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Postby Fallon on June 1st, 2017, 9:14 pm

Threads: Squirehood and Before
The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.

Autumn 513AV
1st[Sacred Arch Hotspring] Finding Resolve
5th[The Stone Gardens] Beneath the Autumn Sun
6th[Windmount Stables] Mount and Bow Riding: Saddle Differences; Riding: Directing A Horse Without Hands; Persuasion: Persuading A Horse By Word of Mouth; Short Bow: Mounted Shot
8th[Throughout] Red vs Blue (Round 1)
10th[Antonius training grounds ]For Drinks!!Pouring Frustration Into Training... And Drinks; Kreig's Endurance; Losing Interest
11th[Anthonius Fighter's Pit] A turn in the Pit Shield: Shield Bash; Sei: Acquaintance; Steel Weapons: Heavy To Wield; Tactic: Defensive Stance
13th[Markus Andres Apartment] Just visiting To Dress or not to dress; Fallon Skylar: New relationship jitters; Knighthood and career plans; Orvin: Greedy little pup.
17thTraining the Squire for war Plate Armor Is Bulky; Four Basic Elements Of Combat: Dodging, Sword, Shield, And Range.; Range In Combat: Maintaining An Ideal Situation While You Can Hit Your Foe Without Them Hitting You Back; Painful Experience: Stabbed by Markus' sword; "Darling" Markus' Nickname For Me
21st[The Rearing Stallion] Drunk as a Skunk The Rearing Stallion: Hustle and Bustle; Social Nuance: Drunk-Speech; Drunk Challenge!
22ndJustice. Fervor. Stagnate Stags. The Far Abbey. First Solo Quest: Trail Goes Cold
25th[Anthonius Fighter's Pit] The pointy end Roderick: Unused to the Tulwar; Combat: Do not waste time giving broad sweeps.; Roderick: Hasn’t trained in three years; Roderick: Also an Archer
26th[Fighter Pit] Training With A Squire Sei Tendo: Not Punctual; Sei Tendo: Unskilled With the Blade; Misdirection: Step to the left, attack to the right
33rd[Squire Dormitories] Right there Orion: Actually Good at Massaging; Opening up about the past is difficult and scary; Being Orion’s ‘pycon’
35th[Anthonius Fighter's Pit] A Good Kicking
51st[Soothing Waters] Night Shift -- It Happens.
52nd[Squire’s Dormitories] Birds of a feather Auristics: Key Words; Murdock: The Man Is Real; Murdock: Blood-Related Brother; Murdock's Other Name: Wrenmae Sek; Wrenmae's History; Projection: Striking Weak Spots; Male Human Weak Spots: Head, Throat, And Crotch
53th[The Bronze Woods] The Calling Claustrophobia; Rabbits look too cute to hunt; Wilderness Survival: Bark for tinder; Fear of cowardice; Saved by Orvin
54th[Towards the Cobalt’s] Closing the neck Wilderness Survival: Keeping Yourself Hydrated; Bandits In the Bronze Woods
55th[Foot of Cobalts] Upon a sharp edge Bandit Group: The Brutah's; Taken Captive By The Brutah's; Projection: Freeing Bound Hands
56th[The Bronze Woods] Rebirth in Fire Tactic: Smoking Out Someone Through Fire; Survival: Inhaling Smoke Is Bad For Respiration; Title: Wildling
57th[Squire Dormitories] Learning Syliras Location: Syliras' Districts; Philosophy: The Greater Good; The Laws Of Syliras
59th[The Great Harbour] Boat watching and other oddities Relaxing Alone with a Drink; Philosophy: The Lure of The Horizon
60th to 74th[The Dyres District]Something Wicked Nancy Sulvet: Syliran Knight; Knightly Tournament: Teamed Up With Markus And Bolivar; Combat: Flanking Strategy; Combat: Fighting A Lone Opponent With A Partner; Chester and Peter: Squires
62nd A Syliran Nightmare - Dream
75th[Warehouse District] On the crisp side Fire In The Warehouse District; Dean: One Of The Burned Victim; A Secret Laboratory In The Maiden District; A Pure White Figure With Silver Blade; The Strain In Using The Lykata Gnosis
76th[Various] Nothing Bad
77th[Kova’s Well] Time waits for none Projection: Force Choke
77thWounds and Worries Egyptus Is Just Lonely; Wrenmae Was Separated From His Svefra Lover; Zan: Wrenmae's Familiar
78th[Temple of All Gods] Before the eyes of allMarkus: Old Lover And Former Superior; Markus: Sharing Feelings; Markus: A Truly Devoted Knight

