcarving, Pottery/Art, Chocolate, Skills
  8. Syliras - Meat, Crops, Armor, Weapons, Art, Clothing, Furs
  9. Nyka - Food, Jewelry, Religious Paraphernalia (candlesticks, altars, incense, shrines, etc), Armor, Weapons, Art, Nykan marble, Slaves, Textiles, World Magic Products.
  10. Zeltiva - Ships (all kinds), Books, Maps, Academic Texts and Materials, Fish, Kelp Products
  11. Ravok - Art, Religion, Slaves, Lumber, Fish
  12. Suvan Sea - Fish, Svefra Items (baskets, trinkets, other hand-made things), Maledicted Items, Clothes
  13. Mura - Vision Water, Medicine, Arts, Crafts

❖ Wind Reach Laws ❖

Visitors in the city must visit the Valintar for housing arrangements. If they intend to stay for prolonged periods, they will be required to work. Those staying only temporarily may still pay a hefty tax for nourishment and temporary housing. Wind Reach is a domain of work, and if you do not work, you do not eat.

  • All citizens are expected to work. Those who do not work, do not eat.
  • The Valintars decision is final. Appeals may be made, but may not change the decision.
  • Hunters must keep tally of their hunts at all times.
  • All Dek are required to obey the orders of any superior caste member.
  • Dek are not allowed without express permission in any Endal or Wind Eagle areas. Those who work in said parts of the city are required to wear special arm bands noting their reason for being there.
  • All Endal are required to serve one work period at the Lookout. Period begins at dawn of the first market day and ends at sunset of the next market day.
  • Visitors must speak with the Valintar to arrange temporary housing and coin conversion for their stay in Wind Reach.
  • Killing, harming, or otherwise harassing any bird in or near the city is explicitly forbidden. Anyone caught doing such will be punished severely.
  • All disputes should be settled in the Fighting Pit should prior truce fail to be made.

❖ Crime and Punishment ❖

Typically, conflicts are managed between the offending parties in the Fighting Pit; on the rare occacsion that it is needed, the Valintar will step in to resolve the dispute. However, there are more serious offenses that can warrant more prompt response from the Valintar, Tavina and Tavinar, or Masters. The common offense is failure to adhere to the laws of the caste, which is usually demonstrated via flogging. If the offense is very severe, an individual could be lowered to Dek, exiled, or executed by being dropped into the Tomb of Those That have Fallen.

ImageAs for crime, it varies by caste. Dek often utilize a drug trade that extends from The Lost Sense since they are not commonly allowed in other locations of relaxation or simply do not have the time for it because of whatever their job involves. Drug use and subsequent abuse are rampant among drudges and many a Dek has died from overdose as they try to cope with the demands of their position. Furthermore, theft in the Dek caste is very common. Given the high chance of starvation in this station, these citizens will often do whatever it takes to eat, even steal. They may not steal from the Kitchens (as fear of Chef Davoid keeps most ne'erdowells at bay), but it does not stop them from going after stalls in the market place and Thunder Bay

Punishment is usually dispensed based on the crime. Theft of food equates to loss of meals. Assault can get you a beating. Etc. Etc. The severity of the crime determines the severity of the punishment. Murder can result in an individuals death depending on who it is. Exile is a common punishment as the dangers of the Unforgiving are severe enough to usually kill most.



❖ Introduction ❖

Wind Reach and the surrounding lands have been specifically designed to challenge writers. Those who enjoy excitement and danger may enjoy the play that occurs here. However, the nature of the domain is how cut off from the world it is. City-bound for two thirds of the year, characters are made to try and cope with cabin fever and the ever looming threat of starvation. As such the Storytellers of Wind Reach strive to make each players experience special and enjoyable throughout the year by providing immersive plots and events, overarcing stories between PC's and NPC's, and interesting (and at times intense) scenarios that challenge you, the writer, to find the necessary solution to purely and simply survive. Of all things, that is what Wind Reach is about: Survival.

As such, the staff of Wind Reach require all players to abide by the guidelines of the domain that have been carefully laid out below. If players fail to follow the below list, they will find themselves lacking when it comes time for payouts or grades.

