Syka Housekeeping - Loans & Homes

Please Post Here If You Have A Home & Loan Promised...

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Syka Housekeeping - Loans & Homes

Postby Gossamer on August 14th, 2018, 3:57 pm

Hi folks.

We are tracking loans and buildings of ACTIVE players. If you built something in the Settlement, post here. Please LINK threads to where it was built, when, and how big etc. Make sure you include what you paid for it and if it was deducted out of your ledger. Please let me know if an NPC assisted. NPC help is not free. Be sure to let me know completion date. All construction must have some IC threads tied to them. There is a cut and paste form below.

You may update your posts at any time if more construction happens, permanent arrangements are made, etc.

Randal is our chief builder. He will agree to help anyone build anything so long as hes not overbooked at the time. This thread will help you determine that. Other NPCs might be talked into assisting for a fair market price.

Lets familiarize ourselves with a few old and new rules.

  • Buildings in Syka cost 800 GM.
    Why? Everything is imported into the city to be used. Prices eventually will come down as the lumber mill catches up and we get a local blacksmith to make fasteners like nails that aren't imported from Riverfall at huge profits.
  • There is no easily accessible glass.
    Most windows have shutters, not glass.
  • All buildings and loans must be arranged in thread.
    We are requiring links below now to track these.
  • Rules Of Buildings & Structures From The Wiki.
    Please see the Price List for a complete breakdown of discounts, examples, etc. The documentation is thorough in the Wiki article.
    1. Used Structures - 25% off total cost regardless of condition (we have some now)
    2. Low Quality Structures - 50% discount to total cost
    3. There is a 25% discount for Package Deals - Bought all at the same time.
    4. Reimancy builds are free. - Quality depends on level.
    5. The Following Skills Impact Building (Architecture, Construction, Masonry, Carpentry) - See Build It Yourself for quality details.
    6. Izentor Impacts Building - See Build It Yourself for quality details. Understand Izentor must be actively rp'd being utilized on the structure.


Then let me know if you are taking out a business loan (or even potentially taking one out) to start a business or build a home... remember base homes start at 800 GM. All business loans must be approved by Gillar in the Business Plan Forum. This must happen prior to builds and in thread agreements. Please note he might approve your plan, but it still needs to also be approved by me. I expect skill levels to be competent or higher to run a business here.

I also want to know if you've made payments so please TRACK THE PAYMENTS HERE on the loan. No payments or a stoppage of payments on the loan will result in the post being delete and the buildings not happening. If you vanish, you loose your buildings and claim. That's always been a firm rule in Syka.

If you go inactive your buildings will deteriorate and must be built again. I am forced to do this because people are NOT tracking buildings, loans, expenditures, and timelines. This needs to be done. Blueprints help.

Buildings On Syka

  • Are You Camping Or Building In Syka? (If just camping, feel free to skip the rest of the questions and just give me a brief outline of your camp, where it is, and where your claim is. If building, please fill out the rest of the questions.)
  • What Was/Is Being Built? Be specific.
  • Please Link Any Loan Permission & Building Threads. Links are your friends.
  • How Big Is/Was The Structure? Sq Foot costs are on the price list.
  • When Was It/Will It Be Started/Completed? Give dates! Have threads to back it up.
  • Where On The Map Is Your Claim/Structure? Rough ideas is fine.
  • What Did Your Buildings Cost & Why? I want exact costs with discounts.
  • Did You Have The Skill To Build It? Y/N
  • Who Did The Building If You Didn't? Just give a name. Other PCs fine.
  • Were There Loans/Cost Involved? If yes, please create a ledger and fill it out to answer the question below.
  • Ledger Of Costs/Loan Payments: Just like on your CS.

