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Turrin of the Twisted Vine

Postby Turrin on September 3rd, 2013, 2:51 am

Turrin Goldeneyes (formerly Aponivi of the Twisted Vine Clan)


Race: Mixed Race (Inarta/Myrian)
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Birthday: 90th, Spring, 489AV
Birthplace: Taloba
Caste: Former Endal, Chiet.


Turrin of the Twisted Vine never was truly accepted in myrian society, so he decided to make his physical body into one of a warrior Myri would be proud off. Everyday, he does his morning workout routine to keep his body in shape. He either practices his martial arts or works on his acrobatics to keep his body physically fit and agile. Turrin is a tall man (6'0”) and with a athletic build (200lbs). He has long burgundy hair that goes down to the middle of his back with feather weaved into thick hair. Turrin's golden eyes inherited by his Inarta mother Ceela. Turrin has a tattoo of a tiger in the jungle that stretches from his right pectoral, up his shoulder, on his back, and down his forearm. He got it in memory of his myrian father, Marak. He normally wears his talon sword strapped to his waist and his burgundy bryda when he is out in the city. When he is outside in the Unforgiving hunting, he tends to wear a brown katinu, quiver, and his short bow.

Scars- Teeth Scars on left arm from a wolf attack.




Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Myrian
Poor Language: Nari


Skills :
Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Observation 89XP 89 Master

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Socialization 67XP 67 Expert
Weapon (Short Bow) 5SP, 10RB, 49XP, 6SXP 70 Expert

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Rhetoric 28XP 28 Competent
Weapon (Talon Sword) 20SP, 25XP, 3SXP 48 Competent

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Acrobatics 5SP, 6XP 11 Novice
Animal Husbandry 1XP 1 Novice
Blind Fighting 1XP 1 Novice
Body Building 5SP, 3XP 8 Novice
Climbing 2XP 2 Novice
Cleaning 1XP 1 Novice
Duel Wielding 5XP 5 Novice
Dancing 2XP 2 Novice
Diplomacy 5XP 5 Novice
Deduction 3XP 3 Novice
Endurance 6XP 6 Novice
Flirting 1XP 1 Novice
Fishing 2XP 2 Novice
Horsemanship2XP2 Novice
Hunting 5SP, 11XP 16 Novice
Intelligence 2XP 2 Novice
Investigation 6XP 6Novice
Interrogation6XP 6 Novice
Intimidation 10XP 10 Novice
Leadership 10XP 10 Novice
Land Navigation 4XP 4 Novice
Logic 1XP 1Novice
Meditation 4XP 4 Novice
Negotiation 2XP 2 Novice
Organization 2XP 2Novice
Planning 7XP 7 Novice
Philosophy 3XP 3 Novice
Persuasion 2XP 2 Novice
Politics 4XP 4 Novice
Running 3XP 3 Novice
Riding (Wind Eagle) 14XP, 2SXP 16 Novice
Riding (Horse) 1XP1 Novice
Storytelling 4XP 4 Novice
Stealth 11XP 11 Novice
Skinning 2XP 2 Novice
Scouting 2XP 2 Novice
Subterfuge 1XP 1 Novice
Tanning 1XP 1 Novice
Teaching 7XP 7 Novice
Tactics 11XP 11 Novice
Tracking 19XP 19 Novice
Unarmed Combat 10SP, 8XP 18 Novice
Weapon (Throwing Ax) 5XP 5 Novice
Weapon (Kukri) 1XP 1 Novice
Wilderness Survival (Mountains) 9XP 9 Novice

Gear :
Possessions Cost Season Acquired
1 Set of Clothing Starting Package
Simple Burgandy BrydaStarting Package
Simple UndergarmentsStarting Package
Simple Light Brown hooded KatinuStarting Package
Brown Leather Ankle Boots Starting Package
1 Waterskin Starting Package
1 Backpack which contains: Starting Package
Comb (Bone) Starting Package
Brush (Bone) Starting Package
Soap Starting Package
Razor Starting Package
Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth) Starting Package
1 eating knife Starting Package
Flint & Steel Starting Package
Iron Pot 5sp Summer 514AV
Short Bow 30p Purchased on Creation
-(2) Metal Core Practice Talon Swords 45p Winter 513AV
Quiver 20p Purchased on Creation
Arrows, Game (20) 4pPurchased on Creation
Arrows, Fishing (20) 4pPurchased on Creation
Arrows, Broad (20) 15pPurchased on Creation
Arrows, Armor Piercing (20) Free (Endal Status) Spring, 515AV
One, Person Tent 2p Purchased on Creation
Camouflage Tarp (10 sq. ft) 12 gp Summer 514AV
Rope, hemp (50ft) 1gp Summer 514AV
Compass 200gp Summer 514AV
Hammock 5gm Summer 514AV
Camouflage Armor 50gm Summer 514
Bed Roll 1sp Purchased on Creation
Throwing, Ax 8p Purchased on Creation
Axe, Splitting 5sm Spring 514AV
Whetstone 2cm Spring 514AV
Head of a Undead -Spring 515AV
1 Large, Tent -10gm Spring 517AV
Rope, Hemp (50ft) -1m Spring 517AV
Lantern, Hooded, -7gm Spring 517AV
Torches-2cm Spring 517AV
Fishing Kit-10gmSpring 517AV
Archery, Gloves 1gm Spring 517AV

Heirloom: Talon Sword (45g) – The sword was given to Turrin by his mother Ceela on his first day of him becoming a adolescent at age seven. Turrin's mother hinted the sword was passed down through her mother's family live since the Valterrian, if it was or wasn't, it was a honor for him to receive and train with his mother's family sword.


