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Divine Attention To Skills

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The Gods and Goddesses reward hard work.



In the world of Mizahar, those that achieve Mastery in certain skills often catch the attention of the Pantheon and cause them to note the individuals and try to add them to their mortal resources. Thus once a character achieves a Mastery in certain skills, if the conditions are right and The Divine takes notice, the character will receive a mark from the God or Goddess associated with the skill.

Utilizing D.A.T.S.

How does this program work? You as a player are responsible for applying for a D.A.T.S. mark via the Help Desk. Just post a brief blurb in the Help Desk with your skill point count (please include the skill name) and give us a brief paragraph on why you think your PC will garner the attention of the associated God or Goddess (please include the God/dess name). You then may be given approval to self moderate a gnosis thread or get a Moderator to run one for you. A note will be added to your Storyteller's Secret thread linking your HD ticket and your approval. If you are declined, you will be given a clear reason why and a pathway to achieve said mark in the near future. Please note gaining the Mastery of a specific skill that could qualify you for a D.A.T.S. Gnosis mark does not guarantee you will get Help Desk Ticket approval for one.

Once you have Help Desk Approval and a Storyteller Secret entry you can either ask a moderator of Domain Storyteller level or higher to run a quest for you or you can write a solo (or guest moderated) thread wherein you are marked by the specific deity. If you opt for a solo or guest moderated thread, you must include the link to your HD ticket in the thread. Once your thread is graded (you can self grade or have a grader/moderator do it) please ask a DS or higher to review your thread and add its link to your SS thread entry where you were given permission.

It is our feeling Gnosis Marks are not utilized enough in game and this is a very creative and rewarding way to get more of them out there with less moderator involvement overall so individual players aren't dependent on Moderator Time and Availability.

Please note, this is an reward for achieving Mastery in specific skills. It is not a required add-on to your character and you can decline these marks if they do not fit your Player Character or do not fit your Character's Storyline. Also please note that if the author of the Goddess or God feels your PC is not a good fit for the Marks, you can be declined.

Additional Information

This is for a FIRST mark only, and mainly designed for people that might have been too busy or overlooked by moderators for Gnosis Marks. If someone already has a mark from a God or Goddess and then achieves a Mastery we will not allow a SECOND mark to be acquired (aka stacked). Second marks must be acquired through a moderated quest told under a Domain Storyteller or higher to qualifying PCs. See Gnosis Marks in the wiki for details on what qualifies for a second mark.

The Complete D.A.T.S. List

  • Akajia – Intelligence, Stealth
  • Akvin – Magecrafting, Gadgeteering
  • Aquiras – Dominion
  • Avalis – Fortune Telling
  • Bala – Farming
  • Caiyha – Animal Husbandry, Wilderness Survival, Biology, Botany
  • Cheva – Excluded Due To Her Nature
  • Dira – Spiritism, Undertaking
  • Eyris – Research, Webbing
  • Gnora- Logic
  • Harameus – Alchemy, Morphing
  • Ionu – Acting, Disguise
  • Ivak – Psychology, Reimancy (Fire – Focus)
  • Izurdin – Body Building, Construction, Wrestling, Black/Metalsmithing
  • Kelwyn – Negotiation, Persuasion
  • Kihala – Art (Any Discipline Painting, Scuplting, etc), Cooking, Animation, Architectrix
  • Krysus - Torture
  • Laviku – Sailing, Shipwrighting, Reimancy (Water - Focus)
  • Leth - Meditation, Astrology, Astronomy
  • Lhex – Excluded Due To His Nature
  • Makutsi – Dance, Storytelling
  • Morwen – Reimancy (Ice – Focus)
  • Myri – Tactics, Weapon (?)
  • Nikali - Seduction
  • Nysel– Investigation, Pathfinding
  • Ovek- Gambling, Mathematics
  • Priskil – Candlemaking
  • Qalaya – Anthropology, Archaeology, Writing, Glyphing
  • Rak'keli – Medicine, Herbalism
  • Rhysol – Impersonation
  • Rhaus – Poetry, Play Musical Instrument, Singing, Composition
  • Sagallius – Politics, Hypnotism, Projection
  • Semele – Jewelcrafting, Geology, Reimancy (Earth – Focus)
  • Sivah – Hostessing, Brewing, Vinting
  • Ssena – Intimidation
  • Sylir - Leadership
  • Syna – Aurisitics, Astrology, Astronomy
  • Tavasi - Gardening
  • Tanroa – Excluded Due To Her Nature
  • Tyveth - Philosophy
  • Uldr – Embalming
  • Vayt – Poison, Leeching
  • Viratas – Scheduled Rewrite - TBD
  • Wysar – Endurance, Unarmed Combat
  • Xhyvas – Planning
  • Xyna - Business
  • Yahal – Teaching, Shielding
  • Yshul – Subterfuge, Larceny
  • Zulrav – Reimancy (Air - Focus)