Code: Select all
[list][*][b]Are You Camping Or Building In Syka? [/b] (If just camping, feel free to skip the rest of the questions and just give me a brief outline of your camp, where it is, and where your claim is.  If building, please fill out the rest of the questions.)
[*][b]What Was/Is Being Built?[/b]
[*][b]Please Link Any Loan Permission & Building Threads.[/b]
[*][b]How Big Is/Was The Structure?[/b]
[*][b]When Was It/Will It Be Started/Completed?[/b]
[*][b]Where On The Map Is Your Claim/Structure?[/b]
[*][b]What Did Your Buildings Cost & Why?[/b]
[*][b]Did You Have The Skill To Build It?[/b]
[*][b]Who Did The Building If You Didn't?[/b]
[*][b]Were There Loans/Cost Involved?[/b]
[*][b]Ledger Of Costs/Loan Payments:[/b][/list]

BBC CodeHelp DeskStarting GuideSyka
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Syka Housekeeping - Loans & Homes

Postby Quzon on July 8th, 2019, 2:48 am

  • Are You Camping Or Building In Syka?
    Quzon is building his home in Syka.
  • What Was/Is Being Built? The things described in Quzon's Quarters
  • Please Link Any Loan Permission & Building Threads.
    Trench Warfare: Quzon digs out a place to live.
  • How Big Is/Was The Structure?
    His home contains the following rooms with sizes from the price list:

    • Master Bedroom (Simple) 400 sq.ft.
    • Common Area (Simple) 400 sq.ft.
    • Storage (Simple) 400 sq.ft.

  • When Was It/Will It Be Started/Completed?
    Started Winter 1st 518 in the Trench Warfare thread and will be completed around Winter 20th 518 in the same thread.

  • Where On The Map Is Your Claim/Structure?
    Since Sharktooth point is a rocky area at the northeast end of the maw, then Quzon's home would be located just inland passed that area and built into a cliff.

  • What Did Your Buildings Cost & Why? No initial building costs since he carved it from stone with Reimancy.

  • Did You Have The Skill To Build It? Expert Reimancy.

  • Were There Loans/Cost Involved?

    The costs involved were for the furnishing of each room. It was stated that if the rooms are built via Reimancy then the furnishings for said rooms were 50% off that comes with them on the price list.

  • Ledger Of Costs/Loan Payments:
    Paid 650gm for the listed rooms furnishing.

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Syka Housekeeping - Loans & Homes

Postby Tazrae on May 9th, 2020, 11:19 pm

The Protea Inn Loan Record


1 Simple Kitchen 800 GM
2x Simple Common Area 500 GM
3x Simple Bedrooms (2 rooms shared privy=6 rooms & 3 privys) 1050 GM
1 ac Jungle/Beach Land 1200 GM
5x Simple Patio/Deck 1000 GM
Office 200 GM

This will give Tazrae a 6 room (when it is built) bed and breakfast with a dining area and big open decks.

Total Cost: 4,750 GM (x.25 discount - 1,187.5) = 3,562.5 GM Loan
Amount Paid
Amount Still Owed
Spring 10th, 520 A.V. 3,562.5 GM Loan Taken Out
Spring 520 A.V. Payment -500 G3,062.5 GM
Summer 520 A.V. Payment -500 GM 2,562.5 GM
Fall 520 A.V. Payment -500 GM 2,062.5 GM
Winter 520 A.V. Payment -500 GM 1,562.5 GM
Spring 521 A.V. Payment -500 GM 1,062.5 GM
Summer 521 A.V. Payment -500 GM 562.5 GM
Final Payment -562.5 GM 0 Owed.
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Garden Beach Syka The Protea Inn

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Syka Housekeeping - Loans & Homes

Postby Naadiya on March 3rd, 2022, 10:36 pm


Description :
Just a little to the East of the Community Pools, a short walk into the jungle will reveal a clearing where Naadiya chose to set down her roots. By the time the spot was found, it was already been partially cleared, likely from a lightning-related fire. It was then Imagefurther treated with flames to remove the dangerous Gympie-gympie plant, often called "Suicide Plant", that had started to spread. Even so, her acre quickly regrow a lush green heavily mottled with the amber and coral hued blooms of the tiger lilies that seem to grow even faster than she can pick them. Unable to escape the flowers, Naadiya adopted the name given to the residence by the locals, calling it 'The Tigerlily Loft'.
Despite it's name, the tiger lilies are not the only flora to crowd the area. Vanilla orchids droop down from above in the areas where narrow streams ran to the northern edge and the ground had foxglove and catnip pop up inovergrown patches here and there, among a variety of fruit trees and bushes the bounty of Syka has to offer.

