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Postby Izuyanai on September 14th, 2014, 2:30 pm



Name: Izuyanai
Nicknames: Izuna
Race: Kelvic (Raven)
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years
Birthday: 8, Spring, 514 AV.
Occupation: Tavern owner of The Bird of Paradise

In her human form, Izuyanai appears to be a young woman with long black hair and deep blue eyes. She is rather small in stature but moves with an animalistic grace that accentuates her limbs. Most of her locks are usually held back with a simple cord, but a few strands escape to frame her face. Her eyes betray her intelligence and cunning when they light up with intrigue or inspiration. She holds herself seemingly at ease while her sharp eyes scan the surrounding area, observing and analysing. A pendant of a blue gem hangs from around her neck.

Izuyanai appears as a sleek raven in her other form. The glossy black feathers that cover her body emit a blue sheen. Her curved beak is dusted with a light silver and her legs end in sharp talons.


Character Concept

Izuyanai is an avid seeker of knowledge and a crafty intelligence gatherer at heart. Her Kelvic nature makes her unpredictable and as a result, most do not understand her methods. However, she learns quickly and has picked up enough in human mannerisms that she is able to survive both within civilization and without.

A consistent theme throughout her life has always been that of searching. Whether this is an effect from her race's original programming and mission, or the need to find a bondmate, she is not sure. Therefore, Izuyanai values being able to do as she pleases and saunters through life at her own place, roaming the world and satisfying her various curiosities.


As with any raven, Izuyanai's intelligence is self serving and often applied to mischief. She prefers a verbal exchange and has therefore developed a sarcastic streak. She amuses herself by drawing reactions from others, enjoying her own sense of humor and taking part in games of wit. In this way, it can be said that the raven has a lot of pride, though thankfully she is not boastful outright.

Outside her playfulness, Izuyanai is relaxed and unconcerned to the point where some might consider her to be unflappable. She rarely gets angry and will not give insults a proper response, though she will keep any hostility in mind and choose to take revenge at a more opportune moment. The truth is that besides having a different mindset than humans, she is calculating and has surprising control. This trait makes her rather secretive and at times, dishonest. Slightly twisted truths are not uncommon though others might never notice this.

Despite all her misgivings, Izuyanai is fiercely loyal to her true friends. Once trust and companionship have been established, she is capable of empathy and displays of kindness.


Akajia - Night, Shadows, Darkness, Secrets, Stealth
Eywaat - Birds, Ingenuity
Priskil - Radiance, Hope, Vigilance, Light
Qalaya - Memory, Writing


Books, tea, humor, and shiny objects.


Loud noises, snakes, crossbows, and bow/arrows.

Character History

Izuyanai had a relatively comfortable childhood in Wind Reach, considering the harsh region. Her family of a mother, father, two sisters, and brother were in the caste of Chiet. They all worked hard to keep the community afloat but Izuyanai was always an outsider. Being born into an otherwise Inartan family, she didn't fit in without the iconic flaming red hair.

Her older, bonded brother was a role model to her and often acted as the basis of the moral compass she lacked. However, when he was killed in an attack by the Zith, Izuyanai left her home as if fleeing the incident. She had always wanted to leave, and now she had a reason, though not a one she would have liked. She hadn't been one for following human morality before her brother's death, but now Izuyanai wonders about it, curious of its mechanisms.

In a brief landing in Lhavit, Izuyanai familiarized herself with the peaks and enrolled in some classes at the Towers. Having gained some precious knowledge of magic and the world beyond Kalea, she left for a new settlement as news started to trickle in from traders. Now she has settled in Syka where she hopes to continue her search.


Fluent: Common
Fluent: Passerine
Basic: Nari
Poor: Symenos


Credit for the artwork goes to Dahlia
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Izuyanai Kokuryu

