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Past Thread List

Postby Kelski on November 1st, 2018, 6:06 pm


The past molds you...

Past Threads


This list needed to be created because the old one was far too large and was messing up the code. Not all of these threads are finished. I'm doing my best to finish them up.

Past Seasons

Winter 518 AV

Winter 518 :
  • 1st - Helping Hand - Tactics +2, Dual Wield +2, Daggers +4, Unarmed Combat +2, Running +1, Acting +1, Logic +1, Intimidation +2, Leadership +3, Strategy +2, Teaching +2, Business +1, Combat: Knowing When To Dive In, Combat: Knowing When To Flee, Intimidation: Tossing A Dagger From Hand To Hand Casually, Zuko: Mannerisms & Appearance, Sinna: Mannerisms & Appearance, Zuko: Deaf, Combat: Taking A Punch To The Face, Intimidation: Hurling Insults In The Face Of The Enemy, Business: Hiring A Stable Boy, Acquired: One set of plans for a far viewer and one lens to put in it. (Telescoping Viewer)
  • 2nd - A Read By The Sea - Interrogation +1, Rhetoric +5, Leadership +3, Philosophy +5, Research +5, Investigation +5, Logic +2, Teaching +5 Vasin: Mannerisms & Appearance, Book: The Circumnavigation of Mizahar – What It Is About, Kennabelle Wright : Author of TCofM/Captain, Library: Where Maps & Diagrams Are, Map: Known Shafts And Tunnels Below SB, SB: As Mapped From Above, Vasin: Plans For Exploring!, Vasin: Wants To Be An Explorer, Vasin: Works For Goldfinger, Vasin: Father Tried To Circumnavigate/Was Explorer, Vasin: Wants To Visit The Suvan Sea or Desperation Bay, Vasin: Take on SB “One big power struggle”
  • 15th - As Above So Below -
  • 20th - [The Midnight Gem] Birthing A New Life -
  • 25th - [Gilthas' Workshop] Weaving Air - Reimancy: +5, Logic +2, Cosmology +1 Reimancy: Snuffing Candles With Air, Reimancy: Handling One Strand of Res, Reimancy: Handling 2-6 Strands Of Res, Reimancy: Manipulating Air Pressure, Reimancy: Braiding Ones Hair With Reimancy, Reimancy: Training Res Manipulation Without Seeing It, Reimancy: Pulling Ones Hair Due To Lack Of Control, Cosmology: Fish Boning Ones Hair, Gilthas: Proud Of Her
  • 28th - Deadly Pursuits-
  • 30th - When The Hunters Become The Hunted - Riding +1, Dagger +4, Dual Wield +3, Hunting +4, Acrobatics +4, Leadership +5, Strategy +5, Teaching +4, Planning +1, Tactics +5, Crossbow +1, Cooking +1, Rhetoric +1, Persuasion +1, Endurance +5, Reimancy +2, Medicine +2, Unarmed Combat+2, Daggers: Hitting A Moving Dodging Target From Horseback, Alexander: Appearance & Mannerism, Acrobatics: Safely Falling From A Horse, Alexander: Has Good Manners, Alexander: Impressive Hunter, Cooking: Dressing Down A Seal Carcass, Combat: Being Physically Sick From Pain, Medicine: Using The Abase Stone To Patch Up Alexander, Alexander: Great Fighter, Alexander: Trustworthy To Follow Instructions, Reimancy: Using Magic To Defend Oneself, Alexander: Didn’t Leave Her Wounded – Stayed By Her Side, Wounds: Taking An Arrow To The Shoulder
  • 40th - Night Of The Masks -
  • 45th - [Gilthas' Workshop] Surviving With Air - Reimancy: +5, Wilderness Survival +4, Endurance +4, Meditation +2, Arcanology +2 Gilthas: Can Craft An Ice Box, WS: Handling A Cave-In With Reimancy, Reimancy: Knowing How To Task Res To Be Breathable Air, WS: Half The Battle In Survival Situations Is Remaining Calm, WS: Watch Flame On A Candle For Indication Of Air Quality, WS: Taste The Air, WS: Add Air When Air Feels/Tastes Stale Or You Feel Sleepy Or Candle Flame Waivers, Reimancy: Controlling Air Temperature, Reimancy: Fire Blows Up With Lots Of Air, Reimancy: Using Air To Blast Out Of A Trapped Space, Reimancy: Using Air As A Force, Reimancy: Building Up Pressure Slowly, Reimancy: Res Reacts To Strong Emotions, Reimancy: Emotions Can Cause You To Loose Control, Arcanology: Signs Of Overgiving
  • 55th - [The Midnight Gem] Bending Ones Body To One's Will I
  • 55th - [The Midnight Gem] Bending Ones Body To One's Will II
  • 55th - [The Midnight Gem] Bending Ones Body To One's Will III
  • 55th - [The Midnight Gem] Bending Ones Body To One's Will IV
  • 55th - [The Midnight Gem] Bending Ones Body To One's Will V
  • 66th - [The Drunken Fish] Business As Usual - Business +5, Mathematics +1, Leadership +5, Interrogation +4, Rhetoric +5, Negotiation +5, Teaching +5, Philosophy +5, Organization +2, Investigation +2, Persuasion +4, Dual Wield +2, Dagger +3, Body Building +1, Cleaning +1, Business: Buying Land From Goldfinger, Business: Hiring Contractors, Business: Figuring Out What’s Needed For A Project, Crylon Stonecraft: Mannerisms & Appearance, Crylon: Claims To Know Building – Wants A Job, Interrogation: Asking Hard Questions For A Job Interview, Isur: Correct pronunciation of Pitrius and Vizerian, Izurdin: Craftsman Gift Of Izurdin – creation of beautiful things, Izurdin: Crafting Things Honors Him, Crylon: Life Long Learner, Crylon: Good Teacher, Crylon: Variety of Interests, Sultros: Families had their own forges, Crylon: Hobbies Learn, Travel, Craft, Design, Figuring Out Lost Things, Gathering/Inventing New Tools, Crylon: Engraves, Kelvics: Welcome in Sultros, Isur: The Workings Of Their Special Arm, Sunberth: Might Not Be Stable Ground Because Of Mining Beneath, Investigating: Checking Land For Unstable Ground, Investigation: Exploring Vacant Property, Dagger: Killing A Fleeing Man With A Thrown Dagger, Body Building: Disposing Corpses, Cleaning: The Proper Care Of Weapons After Battle, Persuasion: Trying To Get Crylon To Trust, Crylon: Thinks Hate Is An Easy Decision, Crylon: Overflowing With Hope, Crylon: Might Be Right About Her Hate Coloring Her Thoughts, Crylon: Found A Sky Stone, Changed Him To A Female, Crylon: Mage – Aurisitcs, Reimancy, Glyphing, Magecrafting
  • 68th - [The Midnight Gem] Working For The Enemy - Drawing +1, Reimancy +5, Business +1, Metalsmithing +5, Cleaning +2 Metalsmithing: Creating Molds, Metalsmithing: Using Molds, Drawing: Sketching Out A Planned Project, Business: Taking Jobs You Don’t Like To Pay Bills, Reimancy: Controlling Air Temperature In A Confined Space, Reimancy: Feeding A Flame Air To Make It Hotter, Metalsmithing: Using A Hot Needle To Put Together A Lost Wax Casting Mold Blank, Metalsmithing: How To Property Spree A Mold, Reimancy: Creating Water To Make Plaster Out Of, Reimancy: Using Air To Make A Hair Bun, Reimancy: Directing Smoke Via Air Out Specific Vents, Reimancy: Using Air To Clean
  • 70th - [The Midnight Gem] Creatively Pouring Your Heart Out - Research +1, Interrogation +1, Auristics +1, Reimancy +5, Metalsmithing +4, Carving +1, Logic +1. Architectrix +1, Cleaning +3, JC: Nyka jewelers use unusual pouring techniques (cuddle bone, chick peas, rice, ice, straw), Auristics: Can see toolmarks (or lack thereof) on jewelry, Sunberth: Seaside Market is good to find new techniques, JC: Cuddlefish have bones one can use as JC molds, JC/Reimancy: Comparing Magewater With Real Water In JC, Reimancy: Using Air To Cool Metal, JC: Using Cuddlefish Bones For Molds, Metalsmithing: Doing Unique Pours, Reimancy: Using Air To Clean The House/Workshop
  • 74th - [Baroque Bay] Stolen Ship Liquidation - Investigation +1, Negotiation +1, Business +2, Strategy +2, Tactics +1, Auristics +1, Dual Wield +1, Dagger +1, Acrobatics +1 Investigation: Stolen Ship sales, Negotiation: Bargaining for good prices on stolen goods, Business: The Anatomy of a Bargain Sale, Aurisitics: Seeing Djed Attacks But Not Understanding The Magic,
  • 80th - [Gilthas' Workshop] Circles Widen -
  • 92nd - [The Midnight Gem] The New Years Eve Costume Party -
  • 92nd - [New Years Eve Party] Music, Storytelling, and Dancing! - Violin +1, Performance +2, Storytelling +2, Xhyvas – Telling His Story, Violin: Playing To A Large Crowd, Mosa: Playing A Violin Duet With Her
  • 91st - For The Love Of A Brother - Hunting +4, Investigation +3, Unarmed Combat +5, Tactics +2, Endurance +5, Strategy +2, Lore: Strategy: Plotting A Murder, Tactics: Executing A Strategy, Unarmed Combat: Killing A Human As A Sea Eagle
  • 92nd - [New Years Eve Party] Kisses At Midnight -
  • 92nd - [New Years Eve Party] A Fortune For The New Year -
  • 92nd - [The New Years Eve Party] Pray To Ovek And Throw The Dice! -
  • 92nd - [The New Years Eve Party] Shadows And Secrets -
  • +4 Seasonal Experience In Leadership