❖ Wind Reach Core Information ❖

  • All PC's must have a completed character sheet. If your PC is an Endal, you must have an approved bond story.
  • PC's must update their CS seasonally. This includes your seasonal expenses and wages. Simply submit your job threads for review. Once it has been reviewed, you will recive a private message rewarding you your wages. Seasonal updates also include verifying expenditures of the season and thread lists. Ideally, players should be updating these often (each time you start and complete threads as well as noting spending when it happens IC).
  • Players are required to follow the Rules and Terms of Use at all times. Failure to comply may result in thread interventions and PMs or more depending on the severity of the grievance.
  • Players should communicate with Wind Reach's Storytellers clearly and promptly when questions or problems arise. To aid in the fluidity of the Domain, this communication is of high importance.
  • With each and every season, PC's MUST register in the Domain if they intend to play here. New PC's just joining the community must do so as well.
  • Expenses and wages are slightly different in Wind Reach than in other domains. Pay is based off your PC's position in society, not by their job. Endal make the most, and Dek the least. Players must still perform their 2 job threads for each season (more in some situations) and turn them in for payouts. ALL citizens of Wind Reach work and often times visitors will be recruited into (non)voluntary positions to let them earn their meals during the course of their stay.

Character Sheets
Character Sheets can be some of the most confusing parts of playing in Mizahar. You have to remember to apply all of your allotted skill points, you have to make certain your history makes sense for the domain, are your lores suitable and specific, is your heirloom allowed? It's a lot to account for! With Wind Reach, you have the added complication of Caste assignment, a difference in housing, special approvals before play for specific roles. It can get really confusing really quickly.

Here's a simple check-list you can use to make sure you have everything right for your Sheet before you begin play, little things that are sometimes overlooked that are just for this domain.

  • Do I have my caste noted near the top?
  • Do I have the correct racial bonus? (10 Glassworking, 10 Weapon (bow of choice), or 10 Falconry)
  • Have I been okayed to play Avora/Endal? Do I have a bonding story written (Endal)?
  • If I wasn't born in WR, how did I get here?
  • Do I live in the Yasi Quarter (15 and under [for humans/subraces] if not apprenticed), Darniva Common Rooms (Chiet and Avora) or Endal Aries?

There are also a few minor things that players sometimes overlook in Wind Reach. Because of the focal point of birds in the domain, players do have the option of owning a bird as an heirloom (must be under 50GM, see Price List). However, you must still purchase the supplies necessary to maintaining that animal as well as the skill to handle it (i.e. no novice falconer or bird keeper can handle an adult eagle). Basic supplies include a mew or cage (depending on the size of the animal), falconry gear (hood, jesse, treat bag and stick, etc.), and food for the bird. Players already get a sontav when they start here (a Wind Reach version of a falconry glove).

Players must also post [urlhttp://www.mizahar.com/forums/topic66166.html]here[/url] for job assignments. One of the unique things about Wind Reach is that everybody works. If you don't work, you don't eat. So residents are required to see the Valintar for job assignment and caste placement. Once approved you must then note what your job is in your CS; you will be given an SS (storyteller secrets) thread link which will need to be added to your profile.
Starting Approvals
If You Start In Wind Reach
You Need The Following Approvals:

Castes: If you'd like to start out as an Avora, you need to contact the resident ST and request permission. Players must describe how, why, and when they became apprenticed by a superior Avora. Apprenticeships generally occur during a PC's Yasi period; very rarely will will an Avora apprentice individuals that have already been placed in another caste, however it can still happen. Avora must have Competency or higher in the skill key to their job. Once this apprenticeship has been documented, you will need to follow up with the ST so that they can review it.
If you are approved a SS link will be PM'd back within a few days. Most other castes are fair game and can be started off with requiring no permission.

Endal also require special permission, though players will be scrutinized more closely in regards to playing in this demanding role. It is rare that players will receive pre-creation approval for play as an Endal. For pre-creation approval a PC must have both the hunting and a ranged weapon skill, one of which is in competent. They must also have at least 15 skill points dedicated to riding. This is due to the high level of skill required in the positions. Additionally they need to write a flashbakc thread of at least 3000 words describing the event of their bonding to their Wind Eagle. Those who wish to earn their Wind Eagle through threads in the domain, on the other hand, must demonstrate IC to the community that they are Endal material. All bonding threads post-creation must be moderated, no exceptions. Furthermore, individuals wishing to become Endal must actively play in Wind Reach for a minimum of one entire season.

Worthwhile skills to have:

  1. Hunting
  2. Wilderness Survival
  3. Animal Husbandry
  4. Tracking
  5. Trapping
  6. Falconry
  7. Leadership
  8. Weaponry (Archery, spearmanship, swordsmanship)
  9. Fishing

Kelvics: All Dire Kelvics must be pre-approved by the local ST and the Help Desk. There can only be one or two Wind Eagle Kelvics in Wind Reach at any one time so if you see that someone else is already playing one, please don't ask. It was first come first serve. If you'd like to play another form of bird in the dire state, please understand that these giant birds are territorial and if they spot you in your Kelvic form you will be attacked and driven from the 'colony' unless you do a ton of roleplay to get accepted. We do not state this to be mean. We state this because its a fact of these birds and their mentality. All other normal sized birds of any type are accepted without problem.