Location: Syka, Falyndar

House:1 large tent (4 person), large tarp, 100 ft of rope, flint & steel, lantern, 2 torches, bedroll, blanket, fishing tackle & hooks, a compass,


Ledger :
Purchase Cost Deposit Total
Starting 0 +100 Pinions 100 pinions
On-Creation -75p, 6sp 0 16gp, 4sp
Fall 513AV 0 +500gp (WR Income 516gp, 4sp
Winter 513AV -45gp +500 (WR Income)970gp, 8sp, 8cp
Spring 514AV (Inactive) 0gp 0 970gp, 8sp, 8cp
Summer 514AV -268gp, 5sp (Summer Purcheses) 500gp (WR Income)1202gp, 3sp, 8cp
Fall 514AV -500pi (WR Taxes) 0 702p
Spring 515AV -10p (Stolen by Brandon Blackwing) +500 (WR Income) 1202p
Summer 515AV -500pi (WR taxes)0702p
Fall 515AV (Inactive)00702p
Winter 515AV (Inactive)00702p
Spring 516AV (Inactive)00702p
Summer 516AV (Inactive)00702p
Fall 516AV (Inactive)00702p
Winter 516AV(Inactive)00702p
Spring 517AV-196 gm (Cost of Spring Purchases), -22gm, 2sm for Temporary Riverfall HousingRent for small room, decent at Kulkukan Tavern and Inn +500 mi (Cashed In WR Housing) 789gm, 8sm
Spring 517AVSeasonal Expenses-135gm654gm, 8sm
Spring 518AVSold ItemsWagon (35gm Sold), Horse, Yoke (7gm Sold), Bit and Bridle (2gmSold),Blanket and Hood, Medium Horse(Sold 4gm), Large, sadddlebags (8gm Sold),Horse, Zavian (100gm Sold)+156gm 810gm, 8sm
Spring 518AVSeasonal Expenses-135gm 675gm, 8sm
Summer 519AVTravel expenses from Syka to Thunder Bay -100gm 575gm, 8sm
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Turrin of the Twisted Vine

Postby Turrin on September 3rd, 2013, 2:52 am

Character Concept


Turrin of the Twisted Vine is a child of both Wind Reach and Taloba, and he is dedicated to the survival and well being of his mother's people, the Inarta. However, in his heart, he feels that he is still a child of Myri even if he was never accepted by his Myrian Grandmother. Turrin spent most of his life honing the skills needed to be a warrior in his father's world. In Taloba, he spent most of his young life learning the art of swordsmanship from his mother with the talon sword, and he was taught unarmed combat, archery, and hunting from his father. Turrin would often accompany his father into the jungle on hunting trips when he was young and participate in the training yards. He often come home with cuts and bruises all over his body and displayed them to his father proudly. Turrin knew the small wounds would make him stronger in the end, so when they healed, he went back to the training yards to prove his worth to his Myrian peers.

The half breed in Wind Reach continued his personal glory in the Fighting Pits in the Mountain city. Even though Turrin might lose the spar one day, he would often challenge anyone to a dual of fists. It didn't matter to him who he fought as long as they are willing to give him a challenge worthy of a warrior of Myri. Turrin never back down from a challenge involving battle since he doubt his goddess would look highly on display of cowardice. He would always fight to win regardless on how brutal and underhanded he had to be to gain victory. In the end, Turrin loves both his father's and mother's people, and he will do anything to protect the people of his mother's land even sacrifice himself to their survival of the Inarta. In his death, Turrin believes be resurrected as a full blooded Myrian in the next life.


Before the death of Aponivi :
Unlike the Inarta around him, Turrin learned in Taloba that surrendering to your passions could get a warrior killed on the battle field and in the wilderness, so he tends to be cold and calculating when he is hunting or killing on the battle field. He often takes up leadership position when everyone around him fails to step up into the role, but he respects the chain of command during a hunt or a battle. He has little respect for the Endal or Avora who abuse their power for the sake of there own hedonistic desires. He believes the leaders should be respected unless they are a tyrant than he tends to have little respect or time for them.

Turrin has no problem speaking his mind to his peers, and he will listened to the concerns of castes under him since he learned from his father that a leader must be fair and firm to his subordinates. He took these words of wisdom to heart during the hunting trips with his late father. Turrin is a product of his father's discipline and his mother's passion, so he has a tendency to display quick and sharp anger when people get on his bad side. He often spend his off time relaxing at the Inclement Weather either dancing the night away or having pleasant conversation with a pretty woman. When he isn't working, he come off as a laid back young man that has a tendency to socialize with anyone willing to start a conversation with him.

After Turrin was stripped of his Endal status, he noticed that life was starting to be simpler. He had no obligations other than providing food for Wind Reach and his own personal survival. Turrin started to enjoy the simple pleasures in life like having fun in the Inclement Weather or spending the night with a pretty girl. Embracing his Inarta side, he decided to let spontaneity and passion rather dictate his life rather than duty and honor. Being a former Endal, Turrin still had the arrogance and competitiveness of Endal. He often enjoyed spending his off-time working on his martial skill or physical skills. The myrian thirst for combat drove a wedge between him and his former comrades as he did his best to not only beat his opponents, but he took great joy in humiliating his sparring partners.