Postby Izuyanai on December 26th, 2015, 2:51 pm


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Intelligence 20 SP 6xp 26 Competent
Stealth 2xp 2 Novice
Subterfuge 3xp 3 Novice
Cooking 11xp 11 Novice
Observation 56xp 56 Expert
Organization 7xp 7 Novice
Rhetoric 11xp 11 Novice
Mixology 2xp 2 Novice
Interrogation 4xp 4 Novice
Leadership 5 SP 1xp 6 Novice
Negotiation 3xp 3 Novice
Persuasion 1xp 1 Novice
Investigation 1xp 1 Novice
Scouting 2xp 2 Novice
Scavenging 1xp 1 Novice
Teaching 2xp 2 Novice
Research 1xp 1 Novice
Acrobatics 3xp 3 Novice
Climbing 2xp 2 Novice
Auristics 10 SP 18xp 28 Competent
Reimancy 2xp 2 Novice
Intimidation 1xp 1 Novice
Gardening 1xp 1 Novice
Philtering 1xp 1 Novice
Hunting 1xp 1 Novice
Socialisation 23xp 23 Novice
Acting 1xp 1 Novice
Larceny 1xp 1 Novice
Carving 1xp 1 Novice
Copying 1xp 1 Novice
Cryptography 2xp 2 Novice
Writing 4xp 4 Novice
Cleaning 1xp 1 Novice
Cartography 2xp 2 Novice
Philosophy 1xp 1 Novice
Mathematics 1xp 1 Novice
Tactics 5xp 5 Novice
Planning 2xp 2 Novice
Singing 1xp 1 Novice
Bodybuilding 1xp 1 Novice
Endurance 1xp 1 Novice
Weapon: Dagger 15 SP 15 Novice
Weapon: Snowball 1xp 1 Novice
Unarmed Combat 10 RB 1xp 11 Novice


-Weapon: Izuyanai's Dagger

-Bluevein: Godspirit
-Bluevein: Wine for Every Occasion
-Mixology: Simple Lhavit Cocktails
-Musicians Attract Customers
-Waitress Work: Cleaning Off Tables
-Waitress Work: Taking orders

-Coconut: Delicious Inside - Both Water and Meaty Fruit
-Cooking: Breaking Eggs
-Cooking: Cleaning a Fish
-Cooking: Filleting a Fish
-Cooking: Knowing When Fish Fillets Are Done
-Cooking: Making Soup of Old Dry Rations
-Cooking: Pay Attention to Cooking Projects or They Will Burn.
-Cooking: Scaling a Fish
-Cooking: Scrambling Eggs
-Cooking: Seasoning Fish Fillets
-Cooking: Using Salt to Spice Food
-Cooking: Which Meats Go Well With Which Wines
-Fish: How to Scale One Via Book Instructions
-Philtering: Making Salt From Sea Water

-Amelia Trisswell: Designer and Guide
-Amelia Trisswell: Seamstress at Silk Palace
-Amelia Trisswell: Determined
-Azira: Charming Inarta
-Duun: the Inarta Outcast
-Estrellir: Green Skinned Konti
-Thomas Cosa: The Unpleasant Mage
-Thomas Cosa: Abnormal Interest in Family
-Thomas Cosa: Auristics Teacher
-Thomas Cosa: Mother is a Delicate Topic
NPC: Lore: Marina Tradewind
NPC: Lore: Tradewind Pod Visits Syka For a Day or Two
-NPC: Remni Natai
-NPC: Wharf, Important Figure at the Patchwork Port

-Acting: Arranging the Face Into a Disappointed Expression
-Cryptography: Creating Simple Codes
-Flying: Avoiding Capture By Flipping
-Flying: Avoiding Obstacles
-Flying: Making the Most of Your Environment
-Grief: Don't Look Too Deeply Too Soon
-In Memory: Bad Moments Outweigh Happy Ones
-Izuyanai: Feels Caged in Low Places
-Leadership: Coordinating groups
-Leadership: Importance of Communication
-Medicine: The Effects of Sea Sickness
-Observation: Spotting Leaders
-Opalgloams: Glowing Stones From Kalinor
-Philosophy: Hypothesis to Test; No Two Aurists Receive Identical Data
-Singing: Humming
-The Fountain’s Curse: Reimancy
-Zith Attack On WR: Lost Brother

-Games in the Snow
-Negotiation: Making a Purchase
-Rhetoric: The Art of Apology
-Socialisation: Speaking Their Language

-Offering of Wine

-Leth: God of the Moon

-Zintila: Goddess of Stars

-Auras: A Cold Presence
-Auras: Can be Hidden
-Auras: Contain Residual Information
-Auras: Images
-Auristics: Billowing, Contorted Shapes; Adaptability and Undecidedness
-Auristics: Finding Weakness in Coconuts
-Auristics: Hard to Explain
-Auristics: Recognizing the Blocked Aura of Another Aurist
-Auristics: Reveals What is Hidden
-Auristics: Spring Green; Youthful and Perhaps Naive
-Auristics: Stopping Before Overgiving
-Auristics: "Tasting"
-Auristics: Telling Lies and Truths from Auras
-Auristics: The Wide Focus; A Simpler Method, but Less Complex Facts
-Auristics: The Wide Focus; Imagining to Cast a Large Net of Magic
-Auristics: The Wide Focus; Needs to be Used in Conjunction with Observation
-Auristics: Thomas Cosa's Aura
-Auristics: To Infer Deeper Meanings From Impressions
-Auristics: To Perceive an Aura's Color and Texture
-Auristics: To See an Aura Through Water

