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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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Sunberth Codex

Postby Anomaly on May 5th, 2022, 8:44 pm



Sunberth is a city that has only survived because of the stubborn tenacity of its denizens. By all appearances the city should have collapsed in on itself long ago but somehow it still exists. This is in part because of how adaptable most of its residents are, and how vicious living in such an environment has made them. To an outside eye, it looks like these people have never moved from the chaos that the Valterrian left in its wake but the truth is much more complicated. Unbeknownst to almost everyone, a fragment of hate keeps the city perpetually locked in its self destructive cycle, never organizing beyond small groups of like-minded individuals.

Most of the buildings in Sunberth are not built to last. They are, and often have been easily destroyed so Sunberthians don’t tend to spend much time putting up a structure that is just going to fall down in a couple of years. Using cheap materials, and even cheaper labor they put up what they can to keep out of the elements. If they are one of the lucky few Sunberthers that can afford it, they put their house up in the stone shell of one of the older structures in the city, ones from a time that has long since been forgotten. The bones of what the city once had been are everywhere when you look for them, although most of them have had their materials recycled by now. If one wants to really get a sense of what was, they go below the city were the tunnels stretch on for miles and miles into the darkness. Some businesses have extended themselves into these old tunnels but that comes with its own risks as well. Not only is it easier to break into, but there are things in those tunnels that people only whisper about when the sun is shining high over their heads. Reportedly there is also plenty of treasure to be found in those old tunnels as well, old artifacts from a time when such craftsmanship was commonplace but those that go looking for it seldom make it back to the surface.

Most of the gangs claim ownership of the tunnels below their territory in some fashion, but these areas are often lightly watched if at all. It truly is a labyrinth down there, and most gangs can’t afford to spare the resources to guard those tunnels effectively so often times they just brick up the entrances that adjoin their hideouts. Except for the Night Eyes, who reputably live in the tunnels, coming out only at night to do business. Most of the common folk just disregard these stories as tales meant to enhance the gangs reputation, but their are a few in the city that suspect this is why the gang seems to know a lot of things they shouldn’t.

In order to survive, most every native in Sunberth belongs to a gang of some sort, or are at least gang adjacent. There are of course the three major gangs that have currently risen to prominence but there are a multitude of minor local gangs that exist throughout Sunberth. Their territory typically consists of a street, or alleyway that they protect, and do their business on, extorting the local population for their services which makes them gang adjacent. These smaller gangs are constantly supplanting one another so it isn’t uncommon for a street to change hands a couple of times over the course of a season. Within the territories of the larger gangs, life is a bit more stable in that the person one pays their bribe to remains consistent. However these territories are particularly dangerous on the fringes where attacks are common or if one happens to live near a place the dominant gang does a lot of business.

The average Sunberth resident survives by keeping their head down, and going about their business while trying to avoid the wrong kind of attention. Going out at night is asking for trouble, and those who do usually are not alone.

Districts Overview

The Heaps:

Named after the towering eyesores to the south of it, the Heaps is little more than a chaotic cluster of ramshackle wooden buildings with dirt floors. It is generally overpopulated during the warmer seasons, but because it is not hemmed in by the river or sea, its people are able to throw up hastily built shacks to continue to expand the edges. These new expansions seldom last longer than a few years however as nature finds a way to reclaim back what is hers through natural disaster.

A majority of Sunberth’s tradesmen also call this part of the city home as the streets are wider, and here they have access to the raw materials they need for their profession. Because of the slag heaps the ground water here is undrinkable so most of the water is drawn from wells up north near the fields, or from the river itself. The air quality is also generally poor, especially for those that live nearest to the heaps so naturally the poorest citizens in the cheapest houses live nearest the slag heaps.

Territory of the Night Eyes: Unlike some of the other gangs, the Night eyes do not actively patrol their territory. In fact, they don’t even use their own members to collect fees from the business in their territories. Instead they outsource all of it through a series of dead drops so that even the people doing their dirty work can’t say they’ve ever met a member. That said, the Night eyes have ears and eyes everywhere to keep an eye on everything. People who do or say something they shouldn’t in their territory have a way of disappearing without a trace the next day. Because most of their territory is on the outer fringe of the city, the buildings here tend to be larger, and more spread out. Houses tend to be made out of loose stone, and thatch while commercial buildings are made of wood.

  • - The Simpering Seacow - Open air cafe with secret ties to the Night Eyes.
  • - The Muted Maiden - Brothel specializing in fulfilling all manner of dark requests.
  • - The Fence - A shop dealing exclusively with the illegal and immoral.
  • - Cutters and Carvers - Lumber supplier with hidden connections.
  • - The Rookery - The only means of contacting the Night Eyes directly. Likewise, a premier messenger service for the city and beyond.
  • - The Slag Heap Fire - The endless fire that serves as Sunberth's treasured local monument.
  • - The Night’s Rest Tavern - The unofficial official hangout of the Night Eyes.

- The Sunset Quarters

The Sunset Quarters are the last resort for many. A slum so tightly packed together that many of the houses are stacked on top of one another, and often house more than one family. The streets here are a winding, confusing mess that even the residents have a hard time navigating. Institutions like the orphanage tower over most of the residences here while other places go unnoticed, lost in the maze of slums.

The Sun's Refuge Territory:
One always knows when they are on the Sun’s Birth side of the city. They tend to run a tight ship, patrolling the streets often to disrupt any trouble-making not of their own doing. In order to keep their streets clear of rubbish they tend to offer incentives in the form of tax breaks for businesses or leg breaks in the case of anyone insensitive enough to litter in front of a dragoon. The buildings here tend to be small, rarely if ever reaching two stories and for the most part made of wood. This is because the southern section of the city was the site of extensive mining operations before the Valterrian, more so than anywhere else across Sunberth and that has made building here a fairly unstable proposition. However not one’s to let a bit of risk stop them, the majority of residents combat this by expanding their homes underground into the tunnels before blocking them off but of course that came with its own risks as well, for on top of the instability there are some things down in those tunnels that a thin wooden wall will not keep out.

Rotten Reaches:
The Rotten Reaches were built around the ruins of what once had been Sunberth before time ate away at her like it always did. The buildings here are a suitably bizarre mix of styles featuring some of the old stonework left by those ruins with wooden additions that look sloppy in comparison. The floors here are mostly dirt or stone and the population typically stays on the poor side unless they are otherwise affiliated with the Daggerhands at which point they can enjoy an average lifestyle if they are lucky.

Daggerhand Territory:
In arguably the worst section of the city, the Daggerhands have been recovering their losses by flooding the area with drugs. Because of this, much of this section of the city has started to come apart with drug dealers and users littering every street. Many homes are falling apart while Daggerhand thugs roam the streets to squeeze what little they can out of those who continue to live here. Meanwhile Daggerhands have taken the best of everything this area has to offer and concentrated it into several safe houses throughout the district. These are easy to spot as they are the only buildings that don’t look dilapidated, and tend to have well fed and well armed guards loitering outside of their premises. Against the ruin that is the rest of this part of the city, the effect is jarring.

Unaffiliated Communities:
These communities have for one reason or another managed to resist the influence of the major gangs that have to continue to dominate large swathes of Sunberth.

- The Gated Community
Formerly the seat of the Sun's Birth. This fortified area is now overseen by a civil guard. Rumors about a possible gang takeover keep the population afraid.
  • - Goldfinger's Loan Agency - Quick and dirty financier for new businesses.
  • - Silvertongue's Silver Tongue - Pawn shop specializing in jewelry and finery.
  • - Ruby's Scarlet Sanctum - High class burlesque theatre and brothel.
  • - The Song's Rest - A place of rest for those who wish to sing a song.

    - The Den
    Located in the heart of Daggerhand territory lives the worst of the worst, a conglomeration of minor gangs that couldn’t be brought to heel when the Daggerhands were at the height of their power. The buildings here tend to be shabby, and poorly maintained made with whatever the owner could find nearby which tends to be bits of masonry that doesn’t quite fit matched ill fittingly with weatherbeaten wood. This is the section of the city that most Sunberthian’s choose to ignore, and outsiders visit at their own peril. The rules are different here, and if one isn’t careful a knife in the back will be the least of their worries.

    • - The Blood Pits - The infamous arena that sees an end to most of Sunberth's quarrels.
    • - Killroy's Kennel - The finest purveyor of stolen animals in the city.
    • - The Clinic - The only doctor mad enough to tackle the Den works from the Clinic.

    - Stumble Alley
    Most Sunberthians would rather be thrown buck naked into the Den rather than step one foot into Stumble Alley. It has been described as the alley that leads no where, and everywhere. No one knows where it begins or ends, or even where it is, not definitively anyways. They only know when they’re standing right outside of it, just about to go in. It starts as a tingle on the back of the neck followed by a cold sweat as one is left with a deeply unsettling feeling that they can’t quite place. If one decides not to heed their intuition and go in, it is best they have their affairs in order because they might not be coming back.

    Be AwareIf you wish to visit this location, you will need to make two 1d100 rolls in chat under moderator supervision. The first roll (70<) is to see if you find it. The second roll (20<) is to see if you make it out unscathed.