On the outside, Turrin is a confident carefree young man, but on the inside, the inner turmoil of losing everything that he loved especially Aponivi tore a hole in his soul. The hunter did everything that he could to fill it, but no alcohol or a night of passion could fill it. Eventually, the myrian realized darkness remained as anger turned to rage. Rage guided his sword as for the need for self preservation. He wouldn't let this world beat him regardless of what it threw at him. Eventually, he left his mother's people with a smile on his face. He was finally free.
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Turrin of the Twisted Vine

Postby Turrin on September 3rd, 2013, 3:03 am



Marak, a myrian hunter from Taloba, met Turrin's mother Ceela a Inarta musican from Wind Reach on the streets of Riverfall. After a hunting trip on the plains outside of Riverfall, Marak first heard Ceela's voice in a tavern in the city. He was captivated by the woman's blood red hair and green eyes, and the savage had to talk to her. Eventually, he brought the foriegner home to Taloba, and she wasn't well received by his mother since she wasn't myrian, but Ceela proved to his mother that she wasn't useless and his lover was aloud to stay. A year after, Ceela gave birth to twins a boy named Turrin and a girl named Kaya. Marak wanted his son to be a hunter and a solder in his Goddess army, so he taught him unarmed combat and hunting as soon as he was able to stand. Ceela's mother was a hunter in Wind Reach, so she taught him the basics of swordsmanship with a talon sword. When he was tall enough to stand over the Inarta sword, she gave him his Grandmother's sword as a gift of adolescence at age ten. Turrin spent his younger years in the city of Taloba till age eleven when his father died raiding a Dhani camp. After his father's death, Ceela was told flat out by Marak's mother that she and her half breed children weren't welcomed in Taloba anymore, so Turrin's mother moved her family to her home of Wind Reach in the spring of 504AV

When Turrin and his family made it to Wind Reach in the Spring of 506AV, Ceela was immediately made part of the chiet caste since she didn't have any skill the mountain city needed to survive, but she was a musician, so she was able to make enough for them to live comfortably in the city. Turrin and Kaya were immediately put into the caste of chiet. Turrin didn't adjust very well to Inarta society at first because he wasn't a full Inarta, and when he first came to the city, he didn't know to much Nari, so he was often made fun of by the more boisterous children. When he turned fifteen years old, Turrin had a growth spurt because of his Myrian heritage, and he grew to five foot five inches and well muscled young man. After the growth spurt, he decided not to take crap from his Inarta peers, so he often got into fights with his Inarta peers. He didn't mind at all since he spent most of his younger years listening to stories about the riders and the legendary birds. In the Fall of 508AV, Turrin was out hunting in the Unforgiving, and in the act of saving a Inarta child, he bonded with the Wind Eagle Aponivi. He joined the ranks of the War hawks and found a new life patrolling the sky around Wind Reach. As soon as he found out about his new status in Wind Reach, he moved his family into his aeries.

During the djed storm of 512AV, Turrin mother was killed by a falling rock in the Inner Warrens. At the time the storm struck, Turrin was hunting giant bats in the Underground Forest for sport, and he spent a day fending for his life against the mountain and the creatures that inhabit the cave system. When he found out about, his mother' and his twin sisters death. He was heart broken by the loneliness of being the only one left in his family.

During the Fall of 513AV, Turrin life in Wind Reach started to get worse and worse as the seasons went on. He lost friends and loved ones to the cursed Volcano. During the height of the Dek Rebellion 91st of Winter 513AV, Turrin did the unthinkable killed his fellow Inartans during the uprising. This was a shock to his vary being, and it started to eat at the Endal little by little till he cared little for his caste or status in the mountain of Wind Reach. Eventually, Turrin turned bitter and started to push away everyone that he cared about till he eventually isolated himself from everything and everyone in Wind Reach. When he was stripped of his Endal status after his wind eagles' death Aponivi. He decided slip into obscurity into Inarta society.
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Turrin of the Twisted Vine

Postby Turrin on September 7th, 2013, 6:13 am

People Along the Way and a Clan Long Forgotten

Name NPC/PC Relationship Description
Aponivi NPC Wind Eagle (Bonded) WIP
Drusilla PC Best Friend WIP
Azira PC Acquaintance WIP
Syveris PC Close Friend WIP
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Turrin of the Twisted Vine

Postby Turrin on September 8th, 2013, 7:38 am

My Life as a Endal

Wind Eagles name: Aponivi
Type: Wind Eagle
Sex: Male
Age: Twelve years (Dead)
Bond Story: The Eagle and the Tiger (A Bond Story)

Flight Naime :
PC Creator: Turrin (Aponivi)
Flight Leader: Naime (Valcora)
Flight Distinction: War Hawks


1. Naime (Valcora) (NPC)
2. Turrin (Aponivi)
3. Phlox (Ithuriel)

If you are interested in joining my flight, please PM Turrin.