Fall 518 AV

Fall 518 :
  • 1st -A Silver Moth To A Silver Flame - Horsemanship +5, Driving +5, Riding +5, Planning +3, Interrogation +3, Acrobatics +1, NPC: Tieria Sunstrider – Appearance & Temperment, NPC: Tieria Sunstrider: Teaches at Stables, Horesmanship: Haltering a Horse, Horsemanship: Proper Fit Of A Halter, Horesemanship: Leading A Horse Correctly, Horesmanship: Tying A Horse Safely, Moth: Owned By Scalis, Moth: Broke To Ride & Drive, Moth: Perfect Horse For Kelski, Horsemanship: How To Groom A Horse, Horsemanship: How To Clean A Horse’s Feet, Riding: How To Saddle A Horse, Riding: How To Bridle A Horse, Riding: Tightening A Girth, Riding: How To Mount, Riding: How To Walk, Trot, & Canter, Riding: How To Steer (Neck Reining & Direct Reining), Riding: How To Sit Straight, Riding: How To Hold Reins, Riding: Heels Down, Riding: How To Get Bucked Off, Horsemanship: How To Cool Down A Horse, Driving: Parts of A Harness, Driving: Which Parts Control Which Things (Braking, Powering Forward), Driving: Bring Cart To Horse, Driving: Always Carry A Blade For Emergency Harness Cutting, Driving/Riding: Always Inspect Tack, Driving/Riding: How To Clean Tack, Driving: Proper Harness Fit, Driving: Ground Driving, Driving: Parts of a Driving Bridle, Driving: Basic Driving Techniques, Riding: Basic Riding Techniques, Horsemanship: How To Kiss At A Horse, Riding: Unsaddling A Horse, Driving: Unharnessing A Horse, Driving: Proper Shaft Position, Driving: How To Climb Into A Cart, Driving: How To Dismount A Cart, Horsemanship: Moth Needs Out Of The Weather – Stable Or Lean-to, Moth: Needs Companionship, Driving: Trotting Better Driving Than Riding, Riding: Proper Saddle Fit, Riding: Riding In The City Through Crowds, Driving: Driving In the City Through Crowds, Horsemanship: Geldings Get Along With Everyone, Horsemanship: Stallions Are Best Alone, Acrobatics: Recovering From A Fall From A Bucking Horse.
  • 2nd - Help Wanted Help Offered - Teaching +5, Interrogation +3, Rhetoric +5, Hostessing +3, Child Care +1, Leadership +5, Business +4 Duncan: Mannerisms & Appearance, Duncan: Overview Of Life Story, Duncan: Skillset, Duncan: Strict System of Honor, Izurdin: Religion & Philosophy, Isur: Peaceful People That Worship Izurdin, Izurdin: God of Strength, Industry and Patience, Isur: Have No Issues With Nudity, Kelvics: Rare Among The Isur, Isur: Are Not Viewed Well Outside of Sultros, The Plaza Of The Crimson Arm: Description & Location, Duncan: His Mother’s Death Story, Isur: See Animals As Members Of The Family, Duncan: Warrior – Though Term Doesn’t Quite Wholly Fit Him, Isur Lake: Its inhabitants – blind Fish, Duncan: His Food Preferences, Duncan: Aware of His own Weaknesses, Magecrafting: Type of Magic Involving Embueing Items With Traits and Powers, Duncan: Only Remembers His Mother By Her Statue, Sunberth: Duncan Feels It Crys Out For Spiritual Needs, Duncan: Hammer of Izurdin, Duncan: His Focus Is His Mother’s Pendant, Duncan: His Pendant Has a Piece of His Mother’s Soul, Duncan: The Properties of His Magical arm, Duncan: Likes To Help Others, Duncan: Feels Afraid Of Failing
  • 2nd - [The Midnight Gem] Darkness and Light- Architectrix +5 Auristics +1 Cosmetology +1 Organization +1 Persuasion +3 Planning +1 Rhetoric +1 Seduction +2 Storytelling +1 Subterfuge +2 Kynier: Arrogant, even haughty, regarding magic Kynier: Had his life saved by magic Kynier: Has been studying magic for over ten years Kynier: Trusts her with his life Kynier: Killed another mage to avoid suspicion Kynier: Killed someone that he had been trying to save Kynier: Never found her appearance unnerving Kynier: His silence is neither agreement or disagreement Kynier: Doesn’t know her as well as he’d like to Seduction: Sex willingly given was empowering Seduction: The feel of Kynier in her mouth Seduction: Prolonging the pleasures of oral sex Self: Somewhat bothered by The Midnight Gem’s presence in her mind Self: Doesn’t believe Kynier will ever consider her a mage Self: Thinks that Kynier feels that she couldn’t do what he could Souls: Have four layers, the aura, the astral body, the persona, and the soulcore The Midnight Gem: Keeping secrets from her for Kynier The Midnight Gem: Growing into something not like Kelski
  • 6th - [No Man's Land Tavern] A Sunberth Breakfast - Investigation + 2, Stealth +1, Logic +1, Tactics +1, Philosophy +3, Psychology +1, Teaching +2, Rhetoric +3, Interrogation +1, Koroshtoph: Mannerisms and Appearance, Brats: Collared and Looking Healthy, Brats: Following Them/Finding Entrance/Exit To The Underground,
  • 11th - Night Flight -
  • 12th - [Baroque Bay] Basket Case - Running +3, Acrobatics +1, Dagger +1, Dual Wield +1 Azcan: Also Known as Boy Wonder, Azcan: Drummer At Bolt Hole, Entertainment: Stage Names
  • 15th - [Seaside Market] Supply Run - Animal Husbandry +1, Driving +1, Planning +2, Leadership +2 Typhos: Appearance and Mannerism, Typhos: Isur Cook. Lamb: Baby Sheep
  • 16th - A Deadly Art & A Deadly Connection I - Planning +1, Investigation +3, Research +5, Crossbow +5 Dagger: Advantages and Disadvantages of Daggers as Weapons. Crossbow: Advantages and Disadvantages of Crossbows As Weapons, Kelski: Wishes to Compensate For Her Lack of Strength, Remmy: Appearance and Mannerism, Remmy: Knows Crossbows, Remmy: Wrote A Book On Crossbows, Remmy: Occasionally Loans Books, Crossbow: Function and Name of The Parts, Crossbow: How to Assemble And Disassemble A Crossbow, Crossbow: Types of Crossbows & Their Functions, Crossbow: Draw Weight, Crossbow: The Heavier the Draw Weight The Faster The Bolt Flies, Crossbows: Meaning of Power Stroke – The Measurement was the distance the string would travel from the point where the bow was at rest to the point where the bow was in its cocked position. Remmy: Good Writer, Crossbow: Dry Firing Dangers
  • 16th - A Deadly Art & A Deadly Connection II - Crossbow +5, Unarmed Combat +1, Research +4 Quivers: Uses and Types, Crossbow: Requires Spare Arms & Spare Strings, Crossbow: Dangers To the Fingers, Crossbows: Grip Indentions For Finger Safety, Crossbow: Always practice With the Bolts You’ll Fire, Crossbows: Differences Between Them And Bows, Crossbows: the weapon did not make the hunter… the hunter made the hunter, Crossbow: Get Proficient With A Regular Crossbow Then Switch Over To A Repeating Crossbow, Crossbows: Make Noise, Crossbows: Deadly – Could Pierce Through Armor, Crossbows: More powerful tactical weapon, Crossbow: Far more dangerous than vertical bows and could misfire in the faces of their wielder, Crossbows: Bolts Verses Arrows – The Differences.
  • 16th - A Deadly Art & A Deadly Connection III - Acrobatics +1, Crossbow +5, Mathematics +3, Research +3 Crossbow: The Arrow Weight Always Determined How It flew (speed, drop rate, ability to penetrate target), Crossbow: Best Arrow For The Bow Is The One That Gets Maximum Flight And Penetration Without Sacrificing Speed, Crossbow: GPI Grains Per Inch, Crossbow: light shafts were 5-6 grains per inch. Midweight shafts were 7-9 grains per inch, and heavy shafts, Crossbow: GPP – Grains Per Pound, Crossbow: GPP’s are 5-6.5 for light, 6.5-8 GPP for medium, and heavy weight arrows were over 8 GPP, Crossbow: Front of Center & Calculations For It, Crossbow: Finding A Balancing Point Of An Arrow Or Bolt, Crossbow: Types Of Points/Tips & Uses, Crossbow: Endcaps Of Arrows & Bolts & Uses, Crossbows: Bolts Can Be Called Quarrels, Crossbow: Nock – Singular Area Crossbows Transferred Power From The String To The Bolt/Arrow, Crossbow: Nocks – Types And Uses, Crossbow: Steps For Firing A Crossbow
  • 20th - Skull Crows And Sea Eagles - Stealth +5, Tactics +5, Subterfuge +5, Wilderness Survival (Urban) +5, Physics +2, Medicine +1, Psychology +5, Investigation +3, Acrobatics +1, Running +2, Meditation +1, Logic +3, Stealth: Prevent Detection, Prevents Harm, Hiding Spots: Someplace That Will Allow You To Move Quickly/Easily To Escape Or Counterattack. Hiding Spots: Provide Protection Against Melee Weapons, Hiding Spots: Great Observation Spot For Targets. Cover: Anything That Provides Protection From Attackers Weapons. Cover: Any Is Better Than None, WS: Finding Cover & Concealment in Urban Environments, WS: The Difference Between Cover And Concealment, Stealth: Look For Natural Cover First. Stealth: Rocks, Rubble, Fallen Trees, Heaps of Trash = Natural Cover, Subterfuge: Lie With Your Outline, Tactics: Picking Cover & Concealment, Concealment: Six Factors – Shape, Shadow, Texture, Color, Position, Movement, Kelski: Alabaster Skin – Needs Darkening In Nighttime Endeavors, Concealment: Don’t Watch Your Pursuer And Give Them The Feeling Of Being Watched, WS: Cover Always Protects But Doesn’t Always Conceal & Concealment Might Not Offer Cover, Subterfuge: Explaining Gnosis As Not Magic, Subterfuge: Lying About Being A Mage, Physics: How Shadows And Light Works, Subterfuge: Which Part Of The Shadow To Hide in, Physics: The Study Of Optics, Physics: The Parts, Tactics: Using Light In Survival and Cover/Concealment Situations, Physics: Parts of a Shadow, Physics: Umbra, Antumbra, Penumbra, Medicine: How The Eyes See Light, WS: Be Aware Of Your Surroundings At All Times, WS: Perceived And Imagined Threats – The Importance Of, Psychology: Mentally Preparing Yourself To React To Various Threats, Investigation: Observing And Noting Your Surroundings, Tactics: Reacting To Observations With Pre-Planned Moves, Tactics: Assessing The Vulnerabilities and Strengths of Cover/Concealment + Environment As A Whole, Acrobatics: Avoiding Steaming Obstacles, Tactics: Taking Advantage of Danger Sense, Psychology: Danger Sense Is Real, Danger Sense: The Slight Changes Our Mind Might Notice But We Might Not Immediately Recognize (disturbed dust, books in wrong orders, chairs moved), Memory Game: Filling A Table Full Of Various Objects And Memorizing Them In 10 Second Intervals, WS: Distraction Is The Biggest Danger – Boredom, Anger, Tiredness, Fear, Sadness, Restlessness, Psychology: Emotions Can Work Against Us In Survival, WS: Training Calmness Via Meditation, Meditation: Exercise Will Help Meditation, Psychology: Building Habits, WS: Expand Awareness, Enhance Danger Sense, Stealth: Every Step Controlled, Stealth: Patience Is The Key, Stealth: Breathing Important, Stealth: Sound Proof Clothing, Stealth: Train In The City, On Gravel, Stone, Mud, Etc, Stealth: Learn How Different Places Make Different Sounds And Negate Them
  • 22 - Driven Beneath I - Planning +3, Investigation +4, Climbing +2 Architectrix +1, Tracking +2, Spelunking +2, Climbing: The Gear Needed To Descend Into The Mines Safely, Climbing: Assembling A Climbing Kit, Brats: Locating Where They Are Coming And Going, Akajia: Praying For A Guide
  • 22 - Driven Beneath II - Climbing +3, Spelunking +5, Tracking +2, Auristics +1, Wilderness Survival +2, Planning +2, Investigation +2 Climbing: Always Tell People Where You Are Going And When You’ll Be Back, Climbing: Three Points Of Contact, Spelunking: Walking Stick Helps Probe Depths, Spelunking: Never Go Alone, Spelunking: Chalk To Mark The Way, Spelunking: The Most Common Ways To Die, Climbing: Bind Your Hair Back – Don’t Get It Tangled In Ropes, WS: Camping Below Ground
  • 22 - Driven Beneath III - Cooking +1, Storytelling +2, Auristics +3, Investigation +1, Shielding +2, Climbing +1, Tracking +1, Spelunking +3 Kelski: Grew A Third Eye, Shielding: Excluding Brats Using Pellets, Climbing: Repelling, Location: Gilthas' Residence
  • 23 - Driven Beneath IV- Investigation +5, Interrogation +3, Auristics +1, Rhetoric +1