    • - The Majestic - Secret location that offers potions, poisons, and magical services.
    • - The Library - The only library in the city, this site is also home to the mysterious Vigilante gang.

    - The Castle Commons
    The Castle Commons are a shadow of what Sunberth used to be before the cataclysm. In fact, they are the shadow of a shadow for little but rubble remains of what once was. However Sunberthians are hardy people. Out of those old bones they have rebuilt again, and again, as many times as it takes for them to stick. As such, the houses in this quarter tend to be made predominantly with the old masonry ‘left lying around’ as a local would say. More so than any other part of Sunberth, these buildings have a haphazard feel to them and it is rare for them not to have a house or two collapse over the course of a season ‘just ‘cause’.

    - The Riverside Community
    As the name suggests, the Riverside community is made up of all of those who live alongside the river, their homes and businesses raised on wooden stilts that have to be replaced every couple of years or so. The people here enjoy a poor to average lifestyle with the average living near the north part of the river and getting progressively poorer as one goes south along it.

    - Baroque Bay Community
    The Baroque Bay is the entry point for most foreigners coming into Sunberth, and the face it presents is middling at best. The houses here are little more than wooden shanties with the exception of the Inns, taverns, and brothels that line the boardwalk to welcome a weary sailor. With the northern part of the city inaccessible by sea due to the cliffs, the docks had to be built across the river on the southern side, and because of that section of the city is dedicated to facilitating commerce, or protecting it as is the case with the storage yard.

    • - Tall Johnny's Casino and Cage Fights - A popular business catering to the brave and the foolhardy.
    • - The Drunken Fish - A tavern hangout for sailors and recruiting location for "privateers"
    • - The Bolt Hole - A place for those seeking music and revelry!
    • - The Overlook - A view and a dovecote on the cliffs north of the dust bed
    • The Slaver's Row - Home of the most lucrative business in Sunberth, and with premium real estate along the waterfront.
    • - No Man's Land Tavern- A new tavern in Sunberth that welcomes anyone no matter their affiliation. Also home of the Job Board
    • - Bright Fortunes - A friendly fortuneteller in the ever-shifting Seaside Market, near the rickety flower cart.
    • - Pushing Up Daisies - A portable flower stall that makes Sunberth smell just that little bit sweeter.

    Lodestar Isle
    A relic of the pre-Valterrian era, Lodestar Isle is treated with strange reverence and dread by mainland Sunberth. It is a symbol of all that the city doesn't understand, and all that it has yet to conquer.

    Outside of the city:
    Outer Sunberth is a mixture of small hills and flat land, with plenty of mines between it and the fields it subsists on. While it may look tamer than the wildlands that envelope its borders, it is just as dangerous.

Please Read! :
Be aware that as a very wild and anarchic city, Sunberth can never be truly captured by a map. There are many warrens and secret locations that exist outside of the public view, and of course there is a massive network of tunnels underneath the city proper. Always PM your local storyteller if you are confused about a location.

More locations will be added as time goes on. If you'd like to contribute to Sunberth's development, please visit the Slag Heap!

Credit for this Codex goes to the multitude of mods that came before me, including Leviathan, and Twister.

The old City Linkmap is located here.
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Sunberth Codex

Postby Anomaly on May 26th, 2022, 10:24 pm

Layout & Mechanics

> What the City looks like

Sunberth is a former mining city, sitting on top of the old ruins of said mines with mining equipment still present in many corners of it and some of the tunnels still intact and, in fact, inhabited by citizens and critters (and the occasional ghast) alike. Because of the tunnels below, there is no real presence of cellars in any of the buildings and they stand unsteadily at best, very few actually anchored to the ground and many seeming like they could be moved with enough force behind it.

The city presents a wide variety of different styles in architecture since buildings have been built, torn down and rebuilt countless times over the years and there’s some doubt as to whether any of the original buildings still stand save the Temple of the Unknown and the Leywellin Manor out on Lodestar Isle. Most if not all of the buildings in the city are dirty and shabby in their construction, cheap in design and make which means they’d, in an ideal world, be easier to replace if they should break down for whatever reason.

Furthermore, Sunberth is mostly flat. There aren’t very many buildings that are more than two stories tall, the occasional building at three stories towering high above the rest. The rooftops of these buildings are about as unstable as the rest and traversing the city by rooftop is risky and close to impossible unless you’re careful. Quality construction has never been much of a priority in Sunberth since the harsh seasons and the unstable environment see them torn down eventually no matter what.

Because of the city’s lack of a static environment in that regard, the streets follow no real set pattern except for that they all seem to lead to the river at some point or another, the river becoming the main guiding point and landmark. Once you get to the river, it’s usually easy to tell which way to proceed from there. Elsewhere in the city, it’s full of narrow passageways between buildings and streets that end in dead-ends. There’s a rare few wide roads that are always crowded, but the rest are really narrow passages.

On the outskirts of town, there’s plenty of old ruins of old buildings from various different periods in Sunberth’s life, especially around the mine shacks and entrances. These places are commonly said to be dangerous as both hauntings and prowling beasts inhabit them in place of the humans who were long since driven away from there, or simply stopped coming for whatever reason.

> Playing in Sunberth

The first thing a new player to the city needs to understand is that it’s dangerous. You don’t wander in the streets safely because there’s always someone out there who will find a way to benefit from your ultimate demise, and people living in the city for a longer period of time will quickly learn to protect their belongings and their lives very closely. Bloody murder doesn’t occur in the streets every day and not in the open, but finding bodies or signs of violence is very common and if you’re not careful, your body could be someone else’s to find.

Otherwise, Sunberth is a very free city. It’s an anarchy, after all. There are no real rules and people can get away with a lot before sparking the collective anger of the population. Therefore, it’s ideal for characters that want to pursue questionable goals and lifestyles or just build up experiences in certain martial professions or make easy money when you’ve got the necessary skill for it. It’s also a city where influence between warring factions sways very quickly and you build enough reputation to influence the city as a whole through your actions, no matter your social status. Of course, this comes with both perks and downsides, but the opportunity is nevertheless present.

… Opportunity for disaster as well as success, to be perfectly clear. If you’re looking for danger to your health, safety and freedom, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Survive in a place like Sunberth and you can reap some worthwhile rewards! Do note that magic-wielding PCs need to exercise extra caution in the city. More on that further down.

> Demographics

Sunberth fluctuates annually between 11,000 - 13,000 people depending on the season. In the warmer months when they tend to get more visitors by sea and overland that number swells while in the colder months that number shrinks. Approximately a third of Sunberth’s population is made up of transients, and slaves while the other two thirds are natives of the Berth that are either too poor or too violent to go anywhere else. Over 95% of its population are humans which includes subraces and mixed bloods. The other 5% is a mix of the rest of the races that can be found across mizahar with kelvics being the largest group in that minority.

Because of the territorial nature of the average Sunberthian, most outsiders are distrusted and exploited on sight. Only the strong survive for very long here, though that has its disadvantages as well for attracting the wrong sort of attention. If an outsider finds themselves wanting to spend length of time in the city longer than a tenday it is best advised they get involved with an establishment or a gang if they are going to make it through the season.

> Sunberthan Mentality

Those born, raised or long-time residents of Sunberth tend to develop a paranoid personality trait. You put the safety of yourself and your family first and you quickly learn to distrust rather than the other way around. People tell their children from an early age to keep to themselves and be careful what they say around others, breeding a secretive and suspicious population where people constantly keep an eye out for their next-door neighbours. In a city like Sunberth--if you’re not a predator, you’re prey. Everyone is taught that lesson from childhood.

Because of their suspicious nature, Sunberthians are cold towards outsiders and scoff at their naivete in secret. Outsiders are the first to fall prey to muggers or con artists in the streets as they are easy to outwit, and Sunberthans treat them accordingly. While they can be quite the jovial lot when it suits them, they prefer to keep their distance lest they be speaking to a dead man. Most would spare themselves that burden and the pain of association with the crime itself, even if the crime means nothing in their lawless society.

Due to their lack of law, Sunberthians learn to rely on the natural order of things and develop an inherent distrust for authority figures outside the city. Should a pure-bred Sunberthian traven to a city like Syliras, chances are they wouldn’t stay out of the slammer for very long due to their naturally rebellious nature. Of course, not all citizens of Sunberth are openly rebellious--most are just content with living their lives without interruption from outside forces and develop an indifference towards law enforcement.

Something that is quite unique to the population of Sunberth is their tendency to band together against threats to their freedom. Due to their history of oppression under the Alahean empire and powerful magic users after them, Sunberthians value their freedom from law and enslavement very dearly. Dearly enough to rise collectively against ideas or people who would threaten to take that away from them. It doesn’t matter who you are--threaten the freedom of the city and Her people will stand against you in unison.