Flight Leader Naime :
Name: Naime (Valcora)
Age: 24

1. Riding (Wind Eagle): 45
2. Weapon (Talon Sword): 40
3. Weapon (Short Bow): 53
4. Leadership: 26
5. Hunting: 26
6. Tactics: 30

Character Concept: Naime was a ambitious young woman at a early age. When she was yasi, she had very little friends because she spent most of her time training to be a endal. When she was bonded by a stoic wind eagle named Valcora at the age of sixteen, the young woman quickly embraced the ideals of her caste. At age eighteen, she choose another endal named Vasar as he life mate, and they together created two baby boys. However, life is harsh in Wind Reach, and her small family was killed in the Djed Storm of 512AV. The grieving period was tough for her, and she often spent many nights in the Inclement Weather or the Lost Sense. Eventually, she enrolled herself in the Flight Leader Academy. A year later, she was awarded the status as Flight Leader by the Valintar, and today she is eagerly looking for other Endals to join the ranks of the War Hawks and her flight.

Personality: Naime has endured a lot in her young life, so this young endal kind of as a carefree personality when it comes to life and her leisure time. Naime enjoys the hedonistic lifestyle of her caste, and she loves to playfully torment the lower castes on her spare time. Naime is a boisterous young woman with little filter on her opinions of people or situations. If she doesn't like a person this woman won't hesitant to tell you. Also, she demands respect from her subordinates, and she will quickly put anyone in their place if they disrespect her. However, this vulgar woman has a soft side to people in her Flight. She treats her Flight like her own family, so she would quickly put herself in harms way for them.

Moderator Required: No

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Turrin of the Twisted Vine

Postby Turrin on September 8th, 2013, 7:40 am


Cultural Lore of Inarta Culture :
Wind Reach: A Famine is Coming!
Wind Reach: Famine Tokens
Location: The Greco Hut
Wind Reach: Closed City Sections
Wind Reach: To Save a City
Wind Reach: Witnessing the Inarta Mobilize
Windreach is expanding its hunting grounds
Inarta Casting System
Inarta: Not accepting of outsiders
Location: The Indelible Haven
Rumors: Angry ghost in the Indelible Haven
What a Livable Home Looks Like
Dek: Useless without Direction
A Warhawk's Duties
Rumors: Dek killing two Endals
Confiding in a friend
Rumors: Dek killing two Endals
Chiet Resent the UpperClass
Inarta: Disciplined in times of crisis
Talented Chiet Used To Shovel Manure
Famine Causes Unrest
Giving False Credit
Lore of Arresting Two Chiet
Endal rule with fear
Power of Endal Caste
Lower castes: Annoying
There’s a riot afoot!
Using Endal Status to get free stuff
Inarta: Love their archery
Fletcher's Corner: Unbearable loud
Inarta: Accommodate for children
Instructing a Yasi in Archery
The Location of Zhol's Apartment

Lore of Cultures, Language, or Locations other than Wind Reach or Taloba :
Kalinor decorating style: Colored fabric on walls
Mabda: Symenos for "Good Mother"
Lore of the Eight Drykas Clans
Zhol of the Ruby Clan
Striders are Godbred Horses
Drykas: Nomadic people toughened by the Sea of Grass
Drykas: Made of many lineages
Drykas Culture: Dress & hair styles
Endrykas Location: The Wind Knotted Gates
Pavi: ‘Walahk’
Endrykas location: The Raised Sun
Endrykas location: The Duskstep Pavilion
Endrykas location: The Spit Fire

Cultural Lore of Myrian Culture :
Reclaiming a Lost Clan Artifact
Shorn Skulls: Make Cloaks from the Skin of Enemies
Location: The Indelible Haven
Panther: Sacred in the Cutthroat Shadows
Rumors: Angry ghost in the Indelible Haven
Warrior of Myri: cold water won't kill me
Panther: Sacred in the Cutthroat Shadows
City-States not ruled by women are doomed
The Undead: Must be a product of dark magic

Faith and Religious Beliefs :
Offering tribute to Myri
Eating my enemies heart
Faith: Suffering an Elk to Live
Zulrav: To Witness Divinity
Zulrav: A Divine Declaration
Zulrav: To Stand Against a God
Prayer to Caihya
Caiyha: showing respect for the goddess and her creatures
Lore of Religion: Myri

Hunting and Tracking Lore :
Tracking: Bear
Tracking: Using your nose as well as your eyes
Tracking: Looking for your prey's food source
Tracking: Waiting for prey where you know it will eventually be
Tracking: The deeper the prints, the larger the prey
Tracking: Picking up a lost trail
Tracking: Warm blood on the ground
Tracking: Landscape determines a good habitat or not
Tracking: Looking for animal travel routes when tracking
Tracking: Animal escape routes: used once vs. repeatedly
Tracking: Comparing snapped twigs to find out how recent an animal passed
Tracking: Types of scat left by animals
Tracking: Searching for tracks in leaves
Tracking: Identifying tracks
Hunting: Sparing an animal that isn't full grown
Hunting: Preparing for a Hunt
Easier to navigate forests without underbrush
Identifying Poachers