    Gilthas: Appearance and Mannerism, Gilthas: Under a Curse, Gilthas: Needs A Master Jewelcrafter To Assist Him, Gilthas: The Story Behind His Curse, Gilthas: An Innovator – Scientist, Breeder of Animals. Gilthas: Grateful To Kelski
  • 23 - Driven Beneath V - Teaching +3, Climbing +4, Planning +2 Gils: Making Promises, Gilthas: A Mage, Teaching: What Kelvics Are, Teaching: Sunberth’s Attitude Towards Mages, Snowflake: Appearance and Mannerism, Climbing: Bouldering, Climbing: Facing, Climbing: Types And Terms of Rock Faces And Types Of Climbs/Descents, Climbing: Traversing, Climbing: Anchoring To The Face
  • 25th - Fulfilling Promises and Breaking Curses 1 - Climbing +5, Interrogation +1 Climbing: The Five Basic Knots of Climbing (Figure Eight, Grapevine Knot, Girth Hitch, etc), Climbing: Tying Off, Climbing: Leaving Tails Long To Allow For Slippage, Climbing: Stopper Knot, Climbing: Basics of Repelling, Climbing: Anchoring Off, Location: Gilthas’ Laboratory
  • 25th - Fulfilling Promises and Breaking Curses II - Jewelcrafting +1, History +5, Logic +1, Aurisitcs +5, Arcanology +1 Gilthas: Appearance and Mannerisms, Gilthas: Basic History, History: Treval, Alahean Capital, Underground: People Lived Faster/Times Harder, Jewelcrafting: Deconstructing A Magical Collar Made By Weaving Power Through Gemstones, History: Many People Had Horrific Wounds, Gilthas: Was A Scientist, Gilthas: Bred Food Animals Larger To Feed More People, Eth: Their Falls, Zaraka: Gilthas’ True Love – Champion of Semele, Gilthas: Shallow – Loved Food, Drink, Sex – Cared For Little Else, Zakara: Sacrificed Her Life Out Of Heartbreak, Arcanology: Djed Bombs Exist, Zaraka: Saved Five Thousand People, Zaraka: Humble, Cleaned Animal Waste Even Though She Was A Champion, Gilthas: Cursed By Semele’s Rage, Gilthas: Threw Away An Opportunity For Love
  • 25th - Fulfilling Promises and Breaking Curses III -
  • 25th - Fulfilling Promises and Breaking Curses IV -
  • 25th - Fulfilling Promises and Breaking Curses V -
  • 30th - Mountain Tops In The Mists - Logic +1, Investigation +2, Arcanology +3, Auristics +3, Interrogation +1, Negotiation +1, Dominion +2, Archanology: Knowing How Things Work Intuitively, Starfire Key: A Personal Dominion, Xhyvas: Appearance and Demeanor, Xhyvas: His History and Domains, Dominion: What A Dominion Looks Like With Auristics, Little Rhaus: What The Statue Looks Like Via Auristics, Dominions: Often Gifted To Mortals By The Gods As Places of Safe Harbor And Meditation, Xhyvas: Seeks Followers, Xhyvas: Transcendence & Possibilities, Xhyvas: Saw The Valterrian Coming, Saw His Death, Escaped It, Little Rhaus: Says Xhyvas Is A Friend of Rhaus, Xhyvas: Has Creatures Called Glassbeaks, Xhyvas: Asked Kelski If She Would Bear His Mark, Xhyvas: His Mark Grants His Followers The Ability To See Potential Pathways, Indetermanint Happenings, and Uncertain Outcomes… into the Future, Philosphy: Why Do Gods Need Mortals – Mortals Grant Them Power Through Attention, Xhyvas: When His Gnosis Is Used The Bearers Eyes Turn Green, Gasviks: Xhyvas’ Creations – Don’t Fear Them, Little Rhaus: Composing A Song In Xhyvas’ Honor, Dominion: Spaces In The Realm Of The Gods Mortals Can Go, Stone of Tuvrenan: Found In Her Dominion, Kelski’s Dominion: Filled With Treasure, Dominion: What They Are, Dominion: What They Look Like Under Auristics, Notes: 1 Mark From Xhyvas, 1 Quest Earned Dominion
  • 36th - Evil Comes In All Shapes And Sizes - Running +1, Stealth +1, Investigation +1, Interrogation +1, Philosophy +3, Acting +1, Negotiation +1, Rhetoric +3, Leadership +5, Logic +1, Strategy +3, Tactics +2, Navigation +2, Teaching +1, Subterfuge +3, Dagger +1, Intimidation +2, Architectrix +1 Kailani: Appearance and mannerism, Mercy: Appearance and Mannerism, Caitlyn: Her child, Baby Farm: What It is, What happens In One, Philosophy: Human Females Put Themselves In Positions of Servitude Often, Philosophy: Given A Choice, Would Mercy Better Herself Or Fall Into Old Habits, Philosophy: Acting To Make Change Happen, Teaching: Birds Have Scales, Subterfuge: Assuming a Role
  • 55th - A Musical Journey I - Violin +5, Investigation +2 Violin: Proper Care and Maintenance, Violin: Wine Corks Can Be Used To Clean Rosin Off Strings, Violin: How To Store Them Properly, Violin: How To String And Unstring Them, Violin: The Parts Of a Violin and Bow + Their Uses
  • 55th - A Musical Journey II - Violin +5, Investigation +2, Music Composition +2 Violin: Which Strings Are Which & What They Sound Like, Violin: How To Tune One, Violin: How to Tie Strings, Sunberth: Where To Buy Violin Strings/Supplies, Violins: Have Souls, Music Composition: What Octaves Are, Musical Composition: What Pitches Are
  • 55th - A Musical Journey III - Violin +5, Investigation +1, Music Composition +1 Violin: How To Use Tuning Forks, Violin: The Use Of A Pitch Pipe, Violin: Proper Posture & How To Hold The Instrument, Violin: One Must Spend Long Hours On Where To Place Ones Fingers, Violin: Fingering Patterns, Music Composition: Sharps Verses Flats, Violins: How To Play Sharps And Flats, Violin: Open String Notes, Violin: Double Stopping, Violin: Open String Theory
  • 55th -A Musical Journey IV - Violin +5, Investigation +1, Music Composition +3 Violin: Vibrato - How Its Played And Its Uses, Musical Composition : Two Types of Harmonics (Natural & False), Violin: How To Bow, Violin: Parts of The Bow, Musical Composition: What Timbre Is, Violin: Pitching Point, Violin: Separated Bowing, Violin: Hammering Bowing, Violin: Struck Bowing, Violin: Spiccato Bowing, Violin: Legato Bowing, Violin: Sautille Bowing, Violin: Richochet Bowing
  • 55th - A Musical Journey V - Violin +5, Investigation +1 Violin: Loure – Bowing Technique, Violin: Arpeggio – Bowing Technique, Violin: Termola – Bowing Technique, Violin: How To Shuffle, Violin: How To Chop, Violin: Snap Pizz – plucking that can match human speech, Violin: Using The Mute Device, Violin: How To Play Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Violin: How To Play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • 60th - [The Midnight Gem] Gilding The Lily - Jewelcrafting +5, Planning +1, Metalsmithing +2, Leadership +1, Bodybuilding +3, Endurance +3, Sledge Hammer +2 JC: Making Gold Leaf Gild, Metalsmithing: Making Gold Alloy, Metalsmithing: Creating A Gold Leaf Cookie Cutter, Sledge Hammer: Pounding Out Gold from sheets to paper, Sledge Hammer: Properly Swinging A hammer
  • 72nd - The Song Of The Wind I - Auristics +2, Investigation +3, Logic +2, Arcanology +1 Kynier: Left With A Simple Note, Gilthas: Summons Her Sending Snowflake, Gilthas: A Dreamwalker, Dreamwalking: What Nysel’s Gnosis is, Kynier: Left Of His Own Free Will, Kynier: Took On Students He Treated Far Better Than He’d Treated Her, Kynier: Wanted More, Dreamwalking: Does Not Show The Future, Just The Past As If You Are Living It, Dreamwalkers: Can Change Your Past, Kelski: Willingly Forgot The Sharp Acute Details Of Kynier, Gilthas: Took The Memory Of The Dreamwalk That Removed Kynier From Her Mind, Gilthas: Agreed To Be Her Mentor, Kelski: Agreed To Be His Student, Arcanology: Djed Calls To Djed
  • 72nd - The Song Of The Wind II - Reimancy: +2, Arcanology +5, Interrogation +4, Logic +3 Arcanology: Ritualistic Baths, Arcanology: An Authentic Master’s Circle, Arcanology: Ouroboros Symbolize The Cyclic Nature Of The Universe, Arcanology: Symbolism of Accepting A Mentor And Becoming Someone’s Learner/Becoming A Mentor And Receiving A Learner, Arcanology: Accepting Initiation From Gilthas Means She Becomes Part Of His Djedline/His Daughter, Arcanology: Djedlines And What They Are, Arcanology: Four Types Of Magic: Personal, Divine, World & Lost, Arcanology: What Fuels Each Type Of Magic, Arcanology: Overgiving, Arcanology: Stresses Secrets To Lost Disciplines, Arcanology: How Magic Is Learned, Arcanology: The Study of Magic – Must Be A Scholar To Be A Good Mage, Arcanology: The Nature of Djed, Arcanology: Wild Djed – What It Is/Does, Arcanology: How Djed Is Acquired, Arcanology: Personal Wells – Their Depths And How To Draw From Them, Arcanology: Sinking Into One’s Well,
  • 72nd - The Song Of The Wind III - Reimancy: +5, Arcanology +2, Endurance +4 Reimncy: Initiation – How Its Done/Survived, Reimancy: Djedline Oath, Reimancy: Kelski Has No Obvious Induction Scars, Endurance: Finding Strength To Survive Induction Pain, Gilthas: Djed Father, Reimancy: The Feeling Of Induction, Reimancy: Her Djedline Symbol, Reimancy: Her Djedline Stands For Sea And Sky, Reimancy: Her Djedline Is Known For Its Wind And Water Mages, Arcanology: What Res Is
  • 72nd - The Song Of The Wind IV - Reimancy: +5, Arcanology +3, Endurance +2, Logic +3, Interrogation +2 Reimancy: Her Element Is Air, Reimancy: Her Color And Texture Of Her Res, K’etir: The Family Is Old And Lousy With Mages, Reimancy: Thinking Like A Jewelcrafter To Deal With Magic, Reimancy: Kelski’s Res Is A Translucent Thick Gel That Sparkles With Deep Violent and Blue Particles, Reimancy: Can Hurt Yourself With Your Element, Reimancy: Para Elements – What They Are/Do, Reimancy: Where/How To Release Res From One’s Body, Reimancy: More Elements Acquired As Skillset Builds, Reimancy: What Kind Of Control To Expect Based On How Many Elements One Has, Reimancy: The Many Forms Of Res, Reimancy: How To Transform Res, Reimancy: Control Close Up – Inaccurate And Lack Of Control At A Distance Unless Practiced, Reimancy: Air Reimancers Get Good At Breaking Falls, Floating On Air, Creating Invisible Stairways Or Ladders, Reimancy: Air Can Be Manipulated Multiple Almost Unlimited Ways
  • 72nd - The Song Of The Wind V - Reimancy: +5, Arcanology +4, Endurance +2, Logic +3, Interrogation +2 Reimancy: Her Element Is Air, Reimancy: Her Color And Texture Of Her Res, K’etir: The Family Is Old And Lousy With Mages, Reimancy: Thinking Like A Jewelcrafter To Deal With Magic, Reimancy: Kelski’s Res Is A Translucent Thick Gel That Sparkles With Deep Violent and Blue Particles, Reimancy: Can Hurt Yourself With Your Element, Reimancy: Para Elements – What They Are/Do, Reimancy: Where/How To Release Res From One’s Body, Reimancy: More Elements Acquired As Skillset Builds, Reimancy: What Kind Of Control To Expect Based On How Many Elements One Has, Reimancy: The Many Forms Of Res, Reimancy: How To Transform Res, Reimancy: Control Close Up – Inaccurate And Lack Of Control At A Distance Unless Practiced, Reimancy: Air Reimancers Get Good At Breaking Falls, Floating On Air, Creating Invisible Stairways Or Ladders, Reimancy: Air Can Be Manipulated Multiple Almost Unlimited Ways
  • 75th - [The Midnight Gem] A Masked Affair - Planning + 2, Drawing +1, Painting +3, Carving +2, Construction +2, Philtering +2, Cooking +2, Body Building +1, Sledge Hammer +1, Architectrix +1, Metalsmithing +1, Jewelcrafting +5,Philtering: Making Gilding Adhesive, JC: Gilding Wooden Masks, Carving: Carving Flames In Masks, Drawing: How To Draw A Flame, Painting: Painting Wooden Masks, Painting: Painting On Adhesive, Metalsmithing: Melting Down Nickle, JC: Making Spiral Wiring, JC: Adorning Masks With Nickle Décor, Construction: Making Squirrel Hair Paintbrushes, JC: Making A Burnisher, JC: Making Iron Staples, JC: Using Dowels To Form Perfect Spirals
  • Entire Season - Pillow Talk - Kynier: Has a magic Oboe, Kynier: Received a message from Leth about change, Kynier: Sometimes finds the bond difficult to adjust to, Kynier: Considers Kelski's bond to be the best thing that could ever happen to him