> Views on Magic & Mage PCs

Because of their past under the Alahean empire when the city was still used for the rich materials underneath, the citizens of Sunberth have developed and desperately held on to a (perhaps exaggerated) distrust of magic and everyone who uses it. Magic users in Sunberth exercise great caution when practicing their magic, if they practice it at all in the city bounds, for fear of public persecution (which has occurred before). That is not to say that magic is entirely banned in the city since there are still publicly acknowledged users, but if you play a mage in the city you should always be prepared for social backlash if your practice is discovered in any way, shape or form. When it comes to magic, Sunberthans act first and ask later.

Due to the collective distrust against all things magical, finding anyone willing to teach you magic in the city is exceedingly difficult. There is no magical literature in the city and any magic users practicing their arts within the city are most like to do it in secret. Finding a teacher is at your own risk since not all may wish to be discovered, and there’s no guarantee whatsoever that you’ll ever find one for your desired magic type. Because of this, always check with the local Storyteller if your specific type of magic is available in the city if you’re looking for a trainer, be it for your character’s history (and Flashback threads) or for present-time training.

There will be no list made of specific types of magic as this will largely be handled at a case-by-case basis.

> Quality of Life

Life in Sunberth is generally harsh on the population. The buildings are of poor quality and it’s often ravaged badly with cold winters and stormy weather through the hot seasons due to its proximity to the sea. There’s a definite lack of quality healthcare, and even the healthcare that’s present is not available to everyone. Disease is a very real problem and threat to the population every year and the death-toll from disease and starvation is actually pretty high, even compared to the number of violent deaths.

Even the rich in the city live in buildings of poor to average quality, any excessive riches on display not remaining for long. You’re generally considered wealthy if you can afford to make a decent living without incident, keeping yourself fed and healthy, and anything else is excessive and not like to stay with you for long. People don’t really have a concept of great wealth in the city of Sunberth like they would in other places. Coupled with the dangerous social environment, all factors combined makes the quality of life in Sunberth poor on average.

That is not to say that everyone in Sunberth lives a poor life, however. As long as they can afford to keep themselves fed, there’s plenty of entertainment available to even the poorest of citizens and there are always ways for people to make a bit of extra money on the side, even if they don’t have a solid wage or employment anywhere. Someone always needs a favour, and there are always people willing to give a bit of happiness in your life in exchange for some coin.

Note: While it depends on where you live, those starting in Sunberth are allowed to pay Poor Seasonal Expenses on average since available Housing in the city is of rather poor quality and availability of food and the like is scarce. Squalor would require Storyteller permission. PCs with established employment (have had a job for more than one season) are expected to pay Common living expenses.

> Economy and Business

While Sunberth is in a state of anarchy, there’s still an economy. Things have the worth that people say they have, and money is still money. While the city’s main currency is the Miza, some merchants are more flexible and accept foreign currency according to the standard conversion rates. Everything in the city has a value in gold and each and every citizen is ready to take advantage of that to make their own lives a wee bit easier.

There are many business owners in Sunberth. Everything between your honest merchants and slave traders, the people in the city deal with and endorse a wide variety of different trades with little shame or remorse whatsoever. Many who are rich in the city have their own business underneath them to pull in more money and, at the same time, see that money back in circulation as long as their lives have been made easier by their wealth. Merchants are some of the most protected people in the city, simply because they can afford to keep themselves protected from the masses. … And there are always all too many people in the crowds who’d be happy to lend their muscle for some kind of payment.

Relevant links:
-> Link to Job Applications

> Rules for NPC Usage

There are plenty of NPCs in Sunberth. Most of them are free to use, and there’s a few that need moderation or at least Storyteller permission. As a general rule of thumb, merchant and tavern NPCs are free to moderate as you like unless specifically stated otherwise in the location’s page. If you want to make up temporary NPCs to use in your threads, that’s completely fine but if you suspect that the interaction will lead to you gaining any sort of wealth or items (or knowledge you wouldn’t normally find in the city, such as trainers in any kind of magic), you should always contact the local Storyteller first to discuss the usage of such an NPC. Otherwise, NPCs follow the same rules as for the rest of Mizahar.

> Housing
While there is a variety of housing available in Sunberth, the quality is generally poor to average, and most homes require regular maintenance in order to make sure that they stay together. It can also be considered to be separated into three distinct quarters, much like the city has been by the three gangs that dominate those sections. As such, this guide will break down what housing is available in which quarter in order to better inform the player base as to their options coming to a city like Sunberth.

Within the Rotten Reaches:

We’ll start with the Rotten Reaches, which for the most part offers standard housing options that you might find elsewhere. For those just visiting there is the Drunken Fish where one might rent a common room (shared) or a private room for however long they wish to. Thefts in this establishment are generally uncommon as Father Manowar runs a tight ship but outside the establishment one is fair game.

*If one wishes to stay here, they can do so without any rolls if they stay in the private room. If one decides to share a common room, it is strongly advised that they bring all of their belongings with them if they go anywhere. Otherwise they will have to roll to see if anything turns up missing.

For the more permanent residents, there are 400 sq ft shacks available that can be taken as part of ones starter package or purchased for 500 gm. These shacks are of average quality and tend to be built along the edge of the quarter as much of the space towards the commons has already been claimed. Break ins are decidedly rare in this quarter because of the strong presence of Daggerhands whom patrol these streets regularly.

* If one wishes to stay here they may do so without having to worry about their house being broken into or destroyed as the Daggerhands are quite adept at putting out fires before they really get started. However, once per season you will have to make a roll to see if the Daggerhands come by to collect their land tax. This roll requires moderator supervision and must be above a 25 < to avoid getting a visit from the Daggerhands.

Within the Sunset Quarter:

Perhaps the oldest quarter after the commons, the buildings here are generally poor of construction and don’t generally last long despite how hard the dragoons might try to keep up appearances. Most of the population of this quarter lives together in large common rooms that they split the rent and upkeep of with generally very few tiny private rooms being available. Rent here is cheap, with the going rate being 5 cm/day to stay in a large common room and 2 sm to stay in a private 300 square foot apartment. There are no buildings available for purchase here, only rent as the Sun’s Berth owns much of the land not dedicated to commercial properties and likes to keep things the way they are currently.

* If one wishes to stay here they do so knowing that they are taking considerable risk with their personal property. These buildings are poorly maintained and easily broken into. Add onto the fact that this quarter is home to some of Sunberth’s poorest residents which makes thefts and break-ins exceedingly common. Not to mention the risk of a structure collapsing just because it has been poorly maintained since it was slapped together. Living here means you need to make two supervised rolls per season. One is to determine if your private room is broken into, and you must roll above a 30 < in order to make sure that your possessions remain untouched. For the second roll, you must roll above a 25 < to make sure your house does not suffer damage.

Within the Heaps:

The Heaps has some of the widest streets available as it simply has more land for people to spread out upon. As such the houses here tend to be larger, more spacious, and better constructed thanks to the nearness of the Carver Brother’s lumber mill. For the most part there is plenty of space available to the west and south for new cottages to be built. That said, there isn’t a lot of property around here for rent. However there are plenty for purchase, with the houses typically being constructed of wood and much less commonly, loose stone. Alternatively, there are cottages for rent at the Agemmon fields with a small caveat that Moriander expects renters to help out on the farm occasionally or pay a fee to be exempt from chores.

* If one wishes to stay here they can rest assured that their belongings will be relatively safe here whether they choose to rent or own a property. However, there is a caveat. If one rents from the homestead, once per season they will be expected to help out in the fields, or pay a 15 gm exemption fee in order to get out of doing the labor. Alternatively if you own a home closer to the main center of the Heaps, you will need to roll above 25 < in order to avoid paying a land tax to the Night Eyes when they come around.

The Tent City:

While largely under the umbrella of the Heaps, the tent city is a different beat entirely comprised of the poorest denizens that have ever come to live in Sunberth. Life is rougher than usual in the tent city, and security is hard to come by, not to mention the high risk of fires spreading out of control with no gangs to keep watch over that sort of thing. While there isn't such a thing as rent in this area, it isn't as simple as just camping out as the tent city itself presents a real and present danger.

* If one wishes to stay here they must have a tent, and the required supplies to do so. Additionally the threat of theft, and break ins is much higher, as is the chance for a fire spreading out of control so residents will have to make two rolls per season, both needing to be above a 35 < to make sure none of the above happens to them.

Note: If you intend to live without housing in the city or have another idea for what fits to your character but isn't included above, please PM the local Storyteller to ask permission.

Credit for this guide goes to Twister

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Sunberth Codex

Postby Anomaly on May 26th, 2022, 10:34 pm

Fauna & Flora

> Fauna

Whilst Sunberth is the home to some of the worse thieves, murderers and rapists across Mizahar, the city also cultivates some equally terrible creatures. This is far from a comprehensive list of animals found in the city and players can assume that RL creatures, such as crows, mice and spiders, also exist within Sunberth.

Players are invited and welcomed to develop their own ideas for Sunberth's fauna and flora. If you wish to, post in the Flora/Fauna development thread with any ideas you think of!

