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Hirem, the Strong

Postby Hirem on November 26th, 2009, 10:53 pm

Credit :
A big shout-out to Fallon for her Funpack CS. You go, you design wizard.

From the tents of Alachi of the sons of Rapa
"Let Yahal make his journey short,"
001. Appearance

Date of Birth: Summer 22nd, 484 A.V.
Race: Benshira
Gender: Male
Profession: Combat Instructor

Fluent: Shiber
Poor: Arumenic
Basic: Common

Named for his strong physique, Hirem stands as one of the tallest and bulkiest Benshira one is likely to meet. He is 6'4", 220 pounds, and extremely broad in the shoulders. While his muscle is not refined, he looks fit nonetheless and carries plenty of strength in his heavy bones. His bright chocolate eyes suggest a liveliness present to all normal Benshirans... although his heavy walk, aching pains, and leathery skin suggest a different story. His charcoal hair has been allowed to grow freely from his scalp and jaw, leaving him with a bedraggled, wild look.

Injuries & Changes to Appearance :
Scars remain yet on Hirem's right arm from an attack by a desert tsana, as well as on his face from a scuffle that took place in early Summer.

Hirem's back still bears the talon wounds from a Zith that clawed at him during his adventure in Hai. At times the act of dressing gives him distress, but the pains are only a phantom of the nightmare he managed to escape.

"... and the road safe."
002. Personality

Likes: Virtue, honesty, the sun, the sea, romance, adventure, sweets, dancing
Dislikes: Cruelty, deceit, darkness, the forest, vulgarity, tedium, alcohol
Ethics: Firmly believes in the righteousness of the Benshira lifestyle. Attempts to live a holy life to a fault.

Hirem is a man that has survived extreme misfortune and terrible mistakes. His past is coloured by the sins of his own making, sins the colour of blood that have been etched deep into his skin. His hands have wrought suffering to the innocent and slaughtered the weak. He struggles, always struggles, to be a good man and live up to the virtuous examples set by his people, and while he is slowly turning his life around, he will never be able to forget the nightmares that lay behind in his wake.

This is also thanks to the post-traumatic stress that continues to plague him, rooted in the painful memories of his time in Ahnatep and Hai. Hirem would dearly love to forget his history if he could, but is forced daily to relive it and is often unable to divorce his present from the past. He constantly suffers nightmares and can slip into sudden emotional upheavals based on encountering 'triggers', including but not limited to: darkness, claustrophobia, blood, Eyhparians, Zith, lepers, and a general sense of lost hope. Hirem is constantly trying to overcome his crippling disease, and is slowly stumbling upon what many would consider to be a normal life.

The most important thing in life, in Hirem's opinion, is family, and he is fiercely devoted, and at the same time intimidated, by his newly-found son Timothy Mered. Having been absent for the last twelve years of the boy's life, Hirem has sworn himself to Timothy's betterment, and is pushing himself to become a father as a result. The Benshira is also tied to the adopted family he has found in Riverfall, and will stand by his friends to the bitter end. This is partly a result of him trying to desperately hold onto his emotional attachments out of fear, but also keenly tied to Hirem's core personality. He may be disloyal towards the gods, but never to his fellow man.

"So shall I pray."
003. History
Hirem, from the tents of Alachi, of the sons of Rapa, grew up as a shepherd. Even though he was a young child, his dutiful personality and impressive strength allowed him to aid his father and the rest of their Tent in attending to the flocks and protecting them from danger. He also proved to be very loyal to Yahal, devouring the religious stories told by his mother with eager eyes and a willingness to hear even more.

But for everything he accomplished in shepherding and education, however, he failed at much more during the weekly Mashas his Tent would conduct. As night fell, the migrating community would join around the campfire and sing, dance, be merry to their heart's content; old men would tell old stories and young boys would woo young girls. But Hirem was always alone during the Masha, curled up by his mother's side and staring dimly at the distant fire. He had no energy for play, for romance, for fun... something else was always distracting him.