Summer 518 AV

Summer 518 :
  • 1st - Flying Free At Last - Investigation +1 Intelligence +1 Negotiation +2 Logic +1 Lores: Master LI: Sent funds to free her, Jaren: Disgraced in the eyes of his father, liquidated his things to make repairs, Jardeg: Owes a free piece of jewelry too, Darvin: Angery she’s free, Jardeg: Gave her freedom, Darvin: Forced himself on her while she was drugged, Darvin: Made threats to find and hurt her once free.
  • 2nd - Borrowing A New Life - Business +4, Persuasion +3, Rhetoric +2, Investigation +2, Negotiation +4, Leadership +4, Strategy +2 Goldfinger: Location, Appearance & Mannerisms, Goldfinger: Owns One Of Her Rings, Sastiva: Goldfinger’s Assistance, Sastiva: Appearance &Mannerism, Goldfinger: Will Loan Her Business Startup Money, Shop: Knowing What She Wants, Shop: Acquiring The Best Supplies Despite The Source, Sastiva: Will Give Her Self Defense Lessons, The Midnight Gem: Finding The Perfect Building, The Midnight Gem: Location Location Location, The Midnight Gem: Layout Perfect
  • 5th -[The Midnight Gem] Basements And Blades - Planning +2, Organization +1, Dagger +5, Darvin: The Logistics Of His Business, Daggers: Proper Throwing Techniques, Dagger: Steps Of Throwing A Dagger, Dagger: Math Involved In Thrown Dagger Rotations, Daggers: Throwing Daggers Is A Science, Daggers: Calculating The Exact Distance Away From A Target One Must Be To Get Full Rotations When Throwing Daggers
  • 6th - [The Midnight Gem] Putting It All Together - Scouting +2, Cleaning +2, Body Building +5, Endurance +5, Planning +2, Hunting +1, Running +1, Unarmed Combat +3, Logic +1, Acrobatics +1 Sunberth: Ariel Layout, Sunberth: Ariel Beach Layout, Sunberth: Ariel River Layout, Planning: Setting Up A Training Room, Body Building: Hauling Heavy Things Up And Down Stairs, Hunting: Hunting Rabbits From The Sky, Working Out: Warmup’s Important, Running: Great Warm Up To Working Out, Body Building: Moving DBH Slices Of Logs End-Over-End, Body Building: Hanging Up A Punching Bag By Oneself, Endurance: Using A Punching Bag To Gain Strength/Endurance, Endurace: Finding Balance And Rhythm, Punching Bag: Correct Techniques When Hitting/Kicking Bag, Working Out: Importance Of Correct Breathing, Jumping Rope: Techniques For Working Out, Jumping Rope: Correct Length of Rope To Use, Jumping Rope: Taking A Fall
  • 10th - Kelvics Gone Wild - Subterfuge +3, Socialization +5, Interrogation +5, Deduction +2, Leadership +2, Planning +5, Hunting +2, Swimming +1, Scouting +1, Construction +1, Daggers +2, Dual Wield +2, Running +1, Teaching +2, Lores: No Mans Land Tavern: Location, Layout, Menu, Workers, Dusti: Kelvic, Ren: The Kelvics Recent History, Ren: Free From Landlady, Dusti: Insulting, Subterfuge: Concealing Injuries, Subterfuge: Concealing Identity, Ren: Lonely & Lost, Ren: Wants To Be Friends, Ren: Wants To Help, Construction: Taking Down A Tent
  • 15th - [Execution Square] Fight or Flight - Scouting +1, Acrobatics +2, Interrogation +5, Rhetoric +5, Persuasion +5, Teaching +4, Negotiation +4, Logic +2
    Baroque Bay: Nightly Patrols, Execution Square: Location, Appearance, Common Appearance From Sky, Farris: Mage That Throws Lightening, Acrobatics: Falling From The Sky Gracefully, Acrobatics: Transforming Mid Fall To Catch Oneself As A Human, Reimancy: Fire/Lightening, Reimancy: A type of Magic, Persuasion: Talking A Man Out Of His Clothes, Handicap: Definition & Meaning, Negotiation: Trading Knowledge For Training Space, Negotiation: Trading Answers for Locations, Negotiation: Terms Of A Trade, Logic: Determining Weak People, Magic: What Res Is, Logic: Determining Human Age From Physical Features, Magic: Voiding, Magic: Reimancy
  • 16th - [The Library] Broadening Horizons- Investigation +3, Copying +1, Interrogation +5, Socialization +5 Rhetoric +5, Teaching +4, Sunberth: Library Location, Stumble Alley Location, Tarn: Member of Sun’s Birth, Tarn: Idealistic Person, Tarn: Stubborn, Tarn: Illiterate, Cooking: They make instruments to measure ingredients, Suns Birth: Jaren looking for her, Tarn: Shipwrights apprentice, Tarn: Nice & Polite, Tarn: Doesn’t Like Lying, Prefers Honest Discourse, Tarn: Believes The Sun’s Birth Can Fix SB – Can Be Good & Honorable, Syliran Knights: Kelski feels They are working secretly in SB, Tarn: Atheist, Tarn: Optimist, Tarn: Concept of power vacuum in SB, Tarn: Hopes He Succeeds, Partially copied Cookbook
  • 20th - [Temple Of The Unknown] Undiscovered Secrets- Acrobatics +1, Dancing +2, Negotiation +3, Socialization +5, Tactics +1, Teaching +1, Akajia: Recommends she follow her heart and its curiosity, Akajia: Wants her to discover Sunberth’s secrets, Kynier: Had a misinterpretation of Akajia, Kynier: Is concerned for her safety. Kynier: Makes her vulnerable, Kynier: Struggles with his faith, Kynier: Blessed with the first mark of Akajia, Kynier: Crowds her when trying to say something he feels is important, Kynier: Lost his sense of touch, Kynier: He’s only Human, Kynier: Sometimes driven by fear, Kynier: Not fully convinced he’s a good person, Mysterious Slab: Kynier says it’s a magic artifact, Mysterious Slab: Has some connection to the Doctor, Pitch: Bestowed to her by Akajia, Self: Wished she had earned or fought for her freedom, Self: Dislikes being a sign of wealth to the Sun’s Birth, Self: Won’t be a burden to anyone, Self: Won’t let Kynier ruin her desires to celebrate, Shielding: Something mages build to protect or hide things, Temple of the Unknown: Statue of Akajia chamber location
  • 25th - Never Walk The Streets Alone - Business +4, Dagger +5, Dual Wield +5, Acrobatics +3, Hand Axe +1, Subterfuge +1, Planning +1, Persuasion +5, Leadership +4, Investigation +1, Hostessing +3, Medicine +3, Philosophy +1, Cleaning +1, Hunting +1, Scouting +1, Cooking +1 Business: Advertising For A Sale/Opening, Dagger: Dagger Vs. Ice-Pick Shanks, Dagger Vs. Hand Axe, Subterfuge: Faking Attacks, Persuasion: Getting Strangers To Trust Her, Leadership: Giving Orders After Combat, Investigation: Searching Dead Bodies, Aer’wyn: Akalak/Fighter of Sunberth, Ebon: Healer of Rak’Keli/Night Lion Kelvic, Sisala: Ebon’s Dead Bondmate Healer, Medicine: Cleaning And Caring For Basic Wounds, Aer’wyn: Has only one arm, Can Magically Make a Second One, Aer’wyn: Hires Him For a Guard, Morphing: The Magic Of Changing One’s Body
  • 30th - [The Midnight Gem] Grand Opening - Business +3, Leadership +3, Teaching +1 The Midnight Gem: Opening A Businesss, Business: Advertising For A Grand Opening, Business: Customer Interaction – What They Like/Need, Business: Catering To A Clientele, JC: Some Stones Are Unique Among Their Types
  • 35th - [Pigsfoot Tavern] Kaleidoscope - Leadership +4 Planning +2 Rhetoric +5 Storytelling +2 Stealth +1 kreig: Strength Incarnate with a deep seed of kindness, Kreig: Didn’t know who the Vino were, Kreig: Would want to recruit more help, Kreig: Is becoming well-known in Sunberth, Kreig: A Godsdamned Sun of Sunbirth wanting to help his siblings, Kreig: Thinks Sunberth is stuck and not progressing, Kynier: Thinks they should discover how the Vino acquire slaves, Kynier: Says he knows a weak point in The Quay’s fortification, Kynier: Has an unusual interest in Merv, Self: Could never be convinced to take Kreig’s money, The Vino: Are fortified in The Quay, The Vino: Keep a watchful eye of The Quay
  • 36th - [The Midnight Gem] A Gem Of A Time - Hostessing +5, Cooking +5, Teaching +4, Planning +3, Cooking Salmon on Soaked Planks, Cooking Kabobs, Kreig: How He Came To Be A Prize Fighter For Tall Johnny, Kreig: Inspirational, Kreig: Wants The City To Improve & Grow
  • 38th - The Wreckage Of Lives - Endurance +1, Intelligence +2, Investigation +2, Leadership +3, Logic +2, Persuasion +2, Rhetoric +2, Running +1, Stealth +1 Backpack of Voiding: Feels weightless no matter how much you stuff inside, Kadric: Shadow at The Saique, Location: The Saique, Lore: A Pre-Valterrain memory of the Mysterious Slab’s, The Saique: Piloted by the Daggerhands and Stiletto, Mysterious Slab: Has reacted to four people. Kynier, Aer’wyn, Doctor Petricius, and Stiletto, Mysterious Slab: Is one of three that have been to Sunberth, Mysterious Slab: Anchored in place by a strange magic, Mysterious Slab: A magical artifact, Mysterious Slab: Was thrown into the sea, Mysterious Slab: A living container of magic meant to be used as a weapon, Self: Will make no more promises or oaths to Kynier, Self: Won’t let Kynier restrict her learning, Stiletto: Daggerhand Boss
  • 40th - [Seaside Market] Books, Clothes, and Chickens ... oh my! - Planning +2, Investigation +3, Interrogation +5, Teaching +2, Leadership +1, Storytelling + 1 Tove: Mannerism & Appearance, Tove: From Sunberth, Teacing: Advising Someone On Selecting A Weapon, Teaching: Weapons’ safety (Sheath), Poison: Fence Has Everything, Tove: Awesome Shopping Buddy, Tove: Spy, Tove; Basic History, Tove: Born A Slave, Tove: Small Cat Animal Form, Tove: Artistic
  • 41st - The Song Of Water - Foraging +2, Interrogation +5, Persuasion +3, Planning +2, Seduction +5, Socialization +5, Storytelling +2 Akajia: Made her for Kynier, Daggerhand: Need more masks done, Foraging: Razor Clams can be found in the sand at low tide, Foraging: Place thumb over the clamming tube to create suction, Foraging: What a Razor Clam looks like, Foraging: What a Butter Clam looks like, Foraging: Keep caught clams on your belt so they don’t dig and escape, Foraging: Raking the sand for Butter Clams, Kynier: Wants them both to know each other better, Kynier: Interested in who she is, not what she can offer, Kynier: Promises to answer every question honestly, even if not immediately, Kynier: Considers being observant and thinking rationally as life strengths, Kynier: Hates seeing people suffer at the hands of others, Kynier: Finds relaxation in drawin, Kynier: Considers slavery to be the largest transgression, Kynier: Was worried about her survival as a slave, Kynier: Is a Spy for a wizard, Kynier: Is Idealistic, Kynier: Happiness is the difference between living and existing, Kynier: Knows he only exists, Kynier: Focuses on the whole rather than the individuals, Kynier: Knows Akajia is guiding him to her, Kynier: Wants to Live but doesn’t know how to, Kynier: Scared he’ll bring harm to the Midnight Gem, Kynier: Belongs to her, Kynier: Gets offended for her, Kynier: Knows Auristics and perceived her soul, Kynier: Felt her emotions with him with magic, Kynier: Says magic isn’t evil or benevolent, Kynier: Hurts himself with Auristics, Kynier: Buys information, Kynier: Will be out until dawn some nights, Kynier: Has spent two years gathering intelligence on the gangs, Kynier: Has a strange chicken named Laurie, Kynier: Makes sketches that are quite good, Kynier: His mother played the haut bois, Kynier: Has a hard time remembering his mother, Kynier: Doesn’t know Tove that well, Kynier: Disagrees with Farris’ view on mages and their magic, Kynier: Equates his magic to her wings, Kynier: Doesn’t find women like Tove catch his interest, Kynier: Kept all the gifts she left at No Man’s Land, Kynier: Calls her Feather with endearment, Location: Kynier’s old home, Mosa: Her children are long dead, Seduction: Kissing Kynier, Seduction: Washing Kynier, Seduction: A hand as a substitute for her body, Seduction: Mating with Kynier, Seduction: Kynier will desire her again, Seduction: Being with Kynier feels like flying, Self: Satisfaction in taking care of people, Self: Wants everything of Kynier, and voluntarily, Self: Wishes Kynier would express his feelings more, Self: Happy to only live with and care for Kynier, but would like more, Self: Won’t harm the chicken, Laurie, as long as the chicken makes Kynier happy, Storytelling: The starfish story
