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This northernmost city is the home of Morwen, The Goddess of Winter, and her followers who dwell year round in a land of frozen wonder. [Lore]

[Avanthal] The Linkmap

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**If a location does not have a link it is still under development. If you are interested in working on this location's development or want to use it in your roleplay please message an ST.

City Entrance
All PCs entering Avanthal must use this location.
The Icewall Gates

Food & Lodgings
Please feel free to use these locations in your threads.
The Luminary Commons - Main Eating Hall
Savintar Warrens - Guest Accommodations
The Red Diamond Tavern - A popular pub run by Rayvoris of Winterflame Hold
The Rancid Reindeer - A seedy bar located near the Avanthal docks
Tasty Flakes - Shop that sells a variety of flavored snow

Shops & Businesses
Feel free to self moderate!
The Menagerie - Beast Market
The Frozen Falls Market - Market where foreign and local traders can set up boothes
Snow Stained Bows - Archery Shop
Laria's Furs - Fur Clothing Store
The Nimble Thimble - Knitting Shop
The Drunken Apple - Fruit Mill and Press
Northern Inkantations - A Tattoo Parlor
Art Supply Shop
Snowshoe and Ski Shop

Skyglow Hold
These locations are open to all PCs.
The Skyglow Hold
Skyglow Arvinta - Private residences of Skyglow Vantha and distinguished guests
Kaliara Observation Deck - For viewing the night sky and surrounding landscape
Aurora Showcase - Artist studios

Frostfawn Hold
These locations are open to all PCs.
The Frostfawn Hold
Frostfawn Arvinta - Private residences of Frostfawn Vantha and distinguished guests
The White Elk Stables - Stables for All Animals in Avanthal
Animal Training Rooms
Rare Game Hunting Center

Whitevine Hold
These locations are open to all PCs.
The Whitevine Hold
Whitevine Arvinta - Private residences for Whitevine Arvinta and distinguished guests
Medical Classrooms
Small Clinic

Iceglaze Hold
These locations are open to all PCs.
The Iceglaze Hold
Iceglaze Arvinta - Private residences of Iceglaze Vantha and distinguished guests
Craftsman Workshops
Tool Repair Shop

Coolwater Hold
These locations are open to all PCs.
The Coolwater Hold
Coolwater Arvinta - Private residences of Iceglaze Vantha and distinguished guests
Travel Agent

Snowsong Hold
These locations are open to all PCs.
The Snowsong Hold
Snowsong Arvinta - Private residences of Snowsong Vantha and distinguished guests
Hall of Aural Creation - Practice Rooms for Musicians
Strings 'n Things - Instrument Workshop

Winterflame Hold
These locations are open to all PCs.
The Winterflame Hold
Winterflame Arvinta - Private residences of Winterflame Vantha and distinguished guests
Gaea Gardens - Where all the crops of Avanthal are grown
Practice Kitchens

Leadership Facilities
Government and security buildings
The Ice Palace - Morwen's Residence
The Icewatch Barracks - Home of the Polar Bear Guards
Tundra Training Stadium - Training Center for Icewatch Members and Home of the Sport Rystning

Community Service Locations
Many of these locations are moderated.
The Port of Avanthal
Whitevine Healing Center - For All Intents and Purposes, the Hospital of Avanthal
The Archery Range - Practice Area for All Archers
Stories in the Snow - Avanthal's Library
Svanhildur - Prison of Avanthal *One cannot use this location without moderation*
Herbal and Wet Sauna
Ice Fields Cemetery - Cemetery where the dead are buried in ice.
The Snowflake Club -Gathering place for older citizens where youths may seek advice
The Northern Star - A daycare for children run by elder Vantha and a Pycon
Ice Treader - Boating and travel agency

Recreation Locations
Please feel free to self moderate unless otherwise noted.
The Crystal Hall - Avanthal's Center of Activity and Gathering Spot
Mirror Lake - Ice Rink
The Sculpture Yard - Artists Haven and Hangout
The Windward Boardwalk - Park and palisade
Frostpoint Lighthouse - Icestone ligthouse with great view of the sea
Slippery Slope Sledding - Sledding hill
The Smoldering Embrace - Bonfire surrounded by a maze
Makutsi Springs - Relaxing hot springs
Bejeweled Tusk - Night club

Shrines and Religious Locations
Great personal development sites for those with religious flare
The Temple of Everwinter- Church for Morwen's Followers
Order of Radiance Chapter House - Meeting Place for all Priskil Followers
Shrine to Rhaus
Shrine to Oriana
Shrine to Zulrav

The Northern Wastes
Feel free to visit this wilderness of Taldera and enjoy the wild untamed land.
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