Sunberth Rat
'Yer never further than 2 foot away from a Brat in the 'Berth'

ImageThe Sunberth Rat (nicknamed 'The Brat') is something of a mascot for the people of Sunberth. The rodent is thought to have originally inhabited the mines nearby the city centre, but has since flourished in Sunberth proper. The average size of a Brat is slightly larger than that of a domestic feline, though they are known to grow even larger. Incredibly intelligent, these tail-less rodents can be found almost anywhere in the city, though they are nocturnal by nature and seemingly disappear during Syna's reign. They have a nasty bite, and have historically been blamed for many a plague that has thwarted Sunberth in the past. This, however, does not stop certain individuals from keeping Brats as pets, and indeed a certain gang uses these animals to ferry drugs across the city.

Skull Crow
'If yer see a 'angman's crow by yer window... well boy, you better hide under yer mama's skirt 'cos yer a dead man walkin''

ImageFrequently found at The Gallows, the Skull Crow (also known as a Hangman's Crow) is a large, velvety black bird. They generally look no different to usual crows - they are smaller, but only very slightly so - save for one difference: Skull Crows typically wear the skulls of other deceased birds on their head. Nobody really understands why they do this, or indeed where all the bird skulls come from, but the Skull Crow is regarded as terrible luck. It is said that they are pets of Dira herself, and so if you find one hanging around you for any length of time, you might want to start saying your goodbyes.

Parchment Moth
'Stupid little things, really. Reminds me of m'self and m'missus, though. I'm always getting' too close and fallin' into the flames''

ImageThe Parchment Moth is named as such for it's paper-like appearance and the unique black patterns on it's wings that resemble cursive handwriting. Indeed, should you find a Parchment Moth, you are likely to think it nothing more than a scrap of folded paper. Though they seem innocent and even pretty, the Parchment Moth has a dark side. They, like many of their species, are intrinsically attracted to flame. For this reason, Parchment Moths are frequently seen at the Slag Heap Fire. Unlike other moths, however, should a Parchment Moth get to close to a flame, it will not burn to death, but instead simply catch fire - again, much like paper. Parchment Moths seem to be quite content to flutter around whilst alight, quite unaware of their own flammable properties and the danger they could cause. Old tongues will tell how the crazed old wizard, Obal Causten, would use Parchment Moths to spread his unnatural Reminacy fire across Sunberth, burning down his enslaved people. For this reason, Parchment Moths are regarded cautiously by the people of Sunberth.

Snoring Toad
'Caught my boy with a toad in 'is room last night. Lickin' it, he was. Explained why he was so weepy and ate all those burnt cakes.''

ImageAt about the size of a man's palm, the Snoring Toad is a small but fabulously coloured amphibian. They come in all variety of solid colours, but are most typically purple, blue or yellow. Like most toads, the Snoring Toad hibernates in Winter, and usually does so in some sort of building or structure where it can be shielded from the cold. Their name comes from the recognisable sound they make during hibernation -- they snore. Loudly. Before now, husbands have accused wives (and sometimes vice versa) of having a male lover hidden away somewhere in the family home because of the snoring sounds coming from under the floorboards. It is rumoured that licking a Snoring Toad can result in drug-induced hallucinations and euphoria, though few people beside the youthful and stupid enough to try.

> Flora

From the pleasing Rainbow Rose to the glowing Dust Flower, Sunberth is home to a surprising variety of flora. Some of these are pretty to look at it, some of them are deadly to smell, but to some degree they each reflect an aspect of Sunberth.

As ever, suggestions and new developments are welcome!

Stone/Rainbow Rose
'That Bertha's like a Stone Rose: plain as Hai. But 'er sister? Now 'er sister is a Rainbow if I've ever saw one. Which I 'aven't. '

ImageStone Roses (top picture) are by far one of the most common flowers to be seen around Sunberth. They are a climbing plant, meaning that they grow vertically up vines, canes and (most commonly) stone walls. Their roots are incredibly strong, somewhat like ivy, and thus can cause great amounts of damage to the structure of a building. The fragrance of a Stone Rose is as disappointing as the plain grey colour of its petals; it smells of nothing but mild damp.

However, there is a reason that this bad-smelling, building-wrecking plant is tolerated in Sunberth. Everyone so often, and indeed incredibly rarely, a Stone Rose plant will flower a single rose so utterly unlike the usual Stone Rose that it is something of a miracle that they come from the same plant. The Rainbow Rose (bottom picture) has multicoloured petals and a smell so sweet that it breaks through the usual stench of Sunberth. Rainbow Roses are desired by almost everyone, and even the hardiest of thugs can be found gawping at the beauty of this flower. There is perhaps one or two Rainbow Roses grown every two years in Sunberth, and any attempt to grow an entire plant of these flowers has been unsuccessful, resulting in just yet another boring Stone Rose plant. Rainbow Roses are highly sought after by lovesick individuals, herbalists and perfumers alike.
L1 Herbalism to identify, L3 Herbalism/Perfumery to extract pollen

Dust Flower
'M'husband got me a bunch'a flowers yesterday. Then I realised they were bloody Dust Flowers. Kicked the Bastard out right there and then, I did.'

ImageFound only in the Dust Bed, the Dust Flower (also named the 'Grave Flower') is one of the many oddities that exist within Sunberth. By day, the flower looks no different to a standard wild flower: pale petals, a dark brown stigma, green leaves. At night, however, the appearance of the Dust Flower changes dramatically. The petals take on an eerie green luminescence, the leaves and stem becoming sickly black. It is also during the nighttime that the flower releases its pollen, which also glows in the dark and, if inhaled in any quantity, becomes thick and choking. Though the pollen has the potential to be deadly, the sap of the Dust Flower can be used to dye clothes to give a similar (though less impressive) glow-in-the-dark effect.
L1 Herbalism required to identify, L3 Herbalism required to extract sap

Drowned Sailor's Casket
'My brother's down there, wrapped up in Dead Man's Grip. Serves 'I'm right, cocky little bugger.''

ImageDrowned Sailor's Casket (Also known as Dead Man's Grip or Corpse Weed) is a thick seaweed that grows around the docks of Sunberth and can be found further out though is seldom seen due to the depth. Sunberth, while a port city, neither has the reputation or skill of Zeltivan sailors and so many a would-be pirate or sailor that join up with a ship seldom make the voyage home. Many corpses of sailors can be found tangled up in the weeds and some say that they are Laviku's punishment on shoddy sailors that would try and tame his seas. The weeds take on two appearances; firstly a dark green weed with only a blackened base as it distinguishing feature, the weeds can be boiled and then wrapped around cuts and burns to reduce infection and numb the pain. Once the weed wraps around a corpse, the weed darkens further as the corpse rots away until the entire weed is pitch black. In this instance the weed is remarkably tough, requiring sharp knives and strong hands to pry it away from a body and the holdfast of the weed can be prepared to produce a poison that causes physical and mental fatigue and produces a sensation of coldness in the inflicted.
L2 Herbalism required to identify, L3 Herbalism required to harvest, L2 Poison to develop into poison, L2 medicine to use as medicine properties. Credit to Erik Murphy for this idea!

> Drugs

While this is by no means a complete list of the drugs available in Sunberth, here are a few that have made quite a reputation for themselves.

As ever, suggestions and new developments are welcome!

Slumber Sauce
'One drop of that and we won't see the lad for the rest of the night'

ImageExtracted from the glands of a snoring toad, the toad oil is then put through a complex rendering process that results in a very tiny amount of slumber sauces. However just ingesting a drop or two is enough to induce extreme hallucinations that last about thirty chimes before the person passes out. Most choose not to ingest it however, preferring to pour it out on a flat surface and let it dry. Then they scrape up whats left into a fine powder to snort. The resulting high is less debilitating, and some even claim to be able to control the hallucinations that follow. While the high from snorting last anywhere from one to three bells, the hallucinations usually only last from five to fifteen chimes. After the high wears off the user will feel very tired to the point that they will seek the nearest spot to lie down at. Lvl 1 poison to identify/harvest, lvl 2 Herbalism/Philtering to make the sauce.

Mage Cap
'I heard his boy took one of those Mage Caps. Slaughtered his whole family before they put 'em down.'


An exceedingly rare type of mushroom found near the entrances of abandoned mines, these mushrooms are typically avoided by Sunberthians with any sense. Aside from their strange and off putting appearance, they also have a somewhat legendary reputation for ruining lives. If consumed raw, the user will be subjected to five bells worth of nightmarish hallucinations during which they will have little to no control over their actions. It is said that it also makes their eyes glow and rapidly change between unnatural colors while these hallucinations are going on. Some even claim to see glimpses of whatever the user is seeing in their eyes. Most people do not make it the entire five bells though because these hallucinations make the ingester exceedingly violent and Sunberthians typically decide to take care of such situations permanently. Lvl 1 Herbalism to Identify/Harvest.

oocBecause of this, most do not know that there is a way to safely ingest the mage cap. It is exceedingly obscure knowledge, and will needed to be experimented with by players if they wish to discover it.

'Do ya got any of that Blike? I don't mean that shike they cut to shite over in the den. I want the real deal man.''