  • 45th - We Belong To The Thunder - Business +4, Leadership +3, Negotiation +1 Davyd Rodgers & Ergus Rodgers: Location, Appearance, Mannerisms, Business: Planning A Remodel, Davyd Rodgers & Ergus Rodgers: Scheduling Work Being Done, Business: Expanding A Business
  • 56th - [The Midnight Gem] Kelvics and Baking - Investigation +1, Cooking +3 Recipe: Cinnamon Cake, Cooking: How to measure liquids and dry ingredients, Cooking: What Vanilla Smells Like, Cooking: What A Cake Looks Like When Its Done
  • 58th - [The Midnight Gem] Experimenting With Enameling -Jewelcrafting +5, Planning +4, Endurance +1, Body Building +1, Writing +2, JC: Steps in Enameling Metal, JC: Using A Dappling Block & Doming tools, JC: Dying and Bleaching Pearls, JC: Drilling Pearls, JC: Crafting Head Pins, JC: Crafting Earring Hangers
  • 60th - The Storm Before The Calm - Planning +1, Unarmed Combat +2, Garotte +1, Endurance +5, Dagger +1, Planning +1, Tactics +1 Kidnapped: Being Darted, Kidnapped: Being Drugged, Kidnapped: Being Pierced, Kidnapped: Being Beaten, Kidnapped: Being Raped, Kelvic Bonding: Trying To Be Forced To Bond, Little Rhaus: Appearance & Personality, Murder: Being Instructed How To Kill Someone, Garotte: The Use Of One On An Assaulter, Garotte: Killing Someone With One Magic Item Gained: One Little Rhaus Statue
  • 64th - [The Midnight Gem] Live To See The Sun Rise - Endurance +3 Persuasion +1, Unarmed Combat +1, Aer’wyn: Called himself Vellisius, Observation: The taste of the real Kynier’s blood, Self: Considers Kynier home
  • 69th - [The Bolt Hole] Recovery Never Felt So Good -
  • 70th - [Temple Of The Unknown] More Questions And Answers - XP: Planning +2, Writing +1, Socialization +3, Investigation +5, Shielding +5, Teaching +4, Leeching +1, Researching +5, Logic +4, Auristics +2. Farris: Felt desolation when his father died, Shielding: The magic of Shields, Sheilding: Discipline of Magic, Majestic: Source of Magic. Majestic: Has shields like this. Majestic: Doler, Temple of The Unknown: Very Old Powerful Magic, Shielding: How To Cast A Shield, Sheilding: Tasking A Shield, Kynier: Knows Shielding, Shields: Can be tied so they feed themselves, Magic: Has no rules and there are ways around everything. Nightstalking: Shields Cannot Hold Her, Savatar: Shadow in Temple Of The Unknown That Knows Shielding, Sheilding: Old Magic, Incredibly Powerful Magic, Protecting Whole Cities, Fotresses, Valterrian: Means Rendering To Shadows, Valterrian: Most Mages Died During The Valterrian, Valterrian: Truly Talented Shielding Mages Died So Others Could Live, Shielding: Filtering Air, Water, Keeping People Safe, Purifying Food, Shielding: Gentle Magic, Shielding: Most Powerful Tools Mages Given, Shielding: Grows, Evolves, Becomes More Or Less Complex Depending on Timeline, Shielding: How Shields Are Made, Shields: Like Magical Fabric You Can Drape Over Things, Shielding: Each Mage Casts One or Weaves One Differently, Shielding: Can Disguise, Shielding: Direct Manipulation of Djed, not Transformation Of Djed. Reimancy: Once A Direct Manipulation of Djed Too, Shielding: Tasking Is Giving A Shield Purpose, Sheilding: Can Block Sight, Smell, Sound… many things. Shielding: Some tasked by Willing it some Tasked By Blood. Shielding: Black and White Thing – Pass Or Do Not Pass. Shielding: Can Have Many Layers – Each Tasked. Sheilding: New Learners Task Just One Thing, More Experienced Learners Task More Thing, Shielding: Can Task Against Water By Adding Water, Shielding: Feels More like a Craft Than Combat, Overgiving: Don’t Recall Your Djed, Shielding: a artform that has size, shape, thickness and sometimes even length and width. Shielding: Mages must think… spatially, Shielding: Blocks Senses,Farris: Overgives, Farris: Teaches By Critique, Humans: Make Bad Teachers According To Shadows, Farris: Magic Is More Important Than Life
  • 71st - [The Midnight Gem] Issues To Settle - Interrogation +1 Leadership +1 Massage +1 Medicine +1 Rhetoric +5 Storytelling +1 Djed: Is the source of all life Djed: The most potent resources come from living creatures Farris: Easy with his words, talkative Kynier: Wasn’t giving warnings to deter her, but educate Kynier: Has studied magic longer than Kelski’s been alive Kynier: Is he old for a human? Kynier: Has sworn to never learn Leeching Kynier: Has always been happy that Kelski accepted him Kynier: Doesn’t consider her stupid or ignorant
    Kynier: Thinks she’s perfect Kynier: Had a conviction to not get close to people Kynier: Feels responsible for how much she suffered from Darvin’s abduction Kynier: Doesn’t see her as a weakness and vulnerability Kynier: Says her Bonding appendages are still intact Leeching: A method of taking Djed from other things to power your magic Leeching: Poisons the body when used Nyka: Safer than Sunberth, but not safe Nyka: People would disappear without reason Overgiving Effect: Dilated eyes Overgiving Effect: Swift and incomprehensible speech Overgiving Effect: Severe headaches Overgiving Effect: Bleeding profusely Overgiving Effect: Hallucinating Overgiving Effect: Extreme Pain in the body Self: May not Bond with Kynier, but content to be by his side nonetheless
  • 75th - [The Midnight Gem] Family Legacies - Scouting +1, Investigation +1, Architectrix +5, Construction +2, Researching +3, Philosophy +1 Real Name: Kelskanisha K’etir, Brother: Kalistan K’etir Ancestrial Home: K’etir Keep, Niece: Ember K’etir, Architectrix: K’etir Keep Sent Seed and Sliver, Kelski: Was taken as a child, Kelski: Has family that love her, Architectrix: Magic Of Sentient Buildings, Architectrix: Architectrix Mages Are Caretakers & Stewarts, Brother: Has her same eyes, Architectrix: Initation, Architectrix: Bonding With A Structure, Architectrix: Vows, Architectrix: Newly Awakened Structures Hunger, Architectrix: History of the Magic, Architectrix: Cyphrus Manor In Gyvaka Swamp First Structure, Architectrix: Vivian, Champion of Kihala, Architectrix: New structures need a mage to talk to it, encourage it, awaken its sentience. Architectrix: They need kindness, patience, and love.
  • 78th - [Baroque Bay Beach] Light A Fire And Watch It Burn - Scavenging +1, Wilderness Survival +1, Cooking +1, Meditation +2, Body Building +2, Interrogation +4, Cooking +1, Hostessing +3, Teaching +2, Animal Husbandry +1, Kelski: Needed The Peace Of The Beach, Body Building: Scavenging Firewood, Body Building: Hauling Half-Collapsed Mages Around, Anja: Appearance and Mannerisms, Anja: Ghost Hunter, Maisa: Appearance and Mannerisms, Maisa: Takes Care Of Herself Against Threats (Familiars), Striders: Intelligent Willful Horses, Ghosts: Are Real And Can Be Dangerous, Maisa: Female Horse, Anja: Enjoys Fish/Campfire Cooked Items, Zebri: Drykas Cattle, Anja: Is Drykas, The Drykas: Live On The Sea of Grass, Ghosts: Are To Be Pitied Because They Lead Terrible Lives, Anja: Somehow Helped Mariann Move On, Horses: Food A Quick Way To Their Hearts, Anja: Can Teach Basic Horsemanship, Wife: What One IS To Humans, Ghosts: Signs They Are Near, Anja: Wife’s Deceased, Sea Of Grass: God Zulrav, Kihala and Dira often Found there, Anja: Serves Dira – Marked By Her, Striders: Bond With Drykas, Ghosts: Can Be Hurt Through Soulsmist, Ghosts: Can Be Controlled With Ghost Beads, Nuits: Parasites Of Dead Bodies, Unliving People, Anja: Jeb of The Dust Bed Employs Anja, , Dira: Goddess of Death, Anja: Found His Purpose, Hoof Pick: Purpose And Description, Nuits: How To Identify Them
  • 80th - [The Midnight Gem] Koi Ponds & Other Curious Creatures - Jewelcrafting +5, Architectrix +5, Planning +4, Drawing +2, Carving +1, Metalsmithing +2, Auristics +2, Carpentry +1, Kavlin Devanto: Who he is, appearance. Nancy Devanto: Who she is, appearance. JC: Barion Cut, JC: Planning Plate Overlays On Rings, JC: Planning for Maxium Light Refraction, JC: Using Ring Molds, JC: Three Forms of Gemstones, Architectrix: Connecting With A Structure, Architectrix: Teaching A Structure, Architectrix: Tending A Structures Needs, Architectrix: Empathizing With A Structure
  • 80th - [The Midnight Gem] Koi Ponds & Other Curious Creatures II - Hunting +1, Cleaning +1, Body Building +1, Jewelcrafting +5, Architectrix +3, Mathematics +1, Carving +2, Auristics +1, Teaching +1, Architectrix: Understanding The Irritations Of Buildings, Architectrix: Reassuring Buildings, Cleaning: Disinfecting Pigeon Poop From A Roof, JC: Barion Cuts Have 96 Steps, JC: Step Cuts, JC: Which Minerals/Stones Could Take What Cuts, JC: Refractive Index, JC: Polishing Different Cuts, JC: Making Wax Impressions, Architectrix: Teaching/Educating Buildings, JC: Carving Wax To Get Poured Mold Details
  • 82nd - Among The Trees - Hunting +1, Scouting +1 Sunberth: Location Of The Hotsprings, Hunting: Hunting Rabbits (Dropped Thread)
  • 86th -[The Midnight Gem] Chains That Don't Bind - Jewelcrafting +5, Metalsmithing +3, Planning +5, Body Building +2, Endurance +1, Mathmatics +3, JC: How To Flatten Chain, JC: How To Square Links, Stilletto: 8 inch wrist, JC: Annealing Metal To Make Bracelets Flexible, JC: Using an Alcohol Torch for Soldering, JC: Building A Box Clasp
  • 89th - Discovered Secrets - Architectrix +3, Body Building +1, Leadership +2, Cooking +1, Morphing +5, Research +5, Meditation +2, Investigation +2, Logic +3, Writing +3, Philosophy +2, Rhetoric: +1 Architectrix: Structures Can Become Upset, Architectrix: Structures Can Be Soothed, Morphing: The Magic of Shapeshifting Ones Body To Organic Things, Morphing: Old Magic/One Of The Oldest, Morphing: One’s Physical Shape Has A Structure Memory & Will Return To It, Morphing: A Mage Could Keep Fueling A Morph To Prolong It, Morphing: Using Models, Morphing: Fingernails As First Models, Morphing: Djed Is Burned To Fuel The Morph, Morphing: One Of The Most Dangerous Forms Of Magic, Morphing: Can Result In Mutations, Morphing: Partial Transformations, Morphing: Full Body Transformations, Morphing: Model Transformations, Morphing: Supreme Transformations, Morphing: Shifting Into Magical Creatures Didn’t Make One Magical, Architectrix: They Love/Hate What Their Creators Love/Hate
  • 90th - We Need To Talk... - Cosmetology +5, Architectrix +1, Rhetoric +5, Philosophy +5, Logic +5, Interrogation +4, Teaching +3, Hostessing +1 Cosmetology: How To Properly Comb Out Hair, Cosmetology: How To Khol One’s Eyes, Cosmetology: Plaiting Hair, Cosmetology: How To Shave A Man, Cosmetology: How To Shave A Mohawk, Philosophy: It wasn’t just Humans With Asshole Complexes. Omitted: Lores for Aer’wyn/Vel Due to PC retiring.
  • 92st - [The Seaside Market] You Can't Fix Everything All The Time - Tactics +2, Acrobatics +2, Dagger +3, Logic +4, Unarmed Combat +1, Planning +2, Philosophy + 1, Interrogation +4, Leadership +2, Animal Husbandry +2, Hostessing +2, Architectrix +2 Acrobatics: Dodging A Whipping, Acrobatics: Taking A Whipping Safely, Moth: Young, Moth: Part Strider, Moth: Overgrown Hooves, Anja: Can Evaluate Horses For Injury, Maisa: A Four-Footed Person, Philosophy: Justifying Killing An Animal Abuser, Striders: Drykas’ Ancestors, AH: Bathing Horses, AH: Cleaning Hooves, Jolly Good Stables: Location/Layout/Who Runs It, Architectrix: Chimes To Give The Gem A Voice
  • Entire Season - Pillow Talk - The best lessons are the ones you learn yourself. Kynier has a new book on magic. Kynier has been initiated into Projection. Kynier has learned how to manipulate a part of his soul. Kynier is learning Magic isn't always the answer. Kynier appreciates Kelski's help in learning Magic isn't always the answer. Kynier: Was followed by the Daggerhand Kynier: Is being blackmailed The Midnight Gem: Won't succeed if Kynier fails his tasks for the Daggerhand Kynier: Has opportunity to learn a Daggerhand Spymaster's secrets Kynier: Is sorry for putting the Midnight Gem at risk
  • Seasonal XP for JC = 4xp