ImageNaadiya’s Place hides up amongst the trees, partly hidden from below by the ever-shifting growth. White and grey river stones magically melded together into a narrow path running to Naadiya's loft on one side and joining the Cobbled Pathway gradually and seamlessly on the other.

Raised a full story up off the ground, the small house is built in the usual Sykan style, with large windows for ventilation and shutters to ward off both uninvited wildlife and stormy winds, though located as far inland as she was, Naadiya rarely felt the brunt of the coastal gusts. At the urging of Talivindra, a local Verusk with a particular eye for design, Naadiya accepted the idea of carved columns and beams, as well as woven rattan treatments on some outside walls. Details one might miss from further off, but that often catch the eye upon closer inspection.

On the forest floor below her home, Naadiya will sometimes have large vats of dye, or bulk supplies of yarns of all kinds being stored in sealed trunks to block moisture and insects from getting to her raw material, if ever the attic ran out of space or if she was in the process of dying yarns and fabrics. A layer of gravel was laid out, some of the stones already stained with blues, reds or purples.

Up the staircase on the front porch, is the entrance to the residence, but it too is sometimes partially hidden as Naadiya will often have rugs, tapestries, towels even blankets hanging down or rolled up and leaning against the front door or its adjacent walls. Having the fabrics splayed out makes it easier to look at and sometimes she needs time to decide if a color combination is just right or far beyond insane.

ImagePassed the double doors at the entrance is a small room with large windows on either side and a wide archway at the back, all of them framed with white isuas curtains. To the left is the main sitting area, a collection of leather and fabric poufs and highly decorative floor cushions surrounding a wooden chest that usually bears candles to illuminate the room with gentle flickers and fragrant plants hang from tables, reach up in corners or crawl in from the windows. Almost every surface in her place doubles as storage with trunks and chests of drawers scattered over intricately woven carpets, even the patterned cushions are often overstuffed, being used to store the occasional errant piece of clothing or towel that has no other place to be stashed away from a visitor's view.

ImageBeyond the curtained archway, is the kitchen. Simple but organized and clean, Naadiya's kitchen has all the basics as well as a constant breeze when the windows and left un-shuttered. Small pots holding a few of the herbs she used most frequently occupied the surfaces near the windows, drawing in Syna's rays as often as possible. At the back corner, to the right side of the kitchen is a winding staircase leading up to the second floor.

ImageAs soon as you reach the next story, you'd find yourself inside Naadiya's workroom. A couple of looms can usually be found already set up with her latest projects to one side of the room. On the opposite wall, are storage shelves and closets hiding yarn, fabrics and tools and in middle of the room was a table, smooth, long and usually displaying something that had needed to be mended or more closely inspected for flaws.

The wall of shelves, bore a door in left-most corner that lead to the bedroom. To the immediate right of that door is another one, where a small but airy privy is nestled. A tub of beaten copper is rimmed with potted plants and lanterns in case she wished to bath at night. Near her wash basin, Naadiya usually leaves a good deal of cosmetics cluttering the area and waiting to be used and a large square mirror hanging on the wall.

ImageThe bedroom itself, is less ornamented than the rest of the house. Carpets still cover the wooden floors, and the occasional tapestry is hung, but With windows on almost every inch of outer wall, Naadiya usually just marvels at nature's mural.