ImageOr Blue Shike for those in the know is a powder that if inhaled induces an intense, brief euphoria followed by a mellow feeling that lasts for a few bells. During this time period the user will feel hyper focused on whatever they will doing, and will enjoy doing it, whatever it is. After the high wears off, the user will experience a ‘crash’ where they will feel deeply despondent, lacking the energy and enthusiasm for activities that they normally enjoy. Because of this, Blike is highly addictive and in high demand whereas the supply is fairly limited since Blike is blue guano scrapped of the walls, and floors of abandoned mine shafts. It is then processed and cut with various other inert powders in order to stretch out the supply. LVL 2 Poison to identify/harvest and process into a consumable powder.

Credit goes to Twister for putting this together.

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Sunberth Codex

Postby Anomaly on May 26th, 2022, 10:44 pm

Major City Gangs

Night Eyes

While the exact numbers of the Night Eye’s remain unknown even to most of its members, most reckon that the group is the smallest of the major gangs in Sunberth and that is why they have managed to keep out of the public eye for so long. So imagine their surprise when the territory of the Night Eyes expanded to push out a major gang like the Sun’s Birth without going toe to toe with them. Instead they manipulated the publics ire for their gain, and the Sun’s Birth loss, the same as they did with the Daggerhands to get Robern killed.

It was at this point that the major players started to acknowledge this organization more, and give them a seat at the table. An exploiting the fact that the balance of power was tipping towards them, the Night Eyes started making their own demands felt across the city. Inklings of that has been seen with secret meetings being held at the Riverside Dovecote almost constantly towards the end of Spring 522 A.V.

The true power behind the Night eyes is the lack of a unified hierarchy within the majority of their group. All members are the same rank except for the small cabal that makes up the leadership of this tight knit group. They are to a man united in their distaste for other major gangs, and the minor ones as well. The Night Eyes are unique in that every member gets to vote on the organization’s activities, and in theory their vote counts for just as much as those made by the leadership. An for the most part this is true. The leadership of the Night eyes lets the members make decisions, when they can see the good in it or at least, no harm. However they wouldn’t have gotten to where they were now if they didn’t know how to nudge their members in the right direction.

Because the Night Eyes primarily keep in contact with their members through dead drops throughout the city, most of its members only know their leaders by the names they leave on there letters. It is also surprisingly rare for a member to know another member unless they have worked together on a job in the past. The Night Eyes leadership like to keep it this way because they know a rat speaks out of both sides of its mouth.

Night Eyes Theme: The night eyes got their start as simple informants and spies, feeding information to the other factions and occasionally playing them off one another while the Night eyes picked on whomever was stronger at the time. Their organization values subtlety, stealth, and manipulation with their leadership being largely surrounded in mystery. The Night eyes over the years have become heavily decentralized with there being several minor leaders that answer to a smaller council that coordinates the leaders occasionally when the time comes for it. They have formed a refined system for distributing these orders and none of these leaders are able to rebel because they have been magically contracted not to do so. Truth is the small council is similarly contracted and unable to change even if they wanted to as the Night Eyes are lead by an old mage whom runs everything from the shadows. This mage himself is trying to find out about a secret cabal that supposedly lives underneath Sunberth.


Most start working for the Night Eyes without even realizing it. An one day they receive a message, an ultimatum. Do what is asked of you, and keep your job as a new member of the Night eyes, or leave as quickly as you can. Most take the first option rather than try to find out what would happen if they did the latter. The trial they give varies from person to person, but its never the sort of thing that they can fail. Rather, instead its used to gauge on how well a person can succeed at a task to determine their future with the organization.

If you are interested in joining the Night Eyes, please PM Anomaly.

Areas of Influence:

The Night Eyes are second to none information brokers. They’ve got more spies than anyone else in Sunberth, and if anyone has their finger on the pulse of the streets, its them. Because of this, they’re also first rate smugglers capable of bringing anything and anyone into the city for the right price. For the most part, the Night Eyes are content to remain a go between for the citizens of Sunberth. Because they don’t produce anything, its hard to tie them to any location which makes it harder for their enemies to get to them. The sole exception to this is the Riverside Raven’s tower, where the powers that be have decided to present a face for the world to see.

Obviously, this reeks of a trap so no one has dared to assault the place yet, but that is small consolation to its only resident, Svantia, whom remains on edge.


The small table: Three members, each with the title of master over certain domains that lie within the Night Eye’s interests: Master of smuggling, Master of thieves, Master of spies. These three masters jointly lead the organization from the shadows making sure all parts are working for the benefit of the whole. Once per season they meet in person unless extenuating circumstances force them to meet again. Most average problems are dealt with internally by the next rank down. The young masters.

The young masters: There are currently nine young masters. These young masters are responsible for managing the day to day affairs of the gang, essentially the eyes, ears, and hands of the small table. Each young master has two to three operations that they personally oversee, and the handlers of these operations personally report to their particular young master on a tenday basis.

The handlers: There are typically between 18 to 27 handlers at any given time. Each of these handlers supervise small groups of individuals 3 - 5, and they are responsible for making sure that these individuals know their mission and accomplish it in a timely fashion. Handlers typically specialize in one thing be it spying, thieving, or smuggling, and new recruits are funneled to the handlers that have experience in said skills.

The members: Typically the largest part of the faction, there are between 54 - 135 of these members at any given time. After passing their trial, they are formally introduced to their new handler and the group they will be working with for the foreseeable future. Group dynamics are important, so it isn’t uncommon for a member to switch one or two times at the start, however a member that is constantly trying to switch groups runs the risk of being labeled as the problem which will get them summarily terminated from the organization.

The schnooks: The schnooks are the those that have not yet passed their test to get into the organization. Here they are given the opportunity to try out smuggling, thieving, and spying at the behest of their handler. There are only three handlers fit for training, and they are very selective about whom they take on so potential schnooks have to show aptitude or a special ability that will get their foot in the door to obtain this rank.

Then there is the unaffiliated have subcontractors, merchants, and tradesmen that are on the Night Eyes payroll but don’t explicitly work with them. They just give the Night Eyes a better deal and look the other way when the time comes.

Member Skill Requirement/wages:

-Smuggler (Need competent in stealth and at least one of these): Camouflage, planning, subterfuge, observation, intelligence (5 gm/day)
-Spy (Need competent in Intelligence and at least one of these): Seduction, rhetoric, persuasion, interrogation, negotiation, subterfuge, observation (6 gm/day)
-Thief (Need competent in larceny and at least one these): Stealth, intelligence, planning, observation, subterfuge, locksmithing, acrobatics, climbing (7 gm/day)

Newer schnooks start off apprenticing under an experienced member of one of the following professions, and they make shite for pay. (1 gm/day) Once they have reached the member skill requirement they are able to finally be given their trial.

Sun's Birth

Although "young" in the eyes of the city at large, the Sun's Birth has been a constant presence within Sunberth for well over a decade. It's dawn began through the suffering of a single man, Jardeg Joander, and his circle of direct subordinates. Once a proud knight of Syliras, dissatisfaction and anger infected Joander's heart following his abandonment by the order. Originally charged with the leadership of a northern outpost, he and his men were besieged by the Ebonstryfe under the cover of darkness. For several days, Joander and his men managed to withstand the attack whilst making numerous petitions for assistance from their brethren. However, due to the presence of winter, the potential mountain of casualties, and the minimal chance of liberating the outpost, the Order deemed it an impossibility to even attempt a rescue.

Joander saw this as the greatest betrayal that had ever been inflicted upon his life...and against all odds managed to survive the siege. He and a handful of his closest men managed to evade final decimation at the hands of their most hated enemies and fled southward with haste. However, as opposed to returning to Syliras, Joander turned his back upon the Order just as they had done to him. This change of course brought him to Sunberth for the first time. What greeted Joander upon his arrival both appalled and amazed the former Knight: for the city was defined by true freedom, yet plagued by the presence of poverty and avaricious gangs. The most nefarious of these congregations was holed up within a veritable fortress known as the Gated Community and answered to a man named Baron Berth.

This man, from behind the walls of his citadel, ruled his territory with an iron fist. He badgered the people and levied "protection fees" upon them; extorting mizas in exchange for his not destroying their homes and businesses. Sickened to the core, Joander and his men decided to take action; but the path to success was not one that could occur instantly. It took time and careful planning to gain the support required to challenge the Baron on his own turf, but in the end Joander would not be denied! He managed to turn four of the Baron's most influential backers against him and used these newfound allies as a means of bolstering his own forces. Then, in a single day, they stormed the Gated Community and seized control in a swift and bloody coup.

Joander personally put the Baron to the sword that day and claimed the Gated Community as his own.

From thenceforth, the Sun's Birth came into being with benevolent goals. It strived to undo the damage wrought by the Baron through the protection of those living within the Gated Community; free of charge. It strived to usher in stability through the financial support of businesses within their territory. It strived to liberate the city of Sunberth from its own pitfalls, one territory at a time, and usher in prosperity for all. However, as the organization flourished, avarice wormed its way into the heart of its majority. Soon, the primary focus veered away from bringing salvation to Sunberth and was placed more upon turning a profit for the organization and the denizens of the Gated Community. Over time, the Sun's Birth grew to be one of the most powerful entities in the whole of Sunberth; until a day of reckoning arrived.