Spring 518

Spring 518 :
  • 1st - The Things We Burn - Cosmetology +2, Etiquette +2, History +2, Business +3, Logic +5, Subterfuge +2, Unarmed Combat +3, Interrogation +3, Leadership +4, Negotiation +2, Planning +2 Cosmetology: Dressing For An Event, Cosmetology: Doing Ones Hair For An Event, Etiquette: The Expected Behavior Of a Slave At A SB Event, SB: History of The Burning of Olsten, Business: How Darvin Conducts Drug Deals In SB, Sunberth: They Do Holidays Differently, History: Olsten The Giant, Sunberth: no leaders, no symbols of power, and no one wants to protest anything, Business: Selling Up A Client, Business: Conducting Business On The Streets, Logic: Spotting Orchestrated Crime, Unarmed Combat: Fighting Free Of A Mob Brawl, Leadership: Pointing Out Easier Means Of Doing Something, Logic: Determining Affiliation, Leadership: Correcting Others & Setting Them Straight
  • 20th - Unknown Alliances - Experience: Investigation +5, Observation +5, Interrogation +4, Socialization +5, Medicine +1, Hunting +1, Dagger +1, Teaching +2, Planning + 1 Lores: Sunberth: Location Of The Temple Of The Unknown, Shadows: A Shadow Named Dawkar, Kynier: Reinmancer, Temple Of The Unknown: Smells Like Old Power, Kynier: Highly Intelligent, Kynier: His Personal History, Kynier: Wounded, Sunberth: History of Mage Hatred Comes From Obal Causten, Kynier: Has Secrets She Will Keep, Kynier: Very Private Person, Kynier: Sometimes Answers Questsions With Silence, Kynier: Isn’t Squeamish, Kynier: Knows His Limits, Kynier: His Mentor Bourin, Kynier: Very Humble About His Knowledge Of Magic, Kynier: Someone She Likes
  • 23rd - Open Aired Cafes And New Acquaintances - Socialization + 4, Interrogation +3, Planning +1 Lores: Rene: Is a Kelvic, Rene: Orphaned, Controlled By Nana/S’vantia, Rene: Runs errands for a living
  • 23rd - [The Proving Grounds] Teaching Eagles To Land - Experience: Logic +2, Strategy +5, Dodging +3, Brawling +4, Psychology +5, Interrogation +3, Unarmed Combat +3, Socialization +, Fighting: Needs To Eat Better For Strength, Kreig: Size, Appearance, Mannerisms, Kreig: A Thinker, Highly Intelligent, Kreig: Didn’t Talk Much, Spoke More With His Form, Kreig: Kreig’s Version Of Killing A Student, Brawling: Everything Can Be Used In A Fight, Brawling: Understanding Risks, Brawling: How To Understand A Feint From An Attack, Psychology: Personal Tells, Psychology: How A Person Lies With Their Body, Psychology: Examples of Tells, Brawling: One Can Feint a Feint, Brawling: Train Reactions, Brawling: Be Flexible Of Mind And Body, Brawling: Being Corrected On Execution, Brawling: Soft Targets Of The Face, Brawling: Testicles Acceptable Targets, Kreig: Treats Her Like A Person, Kreig: Teaches Her So She Can Survive, Kreig: Willing To Help Her Get Free, Kreig: Believes In Freedom For Sunberth, Kreig: Apparently Doesn’t Like Darvin Or Allied To Him, Kreig: Ex-Syliran Knight, Kreig: Has Honor, Unarmed: Jab
  • 24th - Under Leth's Light - Planning +5, Stealth +2, Swimming +3, Scouting +1, Dagger +5, Dodging +2, Strategy +5, Stealth: Walking Quietly On The Balls Of Your Feet, Riverside Isle Park: Spots To Swim, Kynier: Appearance Naked & Dressed, Kynier: Has an Akajia Pendant, Kynier: Prays To Akajia, Kynier: Has No Gnosis Marks, Brawling: Using A Torch, Looting Bodies, Kynier: Kelski Cares About Him Deeply, Kynier: Feeds her, Kynier: Being Kissed By Him, Kynier: Fighting Bonding
  • 45th - Making Treasure Out Of Trash I -Experience: Jewelcrafting +5, Planning +5, Philtering +1 Lore: JC: Improving The Value of Jewelry Pieces, JC: Unseating Gems From Settings, JC: Bleaching Pearls, JC: Dying Pearls, Philtering: Making Bleach, JC: Evaluating Gemstones & Jewelry Settings, JC: Filling Inclusions To Increase Brilliance & Luster, JC: Oil Treating Emeralds, JC: Cleaning Fragile Stones, JC: Sealing Oil Treated Stones W/Lacquer, JC: Clarifying Zircon, JC: Opals – Discerning Treatments of Doublets and Triplets, JC: Fixing Craze in Opals, JC: Removing Potch From Opals (the dull parts)
  • 45th - Making Treasure Out Of Trash II - Experience: Jewelcrafting +5, Planning +5, Metalsmithing +1, Endurance +1 Lore: JC: Heat Treating Opals, JC: Curing Opals, JC: Heat Treating Citrines (from brown to orange), JC: Making a Ring, JC: Making Ring Prongs, JC: Polishing Raw Jewelry
  • 89th - Hunting and Being Hunted - Planning +1, Psychology +1, Hunting +3, Dagger +5 JC: Breaking Down Exquisite Pieces Into Smaller Less Valuable Ones, Psychology: Clearing Ones Full Mind, Darvin: Plans On Purchasing Her From Jaren, Dagger: Defending Against Sexual Assault, Dagger: Being Corrected On Technique By An Attacker, Dagger: Proper Grips For Throwing, Hunting: Killing Rats For Food, Hunting: Being Hunted While Hunting
  • 90th - Aftermath - Dual Wield +3, Dagger +5, Evasion +3, Acrobatics +2 Jaren: Likes Things Pretty, Not Broken, Darvin: Doesn’t React Well To Stabbing, Drugs: Party In A Vial, Drugs: Hallucinations, Dagger: Fighting While Drugged/Hallucinating, Drugs: Party In A Vial Gives Strength, Dagger: Fighting Two Handed, Dagger: Slaughtering Daggerhand Youths, Drugs: Fighting Rotting Walking Corpses, Drugs: The Horrible Crash

Winter 517

Winter 517 :
  • 5th - Not Everything That Glitters Is Gold - Socialization +3, Storytelling +1, Metalsmithing +5, Interrogation +2, Lores: Dagwood Metal: Location/What It Stocks, Daedalus: Owner Dagwood Metals, Daedalus: His Concise History, Daedalus: Metals Thank Him, The Dagwood Family: How Family Acts, Daedalus: Terribly critical, Daedalus: Rude To People , Metalsmithing : Recipe for Copper, Metalsmithing: Wood Fires Are Fine for Copper, Gold and Silver. Daedalus: Has Thoughtless Tendencies, Metalsmithing: Recipe for Bronze, Metalsmithing: Recipe for Bell Bronze, Metalsmithing: Making Oilsand Molds, Metalsmithing: Using Blanks, Vinos: Slave Organization In Sunberth, Vinos: Rictor Vino & Zsavin Vino, appearance and Relation to each other, Daedalus: Kissed Her, Torture: Being Branded
  • 2nd - The First Request I - Jewelcrafting +5, Organization +1, Planning +2, Metalsmithing +3, JC: Setting Up A Workshop, JC: Sorting And Valuing Stolen Jewelry, JC: Improving Gem Quality By Filling, JC: Smelting Various Metals Into Ingots, JC: Embellishing Slave Collars, JC: Lining Leather, JC: Agate Overlays, JC: Soldering, JC: Using Bracelet Molds, JC: Hinging Overlays
  • 2nd - The First Request II - Jewelcrafting +5, Metalsmithing +3, Sculpting +1, Carpentry +1, JC: Adapting Ring Blacks For Inlay Channels, Metalsmithing: Riveting, JC: Cutting Agate To Fit In a Mosaic, Metalsmithing: Filling channels with metal to lock in a Mosaic, JC: Making Wire, JC: Shaping Lengths Of Metal Into Rings, Metalsmithing: Using Oilsand To Make Molds, Metalsmithing: Pouring Liquid Metal Into Sand Molds, JC: Finishing Silver – Polishing With Rouge, Metalsmithing: Drilling Metal, Jaren: Won’t Sleep With Her Because Of Her Coloring, Jaren: Will Decorate Her With Piercings
  • 18th - Daggers And Drugs I - Dagger +5, Observation +5, Dagger: Parts of a Dagger, Dagger: Hammer Grip, Dagger: Forward Grip, Dagger: Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Grips, Dagger: Saber Grip, Dagger: Modifying Grips To Suit Situations, Dagger: Balanced Stance, Dagger: Triangle Stance, Dagger: Lead With Dagger In A Dual, Dagger: Using Free Hand For A Shield, Dagger: Protecting Your Throat Neck, and Heart, Dagger: Using Your Forearm For a Shield
  • 18th - Daggers And Drugs II - Dagger +5, Observation +5, Dagger: Reverse Dagger Grip (stabber, ice pick, talon), Dagger: No Improper Way To Hold It, Dagger: Reverse Edge Out Grip, Dagger: Reverse Edge In Grip, Dagger: Palm Reinforced Grip, Dagger: Types Of Daggers, Dagger: How To Properly Measure Ones Hand For A Grip, Dagger: Lead With Empty Hand For Surprise, Dagger: Attack Fast, Stab Hard, Multiple Times, Dagger: Distracting Opponent Away From Weapon, Dagger: Never Drop/Throw Away Your Weapon, Dagger: Combining It With Brawling, Dagger: Blinding Opponent With Dirt
  • 18th - Daggers And Drugs III - Dagger +5, Observation +5, Medicine +1, Dagger: Attacks Are Fast Ambushes - Not Duels, Dagger: How To Spot An Attack, Dagger: Attackers Conceal Weapons, Dagger: Attacks Aren’t Verbally or Physically Threatening, Dagger: Attacks Are To Kill, Dagger: Her Strength Is Being Underestimated, Dagger: Distract, Attack, Eliminate, Dagger: Nobility Out The Window In SB, Dagger: Corner But Don’t Be Cornered, Dagger: Reactionary Gap, Dagger: Person Getting Surprised Gets Victory Often, Dagger: Fights Are Short, Under One Minute, Dagger: Smaller Reactionary Gap = Higher Chances, Dagger: Bull Rush, Dagger: Don’t Let Victim Retreat, Dagger: Make Short, Quick, Powerful Repetitive Stabs At Different Angles, Dagger: Shanking, Medicine: Main Arteries Of The Body, Medicine: Main Vital Organs In Humans, Dagger: Hit Arteries & Vital Organs, Dagger: Who’s Carrying, Dagger: Concealing Weapons, Dagger: Blading Body Technique, Dagger: Anticipating Attack Means Avoiding Death, Darvin: Takes Payment For Lessons In The Form Of Testing His Drugs.
  • 9th - A Sick Man's Game -
  • 12th - Stepping On The Wrong Tile - Brawling: +2, Unarmed Combat: +1, Socialization +3, Lores: Zukai: Sunberth’s Guard, Kukai: Mixed Race, Thorne: Denizen Of Sunberth/Poisoncrafter, ZUkai/Thorne: Do not get along, Kukri: What It Is, Brawling: Using a Rock As A Makeshift Weapon, Unarmed Combat: Kicking Someone In The Nuts, Brawling: Killing Someone With A Rock
  • 26th - An Evening Out - XP: Socialization +5, Observation +5, Interrogation, Sunberth: Pigsfoot Tavern Location, Thorne: Poisoncrafter, Thorne: Lives At Majestic, Thorne: Steals Food, Thorne: Uses A Rapier, Stealing: The Consequences Of It From Sun’s Birth, Thorne: Will Sleep With Men When In Trouble, Thorne: Doesn’t Value Her Freedom, Thorne: Confusing & Mad At Her
  • 29th - Wandering For Perspective With A Pocket Full Of Skulls - Experience: Jewelcrafting +5, Planning +5, Carving +1, Metalsmithing +1, Construction +2, Body Building +1, Lore: Gold Lodge: Feeds slaves free, Sunberth: Layout of Streets, Sunberth: Tent City, Sunberth: Slag Heap, Tent City Denizen: Mosa, , Skull Crows: Omens of death, Bad Luck, Darvin: Deals Drugs While On Duty, Body Building: Construction Is A Good Workout, Larceny: Having Bread Stolen, Slag Heap: The Air Quality Is Terrible, Slag Heap: People Burn Bodies (even Babies alive) On It, Darvin: Drugged Her, Slag Heap: Thing of Nightmares, Notes: Three Skull Crows, Rumors of Treasure On The Isle, Rumors of Mustering at Robern’s Sea Tarrif Keep, JC: Silvering Skulls with Copper, JC: Making square point chains, JC: Carving Still Hot Silvered Items, JC: Cutting Round Glass Beads Into Faceted Ones
  • 29th - Wandering For Perspective With A Pocket Full Of Skulls II - Experience: Jewelcrafting +5, Planning +4, Carving +1, Metalsmithing +1, Lores: JC: Making Filigree, JC: Using Bead Molds, JC: Making Beads, JC: Making Square Chain, Skull Crows: Why They Wear The Skulls, Religion: Eywaat, JC: How To Take The Memories From Skull Crows, Nightstalking: Shadows Musi and Shuva, Skull Crows: Use Skulls To Remember The Fallen, JC: Wax Relief Carving, JC: Lost Wax Casting, JC: Using Plaster In JC, JC: Finishing A Piece With Lacquer. Notes: Two Skulls to give to Jaren between part 1&2. One subpar copper skull to keep.
  • 30th - Riven, Sundered, & Lost -
  • 40th - The World Is Full Of Angles I - +5 Dagger, +5 Observation, +3 Strategy, Mathematics +1, Interrogation +3, Dagger: The Nine Angles Of Attack, Daggers: Can Be Duel Wielded, Mathematics : Perpendicular vs. Parallel, Dagger: How To Lighten Ones Body, Dagger: Proper Posture, Dagger: Aggressiveness Is Key, Dagger: How To Parry, Dagger: Defensive Thinking
  • 40th - The World Is Full Of Angles II -+5 Dagger, +5 Observation, +1 Medicine, Dagger: Strike Straight With Tip Pointed At Opponent, Dagger: Targets Of Choice – Head, Face, Head, Neck, Vital Organs, Artery, Fingers, Hands – Especially Thumbs, Dagger: Remove The Thumb Technique, Dagger: Cut The Hand Technique, Dagger: Triceps Hook, Medicine: Triceps And Biceps In Human Anatomy, Medicine: How Triceps/Biceps Function, Dagger: Hack And Stab, Dagger: Must Learn Dancing, Dagger: Never Throw Your Weapon Away, Dagger: Pack Daggers Just For Throwing Away
  • 40th - The World Is Full Of Angles III - Dagger +5, Observation +5, Dagger: Scissor Hold, Dagger: Scissor Hold Counter, Dagger: Monkey Trapped, Dagger: Three Guard Positions of High Guard, Shield Guard, and Wide Guard, Dagger: Thrust, Dagger: The Art Of Feinting, Dagger: Common Attacks, Darvin: iIs Drugs Aren't Always Safe
  • 46th - Among the Pre-Valterrian Graves - Observation +5, Socialization +4, Interrogation +3, Dagger + 3, Hunting +1, Darvin: His Drug Delivery Route, Sunberth: Location Dust Beds, Sunberth: Location Dust Bed Ridge, Carus: Human male, New To Sunberth, Carus: Drifter, Carus: Arrogant But Polite, Carus: From Syliras, Carus: Thinks Sunberth Is Horrid, Combat: Fighting Wolves, Dagger: Using A Cloak To Guard Forearm, Carus: Clumsy, Carus: Fights With A Knife, Dagger: Defending Against Wolves, Old Man: Throws Fire, Old Man: Fights Bravely, Defends Carus, Old Man: Thinks Carus is Espalia, Hunting: Butchering And Eating Fresh Wolf Corpses Raw.
  • 50th - New Connections Amidst Chaos (Bron) - Bodybuilding +3, Brawling +2, Socialization +5, Dagger +3, Subterfuge +2, Leadership: +1, Swimming +4, Storytelling +1, Swimming +3 Sunberth: The Mood Of A Crowd On The Verge Of Rioting, Sunberth: Witnessing Magehate First Hand, Bronwen: Good With A Quarterstaff, Sunberth: Being Lost, Bodybuilding: Hauling/Swinging Kegs For Strength Training, Brawling: Using Kegs As Weapons, Observation: How To Spot People Under The Influence Of Drugs, Bronwen: Levelheaded Under Pressure, Bronwen: Good Leader, Subterfuge: Being Deceptively Weak In A Fight, Matrim: Bron’s Father – Syliran Knight, Matrim: Fights Like A God, Sunberth: Best Places To Swim, Bron: Very Kind, Myrians: Have Piercings With Meaning, Matrim: Great Swimmer, Good Teacher, Swimming: How to Float, Swimming: How To Relax On Your Back, Swimming: How To Tread Water
  • 60th - Glimpses of What's To Come - Fortune Telling +5, Socialization +4, Interrogation +4, Lores: Mosa: Fortune Teller/Violinist, Mosa: Where She Lives In Tent City, Fortune Telling: What Palmistry Is, Palmistry: What The Lines On The Hand Mean, Fortune Telling: What It is, Dresden: Tent City Resident, Palmistry: What It Is, Palmistry: What Hand To Read, Palmistry: Life/Love Line, Palmistry: What Marriage Line, Fate Line, Sun Line, Children Line, Money Line, Travel Line and Bracelet Line mean…
  • 70th - Pristine Maliceworks- Moderator Dropped
  • 85th - Spirals Within Spirals - Dagger +3, Planning +1, Socialization +2, Tall Johnny’s: Location/Purpose , Tall Johnnys: Cage Fights Will Numb Someone To Violence, Darvin: Gives Drugs Free To New People To Get Them Hooked, Observation: Drug Deals Are A Kind Of Fight. Meriann: Lost A Fight With Darvin – Took His Drugs, Meriann: Doesn’t Deal With Drugs Well, Meriann: How It Feels To Take A Life, Meriann: Resentful Of The Privileged, Mariann: Hated Her For Throwing Her Life Away, Her Freedom, Her Casual Use Of Drugs, Dagger: Murdering Someone With One, Meriann: Ate Her Eyes