Wilderness Survival Lore :
Wilderness Survival: Eating without hydration causes digestive problems
Wilderness Survival: A person can survive three weeks without food
Wilderness Survival: A person can survive only three days without water
Wilderness Survival: Types of tinder: grass, leaves, fungus
Wilderness Survival: How to make a feather stick
Wilderness Survival: Hand drill method of starting a fire
Wilderness Survival: Bow Drill method of starting a fire
Wilderness Survival: Oils from your face can be a lubricant
Wilderness Survival: Flint and Steel method of starting a fire
Wilderness Survival: Fire first, Water second, Food third
Wilderness Survival: Boil water before drinking
Wilderness Survival: Felling trees for firewood
Wilderness Survival: Pine cones as kindling
Wilderness Survival: Stringing up a corpse to keep it safe from scavengers
Wilderness Survival: Being cautious of stinging plants
Wilderness Survival: Making fire
Jumping rocks: Wet feet
Devoured bodies are a grisly sight
Navigation from the air
Jumping to dry rocks
Barely getting away (from a bear)
Fire keeps the beasts at bay
Fighting off wolves
Signs of an Early winter
Frostbite: A danger of cold
Dangerous gases in volcanoes
Finding wind direction by snow
Camping on the Beach

Turrin's Lore of Plants, Animals, and Races of Mizahar :
Kalea Flora: Blueberries are useful for luring deer
Symenestra hooks: Allow easy climbing
Symenestra cuisine (basic)
Structure of Kalinor (basic)
Kelvic (unnamed): shape shifter
Creature: Rabbit
Animal: Tskannas
Animal: Badger
Animal: Carp
Animal: Brown Bear
Animal: Deer

Turrin's Quest and Story Plot Lore :
Legend of the Blue Elk: The Call of the Herd
Legend of the Blue Elk: To Kill or Not to Kill?
Legend of the Blue Elk: Firing on Big Blue
Legend of the Blue Elk: An Exploding Elk!
Legend of the Blue Elk: A Vision of a Tower
Legend of the Blue Elk: A Ghostly Herd
Legend of the Blue Elk: The Beckoning Antlers
Legend of the Blue Elk: A Pair of Teardrops?
Dream of the Blue Elk: Swallowed by a Serpent
Legend of the Blue Elk: An Imaginary Monster?
Wind Reach: Rumors of a Blue Elk
Discovering a Poaching Contract

Turrin's Trades Lores :
Skinning Method: Case Skinning
How Much Force to Use When Pulling Skin Off a Rabbit
Connecting Tissues: Connect Fur to the Flesh Underneath
Tearing a Hide by Accident
Patience is Key to Removing a Hide
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Case Skinning
How to Preserve Hides
Animals Have Enough Brain Matter to Tan Their Own Hides
Skinning Method: Open Skinning (unnamed)
Minerals Give Glass Colour
Colour Sand to get Coloured Glass
Glassblowing: Quantity determines Intensity
Horsemanship: Putting on tack
Horsemanship: Saddling a horse
Securing a Wind Eagle Saddle
Packing for a ride
Flying at a higher altitude is easier on the eagle
Lighting Candles in the Dark
Investigation: Using small talk to learn useful information
Logic: Giving an armed person distance to avoid a threatening appearance
Organization: Preparing for a day on horseback
Riding-Horse: Using the reins to steer

Turrin's Social Lore :
Talking down to a Chiet
How to deal with a cave-in
Fear for loved ones
Self: Untrusting of Deks and Chiets
A mirror for Aponivi
Being welcomed home by Drusilla
Keeping your feelings hidden
Keeping up hope
Keeping fear at bay
How to keep a group together
Gathering allies
Lower Caste Riot: Subduing Deks
Mother’s Ritual for Warding Away Star-Shaped Qibbles
One needs to relax to socialize
Compliments are good conversation starters
Force of the Man Who Intimidated Syveris
To Offer a Promise in Goodwill
"Brother": Now an uncomfortable term from Drusilla
Feeling the need to leave Wind Reach and mourn for a time
Being haunted by Tyell
Hurt by Drusilla's indifference
Taunting the Taunters
A Proposal Denied
Haggling over pricing
Haven ghost looking for a child
Haven ghost potentially dangerous
There’s a riot afoot!
Saving a child you do not know
Kindness to an Old Dek
Fleeing From a Rumor
Admitting you think Syveris has died
Confessing what you did during the riots to Drusilla
The Ignorance of Commoners
Trusting in an Eagle's Judgement
Scoffed at by Purebloods
The Feeling of Someone Standing Up for You
Confiding in a friend
Putting Brandon in his place
Keeping a level head
Rebuilding your reputation
Objective Observations
Reporting your observations
Beating a Chiet
The Fear of Confronting Drusilla
Tough Love from a Wind Eagle
Turrin: Normally wears his hair tied back
Turrin: Trying hard to adjust from eagles to horses