Out of nowhere, the Gated Community was assaulted from the inside! Cloaked men had infiltrated the stronghold and used magic to devastate the organization. It took days to undo years of effort, and the infiltrators succeeded in running the Sun's Birth out of their stronghold and practically pushing them out of the city. Wounded. Scattered. Broken. For many within the organization, this spontaneous offensive had spelled the end of the Sun's Birth...yet for Joander, a rebirth was the only solution.

The Organization
Despite current events, the Sun's Birth still remains one of the most wealthy and well structured congregations in the whole of Sunberth. The organization considers itself to be the bringer of salvation to the city and aims to usher in prosperity and stability to its people. However, having tasted financial success, those blessed by the efforts of the Sun's Birth are primarily their own midst and those wise enough to stand alongside them.

Headquarters: The Sun's Refuge (Sunberth)
Members: ~600
Hierarchy: Rank by Abilities or Assets
Leader: The Warmarshal - Jardeg Joander
Symbol: Eight-Point Sun
Military: The Dragoons

The Eight-Point Sun: Symbol of the Sun's Birth
One of the easiest methods of comprehending the internal structure of the Sun's Birth is to take a gander at the symbol they rally behind. Consisting of a Sun with eight points, this sigil is a reflection of the prominent role which lead the organization as a whole. At the helm is the undisputed leader and founder of the Sun's Birth: Warmashal Jardeg Joander, who has ultimate power over both the Council and the Dragoons underneath him. Next, the Council of Four is composed of the four notable individuals who backed Joander in his battle against Baron Berth. Surprisingly, despite these four being business owners characterized by immense ambition, none of the four would ever make an attempt to seize power from the Warmarshal.

This is due to the presence of the Dragoons, the elite militant arm of the organization, whose loyalty belongs to Joander above all else. Knowing full well that any treachery against Joander would spell demise at the hands of the Dragoons, the Council instead competes within itself for whatever power it can muster within the Sun's Birth. At present, due to the Warmarshal's advanced age, their realm of influence consists of making the decisions which make day-to-day operations possible. Furthermore, it is the Council's efforts which generate the vast majority of the organization's income; thereby making its ventures possible. This financial stability is achieved primarily through two Council members' establishments: Goldfinger's Loan Agency and Silvertongue's Silver Tongue. However, it is to be noted that income and vital information are provided by the remaining Council members': Hannah and Ruby Demoya, who utilize their respective Kelvics and prostitutes to gather intel throughout the city.

Lastly, the final three points on the sigil are represented by the Dragoons' three Marshals. In a manner matching the Council of Four, this trio conducts the day-to-day operations in addition to managing a vital areas of the Dragoons. These areas are: Training, Territory Defense, and Expeditionary Ventures. In essence, the command structure of the Sun's Birth is defined by a balance that was accomplished over the years. Finance is balanced by Intelligence; whilst both are balanced by Militant Might. Furthermore, under the leadership of the Warmarshal, internal politics never reach a point where true conflict is possible and the organization stands completely united.

In terms of demographics, the population of the Sun's Birth is mostly composed of Dragoons. This effectively earns the organization the impressive reputation of housing the largest fighting force in all of Sunberth. Alongside these militant forces is a small congregation of Benefactors who report to the Council. Each of these individuals possesses some form of notability within the city; whether it be through owning a business or otherwise. Through committing a portion of their assets to the maintenance of the organization, these Benefactors enjoy a wide variety of benefits dispersed by the organization. As a whole, the Sun's Birth is as structured and stable as the sigil which represents it.

Motivation and Goals
Of the three gangs of Sunberth, the argument can easily be made that the Sun's Birth is the most benign. Having been born from the stock of Syliran Knights, the culture of stability and benevolence permeates the organization; to an extent. Loyalty, above all, is paramount within the Sun's Birth and is expected of each and every member of its midst. By and large, the Sun's Birth is motivated by a trio of goals; two of which have been foundation since the organization's conception. The Sun's Birth hold a lingering hatred towards the Syliran Knights as an Order for their betrayl. They don't however, hate the god Glav Navik; Sylir. Many of the ex-knights are still marked by the god and work to spread his will in their own way.

The first goal is to bring stability to the city of Sunberth. It is important to note that this aspiration does not imply a drive to subjugate the citizens under the organization's rule or to shift its chaotic nature. For the Sun's Birth, the goal of stability means providing means for the people to better improve their lives; for it is no secret that the quality of life within Sunberth is abysmal. They wish to make Sunberth as prosperous as Syliras.

The next goal held by the Sun's Birth is the ushering in of prosperity to those who support it. This goal, for the most part, was influenced by the business-savvy Council that backed Joander's initial coup and revolves around financial maneuvering. It is to be noted that this maneuvering is not spotless nor pure; and oftentimes there are many who are cheated out of coin in order to put into into Sun's Birth pockets. However, as the wealthiest organization in the whole of Sunberth, it can only be said that joining the Sun's Birth guarantees both immediate and long-term financial benefits.

Lastly, the final goal of the Sun's Birth was born out of the desperate situation which now characterizes their existence. Having been ran out of their stronghold, it is now the primary goal of the Sun's Birth to survive by any means necessary. This has manifested in the form of taking up residence within the tunnels spanning the underbelly of Sunberth in addition to adopting unsavory, expeditionary practices. These, to date, consist of the enlistment of downtrodden farmers or denizens of the Tent City to join the Dragoons as lightly-trained Raiders. As the title denotes, these individuals then pillage outlying farms and establishments in the hopes of plundering enough resources to expedite the organization's return to power.

Allies and Enemies
Night Eyes - The relationship between the Night Eyes and the Sun's Birth is poor; but the two organizations are not inherently enemies. In the eyes of the Sun's Birth, they are little more than children with more power than they can control; while dangerous, they are not directly a threat. Due to the fact that the Night Eyes' animosity with Daggerhand is no secret, the Sun's Birth sees them as an indirect means of keeping their main enemy in check. For this reason, the Night Eyes are mostly left to their own devices; although the Dragoons occasionally stir up trouble in order to keep them in their place.

Daggerhand - Although the evidence is slim, the Sun's Birth place the blame for their being ousted from the Gated Community solely upon the Daggerhand's shoulders. For as long as the two organizations have existed, the Sun's Birth has been openly hostile with Robern Dalagnar's thugs. It is for this reason that, whilst the Sun's Birth licks it wounds underground, it is doing everything in its power to undermine the struggling gang as best it can. This animosity can only end with either the Sun's Birth or Daggerhand annihilating the other.

Minor Gangs - The smaller gangs which populate the corners of Sunberth are of no great concern to the Sun's Birth. At times, they look down upon them; while at others they do not even acknowledge their existence. However, despite how harmless these entities are, there is no tolerance for attempted "dual citizenship" within the Sun's Birth. One cannot show support for any other gang, and being suspected of thus is enough for expulsion or execution on the spot. This caution is due to the nature of the organization's creation; for it was born through a coup. As such, they will do all in their power to make sure that a coup never occurs within their ranks.

Joining and Advancement

The Brand of the Sun's Birth
Membership within the Sun's Birth manifests itself in the form of two major options. A potential member may choose the path of a Benefactor or the path of a Dragoon. Of the two, it is by far much more difficult to succeed in joining the ranks of Benefactor than it is to enter into the organization's militant force. In order to qualify for entrance into the Benefactors, the potential member must own assets, fame, or a business and be willing to contribute these to the fulfillment of the organization's goals. A potential member who meets these qualifications will then be given an interview with one of the Council of Four. This exchange will enlighten the individual to the organization's goals and establish whether or not they are truly Sun's Birth material. If the potential member passes their interview, they will be marked as a member of the Sun's Birth and given the full benefits therein.

Alternatively, if an individual lacks a business, wealth, or reputation enough to join the Benefactors, they are more than welcome to join the Dragoons. The militant arm of the Sun's Birth is always seeking new members and are not especially picky either. The base qualifications for entering the Dragoons consist of being able-bodied, having some form of combat knowledge, and lacking any affiliations with the other gangs of Sunberth. (A full list of XP requirements can be found in the Dragoon lore.) Upon being inspected for these qualities, primarily for the tell-tale tattoos or marks of other gangs, the potential Dragoon is marked and enters into the service of the Sun's Birth.

The common trait shared between both options is the permanent mark placed upon each member's body; denoting both their membership and rank within the organization. Both Benefactors and Dragoons receive brands in the form of the Eight-Point Sun; whose points are then filled in via tattoo as the individual progresses up the organization's ladder. It is to be noted that four points of the Benefactors' brands are filled in immediately upon joining; denoting their elevated standin in comparison to the entry-level Dragoon. Furthermore, only a single individual bears a "complete" brand: Joander himself. With each promotion in rank comes an advancement in pay, authority, privileges, and responsibilities within the organization.