Summer 513 AV
1st[Bronze Woods] Home Again Focus Requires Seclusion; Rhuryc: Fighter; Orvin: Master Making An Idiot Of Herself... Again; Impromptu Lesson By Rhuryc
2nd[Antinous Training Grounds] Clatter Battle-Shield: Proper Handling; Longsword: Hack and Slash; Sera Druva’s Advice: Don’t Take the Bait; Archery: Proper Footing; Archery: Anatomy of a Bow; Archery: Target Locked
4th[The Rearing Stallion] Thirst Quenching Cooked inside the Fortress; A conversation with the Barmaid
5th[The Kabrin Road] Along the Kabrin
6th[The Stone Gardens] The thing about cats Favorite Activity: Reading; A Cat Stuck In A Tree; To Magic Or Not To Magic; Treating An Injured Cat; The Cat Was A Kelvic
7th[Rearing Stallion] A Freindly Chat (Fallon) Rogue Knight: Swagger In, Grab A Lad, Swagger Out; Rogue Knight: An Enigma
8th[The Stone Gardens] Chasing Rumours Rogue Knight: True Or Myth?; Investigator Fallon; Favorite Location: The Stone Gardens; Matthew: Smug Pretty Harlot; Chasing Rumours; Noaru: The Spirit In Black; Plan: Rogue Knight Hunt
11thShyke it all!! Lurking Fallon; Starling Kreig; Giving Kreig a sense of false security; Chatting with Kreig; I'm just another face in the crowd; Kreig's history in Sunberth; Slap and comfort
12th[The Anthonius Fighter's Pit] Hit the dirt Too Hot, Too Sticky; A Strange Reunion; Moral Conviction: The Place of a Hero; Knights of Sylir, Figures of Honor, Truth and Wisdom; Stand Alone or Stand Together; Rhetoric: The Finer Points of Sarcasm
13th[Bronze Woods] A Sparring Glance Sparring With Isolde; Taking It Slow; Novice To Novice: Giving Beginner Lessons; Technique: Grasp And Grab; Technique: Leg Attack
14th[Dyres District] I'm Lost Bumping, Bustling, and Bad Moods; Words for a Blind Boy: Describing the World
15th[squire dorms] gifts are good Female Dorms: Half-Empty or Half-Full; Ulterior Motives or Simple Gift Giving?; Dinner Reservations: A Night With Kreig
16thSquire-sitting Observational Insight: Recognizing A Syliran Knight; Animal Husbandry: Heel Orvin!
17th[Sunset Falls] A Show of Projection (Fallon) On Good and Evil; On Names; Rena, Kouri's Friend
19th[An Elegant Weave] Two sides of a coin Pragmatic. Practical. Poignant.; Fancy, I am not.; Dresses Aren’t Half-Bad; Rhetoric: The Witty Retort
19thThings Not Forgotten
20thA Vision of Darkness, Part 1 (Fallon, Kyra)
27th[Temple of All Gods]Swearing Fealty Philosophy: Prayers to the Pantheon; Interrogation: Casual Query
31stReady, Aim....FIRE! Archery: Level Breathing
47th Gloom - Dream
49th[Sacred Arch Hotspring] What are we calling this again? Markus' Reason For Joining The Knights: Forced
50th[Who knows where] Even peace can shatter Training by night and pulled into the dept of fear; Humiliated by shadows; Night brawlers; Kise to the rescue!; A life stolen, and a survivor is born
51st[Squire Dormitories] The fraying mind The Ache of Emptiness; Hysteria and Horror; Self Loathing, Self Hatred
52nd[Squire Dormitories] Bitter Sweet A Series Of Unfortunate Events; Natasha: Help Us Enact Justice
52ndYawning Darkness - Dream
60thRolling Thunder In The Wake of Devastation… ; Lying To Myself; Besot By Ghosts!; Never Without Courage Again; Philosophy: In Circles Of Life And Death
70th[The Aylasa Caves] Circle You, Circle You Mysterious Disappearances In The Aylasa Caves; Ama: Dire Wolf Kelvic; Ominous Trail of Blood; Fallon: Subject 22; Journeyman: The Observer; Showing My Magic; Facing Off A Journeyman; A Ghost Girl's Warning; Drawing The Line; Natasha's Guilt; Surviving An Encounter With A Journeyman
91st[Antinous Training Grounds] Boiling OverA Friend’s Duty; Moral Conviction: In Support of Distress; A Call To Be: The Summons to Rise; Observational Insight: To See Discomfort; Rhetoric: Inspiration For The Lost

Spring 513AV
4th [The Sylira Wildlands]Daylight Riding: Leisurely Pace; Observational Insight: Attributes of a Symenestra; Eida: Ethaefal