While the windows at both sides of the stilted house are mostly blocked with foliage, the front of the home has an open view of the area between the river and the community pools. Most of it is entirely obscured by the rapidly growing jungle, but occasionally you can get a glimpse of the glittering blue and the music of running water never stops day or night. Standing on the balcony, smells of vanilla and lilies can be wafted while one listens to the music of the Sykan birds.

Floorplan :

Building Specs + Loan Records :
  • Are You Camping Or Building In Syka? Building
  • What Was/Is Being Built? Stilted 2 Story Residential House
  • Please Link Any Loan Permission & Building Threads.
  • How Big Is/Was The Structure? Home is approx. 800 Indoor space, 400 outdoor (including stairwell), and 400 sq attic storage.
  • When Was It/Will It Be Started/Completed? Plan to arrange for the property to be finished by the end of Spring 522AV
  • Where On The Map Is Your Claim/Structure? Jungle area near the community pools, if possible.
  • What Did Your Buildings Cost & Why? Listed Below
  • Did You Have The Skill To Build It? No
  • Who Did The Building If You Didn't? Sorian, Talivindra and anyone working for the new Builder's Emporium.
  • Were There Loans/Cost Involved? 1500 Loan

Residential Cabin

Main Level:
1 Simple Commons Area (400 sq ft) 250 GM
1 Simple Kitchen (400 sq ft) 800 GM
1 Simple Patio (Front Deck) (200 sq ft) 400 GM

Second Floor:
1 Simple Bedroom (400 sq ft) 350 GM + 400 GM (walls)
1 Simple Workshop (400 sq ft) 600 GM + 400 GM(walls)
1 Simple Patio (Front Balcony) (200 sq ft) 400 GM
1 Simple Storage (Attic) (approx 400 sq ft) 250 GM + 200 GM (walls)

Total Building Cost Before Discounts: 4050 GM
Discount for building at once 25%: -1012.5 GM
Cost before Coupon: 3037.5 GM
Land Cost: 900 GM
Housing Coupon 50%: -1968.75 GM

Final Cost: 1968 GM 7 SM 5 CM
Loan: 1500 GM
Out-of-pocket Deposit: 468 GM 7 SM 5 CM

Date Amount Paid Amount Owed
Up Front Deposit Spring 522 AV 468 GM 7 SM 5 CM 1500 GM
Loan Taken Spring 522 AV 1500 GM
1st Loan Payment Spring 522 500 1000 GM

Links :
We Don't Talk About Naadiyo! Pt II-Finds location + gets loan approved by founder.

Threads where the building is mentioned in phases:
Putting Down Roots Pt. I
Putting Down Roots Pt. II
Putting Down Roots Pt. III
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Syka Housekeeping - Loans & Homes

Postby Gillar on June 4th, 2022, 6:30 am


Naadiya, Goss asked me to look into your housing request as I am the one who put together the system as it s now. I didn't want to keep you waiting and wanted to help you with this. To start, I can see you put a bit of work into it and it looks good overall. However, while the numbers may add up in some ways, what you have provided doesn't quite fit with the system that is in place. While the system itself has its obvious flaws, I wanted to keep things as simple as possible while allowing for some customization.

The section I would like to address and would like to help you with in any way I can to keep it in line with our current system, is the building specs. I am posting here because I feel that other players may also benefit from this.

So, to start, each structural component listed in the Price List has a set price and square footage. I don't want to deviate from the given square footage and cost because it makes things more difficult to keep track of. This is why we just go with the listed size and cost; for the sake of easy figuring and tracking.

Looking at your structural components, this is what I would suggest. Listed costs are base cost before discounts.