Other Kelvics born and growing up in Wind Reach will still be required to serve in the Yasi Quarter for a period of time. Due to the complexity of aging in Kelvics, the amount of time spent in training will vary. Below, you will find a generalized idea. If you are unsure, please PM one of the ST's for more information.

Small Rodents 3 months
Small birds 2-7 years
Canids 4 years
Felids 6 years
Medium and Large birds 10 years
Large hoofed mammals 6 years
Small and Medium hoofed 4 years
Other mammals Ask ST

NOTE: Any PC Kelvic that is coming to Wind Reach MUST speak with the Valintar for caste assignment. These characters must also undergo a brief period of training to familiarize themselves with Wind Reach's laws, layout, and societal system.

Other Races Besides Inarta: To start out in Wind Reach as something other than Inarta, you need to have a really good backstory for being there including how you got there and why you sought Wind Reach out specifically. Odds are the DS will ask you a few questions such as 'How do you feel about the Inarta? How do they treat you in return..." that sort of thing. Wind Reach is open to just about any race, except Zith, but those races must pull their weight.

If You Visit Extensively or Move to Wind Reach
You Need The Following Understandings & Roleplays:

Caste Assignment: Please see the Valintar's office and post there to get your caste assigned. Kendal will look you over, interview you on your skills, assign you a caste and a working position. If you don't do this, you won't eat. There are no food sellers or restaurants in Wind Reach. The main kitchens are it. All food is locked up or bartered for on the black market. If you don't come with your own food or work for food while you are in Wind Reach, you will starve. There's no foraging or hunting going to be close to the city.

Wind Reach Accessibility: Wind Reach can only be reached from the ground in late spring, summer, and early fall. The rest of the year its completely cut off from anywhere except by air. Remember that. IF you show up in Late fall and your on foot... we'll get a good chuckle out of it then send you packing.

❖ Community Development and Suggestions ❖

Found here, the Wind Reach development thread is the go-to place to post any kind of suggestion or non-RP idea you might have. All players are encouraged to seek this thread out and bookmark it in the event inspiration strikes!

❖ XP And Grading ❖

Completed threads should be posted in the Grade Request Thread.

❖ Calendar of Events ❖

Wind Reach has a seasonally updated calendar for players to use. It briefly details key events that occur throughout that season as well as various weather events. Players are encouraged to check this often when making threads as certain events will only be available via signup. Storytellers will be observing threads each season, checking dates and what not to make sure players are aware of that season's events.

The Wind Reach calendar of events can be found here.

❖ Posting ❖

Posting is a very important concept in Wind Reach. You can't tell a story without making posts, but in making posts there's some very short and sweet rules to follow.

  • Feel free to start as many open threads as you'd like.
  • Feel free to post in as many open threads as you'd like.
  • Don't post in closed threads unless you have permission.
  • Do not hijack threads.
  • No one liner threads are permitted EVER.

Please make an attempt to spell check your posts and read them over for grammar.

A post should be approximately 300 to 400 words or more. Sometimes short posts are required to simply answer questions, and sometimes writers like to write a great deal more. Feel free to do so. But on average, a full midsized post is best to get your thoughts and actions across and give others time to react. This is roughly four paragraphs in length of 4-6 complete sentences, which roughly equates to half a page of writing. Grammar should be passable, we don’t need overly flowered phases or sentence structure like the Great Gatsby, but you should have proof read it once and gone over it with a spell checker.

NPC and Usage
How much control does my character have?[/size]

This is a tough question for new players, Mizahar has a lot of rules over the governance of the scene and NPC’s. I suggest you follow a few simple rules:

If it’s a PC or a named NPC don’t assume control over it without asking. In otherwords, yeah I can grab someone’s hand and hold on it, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t tear it away or smack me for touching them. Now you can ask a player in a pm about taking brief control… like taking lead in a dance, but never assume you have complete. As far as a NPC, the storytellers give you a lot of trust to run an NPC. Treat it like another character or person, because that’s what storytellers do. You might need the NPC to teach you something, so think of all the teachers you knew and how they acted.

What about non-named NPC’s? You can assume simple control over non-named NPC’s. If you go into a bar and order a drink, assume the waitress or bartender gets you one. Maybe there is a band in the corner, you can assume that requesting a song and paying them will change the next selection to what you want. If you enter a busy market place you can assume that people are around creating a dull chatter and you might bump into a few of them.