At 17, Hirem decided that the nomadic life was not enough to satisfy him, and moved to his ancestral home of Yahebah along with his parents. There, he studied at the Seat of the Sons, learning the lessons of his ancestors in martial combat, religious studies, and history. It was history that most keenly enraptured the young man, his heart flaring at the stories of ages past and the injustices of previous eras. In particular, the era of Eypharian enslavement struck a chord within Hirem's heart, as he was completely repulsed by the idea of someone's freedom being stripped away from them. When he was 21, Hirem abruptly abandoned his studies and set off into the Burning Lands, leaving his parents and friends behind.

On his 24th birthday, he came back to Yahebah, covered in gore and blood, with a rusted sword in his hand. He told them what he had done; while wandering in the desert, he had found, hunted, and killed a group of Eypharians. (Summed up by Hirem here.) The whole community shocked at this development, Hirem found that he had no choice but to forsake his people and flee into the desert. He never gave up his crusade, however. After getting into contact with other impressionable Benshirans throughout Eyktol, Hirem slowly gathered a small warband together with the intent to slaughter all Eypharians.

At the start of Winter, 509 A.V., a Rapa named Netanel found Hirem's band of warriors and tried to dissuade the young Benshiran from his task. He told Hirem of a horrific omen he had received, one that spelled doom for the warriors, but Hirem did not listen. However, his companions were not so resolute, and abandoned him to his fate.

Hirem knew that he could not assault the city of the Eypharians by himself. Instead, he decided on a more covert attack; assassination. He made his way into the city, and found a job at the Garden of the Concubines as a Gardener, a protector of the Concubine maids. This goal was achieved thanks to the persuasion of the Gardener Zulo by the Benshiran woman Liviya, who had taken an interest in Hirem.

The Festival of Dira proved an eventful day in Hirem's life, one that would shatter his concept of a Eypharian free future. Near the end of the festival, Hirem tried to assassinate Jibade Osahar, a popular politician in the Pressorah's court. He was unsuccessful in his attempt, and learned - to his horror - that Osahar was marked with a Gnosis mark of Yahal. As Hirem and his unwitting accomplice Liviya were dragged into prison, Hirem was thrown into a serious crisis of faith that he would never recover from.

The prison of Ahnatep would not hold Hirem forever, though, and soon enough the Benshiran was bound for a death sentence - imprisonment in Hai. En route to the prison, Hirem was miraculously saved by the very man he had tried to kill: Jibade Osahar. Though Osahar managed to save his would-be assassin, Hirem returned to Ahnatep with vengeance in his heart, this time hoping to find Liviya in the city.

But he would never get another shot at killing Eypharian nobility. Recognized by the city guard and hunted at every turn, Hirem was eventually forced to escape Ahnatep again. Finding refuge with a tribe of Chaktawe, the Benshiran nursed his wounds and came to terms with the fact that he had seriously, completely, irrevocably erred in condemning the Eypharians for the crimes of ages past.

Reduced to becoming an aimless wanderer yet again, Hirem eventually found his way into a caravan bound for Yahebah, where he managed to reconnect with his mother and loved ones. His father, however, was missing; Raim had ventured to Hai after Hirem had been imprisoned, and was presumed dead. Guilt tore the poor man apart, and when an opportunity came to venture into the prison - presented by an old mage seeking to restore the magical wards buried within the city - Hirem seized upon it gladly. It was not a reunion with his father that he sought. What Hirem hoped for, what Hirem longed for, was death and a chance at redemption.

But Hai would not be so accommodating.

The adventure in the prison broke Hirem completely, shattered his faith in everything but his god. Though he walked away from the broken city with his life and a new Gnosis mark of Yahal, he also walked away with a heart full of torment and a mind crippled by insight. Returning to Yahebah in the winter, Hirem discovered that not only had his father, in truth, passed away peacefully while on the journey to Hai, but that his mother had taken ill with a fever after he had left and died shortly thereafter.

Finding that there was nothing left for him in Yahebah, Hirem took only his parent's Penita scrolls with him on his next, possibly last, journey into the Burning Lands...