-Important to Understanding the Base of Magic

-Magic: Djed Cannot Be Created or Destroyed, Only Transformed
-Magic: Different Levels of Purity in Djed,
-Magic: Djed Means 'Backbone' in Ancient Tongue
-Magic: Legends and Myths Meant About Magic
-Magic: Overgiving
-Magic: Some Transformations are Irreversible
-Magic: The Dangers of Overgiving
-Magic: The Distinction of Magic
-Magic: The Laws of Djed
-Magic: The Myth Hold Complex Meanings
-Magic: The Power to Bend Reality
-Magic: The Treval Codex; a Book About Magic
-Magic: Wizard Philosophy

-Reimancy: Basic control
-Reimancy: Volatile Magic
-Res: Physically Manifested Djed

-Important to Understanding the Base of Magic

-Holding On Tightly with the Knees When Riding a Wind Eagle
-Jungle Wilds: Strange Lizards Have Sharp Claws
-Kelvics: Nature Seems Capricious
-Lore: What a Shark Looks Like
-Wind Eagles: Can Form a Bond
-Wind Eagles: Speak in the Mind

-Beetles Make a Nice Breakfast for a Bird
-Hunting: Beetles

-The Dextrous: Boat Travelling to Riverfall
-Travelling Lore
-Using a Map to Judge the Travelling Distance

-Dried Rations are Dry and Tasteless
-How to Pile Sticks for a Fire
-Using Flint and Tinder to Get a Fire Started

-Home to Illusion and Trickery
-Landmark: The Suvan Sea, A Vast Body of Water
-Location: The Bizarre Bazaar
-Location: The Bizarre, Always Able to See the Entrance
-Location: The Patchwork Port
-Location: The Temple of Ionu
-Location: Tower’s Idol Slanderer
-Summer 516: Alvadas Busy With Migrants

-Avoid Kalinor
-Kalinor Trade Routes

-Kenash: Estrellir’s warning

-Cursed Fountain: No Signs of Magic
-Festival of Fellowship: The Drinking Tent
-Lhavit: Customs of Okomo
-Lhavit: Home of Ethaefal
-Lhavit: Home of Zintila
-Lhavit: Midwinter Festival
-Lhavit Seasonal Event: Cursed Fountain
-Lhavit : Sharai Peak
-Lhavitian Culture
-Location: The Bharani Library
-Location: The Good Book
-Location: The Scholar's Demise
-Location: The Silk Palace
-Location: A Touch of Fire
-Location: The Towers Respite
-The Stream of Gems at Sharai Peak; More Stones Upstreams
-Topography of Lhavit (Basic)

-Involved in Wine Trading
-Riverfall Trade Routes

-Aerial Layout of Syka
-Location: Community Pool, Layout and Location
-Location: Community Pool, Manmade by Reimancy
-Location: Swing Beach
-Syka: Looking for Settlers to Help Establish Their City
-Syka: Near the Ocean, Paradise Climate and Jungle
-Syka: New Coastal Settlement in Falyndar, Across Riverfall
-Syka: Travel Route, by Wind Eagle to Alvadas and from There Boat to Syka

Wind Reach
-Wind Reach: Myths Around Golden Eyes
-Wind Reach: Trade Routes

-Bell Sleeved White Shirt
-Leather belt
-Bright blue sash
-Black plants
-Black boots
-Simple Undergarments
-Heirloom: An elegant brooch of a cerulean gem, cut and polished into an tear drop shape. A black flowering vine, made of a type metal is curled around the side of the gem to hold it in place.

-1 Waterskin
-1 Travelling notebook
-1 Ink bottle
-1 Quill

-1 Dagger
-5 Throwing daggers

-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Cooking knife
-Flint & Steel
-1 Opalgloam
-Black vest
-Black cloak
-Cooking Pot
-Pale stone with veins of pink and red from Lhavitian Stream
-Speckled light blue stone from Lhavitian Stream
-Cooking Kit
-Recipe Book
-Copy of Magic and I
-One beautiful leather-bound copy of The Treval Codex: Instead of a plain leather cover, there’s an embossed design onto the front. The leather is pressed into the likeness of a plant hanging its head with bell-like flowers. Thin leaves flourishes away from the stem and taper away.
-Notes on Landmarks from Lhavit to Alvadas
-Tailored Dress: A dark blue dress with a sweetheart neckline. The color merges into a pastel blue toward the bottom of the skirt, which parts slightly above the knees and flows down to the heels at the back.
-Black Sandals.