What can’t you assume… the above actions were simple and easily requested. For example, most waitresses will get you a drink if asked. A musical band will play requests, a crowded courtyard is bound to make people stumble into one another. Overall these things weren’t unusual, however, picking pockets, fighting, or throwing something at them make people react differently. Ask your storyteller if you can assume certain things before writing a post, like hey I have boxing skill of 35 can I assume that I land several blows on this guy and knock him out? As a storyteller I would say that you can land the blows and even break his nose, but he will still be up.

What about the environment? How much control do I have? You can assume that small things like a soft breeze or perhaps storm clouds are drifting by. I think a big no no is that some people overuse rain for a dark setting. It might sound great to open your first scene of a thread in a rain storm in some back alley of a town, but eventually the whole city would flood from all the rain threads I have read. Now that brings us to another point, Wind Reach is in a series of caves. Most of the locations are either outside or in a cave, so besides breezes don’t assume you see clouds unless your outside. Almost all of the city locations are in a cave, except for a few noted in the Link Map.

If anything above or below seems unclear or there is something not talked about, please PM one of the resident ST's for clarification and answers.

❖ General Information ❖

Though not particularly known for magic, such in its various forms is not unheard of. Some magics are openly embraced in Wind Reach while others are wholly shunned.

Common: Reimancy (Earth, water, fire), Flux, Shielding, Alchemy, Glyphing

Uncommon: Hypnotism, Morphing, Projection, Auristics, Spiritism, Magecraft

Unwelcome: Leeching, Voiding, Animation, Malediction, Summoning

Unknown: Webbing
Race Relations
Race City Standing
Akalak An absolutely alien race, the strange colored all-male beings are treated with caution. Most understand that they need a female of another race to breed with and on occasion an ambassador may try to make the trip to Wind Reach to obtain a wife from the populace due to the stress-free pregnancies of Inartan women. They are not treated outwardly hostile.
Akvatari Like the Akalak, Akvatari are entirely alien to Wind Reach, but go beyond this and into the realm of myth. These strange sky and sea creatures are mysterious to the Inarta and might be met with curiosity if one were ever to come to Wind Reach.
Benshira Little is known about these desert dwellers. However, their humanity makes them seem less hostile in the eyes of the Inarta, for now.
Chaktawe Another people of the bird, though little is known about these Eyktolians, the dark-eyed foreigners are treated with curiosity and interest, Inartans often wondering what sort of favor Eywaat holds them in.
Charoda A mystical race of the sea, their discovery in Thunder Bay in spring of 513 has led many curios youth to investigate. Little remains known about these water-dwellers.
Dhani An untrustworthy race of demons in the eyes of Inarta. Snakes eat birds. Birds are sacred in Wind Reach. Tolerance for bird-eaters is non-existent.
Drykas A rare visitor to the Inartan, the tattooed people of the horse are well met in Wind Reach due to the similarly difficult lifestyle they lead.
Ethaefal A mysterious race of horned creatures, Eth's are treated with wary interest, depending on the race they originated from.
Eypharian Freaks. Plain and simple; the multi-armed denizens of Eyktol are treated with outright prejudice all because of their strange appearance.
Human Several humans reside in Wind Reach; they are treated respectfully enough if they do their job.
Isur One of the few non-human races treated with utter respect. While still cautious of them, Isur are welcomed in Wind Reach due to their unique ability as metalsmiths. Though their strange arm is watched warily, outright distrust is rare.
Jamoura Another race of myth and legend, few Inarta have met a Jamoura given the races likewise homebound nature. The Endal that have traveled to the spires, however, bring back fantastical stories of large ape-like humanoids of wisdom and age.
Kelvic Oddities as a whole, the Kelvic race is treated usually the same as any other individual so long as they work. However, the shorter lifespans of the race usually means different positions. Rarely, a kelvic may rise above Avora.
Konti Where Akalak are treated cautiously, these beautiful island-dwellers are enjoyable to look at. They are rare in Wind Reach, however.
Myrian While uniformly recognized as savage, these Falyndar dwellers from across the region are not openly hated. Inarta recognize the difficult life they live, like the Drykas, and can relate the minimally similar upbringing to their own. They would be watched closely inside of Wind Reach.
Nuit These race of undead are treated with open hostility. The small population in Wind Reach means inviting such as these body-switchers would mean the death of the city. Besides, bodies are dropped into the Tomb of the Fallen where the fires of the mountain burn them quickly.
Pycon Strange little creatures of clay, the Pycon are one of the few non-human races welcomed into the city. These djed-made creations are often a source of curiosity to the Inartans, though sometimes the curiosities go too far.
Svefra Like most traders, Svefra are embraced by Wind Reach for their provision of trade. It is extremely rare that such as them are not welcomed into the volcano city and neighboring bay.
Symnestra Viewed with extreme hostility, Symenestra are wholly distrusted. Males of the race are killed on sight and the deep warrens of Wind Reach are fiercely guarded against these envenomed demons. Females may not be killed on sight, but neither are they openly welcomed in the city. While thefts of women during the Harvest from Wind Reach are rare, they can still occur and citizens are warned well in advanced when the poisonous demons are on the hunt.
Vantha A welcome race from the north, the Vantha are treated kindly usually though citizens will still judge.
Zith Loathed beyond compare, all Zith, male or female, are killed on sight. It is a well known fact the ruthless nature of the Kalean Zith and none of these winged demons are allowed inside or near Wind Reach.