Turrin's Relationships Lores :
Kian (basic)
Kian: Chiet target baler
Alori: A good hostess
Durveth: A temperamental Wind Eagle
Syveris: Apprentice Glassblower
Syveris: Upset over forgetting about Arin
Comforting Syveris
Syveris: Holding hands
Syveris: Visited the Deep Warrens
Syveris and Arin: Just friends
Syveris: Wishes to Learn Hunting
Syveris: Tolerant
Syveris: Passionate about glassworking
Sy: Nickname for Syveris
Alori: Thinks dreams about Azira are creepy
Intilya: A Disillusioned Youth
Ceela: Is Not Right in the Head
Turri: Nickname from Mother
Receiving a Private Lesson from Harif Fral: An Honour
Master Harif: Doesn’t Like Being Called “Elder”
Cira of the Lost Grove: Half Dhani
Alori: Friendly
Yurta: Warmistress of the Shorn Skulls
Marak: Quite the Ladies Man
Lowax: Shorn Skulls Matriarch
Cira: From Friend to Prey
Acquaintence: Razkar of the Shorn Skulls
Talula: A Vindictive Female
Kaie of the Cutthroat Shadows: A Fierce Young Female
Apovini the Great Hunter
Apovini the Overgrown Sparrow
Introduction: Wingard
Apprentice: Ainyi
Lavira Advice: Dry-drawing your bow damages it
Aose: Trouble maker
Aose: Yasi Caste
Kovac: Archery Instructor
Sparring with Zhol
Edric: A Discussion of Gods and Castes
Edric's Attitude: Refreshing but Dangerous
Edric: Man and Eagle
Edric Died, Wingard Remains
Mispronouncing Ainyi's name
Ainyi: Inartan
Ainyi: Father made Her Bow Yasa
Ainyi: Father was Ciet and became Avora
Ainyi: Father was stabbed
Ainyi: Resolved to Walk the Warrens
Ainyi: Can talk with Aponivi
Bedri: Chiet stealing food
Bedri: Threatens Endal
Ainyi Braghna: Works in the Food Processing Center
Ainyi: Chiet
Ainyi: Father Killed by Sanikas Gate
Khara: Archer with potential
Khara: Nervous around Endal
Khara: Game scout
Marrin: Disregards caste system
Marrin: Knowledgeable about Archery
Saved by Aponivi
Aponivi: My eagle, my Bond
Samen knows Riverfall lore
Reminiscing on the past is a painful pastime
Turrin: Abhors cruelty
Turrin: ‘The Silent One’
Azira the Huntress
Aponivi: a voice of reason
Samen the racist
Fighting with Samen
Punishment for Azira's Disrespect: Hunting with an Endal
Drusilla: Symenestra
Dru: Nickname for Drusilla
Drusilla: Friend
Drusilla: Hid in the wilds during the riots
Ainyi: Father Climbed to Clear His Mind
Ainyi" Father Met With Dek in Inner Warrens
Valdr: Blacksmith
Valdr: His trade was chosen for him
Valdr: Mother worked in kitchens
Kaya: Is having an easier time in Windreach
Kaya: An artist at heart
Arvo: A mixed blood as well
Brandon Blackwing: Not a respectable man
Brandon: Has the maturity of a child
Naime: Promiscuous
Naime: Has your respect and trust
Naked Zhol
Teaching Neran a Lesson
Thuma (Shathisae): New Endal and member of the War Hawks
Thuma: Also wields a talon sword

Turrin's Non-Martial Physical Lore :
Pegs: Make Climbing Easier
Hugging Walls Makes You Fall
Climbing: Use Natural Holes
Climbing: Loose Knots Undo
Climbing: Tight Knots Break Ribs or Suffocate
Climbing: Putting on a Pre-made Harness
Climbing: Use of Stiff Ropes
Climbing: Use of Stretchy Ropes
Climbing Trees: bad balance=Falling on your butt
Stealth: Surprising others
Body Building: How to stretch properly
Body Building: Warming the body up with stretches before sparring
Handstand: How to stay balanced
Stealth: Moving slow to create less sound
Torture: Improvising

Turrin's Martial Lore :
Basic Unarmed Combat Stance
Choke Hold (Basic)
Bow: Aim
Bow: Measuring Strength
Bow: Drawing
Bow: Nocking an arrow
Bow: Fluidity through repetition
Bow: Proper arm posture
Bow: Importance of Focus
Archery: Proper Stance
Archery: Act according to skill
Shortbow: Lift aim for longer shots
Bow: Barbed arrows for fishing
Bow: Arrow on a string
Bow: Underwater moving targets
Bow: Waiting for a better shot
Bow: Always remember to breathe
Observing others to improve your own technique
Shortbow: Rapid fire (Quiver on back)
Comparing shooting techniques with a shortbow
Placing arrows on the left of the bow wastes time
Shortbow: Rapid fire (Quiver on hip)
Advantages of quiver on hip
Holding arrows while shooting
Shortbow: Precision shots require great aim and focus
Teaching Someone About Shortbow Techniques
Talon sword: How to dismember
Talon sword: How to decapitate
Teaching: Correct grip for Talon Sword
Teaching: Talon Sword striking
Philosophy of sword fighting
Throwing axe: Don't throw too fast
Throwing axe: Throwing stance
Talon Sword: Breaking bones
Dismembering the undead
Fighting with a team
Killing with your shortbow
Killing with your Talon Sword
Left Hand Defense
Right Hand Offense
Fighting like a Myrian
Reimancy is not Instantaneous
Using a Talonsword as a Projectile