And thereafter he has wandered. Broken, somber, and alone.
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Re: Hirem The Lost Man

Postby Hirem on November 26th, 2009, 10:56 pm

The Strong
"And, for your efforts... you shall be given the world as your paradise."
"Of Biyram's children, Hirem was by far the strongest..."
004. Skills
Unarmed CombatRB +10, SP +5, +1,+2,+4, +1,+427Competent
Endurance+5, +2, +1, +210Novice
Brawling+1, +1, +3, +16Novice
Climbing+2, +13Novice
Bodybuilding+2, +13Novice
Sword +22Novice

Observation+3, +2, +3, +4, +2,+1,+2, +2, +4, +4, +2, +2, +334Competent
Wilderness SurvivalSP 30, +333Competent
DisguiseSP 15, +1, +117Novice
Philosophy+4, +4, +2, +1, +516Novice
Meditation+3, +1, +2,+17Novice
Teaching+2, +2, +1, +2, +29Novice
Planning+2, +1, +14Novice
Tactics+1, +1, +13Novice
Land Navigation+22Novice
Investigation+1, +1, +13Novice

Socialization+3,+1,+5,+5,+1,+2,+2,+3, +2, +3, +1, +129Competent
Rhetoric+1, +1, +1, +1, +2, +3, +1, +1, +516Novice
Storytelling+2, +2, +1, +2, +512Novice
Intimidation+1, +1, +4, +3, +211Novice
Singing+1, +34Novice
Diplomacy+1, +12Novice

Medicine+1, +2, +1, +15Novice
Animal Husbandry+2, +24Novice


"But it is Rapa, the wisest, we revere."
005. Lore
Eypharian Jackals
The Alements: a Place for All
No One Escapes the Burning Lands
Location: Gilia Medical Center
Location: Red Diamond Fashion
Alements: Warm, Sweet Place

Eypharian Names
The story of Emiah and Temimah
Tent Making
Kelvic Abilities
Animal Husbandry: Caring for a Lost Lamb
Tracking: Finding Lost Lambs
WS: Finding Shelter in a Sandstorm
Workout Routine: Strike, Return, Kick, Return
How to do Sit-Ups
Healing: the Touch of Life
Konti: the White Witches
Ruv’na: Enemies of All Gods
Ruv’na: Raised to Kill
Ruv’na: Rank for Removing Temples
Ruv’na: Wielders of Static
Static: the Severing of Divinity
Konti: the Call to Leave Home
Cytali: Opposes the Ruv’na
Cytali: Uses School for Good
Chavi: People’s Immortal Memories
Chavena: Between Worlds
Cytali: Led by Nysel and Allies
Valterrian: Ivak’s Revenged Love
Valterrian: Death of Dreamwalkers
Valterrian: Reaper of Ruv’na
Cytali: Absent for 500 Years
Ruv’na: On the Rise
Medicine: Appearance of Heat Rash
"Medical": Common for Healing
Medicine: Irrigation Cleans a Wound
Medicine: Irrigation prevents Infection
Intimidation: Making an Example
Intimidation: Intimidating with Body Language
Medicine: Identifying a Minor Wound by Sight
Politics: Even Simple Lies are Dangerous
Socialization: Reading Beyond Just the Words
Philosophy: Accept the Weak, Make them Strong
Orphanage: A Home for Children
Witnessing Morphing