Monetary System

Wind Reach is a caste society in which an individuals socioeconomic status is reflected in terms of their value and contribution of the overall survival of the culture as a whole. Those that hunt and provide food are the highest caste and thus as the most wealth. Endals, or the top of the ladder, have almost all the power and make most of the decisions. Why? They feed the entire colony. Those that are relatively skillless reflect this fact by having virtually no money and decidedly no control over their lives. They do the hardest most debase tasks of the culture and are lucky to eat in regards to payment for it.

Each citizen of Wind Reach draws a salary from the Valintar based on their caste. This salary comes in the form of Pinions, which are glass feather shaped currency that roughly equals one Gold Rimmed Miza. The salary is paid on the last day of the season and can either be taken in the form of actual currency, recorded on the bank rolls as having been earned, or collected in Mizas. Endals and Avoras often draw money physically while the Valintar rarely offers coin to the Dek who would simply be forced to give it up to the first higher caste member that demands their coin. The Valintar has control over the vault and only the Grandmaster Glassblower who is marked with three marks from Xyna manufactures the pinions. Pinions are always backed by Mizas which are acquired via trading for food and earned through a tax of goods and services the Avora are charged. This tax often comes in the form of a percentage of their work being donated to be sold off mountain. Things like talon swords and glass fetch an incredible price outside Wind Reach which stocks this ‘reserve’ to back pinions with.

While sleeping quarters are provided for all but the Dek (who must sleep where they can – usually in someone else’s quarters and not necessarily by their own choice – or conversely in abandoned housing), so housing expenses in Wind Reach are non-existent. The rest of the expenses of the society are collected in the form of a tax. The tax pays for food, a new set of clothing each season (usually used for the Dek), and basic medical care which is free to all Wind Reach citizens.

Characters in Wind Reach can claim their salaries from the creation of their character onwards so long as they actively roleplayed during that duration. Any inactive periods must have no salary claimed.

Drawing Your Salary

If you wish to actually collect your salary, this is not an automatic process. You must 'prove' your activity level by participating in at least two threads that depict your job or caste activities. In order to actually collect your salary, you must request them at the Valintar. Seasonal XP is awarded this way as well. See the section titled 'Seasonal Experience' for further details.

Maintaining Your Caste

To maintain your status, each character is required to do two threads a season that involve their job. If your job is to hunt for Wind Reach, then please be actively hunting, mentioning hunting in your threads, or performing the task routinely all over the place. If your job consists of something else, then please by all means be threading about that and talking about it in threads. If you sit idle and do no threads for your duty you run the real risk of being ostracized from the community. If you are an Endal, your eagle could leave you, and someone else take your spot.

Seasonal XP

Activity level determines Seasonal XP as well. If you'd like seasonal XP for your Wind Reach duties, please post in the Valintar Thread and list all the threads where you either performed your duty or talked about your duty. Experience for seasonal work will then be given.

Job Threads :
Remember, all players are REQUIRED to complete 2 job threads each season in order to draw wages. Each job thread must be a minimum of 2500 words detailing the tasks of your job. If you are a hunter, depict the arrival at location, the tracking of game, setting up traps, killing game, and/or prepping game for transportation. Hunts do not have to be successful, but you must be describing the hunt itself. Likewise, for any job, thoroughly describe the actions involved in your work day.

Failure to complete your job threads means no wages. If you fail to do your job 2 seasons in a row, OR have been talked to previously about neglecting your job threads, your caste will be lowered. Remember, WR survival depends on every citizens participation and cooperation. Laziness in Wind Reach is not looked kindly upon by the leaders of the city and dissidents are dealt with swiftly.

❖ Don't be Shy ❖

Above all things, never be afraid to ask someone for help, especially if anything is unclear. There is always someone here in this domain, or in chat that you can ask. The ST's are specifically here to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

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