*Inactive Summer 516-Fall 517

Past Threads :
Summer 514

  • 1st - Things Are Coming Together -Observation +3, Planning +1, Socialization +2, Socialization: Meeting Master Li, Socialization: Meeting Alses, Eth: What an Eth is
  • 2nd - A Talkative Diamond Grade: +4 Jewelcraftingn +3 Observation, +1 Planning, +1 Mathematics, +2 Physics, +2 Writing, +2 Socialization, Lores: Jewelcrafting: Scale of Hardness, Jewelcrafting: Specific Gravity
  • 5th - Home Invasion - Cleaning +1, Body Building +1, Planning +1, Intimidation +1, Observation +1, Socialization +2, Hostessing +1, Cooking +1, Socialization: Meeting Brandon Blackwing
  • 12th - A Walk On The Wild Side Observation +5 Socialization +5 Interrogation +4 Intimidation +1 Rhetoric +3 Mountaineering +3 Teaching +1 Butchering +1 Leatherworking +1
    Trapping +1, Sal: the Blood Hound who answers questions with questions Lunch hour: the dreaded time when crowds appear Lhavit: the tourist attractions
    Human’s aren’t flawless? Sal: Marked by Ivak Sal: A friend Setting up traps for catching rabbits Leatherworking: Working on a rabbit’s pelt
  • 13th - A Relaxed Introduction - Observation +1, Swimming +1, Planning +1, Socialization +1, Interrogation +1, Socialization: Meeting Asha
  • 15th - Learning The Way Of Things Grade: +5 Jewelcrafting, +5 Observation, +3 Writing, +3 Drawing, +2 Socialization, Lores: Jewelcrafting: The Four C's - Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat, Jewelcrafting: Types of Inclusion, Jewelcrafting: How to plot a gemstone, Jewelcrafting: Stone Identification, Jewelcrafting: The Topography of a cut gemstone, Jewelcrafting: Types of facets, Jewelcrafting: How to Identify The Shapes Of Stones, Jewelcrafting: Types of Gemstone Cuts, Meticulously taking notes
  • TBD - [The Shining Diamond] Capturing And Refracting Light
  • 72nd - Waves Will Crash On Every Shore- Observation +1, Hunting +1, Intimidation +1, Hunting: Catching Fish In The Wild
  • TBD - [The Shining Diamond] New Techniques
  • 91st - Pearls & FIsh Scales
  • Seasonal XP - 3 XP

Fall 514

    5th - Book Shopping- Observation +2, Negotiation +2, Lhavit: Takes Kinas not Mizas, Acquisitions: Black and White Ombre Scarf, Bright Sky Blue Scarf, Book on Cooking and Baking, Book on Auristics
  • 10th - Making Friends Rockhounding Mountaineering +4 Observation +5 Socialization +5 Teaching +2 Rhetoric +3 geology +4 Winter is coming: the trees are a warning Shamus: friendly stranger Master Li's vocabulary: has a positive effect on mine A spa is a bathhouse of sorts
    The changes in worth emotional value can bring Shamus: new friend
  • Early Fall - Cutting Cabos - Observation +5 Jewelcrafting +5 Carving +3 Deduction +1 Drawing +1 Endurance +2 Philtering +2 Cutting the cabochon: Also known as 'Cabbing' Cabbing: The simplest and easiest form of jewelcrafting Adding water to a stonecutter eases the proces Waste not want not Light blue: Shinya color of luck Blanks: Metal gemstone holders Blanks: Used to attach gems to things Tracing the shape of a blank Dop sticks: To hold gems more securely Attaching stones to dop sticks Using a grinding stone Hold cabos loosely to the grindstone for a smooth dome Carve the cabos larger than the blank to account for polishing Gems need maintenance to shine Black pitch: Made from tar Pine Pitch: Made from the sap of pine trees Mix dust with pitch to polish Philtering: The recipe for pitch Philtering: Recipe for dopping glue Jewelcrafting: Polishing Cabos
  • Early Fall - New Techniques

Winter 514

  • Early Winter - Treating Gemstones - Jewelcrafting +2, Observation +1,JC: Difference between natural and artificial gemstones, JC: Bleaching Gemstones, JC: How To Make Bleach, JC: Gemstone Dyeing, JC: Treating Pearls, JC: Which Stones To bleack – Jadeite, Tiger’s Eye, chalcedony, and Coral
  • ? - Shining Diamond One
  • ? - Shining Diamond Two
  • 28th - At Farpoint- Rhetoric 1, Lhavit: the Trail of Waterfalls, Geology: Moonstone
  • ? - The Perfect Place

Spring 515

Summer 515

  • 1st - Summer Wind - Observation +5 Philosophy +4 Planning +2 Socialization +5 Acrobatics +1 Storytelling +5 Land Navigation +1 Leadership +1 Deduction +2 Rhetoric +1 Stealth +1 Teaching +1 Tactics +1 Fishing +1 Skinning +1 Intelligence +1 Cooking +1, Location: Sharai Peak Summer: Long days, short nights Greeting a Stranger Fehn also likes Sharai Peak The importance of making plans Fehn: A nice man Layout: Sharai Peak Fehn's History Fehn: More complicated than you think Tactics: Fishing by hand Cleaning Trout Humans prefer clothing Planning: How to keep Fehn entertained? Explaingin rape from a victim's perspective What a Lobster is Understanding the pecking order What theater is, Fehn: Has no drive/More scared of humans than animals, Traveling is dangerous, Fehn: Defines 'home' different than you
  • PH - Job Thread 1 -
  • PH - Job Thread 2 -
  • PH - Trade Secrets 1 -
  • PH - Trade Secrets 2 -

Fall 515

Winter 515

  • 10th - Job Thread
  • 35th - Job Thread
  • 70th - Katt Burgler - Observation +3, Planning +1, Socialization +2, Acrobatics +1, Lores: Lhavit: Starving This Season , PCs in Lhavit Are Dicks.
  • Early Winter - What Washes Ashore - Observation +4, Planning +2, Foraging +2, Cooking +1, Socialization +3, Spiritism +1, Socialization Meeting Levi & His Dead Sister, Black Rock: It’s Location And The Fact Its Home of Many Many Ghosts, Shipwrecks: Can Contain Ghosts

Spring 516

  • 8th - Encounter At Rainbow Falls - Observation +3, Fishing +3, Socialization +3, Socialization: Meeting Boo, Boo: Crazy and has an imaginary friend
  • 30th - Gifts In The Stream -
  • 70th - [Quest] Rigor Samsa - Investigation +4, Observation +4, Dancing +1, Socialization +3, Interrogation +3, Storytelling +1, Socialization: Meeting Khara, Thomas, Veldrys, Alses, Azira, and Izuyanai. Lhavit: Lhavit’s Magic Fountain, Socialization: Meeting the Shadows Umbro and Halo

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Magical Items

Postby Kelski on April 13th, 2019, 10:30 pm


Sometimes life is magical.

Magic Items


Kelski has amassed quite a few magic items through adventures in Sunberth. Because Sunberth has pre-valterrian mines, it seems rife with such things. Many many items have been acquired through weekend challenges as well.


Pitch :

History: 600 years ago, there lived a woman named, Mia Kine, one of Akajia’s Nightstalkers. Through her service to the Endless Shadow, Mia had become uniquely attuned to communicating with and manipulating shadows above and beyond other Nightstalkers. It is said that from the shadows, she learned fragments of a secret so great that the desire to learn more drove her over the edge. She spent years growing ever closer to the darkness in search of the secret. The closer she became with the shadows, the more they changed her. She shied away from bright light and avoided heat. Her skin grayed and eventually became black. Slowly she became more shadow than human. Her quest to discover all that she could of the secret led her to a place that was so old, the term ancient didn’t quite quantify it.

Drawn to a particularly unassuming ruin, Mia entered. Some time later, for a reason only Akajia knows, a trio of Nightstalkers were sent to the ruin to find Mia. As they approached the entrance to the ruin, they peered into the darkness within. It is not known what they saw but a few years later, a group of explorers stumbled upon the site; the ruin gone. They found three skeletons laid out around the shape of a human burned into the ground. While the ground looked burned, it had obviously been years since whatever happened, happened. Nothing grew in the spot and it actually felt abnormally cold to the touch.

The front of the skeletons were also blackened in a similar manner, cold to the touch, bits of blackened flesh still stuck to the bones. While there were no personal items found on the skeletons, on the ground next to the strange human-shaped mark was a dagger. The dagger was blacker than black and seemed to absorb ambient light around it. Cool to the touch, the blade was curved on one edge, the other serrated. When held, it appeared as though trails of darkness emanated from its surface like smoke. Whatever happened to the dagger after the explorers found it is unknown however it was noted, at some point in some recorded history somewhere that the explorers, one by one, went mad; claiming that they had discovered a horrific secret only to die in what was believed to be some sort of fire; only their partially blackened bones remained.