Kavala: Healer of Horses and People
Kavala: Peace is Everywhere
Kavala: Identifies with Drykas
Kavala: Leader of Cytali
Kavala: Marked by Rak’keli
Kavala: Marked by Eyris
Kavala: Dreamwalker of Nysel
Kavala: Ruv’na “Crescent” in Past Life
Kavala: a Friend from a Past Life
Alaia: Healer at Gilia
Natalia: Physician at Gilia Medical Center
Burned Woman (Edith): Brave
Alyra: Curious Ethaefal
Alyra: Wants to Earn Her Place
Jek's Philosophy
Timothy: Youth Beyond His Years
Gwin: Akvatari Musician
Gwin: Empty of Malice
Gwin: Music is her Lifeblood
Tim: Turned Thief
Tim: Bitter Towards the Gods
Tim: Friends with Scrapper the Dog
Tim: Deceased Mother
Tim: Longs for Respect and Knighthood
Tim: Confused and Can’t Help It
Sezkero: Also, Kero
Marion: Starring in your nightmares
Marion: Hard to track down
Marion: Beautiful
Marion: Not exactly an easy woman to talk to
Apologizing to Marion
Marion: A Mage
Marion: Reminds you too much of Stella
Kero: A Friend in Hard Times
Red-Eyed Witch: A Demon(?)
Rosela: Words on Her Mother
Rosela: Forgiven
Rosela: Thinks Me Not a Monster
Rosela: The Taste of her Lips
Rosela: Mother to an Akalak
Rosela: A Friend

Battle Strategies
Staff: Fighting a Tsana in Close Quarters
Brawling: Gouging Out Eyes
Having the Grace of a Cow
Well-Deserved Victory
Unarmed Combat: Shoulder Wrench and Break
The Importance of Thinking on One's Feet
Controlling the Tide of Battle
Brawling: Simple Improvised Weapons
Endurance: Bearing the Bitter Cold
Brawling: Shrugging off Minor Pain
Male Bonding Through Weapons

Religion: Placing One's Fate in Yahal's Hands
Meditation: Using Prayer to Meditate With
Yahal: The Faithful Will Be Rewarded
Yahal Demands Purity
512 Djed Storm: Ivak’s Release
512 Djed Storm: Birthed New Deities
Deities of Fear, Peace and Possibilities
Eyris Gnosis: Touch to Learn
Dreamwalking: Walk the Chavena
Dreamwalking: Rewriting Chavi
Accepted by Nysel
One of the Cytali
Rak'keli's Gnosis
Penita Scrolls: Summer of the Locust-Story of Nizam
Spreading the Word of Yahal
Preaching: Drawing on Passion to Get a Message Across
What Yahal Demands
God: Wysar
Wysar: Wants Dedication, Not Faith
Religion: Not Always Black and White
Rhetoric: Preaching His Faith
Religion: Conviction of Purpose
Women's Cunning
Personal Rage
Signs of Madness
I Was a Shadow
Want: Get in Shape
Maintaining Dignity
Ignoring Better Judgment
Frantically Reading by Candlelight
Enduring the Pain of a Wound
Taking the Moral High Ground
The look. The Eypharian look.
Repaying a Debt
Being Friendly to an Old Foe
Pretty Colors!
Ethaefal Deserve Respect
Humility is a Virtue
A Lesson in Faith
Asking for Criticism
The Akalak Spirit
Faith in Others
Diplomacy: The Effectiveness of Simple Kindness
Observation: Eyeing for Trouble
Pain and Joy of Remembering the Past
Overcoming Stage Fright
The Rush of the Performance
Acknowledging Fear of the Past
The Plan for Riverfall's Orphanage
Missing the Camaraderie of the Benshira
Enjoying Theater
Life Experience: Emotional (Mental?) Drunken Breakdown, Winter 514
Intimidation: The Art of the Scowl
Philosophy: The Road Ahead
Philosophy: Fly Free
Philosophy: Offer Sins to the World
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Hirem, the Strong

Postby Hirem on January 21st, 2015, 5:14 pm

Equipment and Possessions
Starting Package = 1 light coat, red,1 Benshira tunic, 1 head wrap, 1 pair of leather sandals, 1 waterskin, 1 backpack (holds 1 set of Toiletries, food for a week, 1 eating knife)
Family Heirloom - Collection of Penita Scrolls

SP : 100 GM
Housing Package : 500 GM
Shattered Bow, Splintered Wood : -1 GM
Beloved : -91 GM
World of Words : - 9 GM
The First Lesson : - 2 GM