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Turrin of the Twisted Vine

Postby Turrin on September 8th, 2013, 7:52 am


Fall(Wind Reach) :
(Open) Azira? Social? As If! 513AV (Graded) XP Reward: Observation 5XP, Rhetoric 4XP, Intimidation 1XP, Unarmed Combat 2XP, Diplomancy 3XP
(Inclement Weather) Empty Chair (Alori) 513AV (Graded) XP Reward: Socialization 1XP, Leadership 1XP, Observation 1XP, Dancing 2XP
(Solo) Ever Vigilant (Part One) 513AV (Graded)XP Reward: Intimidation 1XP, Riding Wind Eagle 2XP, Tracking 2XP, Hunting 2XP
(Solo) Ever Vigilant (Part Two) 513AV(Graded) XP Reward:Observation 5XP, Riding Wind Eagle 2XP, Socialization 2XP, Stealth 2XP, Stealth 1XP, Tracking 2XP, Weapon (Throwing Ax) 4XP
(Solo) Ever Vigilant (Part Three) 513AV (Graded) XP Reward: Hunting 2XP, Observation 5XP, Planning 1XP, Stealth 1XP, Tracking 3XP, Weapon (Short Bow) 3, Weapon (Talon Sword) 3XP
Legend of the Blue Elk (Quest) 513AV(Graded) Observation 3XP, Riding (Wind Eagle) 3XP, Weapon (Short Bow) 3XP, Rhetoric 2XP, Hunting 2XP
(Seasonal Event) Search and Rescue (Quest) 513AV (Graded) XP Reward: Leadership 4XP, Observation 1XP, Wilderness Survial (Underground) 2XP
Taking time out (Open) 513AV (Graded) XP Reward: Intimidation 1XP, Observation 3XP, Socialization 3XP, Weapon (shortbow) 3XP
Going Up (Open) 513AV (Graded)XP Reward: Animal Husbandry 1XP, Socialization 5XP, Climbing 2XP, Riding (Wind Eagle) 2XP, Intimidation 1XP
And So, They Found Something (Quest) 513AV(Graded)XP Reward: Observation 2XP, Interrogation 2XP
Rockin Out The Mountain 513AV (Graded) Socialization 3XP, Observation 2XP, Negotiation 1XP, Flirting 1XP, Planning 1XP, Storytelling 1XP
(Meet) The Coming Winter 513AV (Graded) XP Reward: Observation 3XP, Socialization 3XP, Rhetoric 1XP, Politics 1XP
Sword Partner (Turrin) 513AV (Graded) XP Reward: Observation 5XP, Philosophy 1XP, Socialization 5XP, Weapon (Talon Sword) 5XP
Birthday Celebrations (Turrin) 513AV(On-Going) Xp Reward:
Trying to Hit the Elusive Bull's Eye (Marrin) 513AV (Graded)XP Reward: Weapon (Short Bow) 2XP, Socialization 1XP, Observation 2XP, Diplomancy 1XP
Soaking the Night Away (Syveris) 513AV(Graded)XP Reward: Socialization 3XP, Rhetoric 1XP
What the Heck Did you do to my Aeries?!? (Turrin) 514AV(Graded) XP Reward: Observation 4XP, Socialization 2XP, Rhetoric 3XP, Story Telling 1XP, Cleaning 1XP

Winter(Wind Reach) :
Broken Wings (Sira) 513AV(Graded) XP Reward: Weapon Short Bow 1XP, Unarmed Combat 1XP, Subterfuge 1XP, Tactic 1XP, Leadership 1XP
Hiding in Plain Sight (Turrin) 513AV (Graded)XP Reward: Investigation 2XP, Observation 2XP, Skinning 2XP, Rhetoric 1XP, Socialization 1XP, Tanning 1XP
{The Enclave} Tracking and Trapping 513AV (Graded)Tracking 1XP, Observation 1XP, Socialization 2XP
{The Enclave} Fire and Water 513AV (Graded) Wilderness Survival 2XP
[Archery Ranges] Beginning Steps (Open) 513AV (Graded) Socialization 1XP, Observation 1XP, Weapon (Short bow) 5XP
[Inner Warrens]Secrets in the Dark (Turrin) 513AV (Graded)XP Reward: Stealth 3XP, Intimation 1XP, Observation 3XP, Short Bow 1XP, Unarmed Combat 2XP, Acrobatics 1XP, Deduction 1XP, Investigation 1XP, Interrogation 1XP
Way of the Sword (Ainyi) 513AV (Graded) Negotiation 1XP, Teaching 1XP, Socialization 1XP
Freedom is Subjective 513AV (Graded)Observation 3XP, Weapon (Talon Sword) 1XP, Weapon (Throwing Ax) 1XP, Philosophy 1XP, Rhetoric 3XP, Story Telling 1XP, Intelligence 2XP, Politics 3XP, Persuasion 1XP, Interrogation 1XP
Talk of Dreams and Nightmares (Turrin) 513AV (Graded) XP Reward: Socialization 2XP, Weapon (Short Bow) 2XP, Intimation 1XP, Rhetoric 1XP, Teaching 1XP
And the Riots Come 513AV(Graded)XP Reward: Weapon (Talon Sword) 3XP, Weapon (Short Bow) 2XP, Kukri 1XP, Observation 2XP, Intimidation 1XP, Rhetoric 1XP
(Solo) Ever Vigilant (Part Four) 513AV (On-Going)XP Reward:
(Solo) Hold the Line 513AV (On-Going)XP Reward:
Predators of the Air and Sea 513AV(On-Going)XP Reward:

Summer(Wind Reach) :
Alone in a Crowd (Khara) 514AV (Graded)XP Reward: Intimidation 1XP, Weapon (Short bow) 3XP, Socialization 3XP, Rhetoric 1XP, Teaching 1XP
Lost Souls (Azira) 514AV (On-Going)XP Reward:
Shooting your Worries Away 514AV(Graded) XP Reward: Socialization 2XP, Weapon (Shortbow) 4XP, Teaching 2XP
(Solo) Cloudy Day by the Sea (Part One) 514AV (Graded)Acrobatics 1XP, Fishing 2XP, Hunting 2XP, Land Navigation 1XP, Observation 4XP, Planning 1XP, Riding (Wind Eagle) 2XP, Tracking 3XP, Weapon (Short bow) 2XP, Wilderness Survival 3XP
(Solo) Cloudy Day by the Sea (Part Two) 514AV(Graded)XP Reward: Hunting 2XP, Observation 2XP, Stealth 2XP, Tracking 2XP, Weapon (Short bow) 2XP, Weapon (Talon Sword) 1XP, Wilderness Survial 1XP,
(Solo) The Dog Days of Summer 514AV (On-Going)XP Reward:
Welcome to the Flight (Turrin) 515AV Graded XP Reward:Riding: Wind Eagle - 1XP, Observation - 2XP, Socialisation - 1XP, Meditation - 1XP, Body Building - 1XP, Tactics - 1XP
A Little Moment of Peace (Kimora) 515AV (On-Going)XP Reward
Weathering the Inclement Weather 515AV (On-Going)XP Reward
Something Worth Fighting For 515AV (On-Going)XP Reward

Spring (Wind Reach) :
(Quest) Hunting the Beast 515AV (On-Going)XP Reward:
(Quest)The Missing Yasi 515AV (On-Going)XP Reward:
The Myrian meets the Eagle 515AV (On-Going)XP Reward:
(Solo)Learning How to Shoot like a Master 515AV (Graded)XP Reward: Weapon (Short Bow) 4XP, Observation 2XP, Tactics 2XP
The Day My Life Begins Again 515AV (Graded) XP Reward: Investigation 1XP, Persuasion 1XP, Running 1XP, Acrobatics 1XP, Endurance 1XP, Body Building 1XP, Unarmed Combat 1XP, Dual Wielding 5XP, Weapon (Talon Sword) 3XP, Tactics 2XP
Ad Fundum (Turrin, Sira, Drusilla) 515AV (On-Going)XP Reward:
(Solo-Seasonal Event)Exploring the Far Reaches of the Unforgiving 515AV(Graded)XP Reward: Socialization 4XP, Rhetoric 2XP, Organization 1XP, Observation +5XP, Riding: Wind Eagle +2XP, Leadership +1XP,Land Navigation +1XP,Scouting +2XP ,Tracking +1,Stealth +2XP, Deduction +2XP, Planning +4XP, Tactics +3XP, Weapon: Shortbow +3XP, Storytelling +1XP, Unarmed Combat +1, Weapon: Talon Sword +2XP, Blind fighting +1XP, Interrogation +2XP
Hitting the Mark (Drusilla) 515AV (On-Going)XP Reward:
Archery Lesson with Aaze (Aaze) 515AV (Graded) XP Reward: Observation +2XP, Socialization +1XP, Weapon: Shortbow +2XP, Leadership +1XP
No Rest for the Needy (Brandon and Turrin) 515AV (Graded)Xp Reward: Observation +5XP, Socialization +3XP, Weapon: Talon Sword +3XP, Tactics +2XP, Leadership +2XP, Rhetoric +3XP
A Small Celebration (Turrin) 515AV (On-Going)XP Reward:

Spring 517AV :
Casual Challenge (Open) 517AV (Graded)XP Reward:Horsemanship: +1,Investigation: +1,Logic: +1,Observation: +1,Organization: +1,Riding-Horse: +1
Warriors of West and East Meet (Konrad) 517AV (On-going) XP Reward:
Flight of Arrows (Jasmine Stormblood) 517AV (On-going) XP Reward:
Sometimes the Small Things Matter (Taurina) 517AV (On-going) XP rewards:
Wrestling: If you are hugging, you are doing it wrong! (Jez) 517AV (On-going) XP rewards:
Isurian Bladeworks 517AV Riverfall (On-going)XP Rewards:
The Darkest Night and Longest Day (Open) 517AV Riverfall On-goingXP Rewards:
(The Wind Knotted Gates} Arrival (Solo)Graded Observation +2, Horsemanship +1,Rhetoric +2,Socialization +1

The Eagle and the Tiger (A Bond Story) (Solo) 508AV (Graded)XP Reward: Tracking 2XP, Observation 1XP, Short Bow 2XP, Talon Sword 3XP, Wilderness Survial 1XP
(The Courtyard in the Sky) Somersaults in the Snow (Drusilla) 504AV (Graded)XP Reward:Acrobatics 2XP, Body Building 1XP, Observation 3XP, Socialization 4XP
I wish I Never Met You (Arvo)(Graded)XP Reward:Philosophy 1XP, Socialization 3XP, Observation 2XP
To Catch a Thief (Razkar) 503AV (Graded)XP Reward: Diplomancy 1XP, Endurance 1XP, Hunting 1XP, Investigation 1XP, Land Navigation 1XP, Meditation 1XP, Observation 5XP, Rhetoric 3XP, Running 2XP, Short Bow 2XP, Socialization 5XP, Talon Sword 1XP, Tracking 3XP
Where the Wild Things Are 502AV (On-Going)XP Reward:
Myrian, Common, Nari , Aponivi, Turrin

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