This dagger has a curved blade roughly 12 inches with one edge being serrated. It feels cold to the touch and seems to absorb ambient light so that the space immediately surrounding it appears darker than it should. Shadowy trails of darkness lick their way off the blade like trails of smoke. Over time, the hand of the wielder will develop grayish veins which eventually become darker, almost black. Pitch is most effective when used against someone who is actively keeping information from the wielder. When used to cut or pierce such a person, Pitch acts as though it has a Competent Intelligence skill with 40 skill points for the sake of learning and sharing the information with the wielder.

Pitch has a minor secondary ability, if the wielder wishes it, of being able to remain undetected, if on the wielder’s person.

Pitch also acquired the poisonous trait here. The weapon’s attack surface becomes coated in an irritating poison that causes dizziness. Successful strike causes -10 to victim’s future rolls; only applied once per target per scene. Activates via command word.
Acquired in: [The Temple Of The Unknown] Undiscovered Secrets


Little Rhaus :
Rhaus Statue 8inches Tall

This figurine looks like a gentle old man with no hair, holding a stringed-instrument. When animated, the statue will often play music to fit a particular setting or mood. He loves to tell stories and sing when the mood strikes him; it strikes a lot. He is easy-going and enjoys good company. Gnosis: 1 mark Rhaus. Skills: Singing: 10, Storytelling: 10, Musical Instruments (All) 10. Lore: Rhaus, Composing music on the fly. Magical Ability: Cause all action to halt in a 20 foot radius as he plays music that all in the area of effect want to listen to. 1/day, any actions taken during this time other than listening will break the effect.
Acquired in: The Storm Before The Calm


Amulet of Desire :
Amulet Of Desire

This piece is a necklace. Over time and through roleplay you will come to understand how this item works. When you hold it in your hand and turn a careful circle until you stand in whichever direction the person, place, or thing that you desire will cause the amulet to glow. The person place or thing you desire can change moment to moment. It will continue to glow as long as you concentrate on that object of desire and point in the direction it lies relative to you. This item will only work if you are within a 10 mile distance of the one thing you desire
Acquired In: [Drunken Fish] Business As Usual


Backpack of Holding :
The Backpack Of Voiding

It can be of any color though the basic shape will remain as pictured. It can hold anything within it as long as the thing can fit through the bag's opening to disappear inside. It weighs as if it is an empty backpack and has no limit in terms of what can go in. One must concentrate on what one wants to retrieve from the inside of it when reaching in or else the contents coming to ones hand will be random. This backpack will not preserve items such as food. Any garbage or food that rots in it will cause the contents to smell and a stench to emit from it once the top flap is thrown open. The same might be said of soiled sweaty or dirty clothing, especially socks and shoes.
Acquired In: The Wreckage Of Lives


The Chameleon Bracelet :
The Chameleon Bracelet

Chameleon – The bracelet allows the wearer to blend into their surroundings while they are standing still; +10 to stealth rolls when worn and standing still.

Acquired In: TBD


Crossbow's Talisman :
Crossbow’s Talisman.

This Talisman is a single silvery stone set in a ring (resembling a keychain) that can be affixed to a crossbow that acts to both silence the crossbow and augment its accuracy. When affixed as an ornament, the crossbow of choice becomes silent and gives the wielder a +10 to hit. It can be moved from crossbow to crossbow.

Acquired In: TBD


Starfire Key :
Starfire Key

The surface of this small, silver key is crackled with lines of starfire. Set in the bow of the key is a tiny pearl shaped vaguely like an open eye. Other than being cool to the touch, weighing nothing and looking quite unique, the key seems to have little other purpose; it fits no particular lock. From sundown to sunrise, when Leth rules the skies, the key’s true power can be activated. Holding the key and turning it in an imaginary lock while focusing on the feelings experienced during the change caused by the Falling Skies, will open a silver doorway in the fabric of reality. The process is not instantaneous and takes a few moments to get the thoughts and feelings aligned right to activate. Nothing can be seen without entering other than a shimmering silver portal hovering in place. Stepping through the doorway, Kelski will enter a completely different place.

No matter where she was before, she will step onto the top of a mountain that seems impossibly high; higher than any point she’d ever experienced, even in her sea-eagle form. There are no clouds and she can see clearly as far as her eyes will allow. There are forests, mountains, hills, lakes and rivers, all able to be seen. The night sky is filled with stars and extends in all directions seemingly endlessly around the mountain top. The moon, impossible large, sheds its light over all that lies below; allowing Kelski to somehow see it all in detail relative to her height. The air is cool, crisp but not uncomfortable or impossible cold and thin as it should be. If anything, it offers Kelski a unique perspective, a sight that nobody else would experience. In the air, a most out of place scent drifts about although only ever so slightly, the scent of the ocean.

The mountain top is roughly 30-feet in diameter although an invisible barrier prevents Kelski from leaving a 10-foot by 10-foot space. The space is positioned so that she can step to the edge of the mountaintop, lean over a bit but never fall. There is a firepit within the space, 3 feet in diameter and lined neatly with masterfully cut stones. There is an elaborate carving that encircles the outside of the stones lining the pit yet no matter how hard Kelski tries to see what it is, the carving blurs every time making it impossible to make out. Inside the pit is a bundle of fresh firewood. If lit, the wood burns with a soft silver flame. The flame goes out when Kelski leaves the space through the doorway but each time she returns the wood is ready to be lit again. The flames from the fire are cool or warm depending on Kelski’s desire.

This place is similar to one that can be created through the use of Dominion although far more limited. It acts as a safe, quiet, peaceful place where Kelski can escape to reflect on any and all aspects of existence that may concern her. While it is influenced by Leth, the space is also something of a reflection of Kelski. While in the space, the only distractions are what Kelski brings with her. It is the perfect place for meditation, reflection and deep thinking and prayer. Items from the outside world can be brought into the space but as it is only a 10 x 10-foot space, it can get cluttered quickly. Plus, there is the firepit which is three feet in diameter.

Note that intentional damage to any existing part of the space will force Kelski to be ejected from it with her key unable to ever open the doorway again. A single other person may be brought into the space as long as they are in physical contact with Kelski when she enters the doorway and only if she willfully wishes them to enter. The doorway will not allow anyone not allowed by Kelski. Possession of the key and use of the space does not grant any knowledge or use of Dominon. The key can only be used by Kelski. If it is lost or stolen, it will return to Kelski upon the next moonrise. If it is given away, it loses its power completely and will not return to Kelski. The doorway vanishes after entering or exiting the space and the key must be used again to open the door once more.

Acquired In Thread: TBD


Abase Stone :
Abase Stone– The stone of life grants the wielder a greater understanding of life and anatomy. When treating the wounds of any living creature, the wielder is treated as having a +25 bonus to Medicine.

The Stones of Tuvrenan

Magecrafting has been practiced since before the creation of written language. A name lost to all but a few of the divine was a shaman named Tuvrenan who was known to imbue great power into regular stones. The stones themselves are large and vary in color but were not magically constructed. Each one possesses a glyph written in the Ancient Tongue on their surface, though it is difficult to see the runes without close, careful examination. The shaman had been known to bless many iconic figures of the first age of civilization with a stone, granting them either an enhancement or new profound abilities. When the stones are held in the owner’s hand they meld into the palm. The texture of the stone spreads over the entire palm and the inside of the fingers so long as the effect is active. The stones can be used for up to one continuous day before they revert to their original form. The stones require one full day to recharge regardless of how much time was used.

Special Note: Bonuses provided by the stones have no bearing on the calculation of a PC’s wages should they receive a bonus to a skill that their profession relies on. Nor do the bonuses affect a PC’s Resolve score.

Acquired In: TBD


The Ring Of Transference :
This ring is a very unique looking golden ring with a red gemstone. When you pick it up and slide it on your finger, you will know instantly what it is for. It will be like someone stood there and told you, but you will not remember that happening. If you take it off immediately, nothing will happen. But if you leave it on, it will activate for its once-per-season usage then and there. What the Ring of Transference does is allow you to take one skill you know well (say a high level skill) and transfer that knowledge for a 24 hour period of time once per season to another skill you already know at the level of the first skill. The second skill acquires the first skills stats, while the first skill acquires the stats of the second skill. You are in essence flip-flopping one set of stats for 24 hrs.

For example, say you have a 76 in Glassblowing. Once per season for a 24 hr period of time, you can transfer that 76 in Glassblowing to Great Axe which is normally only a 15. You do this by sliding the ring on your finger and leaving it there in which it will activate and concentrating on the two skills you want to 'transfer'. The first skill, Glassblowing, will only be at a 15 for the period that its skill set transfers to Great Axe. This must be used for skills you already have.

Acquired In:


The Stunning Opal Dagger :
This dagger is crafted from a special Mele activated Opal Gemstone. It has the same ability of its Semele blessed stone - it reflects Reimancy Attacks and can stun Reimancers into immobility. The blade is formed of one solid mele opal while the hilt is made from a solid piece of stag horn. Unbreakable and magical, this item when held out and used as a shield can reflect a reimancy attack back at its mage of origin protecting anyone using it and those standing behind them. Also, when plunged into a reimancer, it can completely stun the mage to the point of immobility until the item is withdrawn from the mage's body. It wounds as if it were a normal average grade common dagger, and wounds made with this dagger - depending on the skill of its wielder of course - will heal as if they are wounds acquired by a normal weapon.

Its stunning ability can be used once per day. It's reflective ability can be used once per day. It will not reflect attacks of any other forms of magic and will not stun any other types of mages.

Acquired In:


Crystalline Spikes :
This set of four spikes can set up a perimeter alarm system that attunes to the user’s person. First, to activate these items and ‘tune’ them, a user must drop a single drop of blood on each ‘head’ of each of the crystalline spikes to attune themselves to this item. Then these spikes are driven into the ground just to the point of being below the surface in a square or rectangular formation no further apart than the square footage that equates to an acre of land (the spikes driven at each four corners). These chimes, when properly set, form an invisible wall ten foot tall that when crossed by a humanoid creature on foot or mounted will ring a chime in the attuned individual’s head. The chime will sound each time a line between these spikes is crossed. More than one person can attune to these spikes at a single time. Extra individuals may be added to these spikes by uncovering the spike heads and adding an additional person’s drop of blood to the spikes. Once attuned, a second drop of that same individual’s blood can be re-added to the spikes to remove their attunement. For example, if a family of four live in a dwelling, each of the members of the family can donate a drop of blood to each of the spikes and set them, then the spikes will not sound an alarm when these individuals break the perimeter line. However, when someone other than these donors have broken the line, each member of the family of four will hear the chime inside their head. There is no limit to the number of individuals that can be attuned to the spikes at one time. The Crystalline Spikes do not react to ghosts, wildlife, pets, and other non-sentient creatures.

Acquired In:


Cloak of Comfort :
This fine cloak looks to be made of light spun okomo wool and has embroidery around the edges. It appears as the color its owner wishes it too and perfectly regulates its owners temperature regardless of the harsh or mild conditions of the weather that surrounds it. This cloak will always be sized to completely swath the owner and can be willed to expand to include sheltering a singular friend or companion in the event of a survival situation.

Acquired In:


The Perfection Chalice :
This drinking vessel – a perfectly polished silver chalice - is particularly potent in that anything placed within it will magically transform into the most perfect form of its original liquid state. Cheap wines will be transformed into the most magnificent expensive wines, plain dirty water will be transformed into the loveliest fresh pure clean water. It doesn’t matter if its juice, wine, ale, beer, etc. This works with any liquid specifically designed to be drank.

Acquired In:


The Restorer’s Wand :
This elegant wand looks like it has been made of woven spiderweb, though the feel of it is metallic. When grasped and passed over ripped, faded, worn, or deliberately destroyed organic material (such as wood, cloth, paint, ceramic etc) it will magically restore the damaged item to its former ‘new’ state. Thus, paintings can be brightened to the day they were painted, old worn clothing can be restored into their ‘new’ state, and even things like rope or leather can be fixed. It will not work on inorganic items such as metal.

Acquired In:


Tridant Of The Otani :
This multi-colored trident looks to be carved from living coral. The trident chooses its owner and once it does, it cannot be touched by anyone the owner doesn’t wish to. In the hands of the chosen, the trident feels smooth and cool to the touch. To those who are not allowed to touch it, the trident will scrape and scar the hands of the offender regardless of hand protection. In the hands of the chosen, the trident grants the temporary ability to waterbreath for up to 4 bells, once per day. It also grants an animal husbandry bonus of 10 specifically for dealing with aquatic life. This means there is a 1D100 + 10 chance that mundane, aquatic-based life will not harm the chosen. The chosen also need not fear staying hydrated while wielding the trident; simply holding it for a few moments is equal to drinking a good helping of fresh water.

Acquired In:

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