6th [Squire Dormitories] Bunking Squire dorms: Location; childhood friend - Orion; Perc oakwood - bunk buddy; The past returns - no escape
7th [Kova's Well] Welcome Home... Kova's Well - location; Maybe We're Both Fools; Fallon - that girl
10th [The Rearing Stallion] A choice of light and dark The Rearing Stallion, Beers of the Rearing Stallion; The Basics of the Svefra
12th [The Stone Gardens] Practising in the Night Awake at the First Bell; The Stone Gardens - location
13th [The Rearing Stallion] You and your merry making Ale, the cheapest poison; Drowning in drunken frustration; Attractive? You mean 'baby-like'; Hadyn: drunken acquaintance; Aleric: squire and future Syliran knight
14th [Antonius Training Grounds] Sore head training Regretting the night before; Learning to use a Tulwar; The difference of a wooden sword; Learning to use a Long sword
20th [The Stone Gardens] A Woman and a Squire Shiress- stranger; The return of Azcadelia the snake; Declining a girls night out
21st [Antonius Training Grounds] You swing that way!! Being late: I'm so dead!; A test from Natasha; Tulwar Anatomy
22nd [Antonius Training Grounds] Getting to grips Kisetukai the Boxer; An Awkward Introduction; A Wayward Punch; Faster, Swifter, Stronger; Fighting With Honor
23rd [Bronze Woods] Survival of the Fittest (Fallon) Scarlet Evony - acquaintance; Who are You? Who Am I?; Luminance 101
27th [The Kabrin Road] The Pup and I An Old Acquaintance; Too Much Too Fast; Cutting Your Losses; Encounters in the Woods
30th [Squire Dormitories] A Different Way in Seeing What Auristics is Capable Of; Needs More Work; Learning a new skill
35th [Training Grounds] This Is How The Knights Do It To gain confidence, be confident.; Fancy Footwork: Stepping with the Tulwar; Evade and Analyze.; Counting Blows, Dodging Fists; Hindsight 20:20; From the Halls of Avanthal to the Shores of the Konti…; The Nature of Parents: To Love and Nurture
45th [Syliras] Spring Festival Quest A wild festival - A fight in the streets; Recognizing a cry for help; Composure is always key; A Knight's duty
47th [Windmount Stables] Into the Saddle Woman vs. Horse; Braving A Wave…of the greeting variety.; I’m…Fine?; Bolivar: Squire of Ser Bradshaw Theron; Javil: What Do I Do With Him?; Aspirations of Becoming a Knightly Knight.; The Mark of a Mage: Reimancy Ritual Scars; Fond Memories: Zeltiva; The Principles of Water: It Does What It Wants
49th [The Bronze Woods] If you go down to the woods today… Possibly going mad, talking to a bird; Meeting Scarlet again... and she's naked; Fallon the researcher; Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely; Pet name: Fallsy
51st [Antinous Training Grounds] The Short Bow Hunter Wistfully Wishing for Mastery of Archery; Staunch Stancery: Learning the Basics of Bow Stances; Acquaintance: Alabast; Progress makes…better?; Bow + Bracer = Must Have.
52nd [Antinous Training Grounds] Another Brick in the Wall A hopeless match: Facing a giant and loses; Sparring with Orion; Offering a bet to Orion; Being patched up at the Soothing Waters; No, no, and no; A kiss shared with Orion
55thWill you show me ? (Fallon) Location: Anthonius Fighters Pit; Getting help from a kid
66th [Rearing Stallion] Good night for a brawl? A Need To Socialize; Brawling: To Jab; The Brawl of 513
68th [Herald's Arm] That bit of horrid meat History Of Syliras: The Beginnings; A Teenager(?) In The Herald
70th A Team Effort Wanderlust: The Road Is Calling; Lykata: Merle Oleander; Alias: Wulvenhart the Cold; The Importance of Teamwork
76th [The Temple of All Gods] You've Got Mail A startling letter; Fear re gripped; Isolde - acquaintance; Become the shield - Find a way to survive
82nd [The Great Bazaar] Making Preparations Preparing for the journey; A party is formed; Fallon the pack mule
83rd [The Kabrin Road] A momentary reprise Ready for the journey
84th [Silkwater Lake] Becoming one with nature Damp wood is worthless; A quick and unsuccessful hunt; What are these berries??