Residential Cabin

Main Level

1 Simple Commons Area (400 sq ft) 250 GM
1 Simple Kitchen (400 sq ft) 800 GM
1 Simple Patio (Front Deck) (200 sq ft) 400 GM (Include your stairwell in this cost)

Second Level

1 Simple Bedroom (400 sq ft) 350 GM + 400 GM (walls) (This is divided into two smaller sections with a privy in between. If you just want a room with a single bed and a private privy, this component can be used for that. A room with a simple bed which you could always upgrade and a simply privy if you are not looking for luxury to start.).
1 Simple Patio (Front Balcony) (200 sq ft) 400 GM + (No need for walls as it is a balcony. This can serve as both your front balcony and stairwell with increased overall size. You can use this increased size to justify some elaborate arches, railings, etc. You can split it up a bit so it isn't just a solid 200 sq ft section. I didn't get too specific in my write up of all of this because I wanted some flexibility.)
1 Simple Storage (Attic) (approx 400 sq ft) 250 GM + 200 GM (walls) (This too can have open design potential. It can be a large open area or it can include hidden doors, closets and design features all included in the cost...within reason of course.

Commercial Cabin

First Floor:
1 Simple Herbalism lab (400 sq ft) 700 GM (Open air with mosquito netting for walls.) I see where you are going with this is basically an advanced garden with all the things that would help with growing and harvesting. Located underneath the main structure, this makes sense.

First Floor:
1 Simple Philtering Lab (400 sq ft) 700 GM
1 Simple Shop (400 sq ft) 600 GM

You could add a simple bath to this structure but to be honest, if someone needs to relieve themselves, they could do it elsewhere. The lab and the shop would have all you need to operate the business. If anything, maybe add a storage component or just keep things in barrels and crates if your not too picky.

So with this offered suggestion to fit your desired building(s), the base cost would be:

1600 GM for the Residential Cabin with the basics offered by the included components.

1300 GM for the Commercial Cabin with the basics offered by the included components.

Total base cost of 2900 GM
Discount for built all at once is 725 GM
Cost before Coupon is 2175
Cost after Coupon of 50% is 1087 GM
Final Cost with land included is 1537

Of course you can add more if you wish with furniture and what not.

This is a bit more expensive than the proposed building plan but with this you get more freedom of space to play with. I understand that players may not need or want say a 400 square foot space in a structural component and the associated cost but I wanted to keep things uniform while allowing for added customization. As I said, you can play around with the added square footage within added wall here, a door there, a closet and so forth all included in the purchased square footage. Your original proposal was well thought out but I think there was room for more which is why I wanted to jump in here and try and help. Any questions, please feel free to ask and I will do what I can to answer and help.
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Syka Housekeeping - Loans & Homes

Postby Shade on September 19th, 2022, 5:12 am

Loan Stuff

See Bangles And Blooms Business Plan

Loan Payment :
Payment Date Payment Amount Totals Still Owed
- - 5,169.5 GM
Loan Payment Spring 522 - 647 GM 4522.5 GM
Loan Payment Summer 522 - 647 GM 3875.5 GM
Loan Payment Fall 522 - 647 GM 3,228.5 GM
Loan Payment Winter 522 - 647 GM 2,581.5 GM

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Syka Housekeeping - Loans & Homes

Postby Kamilla on October 24th, 2022, 10:38 am


  • Are You Camping Or Building In Syka? Built
  • What Was/Is Being Built? A cave home
  • Please Link Any Loan Permission & Building Threads. Building: A Place to Call Home
    Loan: Home Sick
    Loaction: Kamilla's Abode
  • How Big Is/Was The Structure?
  • When Was It/Will It Be Started/Completed? Summer 519
  • Where On The Map Is Your Claim/Structure? South of the Commons in a mountain between Stairstep Falls and Treasure Point
  • What Did Your Buildings Cost & Why? 0 Gms, built with Reimancy
  • Did You Have The Skill To Build It? Yes, Expert Reimancer... Not much construction involved, simply smoothed out a cave's interior
  • Who Did The Building If You Didn't? n/a
  • Were There Loans/Cost Involved? Yes, loan of 1500 GM.
  • Ledger Of Costs/Loan Payments:
    Building: 0 GM
    Loan: 1 500 GM
    Land Purchase (1 acre of jungle land): 900GM
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