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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Seasonal Calendar

Postby Net on December 3rd, 2016, 12:06 am

Spring 517

1st – The first of spring brings heavy winds off of the Bay and people worry about the taller masted ships. Many of the older fisherman and Guards stating the Bonesnapper is hungry this Spring.

3rd – The Navy finally lifts the blockade of the Bay and offers negotiations chances for the other two former political allies.

10th – During the Mystery Challenge the University does a special speaker during several of the courses.

11th – The merchants send out criers to seek out the falling object with their own agenda, claiming that the ones they seek will get greatly rewards. They are called to meet on the thirteen day of the season to embark on the trip. (OOC Signup and convo thread will be created and linked here)

13th – The adventurers are sent off with one expectation: retrieve the prize.

14th – The Guild, The Navy, and the University convene for the first time in three seasons.

23rd onward – The city hosts a huge massive Mystery Challenge for all that attend. It is an full city 'hunt' – minus the University. (Details, OOC Signup, and Convo thread will be created and linked here)
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Seasonal Calendar

Postby Net on December 23rd, 2016, 6:56 pm

Winter 516 :
A few notes: The navy still is in control of the city, therefore Maritime Law and Curfew are still in effect. The Blockade of the Harbor is still in effect. Please keep this in mind.

Winter 516:

1st- As the season changes and the Watchstone turns to a bright shade of blue something odd has occurred in the city of Zeltiva. The weather stays an oddly chilly autumn feel, but not a flake of the white fluffy can be seen.

2nd - Two priestess and a priest are seen moving around the city's bulletin boards posting what appears to be a divine written declaration. As a results by nightfall Vanthas are found hiding in their homes, shutters drawn and doors locked. Note can be found here.

3rd- The relentless warmth has confused fowl and fish alike, this has caused a problem with what grains and kelp the hunters and gatherers of the city are able to handle. This results in a call for all civilians with any skill to hunt be given reign to bring in their own food. Rumours have it that the merchants guild is willing to give out monetary rewards for those willing to share their catches.

9th- Rains start to fall, heavy and coupled with the winds become problematic. With the warmer than usual weather the sea life that lives above the waters find themselves taking cover in whatever buildings they can get into – inns, taverns, homes, etc. [Prompt]

14th- Boat Owners are told to bring their ships to dry dock, but due to the limited lots available many are forced to leave their ships on the coastlines and beaches of the bay, hopeful the waters do not destroy their ships or their livelihoods.

15th- Rains have continued since the 9th, several fishers are without boats as the rainfall finally ceases and the birds that didn't make it into pies and onto platters are released to sea airs once more.

20th- After the waters have dried out and the city can once more be used outdoors with little care in the world people are finding boat masts, ropes, anchors, and baskets thrown about the city. The heavy smell of rotting grains come from the storage units near the bay.

30th - Leth's reign begins with a bonfire in the bay. A Vantha ship carrying traditional winter goods was lit as a beacon to the trio of deities seeking justice. [Prompt]

31st - Nothing is mentioned by the authorities about the bonfire on the water.

35th- Merchants are struggling to sell their normal winter wares as there has not be a flake of snow in sight all season. Oddly enough none of the merchants are carrying Vantha wares.

50th- Infestation of rats and gulls have plagued the silos, taverns, and shipyards. The Merchants Guild is requesting assistance on repairing the damaged buildings. [Prompt]

81st– A bright light floods Leth's reign, making the sky seem almost as bright as the day, in an error sort of way. As the colors fade from a brillant white to a deep azure before fading off into the lush violet of the world's dark embrace through the bells of the evening it became apparent to the observers that the light was indeed falling. It would take a total of seven bells before the light was completely vanished from the night sky beyond the far end of the Wildlands.

88th- The Navy convenes with Sailors and University members behind closed doors, similar to their previous times of the Council. Words could be heard muffled behind oak doors.

90th- The University requests civilian help to document this baizare winter's weather.

91st- Winter closes, with the Navy issuing out calls for help in the following season.
Global Quest Info
Name: Jezabel
Age: 18
Race: Human
Rank: Priestess - Innovia III
God: Tavasi - Spring
Skills:Gadgeteering 56, Carpentry 45, Mathematics 48, Drawing 36

Jezabel started as a tinkerer and schematics for the Craftsmen of Karjin before she took on the mantle of Tavasi. It didn't take long for the analytical thinker to ascend the ranks and take on the third mark, devoted fully to his exuberant energy levels and spreading the innovation to the world.

Name: Jordan
Age: 25
Race: Human
Rank: Priest - Gnosis III
God: Sivah
Skills: Philtering 45, Vinting 80, Philosophy 78

A man of few words, Jordan speaks mostly through the quality of his wines. Wines he rarely makes and only gives to those he deems worthy of such divine flavors. Rumours have it that his vinting is so well tuned that he could make a wine best suited for anyone -- Wine lover or otherwise.

Age: 40
Race: Human
Rank: Priestess - Cultivation III
God: Bala
Skills:Massage 51, Seduction 88, Dance 65, Weapon(Whip) 34

A dancer and seductress first and foremost, Cai is the life of the party. Always a sight to get excited about, men and women flock to get their tensions removed by the expert hands of the priestess. Don't let this middle aged woman surprise you, when her whip comes out she is very much serious.

Moderation: These are Storyteller only Moderation.

A note on the global event: Zeltiva will not allow for a PC to have more than 1 NPC Vantha created for the Global event, please do not just make them an unnamed NPC. All requests will need to be approved by the ST and the results awarded accordingly.
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