Location: Syka


Account :
Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Kina 100 Kina
Housing +500 Kina 600 Kina
Clothing -1.2K 598.8K
Writing tools -5.5K 593.3K
Daggers -7K 586.3K
Winter 515AV -135K 451.3K
Winter 515AV Respite -92K 359.3K
Winter 515AV Wages +276K 635.3K
Spring 516AV -135K 500.3K
Spring 516AV Respite -91K 409.3K
Spring 516AV Wages +273K 682.3K
Travel Expenses -45GM 637.3GM
Clothing/Dress -15.3GM 622GM
Cooking Kit -10GM 612GM
Recipe Book -5GM 607GM
Chickens/Cooking Tools -1GM 606GM
Summer 516AV -45GM 561GM
Notebook -1GM 560GM
Summer 516AV Wages +182GM 742GM

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Izuyanai Kokuryu

Postby Izuyanai on August 20th, 2016, 7:52 am

Thread List

515AV Winter :
7th Upon Arrival Izuyanai arrives in Lhavit Observation +2 Rhetoric +2 Socialization +3
15th Naming the Past Reflection and purchase of the dagger, Aramis Observation +1 Socialization +1
29th The Art of Wine Job Thread 1 Auristics +1 Cleaning +1 Observation +3
34th On the Building Blocks of Magic The beginning of life at the Towers Auristics +1 Observation +3 Philosophy +1 Singing +1 Socialization +1
39th Unexpected Reunion Visit to the tailor's and Amelia Intelligence +2 Negotiation +1 Observation +2
40th Atlas Research Job Thread 2 Cartography +2 Organization +1
46th A Snowy Interruption Snowball fight! Auristics +1 Observation +1 Persuasion +1 Socialisation +2 Tactics +2 Weapon: Snowball +1
62nd Ration House Blues The catching or aiding of thieves Interrogation +2 Observation +2 Rhetoric +3 Stealth +1
70th Thomas Teaches Studying Auristics with a tricky teacher Auristics +2 Rhetoric +2
76th A Game of Knowing Second lesson with Thomas Auristics +5 Intelligence +1 Observation +2 Rhetoric +1
Flashback The Greatest Curiosity Flashback to Windreach days None
Total 58

516AV Spring :
3rd Study Day The Theory of Auristics Carving +1 Copying +1 Observation +2 Organization +1 Socialization +1 Writing +1
16th An Inarta Walks into a Bar Job Thread 1 Auristics +1 Gardening +1 Interrogation +2 Mathematics +1 Mixology +1 Observation +4 Rhetoric +2 Socialisation +5 Subterfuge +2 Teaching +2
28th Initiation Job Thread 2 Cooking +3 Mixology +1 Observation +3 Organisation +3 Rhetoric +1 Socialisation +2
30th Not All Is Gold That Glitters Gem hunting Auristics 2 Climbing 1 Endurance 1 Observation 5 Planning 1 Socialization 5
40th Sharai Panic Dealing with new magical abilities Auristics +1 Intimidation +1 Investigation +1 Reimancy +2
70th Rigor Samsa Spring Quest Ungraded
90th "A Big-Ass Party" Festival of Fellowship Larceny +1 Leadership +1 Observation +3 Organization +1
90th Spiritual Magic Fortunetelling encounter Ungraded

516AV Summer :
1st One for the Road (Part 1) Departure from Lhavit Acting +1 Auristics +1 Cooking +1 Intelligence +2 Organisation +1 Observation +3
20th One for the Road (Part 2) Travelling in the Unforgiving Acrobatics +2 Cooking +2 Hunting +1 Intelligence +1 Observation +4 Stealth +1
45th One for the Road (Part 3) Arrival in Syka Negotiation +2 Observation +4 Socialisation +1 Writing +1
46th Bird's Eye View Izuyanai explores her new home Cooking +1 Observation +3 Scouting +2 Tactics +1 Unarmed Combat +1
48th Moratorium Cooking Ingredients/Job Thread 1 Auristics +2 Observation +5 Research +1 Scavenging +1
49th Tossed Into the Drink A shipwrecked sailor and a raven Ungraded
77th Ocean Bounty Job Thread 2 Acrobatics +1 Auristics +1 Climbing +1 Cooking +4 Observation +2 Planning +1

516AV Fall :
N/A Shadows Grow So Long Before My Eyes Izuyanai meets James for some business Ungraded
5th Offshore Curiosity Trying to swim Ungraded
10th Unexpected Developments Desc Ungraded
11th Salt of the Earth An experiment and some writing Bodybuilding +1 Cryptography +2 Observation +2 Philtering +1 Socialization +2 Subterfuge +1 Tactcs +2 Writing +2
20th Blood and Bones Desc Ungraded

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