85th [Silkwater Lake] The water reveals all Four years of loneliness; Training in the wilderness; Maduro: Fighter of the deadly plants; "Hey Babe"... Disgusting; I cannot stop and relax, and I cannot afford to forget; Refusing help from Maduro
86th [Silkwater Lake] Skimming Stones Gloomy day at the Silkwater Lake; Meeting Scarlet... again
87th [Silkwater Lake] Faster, swifter, stronger This time it's steel, not wooden; A blade is an extension of one's self; Interrupted by Orvin
88th [The Kabrin Road] The road homeCamping at the Silkwater Lake for several days; Preparing to return home; The journey back to Syliras; It's good to be home

Winter 512 AV
50th Hunted in the Wilds Projection: Projecting A Distraction; Interrogation: Question of Intent;Persuasion: Allaying A Child’s Fears
56th Stumble in the dark Being Weary of Strangers; Kreig Messer (acquaintance); Knowing Orvin's Soft Spot; Pushing Tiredness Away; Following a Scent with Orvin; Striking with Instinct; Using Projection to Break Away; Sharing the Road
62nd Quite a Pickle Ambushed; Kissed by a Burly Bandit; Witnessing Death
76th [Priskill's Pond] Let Us Rest, 'Cause I'm Darn TiredUsing writing as an escape; Stories makes for interesting conversation; Kreig: Comic relief man; Medicine: Basic salve; Priskil's Pond

46th Winter 494AVBreaking the wingsSlavery: Displays of Dominance; Wilderness Survival: Starting a Fire; Zandelia: The Wall; Cutting Vegetables Like a Tall Person; Spelling My Name With More Than Letters; The Cruelty of Masters; Zandelia: My Protector; Learning to Speak
17th Spring 499AVAnd it stares backIsolation: Punishment to "correct" behaviour; Desensitising oneself; Delving deep into one's own mind; Self-inducing a trance state; Hypnotism: Unlocking one's ability
20th Spring 500AV[Main Gates]The small and the giantAn Accused Thief; Location: Butcher of Alban; Alasdair: Hunter of Cute Rabbits; Questioning Technique: Flurry of Inquiries; Adults Know Best
17th Autumn 503AV [The Bronze Wood] The UnlockingAleric Skylar: Mentor; Soul Layers: Soulcore, Persona, Astral Body; Projection: Manipulating The Astral; Initiated Into Projection; Out-Of-Body Experience; Projection: Detaching and Reattaching
25th Autumn 503 AVPractice makes perfect Projection: Astral use was much like muscle use. You have to train it, and learn how to use it.; Projection: Must exercise a calm mind.
10th Winter 504AV [Mura] Carry on My Wayward Daughter Konti: Scaled Women; Akalaks: Grape Fed Men; Garren is Rengar; Stabbing with a Kris
18th Winter 504AV [Deepwater Hole] Sink or SwimListening to mentor: Lesson learned; Water saps warmth; Some teas have seeds; Floating in Water; Mura: The Amphibious City; Eleret the Konti
45th Spring 505AVMischief also comes in small packages
35th Autumn 507AVTo Study Learning
15th Winter 508AV [The Icewall Gates] The longest days
23rd Winter 508AV [Windward Boardwalk] A Walk in the Park
2nd Summer 509AV [Real Reflection] Mirror of the State of Mind
86th Winter 509AV[Guest ST] Simply IrrelevantTavern Song: Knock Her Knickers; Rhetoric: Snarky Humorous Retorts; Interrogation: Drilling For Information; Social Nuance: Dancing Around A Question; Social Nuance: The Importance of Easing Into A Crowd; Sleight of Hand: People Perceive What They Want To; Nickname: Bright Eyes; Cadmus: The Stupendous!; Cadmus: A Stage Magician; Cadmus: He’s a Reimancer; Cadmus: Words of Wisdom(??); Negotiation: Business Is In The Details; The Woes of Waking Early; Appraisal: The Value of Fine Cloth; Flash Powder: Can Be Made With Philtering; Glyphing: A Form of World Magic; Glyphing: Affects Other Forms Of Magic; Glyphing: Can Be Used To Trigger Specific Reactions; Persuasion: Diffusing A Situation With Tact And Humor; Reimancy: The Magic of Elemental Manipulation; Reimancy: The Initiation Process; Reimancy: Being Initiated Into Reimancy
34th Winter 510AV [Sahova] Lost regrets Vick: Master Maledictor; Vick: A Fondness for Games; Vick: A Child Only on the Outside; Malediction: Words and Circles?; Malediction: Working with the Dead
35th Winter 510AVThe New Dawn
69th Winter 510AV And so they metSunberth: Magic is Not Allowed; Ximal: The Man Who Picked Me Up; The Calming Effects of a Good Hobby; Nader-canoch is the Language of Early Humans; What's in a Book?: Things Which Make a Good Hero
15th Spring 511AV I Think You're Projecting
1st Summer 511 AV[Student Dorms] Bunk buddy?
4th Summer 511AV [The West Wing] Write something worth reading People - Professor Lefting, Strange And Curious; Fight - A Feeling Of Safety With My Kukri; Events - Forgetting About The Report
5th Summer 511AV[The Fish Market] So you draw?
9th Summer 511AV As the Rainbow's Raiment to Touch People - Aktavari, A Mourning Singer; People - Having A Sentimental Professor
19th Summer 511AVFit for Pearls
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