Seasonal Expenses
(Fall 509 AV - Winter 510 AV) - Squalor: - 30GM
(Spring 514 AV) - Common: - 135 GM
(Summer 514 AV) - Common: - 135 GM
(Winter 514 AV) - Common: - 135 GM
(Spring 515 AV) - Common - 135 GM
(Summer 515 AV) - Common - 135 GM

Seasonal Wages
Summer 514 A.V. - + 409 GM
Winter 514 A.V. - + 368 GM

(Spring 514 AV) - Atri's Place [Riverfall] (renting) - 3/per day, total 84 GM
(Summer 514 AV) - Kulkukan Tavern and Inn [Riverfall] (renting) - 2 sm/per day, total 19 GM
(Winter 514 AV) - Kulkukan Tavern and Inn [Riverfall] (renting) - 2sm/per day, total 19 GM
(Spring 515 AV) - Kulkukan Tavern and Inn [Riverfall] (renting) - 2sm/per day, total 19 GM
(Summer 515 AV) - Kulkukan Tavern and Inn [Riverfall] (renting) - 2sm/per day, total 4 GM
(Summer 515 AV) - Common Inn (renting) - 5sm/per day, total 6 GM 5 SM

Travel Expenses
From Riverfall to Syliras Summer 515 AV [58 Days] - 58 GM

Final Total: 349 GM, 5 SM

Theme Song

Thread List
Flashbacks :
Summer 490 A.V. - Among The Tents - XP Awarded
Summer 505 A.V. -What We Once Were - XP Awarded

509 A.V. :
Fall 509 A.V. -A Matter Of Justice - Finished
Winter 7, 509 A.V -Garden Of Concubines - Finished
Winter 509 A.V. - Festival Of Dira - XP Awarded

510 A.V. :
Early Spring 510 A.V. - Prison Blues - Dead
Spring 37, 510 A.V. - Shattered Bow, Splintered Wood - XP Awarded
Spring 42, 510 A.V. - Pained Steps - Dead
Summer 40, 510 A.V. - Curses - XP Awarded
Summer 41, 510 A.V. - A Wanderer's Kinship - Finished
Summer 42, 510 A.V. - Out of shoes and howling at the moon - Dead
Summer 54, 510 A.V. - Storms and Trials - Finished
Summer 56, 510 A.V. - Digging Up The Past - Dead
Summer 65, 510 A.V. - Among The Trees - Finished
Summer 72, 510 A.V. -Catching Sight Of The Future - Dead
Fall 7, 510 A.V. - Far Too Long - Finished
Fall 510 A.V. - One Of The Dark Places In The World - Finished
Fall 510 A.V. - The Heart of an Immense Darkness - Dead

Spring 514 A.V. :
Spring 1-18 - Hirem, the Strong - XP Awarded
Spring 63 - Arrived in Riverfall
Spring 72-91 - Once More, With Feeling - XP Awarded
Spring 76 - Scarred by Morning - Dead

Summer 514 A.V. :
Summer 2 - Armed in Faith Alone - Completed
Summer 6 - Red Diamond's Driving Me Nuts - Dead
Summer 7 - His First Rainfall - Dead
Summer 9 - Thief and Scholar - Dead
Summer 10 - Tests in Faith - Completed
Summer 12 - A Cure for What Ales You - Completed
Summer 18 - Heated Discussion - Completed
Summer 20 - Hyperbole and Honor - Dead
Summer 22 - A World of Words - Completed
Summer 25- That One Itch - Completed
Summer 33 - The History of the Future - Dead
Summer 50 - A Night Among Rats - Dead
Summer 70 - Mutable Like Wax - Ongoing

Winter 514 A.V. :
Winter 3 - Stirrings of Another Soul - Completed
Winter 10 - Street Rat - Graded
Winter 12 - Keep in Line - Graded
Winter 16 - Summoning the Desert Heat - Graded
Winter 22-57 - Ghosts of Riverfall - Ongoing
Winter 32 - Nothing but Trouble - Graded
Winter 46 - Playing the Part - Graded
Winter 60 - Spar - Ongoing
Winter 63 - The First Lesson - Graded

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