It is to be noted that, while it is not overly difficult for potential individuals to join the organization, leaving the Sun's Birth is another matter entirely. Due to the loyalty shared between their midst, the policy tends to be: "once a member, always a member". Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule; such as cases of betraying the organization. It is simply unheard of for a member of the organization to simply leave without there being bloodshed or bounty.

Being that the Sun's Birth is easily the most wealthy organization in Sunberth, there are a variety of benefits that it can afford to extend to its members. To begin, the organization once offered its members housing within the Gated Community's exceptional homes; but upon being ran out of their fortress they were forced to move underground. Now, the housing options that are available consist of rooms and "apartments" located within the numerous tunnels spanning the underbelly of Sunberth. While these are not the most luxurious domiciles, they do provide practically unrestricted, covert access to practically every corner of the city. This cuts down upon the risk of being the target of a pickpocket or cutthroat enormously.

Next, and most notably, members of the Sun's Birth benefit immensely from the businesses owned by the Benefactors. Upon joining the organization, these individuals agree to extend to Sun's Birth members a sizable discount on the goods or services they provide. For those who are low on coin, this particular "perk" is the most alluring; for it affords them the opportunity to indulge in services that were once well beyond their means.

Of course, there are also benefits extended exclusively to Benefactors and the Dragoons respectively. For the former, Goldfinger of the Council presents a gift that is rather extraordinary given the nature of his business. All Benefactors are gifted a 500 gold miza loan upon joining the organization in order to augment their business. This loan does not come with interest and is expected to be repaid within a year of joining the Sun's Birth. (This is truly phenomenal coming from Goldfinger, as his loans typically have an enormous interest rate and are expected to be repaid in a single season or two.)

It is to be noted that acceptance of this loan comes with some finite terms. To begin, two low-rank Dragoons will be assigned to guard the Benefactor's establishment for the duration of the loan period. During this time, the guards' wages will be paid by Goldfinger as a continuation of this entrance gift. Once the term is up, the Benefactor can elect to foot the bill on their own to continue the service or go without guards. (Of course, while this gesture is wonderful in that the organization is taking steps to protect its members assets, the secondary purpose is having the guards make sure the individual does not skip town with the gifted funds.) Failure to pay back the loan within the allotted period will result in expulsion from the Sun's Birth and the seizure of assets in the amount of the loan, plus whatever else Goldfinger feels like taking in that moment.

On the other hand, Dragoons are afforded their own benefits as well. In addition to housing within the tunnels, they are free to make usage of the Barracks located within the Sun's Refuge. Furthermore, upon joining the organization, members of the Dragoons are issued a set of gear consisting of studded, leather armor and a small steel shield. It is guaranteed that these items are far from being new (and most likely plucked from the body of a fallen comrade). However, they have been cleaned, repaired, and are thought to be perfect for new recruits. It is to be noted that the procuring weapons is the responsibility of the recruit; and attempts to simply run off with a "free" set of dead man's armor will result in the individual being hunted down.

Combat training is, of course, offered to members of the Dragoons free of charge. Likewise, lessons in business management are extended to the Benefactors for the same fee. In addition, if a Benefactor desired combat training (or a Dragoon desired business training), lessons are extended to them for dirt cheap! Above all else, one of the greatest perks of joining the Sun's Birth is the fierce loyalty display by its members to one another. Being apart of this organization, whether as a Benefactor or Dragoon, guarantees having a close-knit congregation backing you at every step.


Much like the other two most influential gangs of Sunberth, the history of Daggerhand is rather brief. Having risen to power over the course of two decades, the organization is as "young" as its counterparts; yet is arguably the eldest of the three. Daggerhand began its rise to power through the arrival of a single man, known as Robern Dalagnar, to Sunberth. Hailing from Zeltiva, this man was highly-educated and politically savvy due to his years spent attending the University. However, he did not flaunt these characteristics and instead adopted a mask of charity. His was a new and charismatic voice that the people of Sunberth hearkened to. They were enticed by his promises of a higher standard of living; and soon many laid down their loyalty at his feet. In time, Dalagnar amassed a following which dedicated itself to his protection and the fulfillment of his goals.

However, whilst Dalagnar's public face had many eating out of the palms of his hands, his alias worked another angle from the shadows. Taking the pseudonym "Rot Fingers", Dalagnar began to feel out the political landscape of the city whilst rallying support from a variety of businesses. It took meticulous precision and care to sway these establishments to his cause, yet Dalangar accomplished it all in a relatively brief span of time. As both his public and underground power grew, the people began to realize that they had allowed a monster into their midst. Almost overnight, the talks of bettering the lives of Sunberthians ended and ruthlessness took its place. In fact, Dalagnar became just as power-hungry and tyrannical as the rulers that Sunberth had fought against since the Valterrian. As time raced forward, Dalagnar's enemies began to grow and clash with his supporters. Violence erupted in the streets; ultimately encouraging an assassination attempt upon Dalagnar himself.

Launched by the Night Eyes, the attack claimed the life of Dalagnar's wife and left his daughter's face horrifically scarred by poison. Enraged, elected then to reveal the whole of his might to the city. Dropping his pseudonym, he then called together the whole of his supporters and united them under a single banner as Daggerhand. With his organization finally mustered, he marked the Night Eyes for annihilation...but soon found that destroying them would be as difficult as wounding the very shadows themselves. Regardless, Dalagnar wielded his power in order to practically terrorize the city. He carved out for himself a sizable portion of territory and erected a manor to call home. In light of the attempted assassination, this was where Dalagnar ultimately holed himself up whilst his subordinated carried out his will.

From outright massacres in the streets to shaking down establishments for coin, Daggerhand committed numerous atrocities in the name of their leader. They became hated by many and feared by most...Yet all "good" things eventually come to an end. After years upon years of tolerating the violence of Daggerhand, the denizens of Sunberth rose up. A mob of vigilantes and citizens alike stormed the Daggerhand territory and set fire to the "Rotten Mansion". Dalagnar was dragged out of his sanctuary and promptly lynched before the masses; thereby causing chaos within the ranks.

Enter Stiletto
The mob claimed the lives of many Daggerhand immediately following Dalagnar's death, with many more members defecting out of fear for their lives. This all but crippled the organization, yet in this time of chaos Dalagnar's most trusted subordinates stepped up. Of these, an individual known as "Stiletto" took the reins of what remained of Daggerhand. This person took great care to veil their identity to the point where even gender is a mystery; yet, it is assumed that it is a male. Some debate whether or not Stiletto even exists, or if he is simply a persona put together by Dalagnar's circle of Underbosses. However, under his leadership, Daggerhand managed to hold fast to what little remained of its territory. At present, Stiletto works to restore the organization to fighting shape whilst maintaining as many money sources as possible.

The Organization
Following its near decimation, much of the strength of Daggerhand was lost. However, the organization remains one of the most deadly congregations in the whole of Sunberth. While far from being militant, wealthy, or well-equipped, its power lies in its sheer numbers. To date, the vast majority of their midst is concentrated within what remains of their territory, yet it is far from uncommon to see packs of its members roaming the streets.

Headquarters: Robern's Reaches (Sunberth)
Members: ~200
Hierarchy: Rank by Ability
Leader: The Boss - Stiletto
Symbol: Thorn-Encircled Dagger

The Symbol of Daggerhand.
Prior to the demise of its founder, the internal structure of Daggerhand enjoyed a stability founded upon undying loyalty to Dalagnar. However, upon his execution, chaos ensued within the ranks as members began attempts to seize power for themselves. It was only through the combined efforts of Stiletto and the Underbosses that some semblance of order was enforced upon the ranks. At present, Daggerhand currently knows stability...although how long it will last is the primary question on the organization's mind.

Currently leadership of Daggerhand resides in the hands of the Boss: Stiletto. This individual is (typically) the undisputed leader of the organization and oversees all of its operations. Directly underneath the Boss are four Underbosses; each of whom lea approximately fifty men. These individuals place their focus on the maintenance of Daggerhand control over its territory; in addition to launching ventures to gain more for the organization. Each Underboss appoints a pair of Big Brothers or Big Sister who then lead their men towards the fulfillment of Daggerhand's goals. Each Big Brother or Big Sister commands half of their Underbosses' subordinates (most of whom are of Brother/Sister rank); and are easily the most public faces of Daggerhand's command structure.

The majority of Daggerhand are of he rank Brother or Sister. These individuals have been recognized as full members of the organization and are given the privileges thereof. It is upon reaching this rank that an individual is given the Daggerhand tattoo and is fully welcomed into the fold. In times past, the population of Brothers and Sisters paled in comparison to the number of common thus who lent their support to the organization. These individuals had no standing or rights but received a cut of coin for services rendered. However, in the wake of Dalagnar's execution, a light paranoia has gripped the organization. So much so that Thugs who were not committed to fully joining the organization are not afforded the honor of association. Those that Thugs that do aspire to join fall into loose cells led by a Brother or Sister until such time that they prove themselves worthy of membership.

On another note, there are members of Daggerhand whose roles call for discretion. These individuals are typically business owners or are generally informed enough to be sources of information for the organization. Known as Associates, these members are few in number; yet vital in role. A notable example of a Daggerhand Associate is Merv of the Pig's Foot Tavern.

Motivation and Goals
Under the leadership of Dalagnar, the organization had many great aspirations. They sought to strike fear into the hearts and minds of Sunberth through brutal demonstrations of might. They sought to dominate and control as much of the city as they possibly could. They sought to see immense wealth and to revel in the pleasures of life; regardless of how many are harmed in the process. Of course, such violent and avaricious goals ultimately resulted in the execution of Dalagnar and the plunging of the organization into Chaos. In light of their current predicament, the leaders of the organization placed new emphasis on a single goal: survival. To accomplish this task, Daggerhand has actually become even more hostile than before; simply in order to project the illusion of internal stability and power despite Dalagnar's death.

As a whole, Daggerhand is concerned with the maintenance of its territory and amassing enough new blood to return to prominence within Sunberth. They goals epitomized by Dalagnar in life are, of course, still strived for as well. With each and every day, the organization works towards these ends with the subjugation of Sunberth being its ultimate goal.

Allies and Enemies
Sun's Birth: Over the course of their relatively short histories, both the Sun's Birth and Daggerhand have been openly hostile with one another. It is not uncommon to see violence between the two organizations erupt in the streets; regardless of their current, wounded states.

Night Eyes: Personally despised by Dalagnar for the murder of his wife, Daggerhand has been openly hostile with the Night Eyes for several years. Although it has been difficult to combat the stealth-centric order, Daggerhand diligently seeks out its foe at every turn.

Ol'Legs: The owner of the Legs Wharf has been a longtime friend of Dalagnar and an associate of Daggerhand since the day of its creation. It is through this particular relationship that the organization is able to levy tariffs upon goods coming into the city.

Merv: The owner of the most popular tavern in Sunberth is also an associate of Daggerhand. Merv is an informant to the organization and provides vital information about any happenings or individuals of note. It is safe to say that any person of note who had entered the Pigs Foot has been spoken of to the Daggerhand.

Brega: This individual provides a vital service to Daggerhand through her brothel. Those under her employ serve as eyes and ears to Daggerhand and provide the organization with heaps of intelligence from every corner of the city.

Joining and Advancement
Of the three organizations which dominate the city of Sunberth, joining the ranks of Daggerhand is by far the least difficult. A potential member need only to demonstrate their interest in joining Daggerhand to a member of Brother/Sister rank or higher. Upon demonstrating interest, this individual will then be tentatively inducted under the leadership of the aforementioned Brother/Sister. During this time frame, their superior will put the potential member to the test through a variety of ventures. They will be expected to kill. They will be expected to shake down establishments. They will be expected to demonstrate the ruthlessness required to stand alongside the Daggerhand. If the individual proves themselves through these ventures, they will be fully accepted within Daggerhand and marked accordingly.

Upon officially being recognized as a Brother or Sister, an individual may begin to advance through a variety of means. The most stable is simply through doing one's job exceptionally well. Whether an individual chooses to place their focus on extorting as much coin out of a business as possible or simply brutalizing the enemies of Daggerhand; doing one's job well does not evade notice. However, for those desiring a much swifter journey to the top, there is the tradition of Challenges. Upon spending three seasons within the organization, a Brother or Sister can issue a challenge to their reigning Big Sibling. Combat to the death ensues, with the strongest seizing the title of Big Brother or Big Sister. Likewise, a Big Sibling can challenge an Underboss in the same fashion three seasons down the road.

However, upon ascending to the rank Underboss the swift route to the top concludes. Both out of the memory of Dalagnar and in order to maintain stability whilst recovering from misfortune, the organization's leadership has unanimously agreed to forbid the challenging of the Boss.

In finer detail, the requirements for a Player Character to ascend to the rank of Brother or Sister are as follows:

Weapon: (Any) - 10 points
Intimidation, Negotiation, or Persuasion - 10 points
Trade Skill* - 15 points
Lore: (Daggerhand or Sunberth-related)
(An PC is free to select any non-magical occupation as their trade/role within Daggerhand.)

In order to be eligible for promotion to Big Sibling via service or Challenge, an individual must meet the following criteria:

Weapon: (Any) - 35 points
Intimidation, Negotiation, or Persuasion - 20 points
Unarmed Combat (Any) - 20 points
Trade Skill(s) - 30 points
Active Membership - Three Seasons
It is to be noted that further advancement will have criteria outlined by the local DS on an individual basis.

Members of Daggerhand enjoy a wide variety of benefits, complements of the organization's ill-gotten gains. First and foremost, all members of Daggerhand are free to indulge in the housing provided to them. These accommodations amount to a room within a Daggerhand-owned inn, complete with bathing, regular meals, and all the drink one can guzzle. Furthermore, members of the organization receive a wonderful discount at the brothel owned by Brega, amounting to a whopping 20% off of services rendered. Of course, these benefits pale in comparison to those revolving around travel. Members of Daggerhand enjoy a fifty-percent discount on ferry fares leaving the city that are bound for Lodestar Isle, Sahova, or Zeltiva. This is made possible through the connection built between Ol'Legs and Dalagnar years prior.

Credit goes to Twister for putting this together.
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Sunberth Codex

Postby Anomaly on May 27th, 2022, 5:09 am

The Svefra & Sunberth


The Sunderwater Pod

Opposed the their inner sea cousins, the Svefra of the outer oceans are cut off a coarser cloth, none more so than those that inhabit the bays of Sunberth on a regular basis. The Sunderwater Pod are one of the few pods that have decided to stick around, subsisting mostly on ferrying Sunberthians across the river, accommodating trade, and the occasional bit of smuggling. When they are not out working, they are usually sequestered in the bay or out in one of the local taverns in force which is the safest way to be on Sunberth’s rough waterfront.

This family has a long standing tradition of service with the locals of Sunberth and as such are removed from much of the harassment they might otherwise get from local gangs. They are the undisputed stewards of the waterways and as many a Sunberthian depends on them to get around the city, they are usually protected from the wrath of the mob as well. That paired with the fact they can always just retreat into the bay if they need to has allowed their pod to flourish in a city that usually eats families alive.

To outside eyes, they seem to be a rather close-knit family but the truth is decidedly more complicated. In reality the Sunderwater pod started as an inside joke for a couple of podless svefra that ended up stranded in Sunberth with nowhere to go. Gradually their numbers grew as one tragedy after another drifted in from the outer oceans. Svefra that didn’t quite muster up and for one reason or another couldn’t travel with a proper pod anymore. So this amalgamation of lost souls got together, and started calling themselves a pod, though never where another Svefra might hear it. They even started inviting non-svefra into their ranks but that all changed when their current Lia Alyssa Sunderwater purged their ranks of any Svefra that was unfit for a role in their pod, and became the undisputed leader when in turn Laviku granted her a Pardisa in the form of a massive tiger shark that she can sometimes be spotted riding either out in the bay or up the river that winds its way through Sunberth.

From that point on the Sunderwaters became an official pod, cementing their control over the river and bay, territory they are willing to defend if need be. If one needs to be ferried across the river or wishes to travel across the bay, they go to the Sunderwaters. The same goes for incoming ships who have to pay a tax for entering and exiting the bay unless they happen to be Svefra. They don’t charge much for their ferry services, and usually prefer bartering over hard coin. A bit of extra food goes a long way towards making sure there is still a boat waiting to ferry you back across when you come back.

Alyssa Sunderwater
Name: Alyssa Sunderwater
Race: Svfra
Age: 41
PoB: Outer Ocean
Title: Lia of the Sunderwaters
Skills: Brawling: 62, Navigation: 49, Negotiation 57, Organization: 52, Unarmed: 33, Smuggling: 62, Swimming: 80, Sailing: 85, Weapon: Cutlass 71, ect..
Gnosis: 2 Marks of Laviku

It was during the djed storm of 512 that Alyssa experience her first taste of true, and total lost. The sole survivor of her pod, she drifted for days until she was finally rescued by a pod that had been a bit more prepared for the storm. Hers had gotten the same message that the rest had, it was just dumb luck that caught them so far out to sea that they couldn’t find proper shelter in time. Of course Alyssa was subsumed into this new pod whom she remained with for a time but never actually felt apart of as she was still picking up the broken pieces of herself.

Eventually however she found a life partner in Sunberth that completed her. A Svefra by the name of Bassal who put a smile on her face and a pep in her step. The only problem was that he was running with a ragtag group of Svefra in Sunberth masquerading as a pod. To save him, she put an end to that rather quickly. Gathering up all of the undesirables, she took them far out into the bay before having the lot of them sacrificed to Laviku in hopes that she could court some good will despite her lover’s mistake. Then she prayed harder than she ever had before for the god’s guidance. To her surprise he appeared, although he demanded one more sacrifice from her. Give up her lover, and those that remained would be her pod, stronger together than they ever were apart. In the end, she did so willingly because those that remained had become her family, and her sacrifice was small if it would help keep them safe.

In return for this, Laviku granted her a sign of his favor, a massive tiger shark that would be the Pardisa of the Sunderwaters. An since that day her pod has been the undisputed master of the waters in and around Sunberth.
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